“…my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert.” ~ Jeannette

Written on March 26th:

Last night was my night at the Notte Magica Concert at the Monte Carlo, Park Theater in Las Vegas Nevada…

It truly was a Magical night and it started long before the concert began… Pamela McIntyre along with Myron Heaton and the Flight Crew helped me promote the casual dinner at “d. Italia” the Italian restaurant just a few steps from the Concert Venue… We asked people to make reservations under their own names and just add that they were part of the Il Volo fan group… I figured we would have around fifty fans getting together to share their love for Il Volo alone with a nice dinner…. To my surprise we filled almost every table in the entire restaurant… We had over seventy five fans that enjoyed a nice Italian dinner before going to see Il Volo… It was almost no work involved in putting this fun time together for the fans, but I have to say I loved meeting so many new people as I went table to table having them share their Il Volo stories with me… I handed out name tags for them to put their names on and everyone knew that there were Il Volo fans seated next to them and they shared stories along the way…I had a great surprise that I must share… Joanie Greenspan called me and said she was in Las Vegas and she was going to the concert… I told her to get to the restaurant for dinner and she did along with our very special friends George and Laural Filkins which Joanie and I met last year at the Fantasy Springs Il Volo concert in Ca… I have to say for me, it was truly a very special night and I had not even seen the concert as yet…
The concert was spectacular… The guys were just simply Super Stars on that stage, they never sounded better or looked more elegant than last night… I could go on forever but I would just be repeating what we have already read from other fans…
There are no better singers/entertainers in this world than OUR IL VOLO!!!
Of all the meet and greets in all the world, happiness and joy walked into mine… I must say we were sort of at the end of the line with just three lovely young ladies behind us… As Myron and I were discussing the wonders of the performances of each of our guys, Robert Gandara chief operating officer of OMGVIP came over and visited with us… He is just a delightful gentleman that help us so much when we were putting the fan fair together last year…He has become a valuable friend and he just shared his love for Il Volo with us, with very special and sincere feelings for our guys… We met three young people from Mexico who were in front of us… They were exquisitely dressed in tuxedos and bow ties, the young beautiful girl with them was in a beautiful long dress and her beauty was that of a young Salma Hayek, but even more beautiful… They were the highlight of the meet and greet thus far, for as we were standing in line they not only engaged in loving conversation about Il Volo, but also was very helpful to us as we had many bags given to us from fans at the dinner to give to the guys because those fans were not able to go to the Meet and Greet… They carried our bags though our time in line until we got to the table for gifts…
Now it was my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert .., I wanted them to know how much I enjoyed every moment and that I felt that they exceeded every expectation that I could have for them… They each thanked me and gave me a hugGianluca was the last of the three in line and when I walked up to him he just put his arms around me with a grand hug and asked me if I liked the performance… I of course engaged in a very long conversation with him about the beauty of the concert, and also told him I would see them in Italy… His eyes lit up and asked me which concert I would be attending, and when I gave him the list he hugged me again and again and said he would be looking forward to seeing us in Italy… Piero also gave me a hug when he heard we would see them in Italy… I have to say, I must have been with them for a full two minutes before I had to turn around to have our picture taken, that was the first time I realize that Myron was at the other end talking with Ignazio .. So we had much more time with our guys than at any other meet and greet… When we walked away we saw Barbara and has a warm and loving conversation with her as well… So I have to end this summary by saying this was the most exciting and very best Magical night of my Il Volo life …
Thanks to all who came to to our dinner at d.Italia’s and thanks to the new Il Volo friends I made along the way, and special thanks to IL VOLO…Thanks to you it was my Notte Magica..

~~Jeannette Giglio

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  1. I love your story Jeanette! So happy for you to be going to Italy to see them perform in their homeland! Your dinner before the concert sounded like a huge success as well. When ever you put Il Volo fans together it is always a pleasant outcome especially when it’s topped off with an amazing concert!!

  2. Beautiful your story Jeannette, I hear from your words the affection and esteem you have for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
    Your Dinner was delicious it was nice to know new fans of IL VOLO and I think it will be just as nice to meet us here in Italy.
    It will be another delightful encounter in the shade of an ancient Roman Arena, sponsored by our love of flying.
    See you soon.

    1. Thank you Daniela, yes I am looking forward to meeting my Italian Il Volo Family when we go to Italy in May… It has been a long time since I visited Italy and I am just thrilled that the ladies that I met last year at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas are now my close friends and we are all going to Italy together to support Il Volo… They are great ambassadors for Italy… So many fans make the journey to Italy because of the love Il Volo has for their country … They inspire us to want to see the beauty of the country they love so much…

  3. Thank you Jeannette for sharing your very special night to remember. Having dinner in a. Italian restaurant with Ilvolovers in itself is a very special. The Chatter, greetings, stories and the anticipation of a concert night with IL Volo plus a M&G must have been overwhelming.
    Again thank for sharing your beautiful story. You wrote and I quote “There is no better singers/entertainers in this world than Our IL Volo!!! You said it all. Bravo !

    1. Thank you Vincent, it truly was a magical night… Il Volo fans are very passionate people… The topic of Il Volo draws people together and instantly they are no longer strangers, instead they are part of the Il Volo family…. Il Volo brings people together not only with their music, but with the love they share with their family, friends and fans… In all my years, I have never seen such a phenomenon..

  4. Reading this beautiful sharing, I hear your voice, see your smile, and feel your energy, Jeannette! We are All So Blessed by You and the way you brought us together at d.vino for dinner, as well as our connection in the Heart of Love.

    I’m so happy for you and your wonderful Meet & Greet. They Guys will be watching for you!

    IL VOLO Love,

    1. Thank you Jeanine for your kind words… I love bringing Il Volo fans together, it just such a good feeling to be with fellow Il Volo lovers… It was a pleasure to see you again… You always have a smile and effervescence about you that draws people to you… Thank you for having dinner with Anna… I know that she enjoyed your company and sharing her love of Il Volo with you…

      1. It was a total delight having dinner with Annie and then wandering around saying hello, including a photo of Joanie Greenspan, Annie and I, and later photos of you and Myron with me and with Irene.

        And I feel very touched by your words about me. Thank you, Jeannette.

        My re-entry has been slow, and perhaps I can still share my photos to be posted somewhere on the Flight Crew. We’ll see if that’s an option.

        Sweet night,

  5. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your notte magica! I went to the LA concert and was almost sorry I didn’t go to Las Vegas when I heard of all the fans going. But I did get to have dinner with Joannie Greenspand and George and Laurel. It was a real treat to meet them all. And of course getting to see Placido Domingo with the guys was really special. I will do Vegas next time though!

    1. I also wish I could have been in Los Angeles again this year… I wanted to see George and Laurel and was sad that I could not go this year…Joanie and I met them last year at the last concert at Fantasy Springs in Indio Ca… They were sitting right beside us and we became best friends by the end of that concert…

      The day of the Las Vegas concert I got a grand surprise, a few hours before our Il Volo fan dinner I receive a phone call from Joanie… She said she, Laurel and George were coming to the Las Vegas concert and wanted to know where we were having the fan dinner… I was so excited… This is what Il Volo does, they bring people together and they become forever friends… Just like us I might add…

  6. I am chuckling and find it very interesting to read this account. I can see now that even though Jeannette and I were in the same area at the same time only a few feet apart we each had our own focus and objectives to talk about with each of the guys. We came to the same intersection when Jeannette talked to them about going to Italy in May and then they asked me if I was coming as well (sadly, I am unable to make that trip because my son is getting married at that time). Then we had the guys attention at the same time and on the same subject . If we had been in the middle of the meet and greet instead of at the end and had been complete strangers this would have never happened. I always view these meetings from the standpoint of continued and building of a friendship as well as a chance to talk a little business. The guy (a nice guy) taking the photo is almost a disruption. That is why it is interesting to read the different viewpoints.
    For me, this felt more like a conversation that started last March 25 (Fan Faire and continued this March 25 (post M & G).

    1. When I am in the presence of Il Volo, the world around me fades away and I only see and heart those three beautiful heart throbs… Sorry Myron, for those two minutes I was in Il Volo world all by myself…Then I came back to reality and you were right there and off we went to talk with Barbara… I do come back to reality rather quickly and then its back to business as usual…

      1. It seems that the time was longer than that. As I recall, we were the last ones out of there and security had to tell us they were closing the place down and unless we were planning to camp out over night we needed to leave. Since I had no tent and no materials for a camp fire – – – we left. Besides that the boys and Barbara had already left. How rude ! If they would have stayed we could have all camped out over night. Do you think starting a camp fire in the Park Theater Lobby would be ok ? Sit around singing camp fire songs with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Barbara can sing alto. Now that is what I call a real “meet and greet” .

    1. I love sitting around the campfire. Count me in!

      And Always good to hear from you, Marie!
      I’m just starting to come out of my 6-month cocoon. Hope those wings dry soon! 😊

      Love ya,

      1. Thanks, Marie!
        Keep in mind that I’ve been Goo (in the chrysalis) for at least 6 months! Really sticky and messy! 😊

        Love ya,

  7. If you do this in the future, I would love to join you. Please put me on your guest list. Bonnee 👍🏻

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