Who’s Going Where…Europe!

OK Europe…It’s Almost Your Turn

In just three days the U.S. is returning your precious sons back to you. We took good care of them. We made them as comfortable as we could. We lavished them with love and gifts and are now returning them intact (that’s always a close call) and in good health. We really wanted to keep them, but we know it’s time to let them go home. Thanks for the loan.  How soon can we have them back?

Si avrà una meravigliosa notte magica! Buon divertimento!

“Notte Magica” VIP Meet & Greet Upgrade includes:
– Meet & Greet with Il Volo
– Photograph with Il Volo
– Autographed VIP Laminate
– Exclusive VIP Merchandise Item


Don’t forget your badge!


Some idea of what you will be seeing very soon.

If inquiring minds want to know…The story of the opera, Turandot – http://classicalmusic.about.com/od/opera/qt/Turandot-Synopsis.htm

Here’s The List so far.  Please update me, in comments, if I have it wrong or your name is missing.  

Look for these folks!  Here we go:

Notte Magica Tour

April 26th ~  Brussels, Belgium
~Sue Hamshall
~Graham Hamshall

May 3rd ~ Roccaraso, Italy

May 5th ~ Turin, Italy

May 6th ~ Bologna, Italy

May 9th ~ Milan, Italy

May 12th ~ Rome, Italy
~Jannette & Friends
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall
~Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

May 15th ~ Ancona, Italy
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall

May 17th ~ Livorno, Italy
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband

May 19th ~ Verona, Italy
~Daniela Perani
~Daniela’s husband, Beppe
~Donna Pother
~Mary M
~Mary M’s Husband
~Susan’s brother
~Jeannette & Friends
~Dorothy Vessey
~Sue Hemshell
~Graham Hemshall
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband
~Wendy Keighley
~2 accompanying Wendy
~Maura Pucci
~Marie Crider (that’s a lie, but I really really, really want to be here)

May 20th ~ Verona, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Patrizia Ciava
~Janet D.
~Jane D.’s husband
~John from CT

May 23rd ~ London, England
~Sue Hamshall
~Graham Hamshall
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband
~Jeannette and friends

June 1st ~ Taromina, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)
~Mealani Evensen
~Mealani’s cousin Melinda Walker

June 4th ~ Taormina, Italy
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband

June 10th ~ Naples, Italy
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Bernard’s sis-in-law, Eleonora

20 thoughts on “Who’s Going Where…Europe!”

    1. Wonderful Daniela! I am at work now, but I’ll make sure your name is added to the list later today. I know you will enjoy and, like me, be amazed! I just attended my 11th concert. I am still blown away every time!

  1. Marie! I love this post! Whenever “THEY” get back to us will not be too soon! Time is not on my side as I approach 86, but I’m determined to be “the oldest fan” at the next USA Tour! I, too, will work for tickets! Keep on keeping on! <3 from Texas!

    1. Dorothy you are an inspiration !!!! I’m 50 but because of a few chronic illnesses the doctors say my body is like that of a 75 year-old person so let’s make a deal that we both would work for Il Volo tickets!!! I love your enthusiasm, it’s contagious!!!

    1. Rosemarie! You use to be one of my favorite Flight Crew members. April Fool (sort of). However…you could be on top of my favorites list if you reconsider…

      1. if I could go by boat to avoid being ” patted down ” by airport hot hands I’d go to Verona. My favorite Cole Porter musical – .” Kiss me Kate ” had a song about Verona…

  2. Dorothy, sorry but I beat you for the oldest fan. I celebrated my 88th with tyhe concert in L.A. I am still looking forward to more. JoanieG

  3. Marie, note about the “lie” about going to the Verona concert. Maybe if you and I get together and wish real hard we both might end up in Verona. What do you think? It might work ? ?
    Anyway, in the real world that is when my son is getting married so have to and want to be here for that. Wish it would have been at a different time.

  4. Marie, who finally returned to their home these talented and great guys, and thank goodness that you have pampered and spoiled and treated them well, otherwise you would have come to terms with us.
    Thanks for everything, but that’s enough, we do not see the time to get them back here.

    Damn Myron would be great if you and Marie came to Verona, we should be almost twenty that we meet

  5. We are lucky and spoil and are going to Brussels and London, i have booked 2 tickets too many for London, does anyone want them? Sue and Graham Hemshall

  6. Marion I will look out for you tonight. I will wear my badge! Hope you enjoy the show – we have driven 324 miles to be here tonight. So excited!!

  7. I wish I was going with you. I’ll take any of the Italian venues!!! Maybe one day !!

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