Personally Speaking~A Heavenly Glow ~ Jane


I can not help but think of a heavenly glow when I look at this beautiful photo taken at the John F.Kennedy  Center for the Performing Arts.  A lot of us have voiced our thoughts about praying our dear guys, their parents, and staff stay safe during their worldly travels.  This photo just reminds me that  our Italian angels have guardian angels watching over them at all times.  

13 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~A Heavenly Glow ~ Jane”

  1. That’s a beautiful photo, Jane, and yes, we continue to pray for them as they bring their God-given music to the world! Thank you, Jane!

  2. The Kennedy Center is one of the truly prime places in the USA for quality performances. Top class.

  3. I am one of the ones that prays for these “boys.” There is no one that
    stands outside of the need for prayer. We can’t be on too many folks
    prayer lists. Those may be like the lights of heaven. Thank you
    for your thoughts Jane.

  4. I always have them in my prayers. The Kennedy Center is a gorgeous place for their heavenly voices.

  5. I too have looked at pictures from the various concerts and with the lighting, I also felt something similar. I do keep them in my prayers , especially with all the traveling they are doing all these months.

  6. I pray for our guys, their crew, and families each morning when I recite my Rosary, and again at night during nightly prayers!

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