Wonderfully Exhausted ~ Jeannette’s Detroit Experience

a Jeannette - Detroit

Hello my Il Volo Family…

I am back from Detroit and am totally exhausted from my four wonderful days in Detroit … What a wonderful feeling it is to be this tired from non stop enjoyment…

My adventure started by being picked up at the airport by Il Volo Sister Donna Sabo… She was waiting for me at baggage claim and I walked right up to her like I had known her for years… No one would ever think we had never actually met… We hugged and laughed and just felt like we had know each other always.. .That is the Magic of the Il Volo Connection…The beautiful thing is that the feeling of connection lasted through out my stay with her in Detroit… She is just the most beautiful person inside and out… We had a great day on Friday together along with her sweet and charming cousin Kathy who is just as kind and lovely as Donna… She accepted me with open arms… We laughed we ate, we laughed we shared some vino, we laughed till the wee hours of the morning…

Saturday, we spent a relaxed morning packing and then getting ready to head to the Westin Hotel in Downtown Detroit… It is only a few blocks from the Fox theater… This was the best decision we had ever made even though Donna does not live far from Detroit… Many of our Il Volo sisters were staying at the Westin, and thanks to Joanie Greenspan calling me and making arrangements to meet at the Westin, we were able to meet so many more of our Il Volo Family… Again we laughed, we ate, we drank the vino…

Off to the Fox theater … We got into a cab at the hotel and off to the Fox we went… We were there in less than five minutes even though the traffic was difficult.. Our Cab driver was very nice, and he did not even turn on the meter… He just was happy to get us there in spite of the congestion and so we tipped him well for his efforts… I bring this to the attention of everyone so that you will know if you are going to an Il Volo concert in a big city, please either get a hotel room a close to the venue or give yourself time to get to the venue hours before curtain time, find a restaurant within walking distance and relax then go to the concert in plenty of time… There was so much going on in Downtown Detroit the night of the concert that hundreds of people could not get to the theater on time, could not find parking and had to park more than a mile away from the venue and missed some of the concert… Thanks to our picking the Westin Hotel to spend Saturday and being only a few blocks from the theater, we avoided a heart breaking situation…

There are no words in the English Dictionary that can describe the concert I was at, at the most beautiful Theater I have ever had the pleasure of being in…

“Il Volo era assolutamente il migliore che abbia mai avuto, hanno esse stesse hanno fatto un centinaio di volte … Erano belle, sembrava incredibile e erano così divertente e affascinante sul palco che si voleva solo correre su per abbracciarlo”

Okay, I got carried away because of these Italian charmers… So in English…
“Il Volo was absolutely the best they have ever been, they out did themselves with every song they sang…. They were beautiful, sounded incredible and were so funny and charming on stage that you just wanted to run up and hug them”

I loved every minute they were on stage, they did not disappoint… Every song was perfect and incredible… Every song just brought your heart to new heights… My goodness, the solo’s  brought tears to my eyes as each one shined in their own light as they brought their solo’s to life with their skilled voices and incredible delivery… The Duets were just as amazing, and of course put all three together for a song and what do you have? ” Our three charming and beautiful men of IL Volo with the three most beautiful voices in the world…

The meet and greet? Well it was fast and as always you want more time with the guys.. But they were as always, Charming, gracious and happy that we took the time be with them for a moment and take a picture with them.. They are still the most caring and thoughtful young men you ever want to meet… And I promise you, you do want to meet them… So if you are planning a concert in the future, please try to get a meet and greet to go along with it…

The night ended with a bunch of us Il Volo sisters going back to the Westin for one more glass of Vino and share our wonderful moments of the concert with each other before going up to our rooms to dream of the most incredible three young men who gave their all so that we would have the most wonderful concert of our lives… That is just what Il Volo does !!!


Set list 

Il Volo 2016 Tour

 Detroit March 27, 2016

  2.Il Mondo
  4.You don’t have to say you love me.
  6. Aranjuez                  (Gianluca)
  7  E Lucevan Le Stelle  (Piero)
  8. Piove
  9. Life is Beautiful
10. Caruso
11. My Way                  (Gianluca and Piero)
12. Quando L’Amoe diventa poesia
13. Unchained Melody   (Gianluca and Ignazio)  
14. O’Paeso D’O’ Solo    ( Ignazio  and Piero)
15  Delilah
16. Eternally
17. Memory                    (Ignazio
18. Anema E Core          (Gianluca)
19. No Puede Ser           (Piero)
20. O solo mio
21. Surrender
22. Grande Amore

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  1. How wonderful Jeanette. In Las vegas I am staying in the hotel where the concert will be held. I think all of us Il Voloers will also be there. No traffic problems. Joanie G

    1. The Fan Faire Convention in Las Vegas should be so unique… After enjoying the fans I met in Detroit and the feelings we all shared, I know that it will be amazing to meet everyone at the beautiful room called the View that we are holding the FFC in… I cannot wait to meet you and the rest of our Il Volo family…

  2. Wow Jeannette how beautifully you write I feel like I was there. I can hardly wait for March 25 in Vegas when we get to our IL Volo experience again. I can’t wait to meet you and all the other Flight Crew Members those two days 24 and 25.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment… I just write whats in my heart… It is easy to write beautiful words to describe Il Volo… They are just so fantastic and yet humble… Charming and kind… I look forward to meeting you too, but I do not know your name so please share your name with me Luckylady 51, LOL

  3. One of the wonderful side track pieces of business that Jeannette was able to take care during the time in Detroit was to meet with Barbara Vitali and the boys about the up-coming Fan Faire here in Las Vegas on March 25. It was a very productive meeting. A lot of times I would be having these meetings myself or in partnership, but, alas, I was not able to go this time.
    So I am very happy that Jeannette was able to do this little “business side” of the trip that she took. For us it means that everything is right on track where it should be. Thank you, Jeannette.

    1. You are very welcome Myron… You and I are a great team, everything works so smoothly with what we are doing… It has been a pleasure to help put things together for the Fan Faire Convention… I hope all of you who are attending enjoy it as much as Myron and I have working on getting it together for all of you and for Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, Barbara and their family… I think it will be a very special time for all…

  4. Jeannette, you described the concert perfectly! I was absolutely awestruck at seeing them again, and so proud of how at east they have become on stage while delivering such outstanding performances! I do wish my situation would have allowed me to meet you and the other gals earlier … but someday! You do terrific Il Volo promoting! Thank you! <3

    1. Thank you so much Barb, that is so kind of you to say… I wish we would have met as well… I will plan better next time, my focus has been on our Fan Faire Convention and I did not do a good job of getting personal emails and phone numbers of people who were going to the Detroit concert… I apologize for that… But next time for sure… Promoting Il Volo is easy to do, the are always in my heart and always on my mind… Thanks again…

  5. Jeannette,

    Thanks for such a vivid story about your Il Volo experience. I’m glad you had such a great time and I appreciate your advice regarding a “big city” location – I had the opportunity to see them in either New York or Boston (which would have had a bigger “WOW” factor) but I chose to see them in small-town Wallingford, CT which turned out to be a great stress-free and uncomplicated venue for me.

    Not only was your concert and M&G so spectacular, but you got to share it with your “sisters” from this site which proves the unifying effect that these guys have on their fans. And remember that you have at least one “brother” on this site as well who really enjoys hearing everyone’s tales from the heart!

    1. We have several handsome men here on the Flight Crew to enjoy… I promise never to forget that… We have a great gentlemen in Detroit name Gary who is the #1 promoter of Il Volo there, and I was able to meet him… We have been great social media friends for a long time, it was nice to meet in person… I am happy to hear that you had the opportunity to enjoy Il Volo in Wallingford… I have friends who live there and tried to get them to go to the concert but they just did not understand what they are missing… I am hoping on the next Il Volo concert tour to do a concert somewhere in the East… Thats on my bucket list, after all I was born in Brooklyn, so I need to get back to my Italian Roots, and what better way than enjoying Il Volo in my home town… LOL… Maybe someday that would put us in the same concert and we can meet… I love meeting my Il Volo family when ever I can…

  6. Thank you, Thank you and Gracias. I made almost reality your wonderful explanation of your night in Detroit with Il Volo. It’s like I was there with you and everyone else.
    I’m happy that you enjoy yourself so much!!! Viva Il Volo!!!




    On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 4:34 AM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > mariecrider posted: ” Hello my Il Volo Family… I am back from Detroit > and am totally exhausted from my four wonderful days in Detroit … What a > wonderful feeling it is to be this tired from non stop enjoyment… My > adventure started by being picked up at the airport by Il” >

    1. I am sorry to say that I was so focused on meeting with Barbara at the Meet and Greet to take care of Business, that I did not even think to take out my phone and take some pictures… Even when I met other Il Volo family members I did not use my camera… But maybe there are some pictures floating around that come back to me, if so I will share them with you in LV … Thanks for asking Carol…

  8. Just enjoyed your story so much Jeannette, Il Volo certainly can cast a spell on you and they are so unforgettable, they certainly put on a good show and are so down to earth when you actually get to meet them, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you so much Annie, I am glad you enjoyed my Detroit experience… It is just so easy to write about Il Volo… They are so amazing, and the words come so easily when sharing things about them… Thank you again…

  9. Thank you all for the kinds words, and I am happy to know that you all enjoyed hearing about Il Volo in Detroit… I am sorry I was so late in responding to the posts that you all shared… I was in Ca. with my Daughter and just returned home about an hour ago, and the first thing on my to do list was to thank everyone for their posts here on the Flight Crew… Thank you Marie, for posting my little story… Its been a long time since I have been able to enjoy writing anything about Il Volo and posting it here… I hope that I can do this more often… I have missed you all so much since my absence from the Flight Crew… I am back and I will try to make my presence known more frequently now that things have settled down a bit and Il Volo is once again my priority … Yeah, thats a good thing… Thank you Marie and Kelly once again for all you do to keep this Blog enjoyable…

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