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nottemagica headerEver since they mentioned to me over three years ago (almost in passing) that they were going to start work on a “big” project about the famous Three Tenors, I have been very eager to see this concert on this tour. The boys of Il Volo started their singing life learning quality singing techniques with voice1myron lessons. This included learning some arias from operas which is sort of a basic foundation of repertoire. They learned this very well. Then they took this technique and applied it to a wide variety of different styles of music – mostly Italian romantic songs, American love songs and some Broadway – all under the loose title “pop” music or as they called it: “operatic pop.”

Now with this project, they are returning to their cultural roots with some solid opera arias – some real gems! That takes work and lot of work with their vocal coach. The end result was a wonderful concert called Notte Magica given in the city square in the center of Florence last summer. I have already reviewed that program on this site and I must say that I was so proud of the guys.

That was on TV and now I get to see that program LIVE on stage in a brand new theater here in Las Vegas. Hooray ! Finally !


The program order was basically the same as Florence however a couple of songs were dropped from that program and a couple of songs were added that were not originally on that program. First of all a song that I did not pay enough attention to when it first came out but now it affected me very strongly: Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae written for the boys of Il Volo by Giorgio Pintus and Romano Musumarra. I tell you, that it is one thing to hear a song on a stereo system in the car and it is drastically different to have the boys singing it “live” just 8 feet away from me (I was in the front row). What an incredible song. The boys said that they hope to one day sing this song for Pope Francis. I hope so. They deserve that honor and also, the Pope deserves to be blessed by their singing. The other song added to the program was “Grande Amore” , their signature song from the San Remo Festival in 2015. Great to have it back again.las vegas monte carlo

Il Volo in concert at the Park Theater – Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 8:00pm to 10:34pm

  1. Overture – La Forza del Destino Sinfonia by Giuseppi Verdi Orch.

  1. Nessun Dorma – from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini

  1. Granada – Agustin Lara

  1. Mattinata – romance by Ruggero Leoncavallo

  1. Una Furtiva Lagrima – from L’elisir d’amore by Gaetano Donizetti Ignazio

  1. La Danza – Gioachino Rossini Gianluca

  1. E Lucevan le Stelle – from Tosca by Puccini Piero

  1. Torna a Surriento – Giambattista de Curtis

  1. Intermezzo – Manon Lescaut by Puccini – orch.

  1. Core ‘Ngrato – Cardillo

  1. O paese d’o sole – Annibala Bovia Piero and Ignazio

  1. Maria – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein Gianluca and Ignazio

  1. My Way – Paul Anka – Gianluca and Piero

  1. Tonight – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein – Ignazio

  1. Grande Amore

  1. Intermezzo – Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni – orch.

  1. Cielito Lindo – Quirino Mendoza y Cortez

  1. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor – Josquin Rodrigo Gianluca

  1. No Puede Ser – Pablo Sorozabal Piero

  1. Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae– by Giorgio Pintus & Romano Musumarra

  1. O Sole Mio – Eduardo de Capua and Giovanni Capurro

  1. Libiamo – from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

  2. Nessun Dorma – with extra ending


The concert was presented in a new theater called the Park Theater which is part of the Monte Carlo Hotel-Casino complex on the strip in Las Vegas. It opened in December and everything is the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and a huge stage with great sound system. A tech man told me at the end of the concert that they were filled with 4132 people (the upper balcony was not open).


This high quality music requires an ensemble of good size. Two years ago they used 26 musicians. Last year they used 38 and this year (hold your hat) they 1gclefhad 55 in the orchestra. Or to put it the way Piero said it: “55 plus one” because one of the cello players was pregnant !!! Cool . That is a huge orchestra. Sitting as close as I was I noticed many players who are also in the Las Vegas Philharmonic. That is the kind of quality that our boys deserve. Minor point: it was the first time they have used harp in their programs. Very, very nice. This really was an excellent quality ensemble.


The program order is listed below. The first thing that I always note for each live concert is that I am hearing the well-trained, well-seasoned singing of 1-2notesthree gentlemen of 35 to 40 years of age. That kind of control. That kind of musical security. That kind of resonance and tone quality. EXCEPT FOR ONE THING they are only 22 & 23 ! ! !

I know that I make this kind of comment each time and it is true each time. Incredible quality singing from “ kids” (Ignazio will pop me in the nose for that one – Ha ). When you think that the human voice is the last organ of the body to mature – usually around 35 years of age – these guys are incredible ! My choice for outstanding work:


For the whole group Ave Maria – a great piece of music sung to perfection and it sent chills up and down my back.

PieroNo Puede Ser he knows this song inside out but tonight it was fresh with new vitality and excitement. He always delivers.

IgnazioUna Furtiva Lagrima – this is a very subtle and demanding song – very easy to screw it up and over sing. He was splendid.

Gianluca tie between La Danza and Aranjuez but for this show the edge went to Aranjuez because Gianluca had a first class violinist for the counter part (this song is kind of a duet) and Gianluca was in ABSOLUTE CONTROL. That is art of incredible beauty.

The “hidden secret” that I don’t think many people in the audience knew or paid attention to was what some singers sometimes call “Vegas Throat.” I spoke with Ignazio after the concert and he was having quite a time with the dry climate condition that makes it more challenging to sing well. He could not seem to drink enough water. Just as the boys walked on stage at the beginning I could see that this was starting to happen to all three of them. It makes you feel that you are not sure that you can hold out tones for long periods of time for fear it will crack or sound like static. They had water on the stage and the theater was pumping humidity onto the stage for them but it still was a challenge. They had come from Minneapolis (humidity center) to L.A. which is desert and then drove across the Mohave desert to Vegas (an even drier city). It doesn’t happen that often but once in a while. I have heard Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble have problems in a concert with this.

Now here is my point: each of these young men showed incredible will power for the entire two and half hours of that concert. They kept solid, well-supported tone going under firm control. They never allowed the tone to crack or break once. They each presented us with wonderful, pure and very musical singing throughout. So the “secret” is that they were challenged with potential problems BUT the audience never heard anything but quality, professional singing. I had a hint of it in the concert but when I talked with them later last night after the concert, then they let me know what a challenge it was. BRAVO! BRAVO! Very few singers can do that.

End result? This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended played by a superb 55- piece symphony orchestra and featuring the three best male singers in the business today.



After the concert we hung out watching the Meet and Greet line go by and when that came to an end Jeannette and I finally had a chance to take some time and visit with Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and with Barbara. They were in a happy mood and relieved that the concert went as well as it did. We talked a little about the next Il Volo Fan Faire which will happen when the next American tour happens. However, we do not have a date yet because they will be occupied with a major new recording project next year so

The American tour will be delayed … They do not plan on touring in 2018 unless they make an announcement later changing their plans…To Be Determined  
Remember they still have a lot of touring to do yet in other areas around the world after they finish this American tour.

We found they are getting to know us better and better each year so conversation gets going a lot easier than it used to years ago. Now they pick up where we left off last March. They ask us questions. It gives us a warm feeling (after all they meet thousands of people on each tour). Relations with Barbara are starting to feel like that of an old friend. (maybe I should say “friend we have known for a long time” rather than “OLD” ). Each of them was eager with hugs, kisses and wonderful conversation. If it were not for being about 1:00am we could have gone on much longer. Indeed, security was closing up that part of the building so we had to leave.

One final note: we figured since there was no full-sized Fan Faire this year we would just do dinner and invite a few people to join us just before the concert. Well, that went different than expected. We started out thinking about a dozen, but we ended up with nearly 50 people in that little Italian restaurant right next to the doors of the theater.

It was a big family gathering. What a family – the extended Il Volo family.

Thank you, Myron!  Great review!

Stay tuned for more reviews from our Flight Crew.  Coming soon!


~~ Leelee ~~

61 thoughts on “Il Volo Returns to Las Vegas 2017 ~ Myron”

  1. Thank you once again Myron, for your wonderful review and insight of “IL VOLO”‘s Las Vegas concert this year. I always look forward to your reviews. I’m glad they did great. I was not able to attend this year for I was in Laughlin but will always remember meeting you and Jeanette at last year’s FAN FAIRE.. It is a lovely memory which I will hold dear to my heart. I hope to see you and others who love our guys maybe in 2018.

      1. Hi Myron , i am from South Africa and sadly have never attended an Il Volo concert although I have followed them since 2009. I loved your review and realize what a privilege it must be to be present at a concert such as this. They are truly wonderful young men and I live in hope that I too will have the pleasure to be in the audience! Thanks again for your review. i am practically in tears. xxx

  2. Thank you for the great review, Myron. So exciting to read you spoke with them about the next Fan Faire! Still have such great memories from the first one.

  3. Wow, Myron, what a review! I have wondered about the musicians and how they are managing getting an orchestra in every place they are singing. At first I thought the musicians were the same in each concert but you are telling us that there are local musicians onstage. Now I am wondering if the orchestra is local each time–what a job for the conductor if it is!
    It seems our young men are up to any challenge they face and we are all the happy beneficiaries! Very interesting about the humidity–I noticed they were drinking a lot of water this tour–even during the east coast concerts they were drinking more than usual. I guess it has to do with the dry winter air.

    1. It would be very, very expensive to have a 55 piece orchestra travel (air fare, hotel, meals, salary, etc.). what happens on tour is that they travel with a core of their own musicians (last year it was five) and they anchor the whole group. Then they contract the local union for the others to fill in. The local union in each city is required to get the best they can find in town. Lucky for us Las Vegas has a lot of great musicians at any given time. That is the job of the booking agent. Then they put it together in the afternoon of the concert.

      1. So they only practice playing the repertoire once before the concert?! That makes it even more impressive! The guys really have to rely on the maestro to give them their proper cues.
        I would love to know what the members of the orchestra think if they have never heard Il Volo sing before–and my guess is most of them haven’t! That would be a very interesting interview!

  4. Thank you for your wonderful article & what a great relationship you have with them & Barbara. One suggestion, I have moved on to ‘our guys’. They are now grown men!

  5. I waited for this review and finally arrived.
    Thanks Myron, for full details what are you doing out and escape us.
    I think we’ve all noticed that guys drink a lot on this tour and your explanation was exhaustive also you said that is not all singers such a challenge to their throats, and we are very proud of this.
    Also hear your praises of these guys and their study, he fills us with joy.
    But perhaps the thing that strikes me most is the genuine affection they show to you.
    I am very happy that the concert will be enjoyed (impossible that it was not) and expect your new reviews.
    Congratulations also for your dinner of fans, very pleasant moment of friendship born out of love of IL VOLO.
    Greetings from Italy.

  6. Myron, I’m almost speechless! You never disappoint! Thanks for a beautiful review! Sincerely, from Texas! <3 <3 <3

    1. Dorothy you would have loved the concert. My daughter Kim and I walked three miles Thursday and Friday on the strip and Fremont Street and could not move out of the room Saturday. Kim has this “count your steps” watch.
      Seeing them live and fairly close to the stage was a treat.

      1. Gina, I was in San Antonio last March for their concert! I didn’t think they could sound better than on the cd BUT I WAS WRONG! We had 2nd row seats and it was unbelievable! Hope we get to meet sometime…we’re not that far apart!! So glad you got to Vegas!☆☆☆

  7. Hi Myron what a in dept review you shared with all of us I wan’t able to this year’s concert and I now I missed a beautiful evening but I am so looking forward to 2019 hopefully the boys will come back to Las Vegas and we will have time to have our 2nd Fan Faire I still remember how wonderful the first one was. due to all your hard work. I ‘m going to start praying that they do come back to Las Vegas.

    1. well, if they do not come to Vegas but some other cities we can move it there, if need be. Vegas is easier because everything (hotel, dinner, concert, where the guys stay) is all in one building. Last year a lot of the fans stayed at the Palms, the Fan faire was there, the boys stayed there and the concert was there. This year could have been the same if there had been one – all same venue.

  8. What a wonderful review coming from someone like you Myron who is a music teacher and really understands the difficulties of this type of concert. These young men never disappoint! I am anxiously awaiting the concert tomorrow night in Miami!!!

  9. Thanks Myron, what a fantastic review, your knowledge and love of music even makes your words so special. What amazes me is with a very grueling tour they haven’t lost a step. They look like their just bopped a Birthday Cake. Always fresh and looking great. The voices are powerful, pure and rise to the occasion in every concert . You dissected every piece of the Las Vegas Experience. How humidity and the human voice are so interconnected. How the wonderful sound of a harp can add so much to a symphony. Ignazio’s Un Furtiva Lagrima is very difficult aria, Ignazio’s powerful lyric tenor voice along with his breath control takes it down to a whisper so beautifully done. I sure hope that in 2018 IL Volo with tour back here again. Myron I would like to meet up with you guys in that little Italian restaurant, and have a side order of fried calamari.

  10. I really enjoy reading your comments about Il Volo’s performances and the quality of their singing. I’ve noticed their growth and improvement over the years even though I certainly am not a vocal expert. I had the pleasure of meeting Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the “Meet & Greet” in Connecticut. Ignazio was concerned that the air conditioning had been turned on and that it would adversely affect their voices. “It makes us sick!”, he said forcefully. In spite of climate changes, the rigors of touring, the variability of conditions in each venue, and their own personal wellness , Il Volo delivers an outstanding performance every time.

  11. Myron, I never thought about humidity affecting their voices so much. I live in the desert of L.A. and know about dryness. The concert in L.A. was perfect as you say. They are always in full control. Joanie G

  12. Thank you Myron for a wonderful review. It helps us appreciate all the training, hard work and professionalism of our Guys. It has also enhanced my understanding of why an Il Volo concert is so expertly performed. You nailed it! Julie B.


  13. Hi Myron. I have been looking forward to your comments and they did not disappoint. I always learn something from you, and it was interesting to learn about “Vegas Voice”. I can see how the dry air could affect the voice. I loved the concert and totally agree that there are no better singers out there today. They can go from opera arias to Italian romantic songs, pop songs by Queen and covers of American artists. They sound equally fantastic singing any one of those . I was also at the concert in San Jose and my daughter commented afterward that she was amazed with that difficult repertoire they could sing a 2 hour concert and still have voices left at the end. They are indeed one of a kind. I am happy that you have such a nice relationship with the guys and Barbara and that makes you our voice with Il Volo. Looking forward to the next tour whenever that will be.

  14. Thanks Myron for sharing your thoughts and critique. For the group here, that have not met Myron, he is a very handsome gentleman. This from an old lady. I met him briefly at “Las Vegas Strip Restaurant: D.Vino Italian Food and Wine” …
    My daughter and I arrived Thursday and left early Sunday and drank and drank water and anything non alcoholic we could find. The dryness hit us badly. My voice became hoarse. Loved every minute there while waiting for the concert Saturday.
    The Park Theatre has the biggest chandelier in the lobby and has great seating so that you had a clear view. They are special human beings and I hope I have some more years to watch them grow even more.

    1. Gina, you are too kind. It is always fun to meet new friends – especially when we have something like this in common.

    2. Hey, Gina, Scroll down to my post below, as I have found a very effective way to handle the dry throat.

      Wishing you many years of watching our IL VOLO Guys grow and continue to bless us with the beauty of their amazing voices and their big hearts!

      IL VOLO Love from Jeanine

  15. I started following Il Volo in March of 2014… I found the Flight Crew Blog and read it daily… I always enjoyed Myron’ detailed articles about Il Volo… My first Il Volo Concert was in June of 2014… I had the pleasure to meet Myron before the concert and I had said to him I am from Las Vegas… He then asked me if I would like to join his committee to bring Il Volo to Las Vegas… I was of course thrilled… I have learned so much about music from Myron… Our partnership in organizing events for Il Volo works very well.. His professional skills and my Internet skills and my gift of gab has worked well for us… I am happy to see that the Flight Crew fans enjoy his Professional Critique as much as I do…March 25th was truly a Notte Magica … Bravo Myron…

    1. Everyone must know that Jeannette is a superb partner on this project. Could not ask for anyone better. She also has good connections with the guys and Barbara. Since a lot of performers set up a ” residency ” where they stay in Vegas for a few weeks or more, that is what we would like to see Il Volo do. A week or two at the Park Theater. Bravo !

    2. You two are a Magical Duo for your Flight Crew friends. Thank you so much, Jeannette and Myron!

      It was a treat to see you both there and to wander and offer hellos to a restaurant full of IL VOLO lovers!

      Grande amore,

  16. Wonderful review Myron. Did Barbara say if they will come back to Las Vegas on their next tour?I should imagine they would because of the good reception they have received the last two times they were there. Did their band members come on tour with them this time?

    1. They do not know that yet, but as you say, the reception was very good – FULL HOUSE – in a theater that seats over 4000. All Good stuff.

  17. Hi Jeannette, I’m sorry I missed you this year, but I will see you next time.Did anyone take pictures of you all at the dinner? I have heard that the food in that restaurant is wonderful

    1. THe Dinner at d.Italia was very informal … We had spread the word that if you were going to the Il Volo Concert at the Park theater to join us at the restaurant at 5:00PM… Fans had to make their own reservations… It was not a formal affair as was the Fan Faire… So no special goodies to give to the fans that attended and no photographer… Just good food and great conversation about our favorite subject “Il Volo”… I was delighted to meet Il Volo fans that I had not met before… Thank you all who attended the Dinner and I love having new Il Volo family members… Jill, the next time they come to town, we hope we could do a special event… That is always our goal..

  18. Thank you, Myron! I have been looking forward to your critique since I spoke to you right after the concert. My husband and I have followed them since they performed in Houston many years ago. We lived only 30 minutes away from the venue so we decided to go, and have been to a concert every year since with Meet and Greet in Houston, Boston, Nashville, and Austin. We had great seats in Las Vegas on the second row, but sadly, no Meet and Greet this year. Seeing their emotions so close brought tears to my eyes after hearing such beautiful music.

    It is such a joy to know that there are still angels among us!!

  19. Have tried to comment twice. Both times it disappeared!! A wonderful review, Myron! I thought the Las Vegas Concert their best also!!! Their voices more powerful with more passion!!! LA was a fantastic evening with Placido Domingo sharing the stage!!! I told them Vegas was the best tho!!! Got hugs all around!!! Two magical, enchanted nights!!!

  20. Thank you Myron for all your musical information.Certainly gives a new insight to each performance. Looking forward to the concert tomorrow, April’s Fool Day, in Miami……..getting really excited. Hopefully will meet up with other Il Volo fans

  21. That was a great review Myron, one I was looking forward to. My only surprise is that you said little about Gianluca’s La Danza, I am amazed each time I hear it that he is so clear with every. single. word. and at breakneck speed. That would be a dance to make everyone wheeze once it ended! I would dearly love to have heard them sing the Ave Maria in concert. I was disappointed they did not do it at the concert in Florence and thus it is not on the video. That song more than any other just is stunning to me. Hearing that there might not be a 2018 tour leaves me with mixed feelings: 1. sad for me that I missed them this year and next and 2. happy for them that they get a bigger break from touring. Thank you again Myron, I dearly hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday.

    1. I had decided not to comment on each song because I did that in my review of the Florence concert. I did make mention of the which solo I would pick as the better of the two. But even that is only a few pennies difference. Gianluca showed exactly the kind of wonderful control that I mentioned in the article in the part about dry throat and using amazing self-control to prevent any bad sounds or tones from happening. The audience never knew it (except that the ending was a little shorter than usual) because all of his sounds were that clean and good.

  22. Thank you, Myron, for your lovely review of the concert in Las Vegas! I am so heartbroken that I couldn’t make it to the concert and the dinner to meet all of you! But I did get to go to Chicago (my first IL VOLO concert) and the meet & greet afterward on March 18th. Pure heaven it was! I agree with you about the Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae. The first time I heard it on the CD it took my breath away, sent shivers down my spine and brought tears to my eyes all at the same time! I knew this was a very special piece even before I found out it was written specifically for the guys. It is such a powerful song and I feel very blessed to have been able to see them perform it live. I’ll never forget it!

  23. Thank you Myron for the awesome review and all the background things we don’t even think of. I is so much more evident of the incredible amount of effort and time they put into each concert and in reality with each song and every word. You are so blessed to have such a good relationship with them and with Barbara. Thank you again for the effort you put into your incredible reviews.

    1. Denise, Thanks for your very kind comments. I agree that these guys are three of the hardest working singers in the business. They care enough about what the fans hear that they work on the voice as a craft to bring about the art.

  24. Myron, many thanks for giving us this very detailed and wonderful review of how our Il Volo is making progress, conquering the world, concert by concert!
    Reading your report, I am also sure that the group of friends that came to the concert with you, were all impressed with this more classical concert of Il Volo.
    I was there with you at the Las Vegas concert last year, but alas, South Africa is just too far away to be able to attend those wonderful concerts again.
    So Myron, know that this input from you and all the other people on this site, is very much appreciated!

    1. Ineke, we want you to know that we missed you here in “sin city” on March 25th. I sure do hope that the guys include South Africa on the next world tour. I know there are a lot of fans there.

    2. I missed you, too, Ineke. It was such a pleasure to share some time together in 2016. Wishing an IL VOLO advenutre in South Africa for you and your friends!

      IL VOLO Love from Jeanine

  25. Hi Jeannette, So glad I was able to meet you but did not get the chance to meet Myron! I do hope to do it for their next concert in Las Vegas.

    Thank you Myron for the wonderful review of the IL Volo Concert! It again was superb! I learned much from your notes which helped me appreciate their effort even more, if that is possible!

    I love these dear boys and have watched them grow over the past years. I too sat in the front row in Mesa, AZ; WHAT A TRIP THAT WAS!!! Feeling their breathe on my face and having eye contact with these dear guys was an experience I will never forget!

    Sadly I missed. MEET ‘N GREET for this concert; it WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I do hope to see you and Jeannette at the next IL VOLO CONCERT and pray it will be the 2nd Big Annual Event with the boys. We did enjoyed the restaurant meeting of so many Internet MOJO IL Volo LOVERS FRIENDS.

    Thanks again Myron, Jeannette and Pamela for this year’s Event! Until our next meeting, stay well and Happy!


    1. Sue thank you so much for the warm comments. We are part of the bigger Il Volo family.

  26. I hope this doesn’t post twice. I thought I posted it, and it hasn’t shown up, so I’m trying it again.

    Wonderful review, Myron. Thank you so much! I always watch for your insights and reflections! Definitely, Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae is the most phenomenal song, and I Love knowing it was written for our guys!

    Hey, I mentioned coconut water to Ignazio at the Meet & Greet, but I said “thirsty” instead of “dry”, so he didn’t think what I said applies. Yet it So Does!

    Last year in Vegas everyone I talked to could not get over their extreme thirst / dry throat. I drank 3 quarts of water in only a few hours, and then I thought… Oh! I’m washing out all my electrolytes. So I went in search of coconut water. My acupuncturist had told me that coconut water is so close to the fluids of a human body that one can actually tap a coconut and put coconut water in an IV!

    I don’t like the flavor of coconut water, so I mixed it with a little orange juice and some water. Within 20 minutes, my throat was no longer dry and remained fine. This time I made my drink with coconut water, San Pellegrino sparkling orange, and water. Luscious and my throat was not dry one minute!

    This concert was so uplifting for me personally at a deep heart level. I am grateful for every minute of my trip!

    Love and gratitude to all,

    1. Some of our singers have used coconut water and it does work under most conditions. Good suggestion.

      1. Is coconut water the same thing as coconut milk? Up here in the north, I don’t know if I have ever seen coconut water. But I would love to try this. I sing in a choir and between the winter when the air is dry and the summer air conditioning, I am always thirsty!

      2. Hi, Penina,
        Coconut water is different from coconut milk. It is filled with electrolytes, including a high level of potassium. It’s probably in a different part of your store from milk alternatives. More likely with sparkling water, etc. Often not refrigerated.

        I mentioned more about it above Myron’s response. Good to hear, Myron, that some of your singers use coconut water and that it works under most conditions.

        Happy hydrating while you soar with IL VOLO majesty!
        Love from Jeanine

      3. Thanks Janine. I don’t believe I have ever seen it but I will look. Does it taste like coconuts?

      4. Honestly, I don’t like the taste of coconut water. (Not like coconuts, in my mind.) But it’s easy to disguise with a bit of juice, and I like to add sparkling water or plain water.

        I bet you’ll find it.
        Hope it works for you!
        Warm wishes from Jeanine

      5. Thanks Janine! I’ll be travelling soon and won’t be online very much in the next two weeks or so, so I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday!

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