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Il Volo Returns to Las Vegas 2017 ~ Myron

nottemagica headerEver since they mentioned to me over three years ago (almost in passing) that they were going to start work on a “big” project about the famous Three Tenors, I have been very eager to see this concert on this tour. The boys of Il Volo started their singing life learning quality singing techniques with voice1myron lessons. This included learning some arias from operas which is sort of a basic foundation of repertoire. They learned this very well. Then they took this technique and applied it to a wide variety of different styles of music – mostly Italian romantic songs, American love songs and some Broadway – all under the loose title “pop” music or as they called it: “operatic pop.”

Now with this project, they are returning to their cultural roots with some solid opera arias – some real gems! That takes work and lot of work with their vocal coach. The end result was a wonderful concert called Notte Magica given in the city square in the center of Florence last summer. I have already reviewed that program on this site and I must say that I was so proud of the guys.

That was on TV and now I get to see that program LIVE on stage in a brand new theater here in Las Vegas. Hooray ! Finally !


The program order was basically the same as Florence however a couple of songs were dropped from that program and a couple of songs were added that were not originally on that program. First of all a song that I did not pay enough attention to when it first came out but now it affected me very strongly: Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae written for the boys of Il Volo by Giorgio Pintus and Romano Musumarra. I tell you, that it is one thing to hear a song on a stereo system in the car and it is drastically different to have the boys singing it “live” just 8 feet away from me (I was in the front row). What an incredible song. The boys said that they hope to one day sing this song for Pope Francis. I hope so. They deserve that honor and also, the Pope deserves to be blessed by their singing. The other song added to the program was “Grande Amore” , their signature song from the San Remo Festival in 2015. Great to have it back again.las vegas monte carlo

Il Volo in concert at the Park Theater – Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 8:00pm to 10:34pm

  1. Overture – La Forza del Destino Sinfonia by Giuseppi Verdi Orch.

  1. Nessun Dorma – from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini

  1. Granada – Agustin Lara

  1. Mattinata – romance by Ruggero Leoncavallo

  1. Una Furtiva Lagrima – from L’elisir d’amore by Gaetano Donizetti Ignazio

  1. La Danza – Gioachino Rossini Gianluca

  1. E Lucevan le Stelle – from Tosca by Puccini Piero

  1. Torna a Surriento – Giambattista de Curtis

  1. Intermezzo – Manon Lescaut by Puccini – orch.

  1. Core ‘Ngrato – Cardillo

  1. O paese d’o sole – Annibala Bovia Piero and Ignazio

  1. Maria – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein Gianluca and Ignazio

  1. My Way – Paul Anka – Gianluca and Piero

  1. Tonight – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein – Ignazio

  1. Grande Amore

  1. Intermezzo – Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni – orch.

  1. Cielito Lindo – Quirino Mendoza y Cortez

  1. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor – Josquin Rodrigo Gianluca

  1. No Puede Ser – Pablo Sorozabal Piero

  1. Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae– by Giorgio Pintus & Romano Musumarra

  1. O Sole Mio – Eduardo de Capua and Giovanni Capurro

  1. Libiamo – from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

  2. Nessun Dorma – with extra ending


The concert was presented in a new theater called the Park Theater which is part of the Monte Carlo Hotel-Casino complex on the strip in Las Vegas. It opened in December and everything is the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and a huge stage with great sound system. A tech man told me at the end of the concert that they were filled with 4132 people (the upper balcony was not open).


This high quality music requires an ensemble of good size. Two years ago they used 26 musicians. Last year they used 38 and this year (hold your hat) they 1gclefhad 55 in the orchestra. Or to put it the way Piero said it: “55 plus one” because one of the cello players was pregnant !!! Cool . That is a huge orchestra. Sitting as close as I was I noticed many players who are also in the Las Vegas Philharmonic. That is the kind of quality that our boys deserve. Minor point: it was the first time they have used harp in their programs. Very, very nice. This really was an excellent quality ensemble.


The program order is listed below. The first thing that I always note for each live concert is that I am hearing the well-trained, well-seasoned singing of 1-2notesthree gentlemen of 35 to 40 years of age. That kind of control. That kind of musical security. That kind of resonance and tone quality. EXCEPT FOR ONE THING they are only 22 & 23 ! ! !

I know that I make this kind of comment each time and it is true each time. Incredible quality singing from “ kids” (Ignazio will pop me in the nose for that one – Ha ). When you think that the human voice is the last organ of the body to mature – usually around 35 years of age – these guys are incredible ! My choice for outstanding work:


For the whole group Ave Maria – a great piece of music sung to perfection and it sent chills up and down my back.

PieroNo Puede Ser he knows this song inside out but tonight it was fresh with new vitality and excitement. He always delivers.

IgnazioUna Furtiva Lagrima – this is a very subtle and demanding song – very easy to screw it up and over sing. He was splendid.

Gianluca tie between La Danza and Aranjuez but for this show the edge went to Aranjuez because Gianluca had a first class violinist for the counter part (this song is kind of a duet) and Gianluca was in ABSOLUTE CONTROL. That is art of incredible beauty.

The “hidden secret” that I don’t think many people in the audience knew or paid attention to was what some singers sometimes call “Vegas Throat.” I spoke with Ignazio after the concert and he was having quite a time with the dry climate condition that makes it more challenging to sing well. He could not seem to drink enough water. Just as the boys walked on stage at the beginning I could see that this was starting to happen to all three of them. It makes you feel that you are not sure that you can hold out tones for long periods of time for fear it will crack or sound like static. They had water on the stage and the theater was pumping humidity onto the stage for them but it still was a challenge. They had come from Minneapolis (humidity center) to L.A. which is desert and then drove across the Mohave desert to Vegas (an even drier city). It doesn’t happen that often but once in a while. I have heard Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble have problems in a concert with this.

Now here is my point: each of these young men showed incredible will power for the entire two and half hours of that concert. They kept solid, well-supported tone going under firm control. They never allowed the tone to crack or break once. They each presented us with wonderful, pure and very musical singing throughout. So the “secret” is that they were challenged with potential problems BUT the audience never heard anything but quality, professional singing. I had a hint of it in the concert but when I talked with them later last night after the concert, then they let me know what a challenge it was. BRAVO! BRAVO! Very few singers can do that.

End result? This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended played by a superb 55- piece symphony orchestra and featuring the three best male singers in the business today.



After the concert we hung out watching the Meet and Greet line go by and when that came to an end Jeannette and I finally had a chance to take some time and visit with Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and with Barbara. They were in a happy mood and relieved that the concert went as well as it did. We talked a little about the next Il Volo Fan Faire which will happen when the next American tour happens. However, we do not have a date yet because they will be occupied with a major new recording project next year so

The American tour will be delayed … They do not plan on touring in 2018 unless they make an announcement later changing their plans…To Be Determined  
Remember they still have a lot of touring to do yet in other areas around the world after they finish this American tour.

We found they are getting to know us better and better each year so conversation gets going a lot easier than it used to years ago. Now they pick up where we left off last March. They ask us questions. It gives us a warm feeling (after all they meet thousands of people on each tour). Relations with Barbara are starting to feel like that of an old friend. (maybe I should say “friend we have known for a long time” rather than “OLD” ). Each of them was eager with hugs, kisses and wonderful conversation. If it were not for being about 1:00am we could have gone on much longer. Indeed, security was closing up that part of the building so we had to leave.

One final note: we figured since there was no full-sized Fan Faire this year we would just do dinner and invite a few people to join us just before the concert. Well, that went different than expected. We started out thinking about a dozen, but we ended up with nearly 50 people in that little Italian restaurant right next to the doors of the theater.

It was a big family gathering. What a family – the extended Il Volo family.

Thank you, Myron!  Great review!

Stay tuned for more reviews from our Flight Crew.  Coming soon!


~~ Leelee ~~

A word from Myron re: Il Volo Fan Faire in the new season of 2017.

Jeannette and I had to wait for final word on this from Il Volo. But after talks with Barbara Vitali and other people in Il Volo management, it has been decided that the schedule this year will not allow time for an Il Volo Fan faire – that is one where the boys can attend for the amount of time that they suggested last spring. This tour has caused some frustrations in the planning and that is why it is so late being announced.

Last year’s tour was announced in spring of 2015 and tickets went on sale August of 2015 for a tour in February and March of 2016. This year the announcement goes out today and Monday and Wednesday at the end of November for a tour during the month of March (basically the same time as the last one). That means 3 months of prep for us vrs 7 months last time.

Barbara and we are going to plan further ahead when Il Volo has the next USA tour where the Fan Faire will fit into their schedule easier. So don’t be too sad because in the long run I think this will turn out better with more lead time.

A word about the tour concert in Las Vegas: This year the Vegas concert is being held at the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino where MGM has built a new state-of-the-art concert hall called the Park Theatre. I have seen the place in its finishing stages as it opens in late December. It seats 5200 people and has a huge stage. The Monte Carlo is right on the strip across from the MGM Grand. This place is beautiful and it will be a the largest concert hall in the city (not counting sports arenas).

The Il Volo concert is on Saturday, March 25 (same date at last year only on a Friday) of 2017 at 8:00pm.


Even though there is no Fan Faire per se this year Jeannette and I are planning to do dinner at the Italian restaurant right across the casino from the theater entrance. It is called: “d.Vino” We are aiming for 5:00pm and we invite anyone else that is coming to Vegas for the Il Volo concert to come and join us for dinner and then we walk across the casino to the new Park Theatre for the Il Volo concert.

Everyone is on their own. We will take a tally and make the group reservation for the restaurant. However, everyone that is coming must take care of their own concert tickets, dinner cost and hotel, etc. A chance for us Il Volo fans to get together in a “junior fan faire”. Please email Jeannette or me if you would like to have dinner at “ d.Vino” with us on Saturday, March 25 2017 at 5:00pm.



Las Vegas ~ My Story ~ Marie

You’ve read Myron’s professional and personal take on these events.  Now here’s mine.  Ok, there’s absolutely nothing professional about this review.

Click on photo’s to enlarge.

2016-03-25 12.46.01 marie three

Their pictures were all over the Palms Casino.

2016-03-25 12.46.43 Marie two

The Fan Faire:
An event many of us had been waiting for for a long time. What a pleasure to meet so many of you! Some of whom I’ve “known” for as long as 4 years. So great to finally see faces that go with the names! It was an honor for me to acknowledge Kelly’s hard work and to point out the contributions of Jane, Mary Bohling, Jana and Ann Scavo who were there.

You don’t know this, because we wanted to surprise Jeannette and Myron, but we gave them pillows and a big thank you from all of us on the Crew for their organization of the Fan Faire.

Pillow Design
Pillow Design

As you know the Guys showed up (was that fear in their eyes?) to greet such dedicated, excited fans!

2016-03-25 19.07.18 Marie 4

2016-03-25 21.06.47 Marie

2016-03-25 19.21.34 Marie 5

2016-03-25 20.59.11-1 Marie 6

2016-03-25 21.02.14 Marie 7

The Concert:

Our Boys are in love. In fact during the concert Gianluca asked Ignazio if he was in love. He responded with a resounding, “Yes!” Gianluca admitted the same at another performance. Piero…who knows? It looks good on them.

2016-03-26 00.08.47 Marie

2016-03-25 23.12.03 marie 9

The Concert at the Pearl Theater was Fabulous! Wish I knew better adjectives. Either I cannot remember the brilliance of IL Volo during each performance or they truly get better, with richer, fuller more powerful voices and are more exciting every time!

2016-03-25 23.21.17 Marie

2016-03-25 23.26.56 Marie 11

First song Piero pointed at me and I pointed back. To someone other than us crazy Ilvolovers that little gesture may be unimportant, but to me that sweet moment of recognition meant a lot. That was the second time he has done that. Can’t wait to see if there’s a third!

2016-03-25 23.51.44 Marie

2016-03-25 23.43.41 Marie 13

The Meet & Greet:
I had been saving a sad but sweet story to tell them when I had a chance. I finally did. They were moved, in fact Gianluca was so moved he practically jumped on me with a bear hug. No sweeter person exists than that young man. When he finally let go I stepped back right into the wooden backdrop almost knocking it over. Fortunately Piero was on my left and Gianluca on my right. Both grabbed an arm and saved me and the set. One of them said, “Uh-oh”.  So then what do you suppose they did? Why of course, they broke out in song. I Don’t remember what song, but someone told me it was an Italian “Uh-oh” song.

Piero asked Gianluca, “Do you know who she is?” Gianluca said, “yes.” (I think he was only being nice). Then Piero said show him your tattoo”. So I did. I have no idea what Gianluca said after that (come on brain!) I would have bet anything that the picture the photographer took had Piero on my left and Gianluca on my right. That’s what I remember, but in the picture I’m between Ignazio and Piero. I have no idea how that happened. I must have blanked out.

Me and the guys - Las Vegas 2016

That’s me, the one in the middle with the stupid look on her face.  My dentist is the only one who will love the picture!  We were still laughing at their singing when the photographer took this one.

I normally stay away from Ignazio, in case you haven’t noticed. In the gym last year I took his photo while standing on the other side of the gym. In Miami a few weeks ago, at the Meet & Greet, I quickly shook his hand and moved away. In Ft Myers, at the hotel when Leelee and Ineke spoke to him, I was the one taking photos from across the room. I am, in fact, a coward. I greet Gianluca sanely and Piero as a friend but when it comes to Ignazio I stand way back. I would have a conversation with him, but it would sound something like, “blub libba and I gleen you. You are flanang all niebber”  (if someone recognizes that as a real language let me know). So now you all know that I am actually a 16-year-old star-struck, blubbering idiot.

Knowing this would be my last chance for what may be a long time, if I couldn’t buy a vowel at least this time I was determined to kiss a dimple off his face. I did. So if you notice one missing it’s all my fault. I have it…it’s mine.

What a month! Flew Ohio to Florida, flew Florida to Ohio, drove Ohio to New York, drove New York to Ohio, Rode a 2 day train to Las Vegas, flew Las Vegas to Ohio.

Sleeping.. DO NOT DISTURB!


Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America 2016 Tour: Las Vegas

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website



Here’s Vegas!

~~ Kelly


New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c


Photos: Il Volo – North America Tour 2016 / Las Vegas ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook


Play List

For Fun


Photos:   Northamerican Tour 2016 Las Vegas March 25 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook



Aneme è core, Las Vegas 2016


Photos: Italian Pop Sensation Il Volo Performs Live at the Pearl… ~~ Getty Images

In Three Part Harmony ~ Myron Heaton

From Myron Heaton for March 25 – 27, 2016

2016-03-25 21.02.18 name

I am writing this in three parts with a short personal comment at the end.

Part I – Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire convention and Banquet

Part II – Il Volo Concert at the Pearl Theatre – Palms Hotel March 25 – Las Vegas

Part II – Contrasting two back-to-back concerts using Los Angeles March 26

2016-03-25 20.57.15-1 name

Part I – IL VOLO FAN FAIRE – 2016

I want to thank all of our volunteer staff for their work on the Fan Faire. There were quite a few and I do not have all the names as of this morning so I will only spotlight three. Some of you started with us this last year but some others have been tagging along with me since 2012 (through thick and thin) Huge thank you goes to Jeannette for being a great working partner. All the many, many things that she did behind the scenes to get so many details organized and ready for this event.

Jeannette and I could not have the Vegas work without Marie and Kelly at Flight Crew and their staff members helping to get the word out and really being a tremendous support. Marie is one of those hanging in there since 2012.

Let’s face it, There has never been an event like this for Il Volo.  I asked Barbara Vitali (Manager) while they were here and aside from small private “get-togethers” that some people have had with 6 or 8 or so people – informal type of gathering – This is the first organized and official (from Il Volo) large Il Volo fan gathering anyplace – and including the apprearance of the the boys in person at our event. WOW !

2016-03-25 21.01.06 namw

If it sounds like I am kind of high, I AM !! On a personal basis this was always a gamble because they were only doing this as a favor. We did not contract them for money. They came because I asked and because they wanted to come. The old fashioned term was: “gentlemen’s agreement” but now it should be “gentleperson’s agreement” because the Barbara, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio were the other “gentleperson and that was the central key. I must tell a little secret. Even the day of our event there was a time problem around noon and for a while I did not know if they were going to make it let alone when. But then I saw Gianluca at lunch and we chatted a little while and that was the confirmation I needed. He said: “ we will be a little late but we will be there” (almost words from God at that moment).

End result: the most important thing to me was that later that night Barbara and the boys said they were very happy with and actually surprised at how big the event was. They loved it. Barbara and later Piero told us that next time (get that phrase: “ next time” again words as if from God) they will help us put it together and then find a way to guarantee they will schedule at least a full hour with us and do more activities. Now from my self-centered attitude, I loved that reaction and the news with it.

From our group stand point we have already had many emails and tweets indicating that, even though there were some issues to be fixed and some other minor problems to deal with, the general report we are getting is a very positive response. One item that needs to be changed for the next time is that the dinner places must be assigned in advance with name cards and there cannot be last minute changes like we put up with Friday.

The reports I have gotten were that the room was a nice room (great view – duh!) and the food was very good. We found the staff to be very nice and very helpful. I was not sure if we were going to need security but I went ahead with it and, boy! , am I glad we did! When the Il Volo boys came to us I thought there was a high-pitched earthquake happening. I thought only teenage girls acted that way (I say that with tongue in cheek). I was surprised that the boys got out of there with their clothes still on !!!!!

2016-03-25 21.05.48 Name

But that is a sign to me that we had an event that achieved the excitement we wanted. Can you imagine an hour instead of 30 minutes (those poor boys – ahem ! Cough !)

There will be one more comment after all three of these parts are done.