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In Three Part Harmony ~ Myron Heaton

From Myron Heaton for March 25 – 27, 2016

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I am writing this in three parts with a short personal comment at the end.

Part I – Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire convention and Banquet

Part II – Il Volo Concert at the Pearl Theatre – Palms Hotel March 25 – Las Vegas

Part II – Contrasting two back-to-back concerts using Los Angeles March 26

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Part I – IL VOLO FAN FAIRE – 2016

I want to thank all of our volunteer staff for their work on the Fan Faire. There were quite a few and I do not have all the names as of this morning so I will only spotlight three. Some of you started with us this last year but some others have been tagging along with me since 2012 (through thick and thin) Huge thank you goes to Jeannette for being a great working partner. All the many, many things that she did behind the scenes to get so many details organized and ready for this event.

Jeannette and I could not have the Vegas work without Marie and Kelly at Flight Crew and their staff members helping to get the word out and really being a tremendous support. Marie is one of those hanging in there since 2012.

Let’s face it, There has never been an event like this for Il Volo.  I asked Barbara Vitali (Manager) while they were here and aside from small private “get-togethers” that some people have had with 6 or 8 or so people – informal type of gathering – This is the first organized and official (from Il Volo) large Il Volo fan gathering anyplace – and including the apprearance of the the boys in person at our event. WOW !

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If it sounds like I am kind of high, I AM !! On a personal basis this was always a gamble because they were only doing this as a favor. We did not contract them for money. They came because I asked and because they wanted to come. The old fashioned term was: “gentlemen’s agreement” but now it should be “gentleperson’s agreement” because the Barbara, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio were the other “gentleperson and that was the central key. I must tell a little secret. Even the day of our event there was a time problem around noon and for a while I did not know if they were going to make it let alone when. But then I saw Gianluca at lunch and we chatted a little while and that was the confirmation I needed. He said: “ we will be a little late but we will be there” (almost words from God at that moment).

End result: the most important thing to me was that later that night Barbara and the boys said they were very happy with and actually surprised at how big the event was. They loved it. Barbara and later Piero told us that next time (get that phrase: “ next time” again words as if from God) they will help us put it together and then find a way to guarantee they will schedule at least a full hour with us and do more activities. Now from my self-centered attitude, I loved that reaction and the news with it.

From our group stand point we have already had many emails and tweets indicating that, even though there were some issues to be fixed and some other minor problems to deal with, the general report we are getting is a very positive response. One item that needs to be changed for the next time is that the dinner places must be assigned in advance with name cards and there cannot be last minute changes like we put up with Friday.

The reports I have gotten were that the room was a nice room (great view – duh!) and the food was very good. We found the staff to be very nice and very helpful. I was not sure if we were going to need security but I went ahead with it and, boy! , am I glad we did! When the Il Volo boys came to us I thought there was a high-pitched earthquake happening. I thought only teenage girls acted that way (I say that with tongue in cheek). I was surprised that the boys got out of there with their clothes still on !!!!!

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But that is a sign to me that we had an event that achieved the excitement we wanted. Can you imagine an hour instead of 30 minutes (those poor boys – ahem ! Cough !)

There will be one more comment after all three of these parts are done.


Personally Speaking~A Heavenly Glow ~ Jane


I can not help but think of a heavenly glow when I look at this beautiful photo taken at the John F.Kennedy  Center for the Performing Arts.  A lot of us have voiced our thoughts about praying our dear guys, their parents, and staff stay safe during their worldly travels.  This photo just reminds me that  our Italian angels have guardian angels watching over them at all times.