A word from Myron re: Il Volo Fan Faire in the new season of 2017.

Jeannette and I had to wait for final word on this from Il Volo. But after talks with Barbara Vitali and other people in Il Volo management, it has been decided that the schedule this year will not allow time for an Il Volo Fan faire – that is one where the boys can attend for the amount of time that they suggested last spring. This tour has caused some frustrations in the planning and that is why it is so late being announced.

Last year’s tour was announced in spring of 2015 and tickets went on sale August of 2015 for a tour in February and March of 2016. This year the announcement goes out today and Monday and Wednesday at the end of November for a tour during the month of March (basically the same time as the last one). That means 3 months of prep for us vrs 7 months last time.

Barbara and we are going to plan further ahead when Il Volo has the next USA tour where the Fan Faire will fit into their schedule easier. So don’t be too sad because in the long run I think this will turn out better with more lead time.

A word about the tour concert in Las Vegas: This year the Vegas concert is being held at the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino where MGM has built a new state-of-the-art concert hall called the Park Theatre. I have seen the place in its finishing stages as it opens in late December. It seats 5200 people and has a huge stage. The Monte Carlo is right on the strip across from the MGM Grand. This place is beautiful and it will be a the largest concert hall in the city (not counting sports arenas).

The Il Volo concert is on Saturday, March 25 (same date at last year only on a Friday) of 2017 at 8:00pm.


Even though there is no Fan Faire per se this year Jeannette and I are planning to do dinner at the Italian restaurant right across the casino from the theater entrance. It is called: “d.Vino” We are aiming for 5:00pm and we invite anyone else that is coming to Vegas for the Il Volo concert to come and join us for dinner and then we walk across the casino to the new Park Theatre for the Il Volo concert.

Everyone is on their own. We will take a tally and make the group reservation for the restaurant. However, everyone that is coming must take care of their own concert tickets, dinner cost and hotel, etc. A chance for us Il Volo fans to get together in a “junior fan faire”. Please email Jeannette or me if you would like to have dinner at “ d.Vino” with us on Saturday, March 25 2017 at 5:00pm.



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  1. Thanks so much for the update, Myron, and Marie for posting!

    I’m looking forward to dinner at 5pm on SATURDAY March 25th and awe-inspiring concert afterwards! It will be fun to see who else will be joining us.

    Jeannette, it will be great to see you again, too, and thanks for working with Myron and Barbara Vitali for plans for a fan faire for the following USA tour!

    Love to all,

  2. Hey gals, I am hopeing to find someonr to buy these3 extra tickets for the March 23rd concert in L.A. It’s a good deal. I will sell them at a $75$ discount. Let me know. Joanie G

  3. Thanks to all of you who are working on our behalf to make this a fun event even if the boys are not attending. Looking forward to a 2018 Fan Faire.

  4. Hey Myron and Jeannette When Il Volo’s tour for next year was announced II didn’t see how another Fan Faire could happen with the time prep being so short this time kind of disappointing but it’s nice that there are plans for a Fan Faire in the future when there is more notice given I like that idea. If some of us could make it back to Las Vegas in March how long would you like to be notified before you make reservations for dinner?, Take care

    1. Hi Myron and Jeannette, I will be joining you on March 25th at 5pm for dinner.
      Jeannette, I was the one who took the photo of you with Barbara Vitali, it will be good to see you guy’s again .

  5. Thanks for the update Myron. Wishing I could join you in LV, but can’t this year. Can’t wait for the next official Fan Faire! You guys did such a super job of the first one!

  6. It would be so nice if Daniela and Beppe could join us, we will be thinking of them.
    Marie if you are not going to be there, who is going to make sure Jeanine behave’s herself?

    1. Oh Jill, you’ve got me confused with Pirate. We live in the same town, but I’m the docile one …mostly! 😊

      I thought it was My job to make sure Marie behaved HerSelf! Like that’s possible! 😉

      Have a happy cozy night, everyone!

      1. Oh, Marie, you don’t let me get away with anything! 😊

        OK, my rowdy usually looks like dancing and singing with IL VOLO! (I promise not to sing during the concert!)

        Love ya, buddy,

    2. Thanks for the thought Jill, but Marie and Jane know, my husband said we’re going to America when Pangaea will be all reunited and we can travel by car.

  7. Oh Myron I was sso looking forward to meeting you when i LVolo comes in March.
    Sadly, I had to abandon all hope of seeing IL VOLO in Vegas or anywhere else on this concert tour. Its not work that stops me this time, its my finances. But I do want to come to Vegas and see the guys and meet you someday. Hopefully in 2018 now.
    For now I am,

    a sad pirate

    1. I am sad to hear that you cannot make it to a concert anyplace on the tour. This should be a great one !
      We will meet at the next one.

  8. Hey Pirate don’t feel so bad you’re not alone the announcement of their tour came so late this year it’s making it harder than ever to go. Oh well we all have a good cry together in March when they are close and like you said maybe the next tour we will get more notice. We can only hope. Keep strong. Pirate.

    1. I would like to join your crying duo. I won’t be making it to Vegas this year either.

      I have high hopes, Myron, that next year you and Jeanette will once again work your magic and offer us a great Faire. Is it too soon for my reservation?

      1. We will do our best. You know what helps? When Flight Crew people either email Barbara or tweet or facebook her about the Fan Faire Convention. I have heard various interviews where they have either mentioned the Flight Crew group or the Fan Faire Convention or both. So they keep it in their minds. You guys can keep letting them know that they are wanted in our Faire. Back and forth and back and forth.

        When I heard that out of Gianluca’s mouth that made all this seem even more worthwhile.
        Timing ? Marie you are first on our list for next time.

  9. my sister, Betsy, and I have our Las Vegas concert tickets. we will probably be joining you for dinner. I will check with her and let you know.

    1. Myron, we will be joining you all for dinner on March 25. Please include myself and my sister, Betsy in the dinner reservation.
      See you then!

      1. How wonderful, I’m happy for all of them. I already know that Jane will be part of this group.
        Enjoy this moment and tell us everything.

  10. This is not on the subject of LV. Tonight on OETA, our PBS station at
    Oklahoma City, Il Volo’s concert Una Notte Magica was on 7:30 pm to 9 pm.
    Their performance was amazing, wonderful and so great. They were interviewed between songs and just did a marvelous job with their answers. They have matured so much in the last year or so. I can tell you I enjoyed the concert
    with them and Placido Domingo so very much. I think they were also on in
    Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went from smiles to tears at times. I hope everyone
    gets to see this concert soon.

    1. thank you, Gale, for this info. i am very much interested in that TV presentation of PBS. i am not in USA for now. can someone tape it and post here?….. (or perhaps it would be shown online sometime, like Italy’s Canale 5 presentation of NOTTE MAGICA….
      would so love to watch it….. and i presume the young men talk in English here…

    2. Gale, it was also shown here in Ohio. What a marvelous show from the intro to the standing ovation! I’m sure the 3 N.M. DVD’s I now own will be wonderful as well.

      I have to say, however, that the first time I saw it in Daniela’s dining room was the best.

      1. Thanks Marie, we had our own private concert, was also a first view for you.
        I also love about this video shared with true friends.

      2. Maybe someone with more computer smarts than me can
        help Cynthia. Yes, Marie they were well received in
        Florence and I am sure anywhere in the USA where
        their performance is shown. They looked so happy
        while performing and during their interview too.
        I would loved to have given them a big hug.

      3. Oh, Marie, Daniela, Jane,
        How precious to watch the DVD in Daniela’s dining room! The thought just amazes me! Makes me feel like crying!

        …What you have created here is so precious! Friendships made, lives uplifted, and yes, Gian, Iganzio, and Piero, you’re the catalysts for all these magnificent transforrmations!

        Love you all,

  11. hi everyone, my husband mike and I won’t be at Las Vegas concert in 2017 , but we are going to the Minneapolis concert in March. It was such a pleasure and fun to meet the fan members at the fan fair last year, and I hopefully will be able attend the next one. Myron, thank you for all the hard work on last years event.

  12. Marie, I just checked out the menu for D.Vino restaurant in Las Vegas, and it look’s yummy!
    I already know which pizza I am going to have, but I’m sure nothing can beat Nina’s pizza, or the 5 star meal you had at Daniela and Beppe’s home!

  13. Rose Marie Paliobeis( there are so many Rose Marie’s) You had mentioned in a previous post that you got your ticket’s through PBS for the Las Vegas concert, and that they would mail you your ticket’s a week before the show. I just got a confirmation from them by E-Mail, and you have to go to the box office to pick them up. They give you a week before the concert to go to will call. I think maybe you got mixed up with one of the other concert’s you are going to, and I did’nt want you to be waiting for them in the mail! They have put me in section 201 and I’m sure they have put all the PBS in the same area like they did last year. Because this is a bigger theater than last year’s, section 201 is farther back☹️ But at least I get to go to the meet @ greet.😊

    1. Hi Jill, yes I did get them mixed up. I received my email from Vegas PBS today. Tickets can be picked up before date of show. Section 201 is where I am too. No seat # was given though. Last year I was in the second row in the mezzanine at the Palms but the view was great. Except for the guy behind me who kept telling us to sit down during the standing ovations. We just ignored him.
      I will be in Vegas on the 22. Hope to meet you at dinner. I think we need name tags because I don’t look like my green blob. At I hope not.

    2. my sister and I just got our ticket confirmation for Las Vegas and we are also in Section 201. We do not have meet and greet tickets so I guess all the PBS tickets are in that section.

    3. interesting side note: Ticketmaster allowed very few of the M & G tickets to be in the front sections (101,102,103) – most are in the 201 etc. Don’t know why .

  14. Rose Marie P. Yes, I will see you at dinner for sure.
    I’m going to wear my lanyard with my Flight Crew badge that we wore last March. That way if anyone of you see me walking around, you can come and say hello. I’m getting excited already! 😊

      1. Marie, that’s what I said to myself when you were in Italy!
        Now it’s our turn, except we will get to see the guy’s. We might also see some of the family.
        I wonder if they are going to do the bus thing again?
        If I have a chance, I will relate to Piero the hilarious time when you were stuck in an alley( or road) right by his door!

    1. Marie, Jill, we should all have signs with Marie’s picture. That would leave the guys speechless😊. She would be there in spirit.

      1. Marie, you were right. I just finished watching the concert and I was so proud of them!
        When they were singing Mama, you could tell they were looking at their Mama’s in the audience, and the love on their faces made me cry.
        The whole concert was beautiful.

      2. I watched the concert last night on PBS and, yes, I saw each one of the boys looking at their Mom’s in the audience as they sang Mamma. It touched my heart. I’ve always said there is nothing like a mother and her son! I’m sure I feel this way because I have an amazing son too!

      3. At last you have seen the concert, it is true the boys during Mamma looked toward their mothers. There was an amateur video on You tube reiterating Piero while singing Mamma and his mom sent him kisses from her place putting her hand to her mouth. Too bad I did not save this video and I can not find it because it was really intense.

    1. Rose Marie, I think we should take the picture of Marie, Jane, and Daniela to the concert with us. That way they can all enjoy it! I’ll make sure their head’s are sticking out of my purse!

  15. My sis and I will be at the Las Vegas concert. I will check to see if our schdule leaves us enough time to join you for dinner. I’ll let you know. Thanks for getting this together for everyone!

  16. A comment about the PBS show. I love it when PBS shows anything from Il Volo. That is for sure. However, if you can order the DVD of the Notte Magica you will see the entire show. PBS shows one hour of selected songs but there are 6 or 7 missing from that edited show. The DVD has everything – all 90 minutes – which includes the incredible singing – some great songs. ( I found myself watching the DVD and then the next night the PBS show and wondering “why did they cut that song or this song, etc.” But they have to fit into one hour. )

    Enjoy Both. I strongly recommend the DVD. It also has two short subjects – one that goes behind the scenes with the boys as they prep for the concert – including voice lessons and work with a vocal coach. The second is the boys taking a tour of the house that Luciano Pavaroti lived in at the end of his life. It is now a museum and quite wonderful. Fun to watch the boys react to the things in that house. They are so devoted.

      1. My PBS station showed all 90 minutes of their songs
        and talent. I loved it all, sometimes with tears and
        many times with smiles. Needless to say I love them.

    1. Myron, it’s really a shame that they cut some songs. The extra part of the concert DVD is really interesting, I liked to see them while trying romances with vocal coach.
      Their visit to Pavarotti’s museum house was full of emotion and respect, I also liked the thought that they have dedicated. Bravi.
      I aspect of reading all your comments when you heard for yourself our wonderful guys after a concert.
      A hug from Italy

  17. Here is what might be a simple question or a silly one. The PBS DVD is this the same DVD that will be on sale on Amazon eventually?? I ask because one thing I cannot do right now is buy anything for me. Its not in the finances. So I’d rather wait if possible, sad as that sounds. PBS in Oregon is going to play it this weekend or so they say. :/

    1. Hey, Pirate! I sprang for the DVD. I’ll let you know when it comes, and we’ll have a party watching!
      And you let me know when Notte Magica is on PBS. I check every now and then but haven’t seen it yet.

      Ciao! 😊

      1. Oh Jeanine, get this: OPBS has two playdates for Notte Magica. :
        Friday Dec 9 10:30pm-12:am
        Sat Dec 10 3:am-4:30 am
        Now it may just be me but I get a bad idea that OPBS isn’t much interested in IL Volo.
        I’ve complained.
        Please call them and complain…or at least ask them if they have a real schedule besides that joke one.

    2. Pirate, I think the DVD set that is sold on Amazon is like the Italian one. With the extras. (the sessions with the voice coach and the Pavarotti museum).

  18. Hey Jeanine and Pirate.
    Pirate, I have them both in my hands right now. The DVD from the Detroit PBS is a little different. Mostly just some camera angles. While it is packaged differently, the music and extras are the same as the Amazon DVD. The PBS one will not be sold on Amazon. Plus the PBS one does not contain an autographed card.

    1. Thanks, Marie!
      I’m so looking forward to it!

      Stay warm! We got down to 28 degrees, and I think that’s *really cold*. I know… you’re thinking “Amateurs!” 😊


  19. Hey Marie, Myron, Jeanette: I am happy to say I will be joining the dinner bunch in Las Vegas! Just got my ticket. 🙂

  20. one more reminder: if you are coming to Vegas and want to join us for dinner just email either Jeannette or myself.

    1. Myron, I have tweeted Barbara Vitali and referenced The Flight Crew, and I will continue to do so. Every now and then, I don’t want her to think I am a pest. I hope she sees the tweets.
      Looking forward to the dinner in Vegas.

  21. I order the 2CD/DVD set through Amazon but I received it today from
    Cyprus. I thought all the music would be Il Volo’s songs, but some
    of the music is instrumental only. Did anyone else have this
    experience? I haven’t played the DVD yet due to a time challenge
    today but will play it ASAP. Il Volo’s singing is really amazing, a
    notch up if that is possible. BTW, the postage stamps are really
    interesting. The five $1.00 ones have two different men’s pictures
    on them as does the .26 one. The other stamp has a child’s
    picture on it. The package went through customs. Just imagine
    I thought I was ordering from Amazon.

    1. The CD that comes with the DVD has all the music including the orchestral selections played during the intermissions. The regular CD doesn’t have those orchestral pieces. I ordered from Amazon and got it from Cyprus also!

    2. Gale, I remember someone else on this site talking about the same thing including the stamps. I can’t remember who. Of the three different ones I received, none had any of these things. I suspect yours is the Italian version. Hope your DVD plays on your player and not just your computer.

      1. It might have been me…cool stamps. I’m keeping them for my nephew–don’t know when I’ll see him next…

      2. Identical with mine, stamps, went thru customs. I emailed Marios thru Amazon (his company is a 3rd party provider to Amazon) to make sure it was from Amazon, and I heard back in about 12 hours with a yes and xxx.
        😉 I think that was service with a smile.

        All seems fine so far.

        Sweet night,

      3. I haven’t tried it. I have a pretty big computer screen and I have been watching it on the computer.

      4. Mine just came today, also from Cyprus. It plays fine in my Blue Ray player. Just started looking at the extras so far, but forgot to select subtitles. (Tomorrow!)

        If I’m reading the DVD menu correctly (I can’t imagine not), it looks like my absolute fav, Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae, is only on the CD and not the DVD. I sooooo wanted to see the guys as they performed it! Whew! Such phenomenal beauty and intensity!

        Does anyone have a DVD with Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae on it? And if so, what was the source of the DVD? I’m grateful to have the song from iTunes and on the CD, but still, I imagine it would be like watching them sing O Holy Night in Assisi! Out of this world!

        Sending love from now-snowing Oregon!

      5. Hi Jeanine, I have 3 DVD’s. None of them have the Ave Maria. I thought this was not sung at the concert but was added after to the CD’s. Does anyone else have any info on this?

    1. I agree–and I couldn’t understand why, if the DVD/CD was coming out for Christmas gift giving, they did not include those songs. It makes no sense to me.

      1. Are we sure they actually were sung at that concert? I heard that that version of Ave Maria was redone for our guys when they were to sing for the Pope a while back.

      2. I watched the concert when it was broadcast live and I remember Gianluca saying to the audience something about Christmas in July. So they MUST have sung them. Maybe they were planning on including them initially and for some reason changed their minds.
        Does anyone else remember him saying that?

    2. Yes!
      I remember when I went to my first concert in 2012 in Seattle, the guys stayed in the auditorium with the vip seats remaining filled as they sang their solos again, to get a good recording of them. Then the solos didn’t show up on the next CD! But… when Buon Natale came out, the CD from Interscope had a bonus CD, and I was guessing it was those 3 solos ~ which it was! plus 2 Italian versions of Christmas songs.

      I don’t suppose we could hope for something like that with
      Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae
      because it would have to be a separate DVD, I think. Unless… it could be sold as a single video on iTunes! One can always hope!

      Thanks for the update, Marie! Stay warm!

  22. I wish Hoda and Kathy Lee could have spent a few more minutes with them. Piero barely had time to mention the concert at Radio City Music Hall.

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