More Fun Italian Things From Ann

Forget tonight’s dinner reservation – we’d much rather be dining on these Italian street foods! (Arancini are our favorite)

Check out the full list by The Huffington Post here:
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Image: The Huffington Post Creative Labs It’s no secret that Italy has America beat when it comes to homegrown cuisine. From creamy carbonara to melt-in-your-mouth burrata, Italian fare boa

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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

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Got the traveling bug? So do we! Here’s L’Italo-Americano Newspaper‘s top 5 choices for scenic train routes through Italy. We’re already buying our tickets.
Full list at:

ann fun 25 panoramic train routes to discover Italy
If reaching the summit of a volcano sounds exciting but at the same time too tiring, the Circumetnea railway might be perfect for you!

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Venice’s fun fact:
According to a Venetian tradition, the couple riding in a gondola should kiss under each bridge and they will stay in love forever.
From Venice With Love.



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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

Italy: Healthiest Country in Europe! This month, Bloomberg Rankings rated Italy as the second healthiest country in the world and the top ranked country for health in all of Europe. This health score is based on a multitude of things: mortality rates, number of people smoking, percentage of immunizations, percentage of population with healthcare, healthcare efficiency, healthcare satisfaction and life expectancy.…/italy-healthiest-count…

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Under the Etruscan Sun in Prato

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Prato, Tuscany (see map) – There’s just so much to do and see in and around Florence and it’s worth it to explore surrounding cities. The city of Prato, sponsoring wonderful and free day trips from Florence called “That’s Prato” in spring and fall, offers the opportunity to do just that.
Only 30 minutes from Florence. Prato has a population of over 200,000 and is the third largest city in central Italy. It is trying to change its image from industrial to emphasizing its museums, monuments and cultural heritage.   Here ⇒

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    Thanks for a very entertaining post. I followed a link to the Italo-Americano Facebook page and WOW! – what a treasure trove of Italian information!

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