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Date Location Event Details Find Tickets
Radio City Music HallNew York, NY
08:00 PM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo – Notte Magica A Tribute to the 3 Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo: Una Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Civic Opera HouseChicago, IL
08:00 PM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
State TheatreMinneapolis, MN
07:30 PM
Il Volo: Notte Magica More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
City National CivicSan Jose, CA
08:00 PM
Il Volo More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo More Info

on Partner Site
on sale:Fri, 12/02/16
10:00 AM
Il Volo: Notte Magica – A Tribute To The Three Tenors More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM
Atlanta Symphony HallAtlanta, GA
07:30 PM
Il Volo More Info

presale begins:Tue, 11/29/16
10:00 AM


I believe it’s OMG who handles the Meet and Greets ( which usually includes your seats ).  Some of us received this:


Ciao Il Volo VIP!

The boys and OMGVIP are pleased to announce their 2017 US TOUR DATES & VIP PACKAGE DETAILS! 
We’ve created 3 exclusive VIP Packages for you to choose from!

“Una Notte Magica” VIP Meet & Greet Includes:
-Premium Seat Ticket
-Meet & Greet with Il Volo
-Photograph with Il Volo
-Autographed VIP Laminate
-Exclusive VIP Merchandise Item

“Una Notte Magica” Pre-show Experience Package Includes:
– Premium Seat Ticket
– Pre-show Experience
-Autographed Exclusive Il Volo Merchandise item

“Una Notte Magica” Exclusive Merchandise Package Includes:
-Premium Seat Ticket
-Autographed Exclusive Il Volo Merchandise Item

3/4/17 New York City, NY Radio City Music Hall
3/7/17 Philadelphia, PA Verizon Hall at Kimmel Center
3/9/17 Washington, DC MGM National Harbor
3/11/17 Mashantucket, CT Foxwoods Resort Casino
3/14/17 Boston, MA Wang Theater
3/16/17 Detroit, MI Fox Theater
3/18/17 Chicago, IL Civic Opera House
3/20/17 Minneapolis, MN State Theatre
3/23/17 Los Angeles, CA Microsoft Theatre
3/25/17 Las Vegas, NV Park Theater
3/27/17 San Jose, CA City National Civic
3/30/17 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay PAC (Straz Center)
4/1/17 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
4/3/17 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Symphony Hall

TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS WEEK! Stay tuned for updates on where to purchase tickets!

Il Volo + OMGVIP


Here is a link to OMG’s  home page.  As of this posting they have nothing listed. ~Marie


115 thoughts on “TICKETS !”

  1. Sadly for me I won’t be going to any of them. I spent $1,000 on my car, need to ohire a plumber to work on some sinks and then I need to buy a new refridgerator.
    Tis a sad life I lead… but there is always next year!

    1. You’ll be sorely missed, Pirate!

      Looking forward to your presence the following year. By then I hope IL VOLO will have Portland, Oregon on their radar, eh?!

      Ciao from Jeanine

    2. Pirate, I’m in a similar boat (Ship, whatever). I have traveled sooo much this year that I’m planning on only going to one concert and close to home too.

      1. I’ll miss seeing you in vegas, Marie, but wow, do I understand with the amazing year you’ve had! So glad you get to attend a concert near you. Pirate and I are still waiting for IL VOLO to see that Portland, Oregon is on the map! 😊

        A belated welcome home to you, Marie!

  2. Marie, do you have any idea how much the m&g tickets are? If they’re over $300 I’m worried 😬

  3. Marie, thank you so much!

    Now gratefully waiting to get M&G tickets to Las Vegas.
    Who else is going to LV?? Hoping to see a lovely group of friends there!

    There are Cyber Monday flight deals, if you haven’t gotten yours yet! I was amazed how my flight from Portland to LV the morning of the concert is almost booked already.

    With enthusiasm!
    ~ Jeanine

    1. Hi Jeanine, I got my tickets with Meet and Greet from Vegas PBS. Will you stay at Monte Carlo? Got tickets to Detroit from Detroit PBS but Meet and Greet not included. I have to work on that tomorrow. Going to try for Tampa too since I will be there visiting. Kids are rolling their eyes, but c’est la vie.

      1. Hi, Rose Marie and all,

        You’re really on top of it, Rose Marie! Were your seats good with the M&G from Vegas PBS? Price reasonable?

        I plan to stay at Monte Carlo, though I haven’t booked my room yet. If you want to communicate further, you can click jrd1776 above my post and then the “Contact Jeanine” link on my page that pops up.

        On these darkest days of the year, it’s so nice to have something this yummy to look forward to!

        Sweet night to all,

    2. Hi Jeanine,I’m going to the Las Vegas concert also. I already got my ticket’s from PBS. I met you there last year.
      I am the one from Hawaii that did’nt get to the hotel until 1am! I got to talk to you later that day. Would you believe that the cheap flight’s from Hawaii end 4days before the concert, meaning that you would have to fly to Vegas and go back before 21st March! Anyway I look forward to seeing you again

  4. Gerri I have booked my seats through my local PBS station and the meet and greet thru them was $195 for 2 people. Now if this is the same as thru OMG I do not know, but it might give you some idea.
    Buona fortuna.

    1. Marion, who is your PBS station? I paid Vegas PBS $150 per ticket including Meet and Greet.

      1. Rose Marie, that’s a great price! When do you get to know which seats you got?

        Thanks for helping us out with your experience!

    2. Marion, thanks for sharing!

      Did you get to know your seat numbers already, or will you find out closer to the concert? The M&G price for 2 sounds very reasonable, Marion! Which concert are you going to?

      Happy IL VOLO season! 😊

  5. Thanks for listing this Marie !! I am going to be VERY busy tomorrow and Wednesday morning getting tickets !! The tickets at Radio City Music Hall are $53-$175 without M&G. There’s the only one I know.

    1. Aww, Joanie, I almost cried when I saw Our Guys will be at Radio City Music Hall. Boy, do I remember Sept. 2013 when they first sang there. What a day! I cried on and off all weekend, as many of us did.

      You will have such an incredible time! Looking for a wonderful report!

      IL VOLO Amore from Jeanine

  6. If anyone knows about M and G in Detroit…please post here or on fb to me! Amount per ticket is what I’m interested in! Thanks…

  7. Jeanine, I think all the PBS ticket’s are what they call “lower orchestra”. Last year I was in the second row, right in front of Ignazio( oh, did I mention that before) I am going to stay at the Monte Carlo also, but this year I am going to have a travel agent handle the flight and hotel room. Last time it cost $1,000 for just the fare! I also paid $150.00 for the concert and meet and greet ticket, which I think is very reasonable.I hope we can get a good deal on the room rates. Please let me know how much they charge when you find out.

    1. For Vegas lodging
      www . montecarlo . com
      without spaces has the info.
      They have a Cyber Monday offer through midnight tonight.

      Good luck with your travel arrangements,

    2. Jill, I was in the second row too. Ignazio fell right in front of me. When the concert started he came off stage to give a hug and kiss to Nelluchas who was sitting 3 seats away from me. Then he sat in the front row, 2 seats away from me and I reached over and rubbed his prickly cheek. He turned and smiled at me, I thought I would melt. I’m planning on staying at Monte Carlo too. Hope we can all get together.

      1. As in years past, I will do a “Who’s Going Where” post soon. That way you can see who all will be there.

        Also, I will publish a post from Myron in a few days about the Monte Carlo. Stay tuned.

      2. Marie, By the way, you are our rock! Ticket buying is so complicated when you throw M/G’s into the picture. Thanks for helping.

  8. My sister and I are going to Las Vegas! We are also going to the Chicago concert and would like to go to a M&G. Would anyone care to share how this is done? I’m just anxious about missing the opportunity. Thanks for any help.

  9. Hoping to get M&G for DC. My issue is the MAN doesn’t open til 12/8 and I need to inquire about handicapped parking,access and seating but no one to call. Hope they aren’t sold out by then. I’m leaving it in God’s hands and doing what I can. Like all of us it seems that we’ve had a lot going on that hit our finances, me included. Like someone else said, there is always next year. I went 2x this year. Next year I’d really like to do &G. Hope someday to m3et fellow crew members. BTW I tried to print a lanyard from my tablet to brother printer with no luck. Any ideas?

    1. If you can’t get it copied or get a store like Staples or Office Depot to do it for you (better color that way. Just have them pull up the site on their computer) I will gladly snail mail one to you. Let me know.

      1. When you get a chance could u please snail mail it. Also, please let me know what I can do to help with the site. I would gladly take 1 day a week doing email. I have mom and grandmother to take care of plus working part time but I want to help

      1. PHOOEY in spades. I can’t travel this year due to a health concern my husband has. So them adding a Toronto area venue is the only hope I have.

  10. Jeanine, I have no idea where my seats are. PBS couldn’t tell me. The only thing I know is they are “choice seats” I’ll find out when tickets arrive 7 – 10 days before event. Keeping my fingers crossed. See you in Vegas!!

      1. Marie, Got my Meet n Greet with OMG.
        OMG is going to break the bank this time.
        Hope you got yours. See you in Detroit.

    1. I can hardly believe Las Vegas OMG VIP ticket & M&G was $522. I wish I had checked out Vegas PBS earlier, as their M&G packages are sold out now.

      I’ll know for next year!
      Still grateful to be going this year.

      Well wishes,

      1. Meet & Greet tickets for the Chicago show are $350. I’m going to that show along with the one in Las Vegas. I didn’t buy M&G in Vegas because they were over $500!

      2. I am green with envy–the Lyric Opera house front row seats as well as a M &G!
        My idea of heaven! Think of me when you’re there–that’s the concert I would chose if I were able to go anywhere (which I’m not this year).
        I’ll be thinking of you! Have a terrific time.

      3. Thanks so much! This will be my FIRST Il Volo concert and my birthday is two days before this concert so I just said, “Happy Birthday to me!” and got the tickets! I will be thinking of you!

      4. Be prepared to be completely blown away! And you will be in a different time dimension–you won’t know what happened to two hours!

  11. Rose Marie and Gerri I do not know seating as yet. My tickets I got thru wpbt2 in Miami and the tickets were $300 for a pair and $195 for 2 on the meet and greet. I guess every station charges whatever they think they can get. Good luck.

    1. Just bought tickets for San Jose, the vip m&g was $450. Couldn’t afford that so I’m paying $235. For row J.

  12. I just purchased PBS tickets including the M&G for the Miami concert for $195 per person !! Great deal considering the prices this year !! I’m happy !!😃

    1. You did good as I had to pay thru same station on Saturday $300 +$195 for 2 tickets. Regrettably the people who were answering the phones were not knowledgeable at all as I had to speak to 3 different people before finally getting a confirmation number.

  13. Does anybody know how to get the presale code? I joined their club last year, but I never get anything from them. It has to be a problem with my email, but I don’t know why it would just be their messages I don’t get! I doubt anyone will get in touch with me in the next four minutes.

      1. Thanks. I didn’t get the VIP package last year and not really interested this year either. I just want better seats! I figure I can more easily find the boys in Italy and talk to them than I can at the local meet and greet.

        I see you missed out on PBS tickets too. I’m so sad I missed them! I don’t know how I missed the airing of their specials. My aunt has always eagerly sent me a message when they were on, but she passed away from cancer last month, so I guess I have to actively search for them myself now.

  14. Question? I am in Naples somewhat in between Tampa &’Miami! Given the choice of going to only one concert, which would be the better choice?

    1. I’m going to Tampa because I know the area and it’s easier to get around, but the boys love Miami, so if it’s easy for you I would chose Miami.

      1. Thanks Rose Marie: My other concern is that The Miami venue seems so large whereas Tampa might be a little more intimate. Decisions?

  15. I got tickets for the Chicago concert through Ticketmaster, since the venue wasn’t selling them and PBS didn’t know if they’d have them. I wanted to use my new Il Volo card, but no luck’ They wanted my password. I tried the one I have for the Official Il volo site, then the unbelievably long activation number, then another equally long number on the initial email after buying the card. I wound up buying the VIP package just so I could be sure and get good tickets. My Il Volo card didn’t help for this series of concerts, and no use in renewing if unless it will work. Any idea what my password problem is?

    1. No–I haven’t a clue. But if I could go to one of the concerts in the states, Chicago is the one I would chose. The Lyric Opera House! What a wonderful stage and acoustics for our guys! And if they haven’t changed the curtain, just gazing at it until the show starts is a treat in itself! I haven’t been to the Lyric Opera House in over 50 years but an Il Volo concert there has me pea green with envy. Enjoy every minute!

    2. Esther, I experienced the same thing. I joined the official Il Volo fan club months ago and it did me no good when purchasing tickets today. I received no email with a password or presale code to use. I did read something on the TicketMaster FAQ’s that not all fan clubs offer presale codes. But if it has Il Volo Fan Club presale seats listed where do you get the “password”? So I, like you, bought VIP packages to make sure I got good seats. I can wait to see the boys! It will be my first time!

  16. I don’t know about the card, but you need to put in your Ticketmaster password to your account.
    It was so busy on that site today, I’m glad I got the ticket. They should sell each city separately, like last year, to avoid this mess.

  17. Hello everyone, I hear you very active and fibrillating, I wish all of you to find the best places.
    The days of admirable concerts await you.
    IL VOLO is flying by you.

    1. Annette, I may be prejudiced but I love Tampa, we were snowbirds for 15 years. Theater is right off of 275. The Marriott Courtyard has a shuttle to venue, but it is walking distance. It is a very nice theater and the MnG was in a nice room. Only downside was Igna ended up in ER and didn’t make the MnG. Wherever you decide to go, you will have the time of your life. Guaranteed.

      1. Rose Marie: I remember that because I was at the Ft Myer’s concert right after Tampa and Ignazio entered the stage backwards revealing his sling as he turned towards the audience! He was a real trouper–never missing a beat. So it is between the action of Miami & the more subdued Tampa. Decision tomorrow. Thanks for your input. Wow, so many have already purchased tickets. I hope I am not too late!

    2. Hi Daniela, when you got your ticket’s for Il Volo in Italy, did you use your fan club card? If you did what code did you have to enter to get pre-sale tickets? I don’t need the code, but a lot of people are asking about it. If you did use one, maybe it is different than the one we would use here.

      1. Hello Jill, sorry I read your request too late, fortunately John came to your aid. Have you read my response to the post on 27 November?

  18. Hi wonderful pretty ladies and gents of the the Flight Crew. I need your help . I’m trying to purchase my tickets for the March 4th concert. at Radio City in NY. I’m having difficulty with my official fan club card. Ticketmaster needs a offer code which I don’t have. Any help that you Ilvolovers can give me is very much appreciated. Springtime will be even more exciting this coming year , when our guys bring their beautiful voices to this side of the pond. Merry Christmas to All. Vinny

    1. I have the card but never received any notification from them about any code. Sorry not to be of any help. Bought my tickets thru OMGVIP.

  19. My son was helping me this morning because I wanted to go to 4 concerts this year but no luck. He got through to Ticketmaster for Detroit & called me before I had a chance to call anyone to tell me tickets for meet & greets are $449.00 from Ticketmaster for Detroit so there goes my plans for 4 concerts. Can’t afford those gpuging prices so just going to Detroit. Supposed to be front row tickers so hope they are front row & I don’t get side tracked. Him & Stephan didn.t want to go to a concert so I was going to go by myself which was fine with me but now he doesn’t want me to be by myself so iis driving with me to get there & coming home. Super guys.

  20. The price for the Meet and Greet at Radio City Music Hall is $525. I didn’t get it but hope to purchase tickets tomorrow. Pretty soon, it might be cheaper to go to Italy to see a concert.

  21. Mary Bohling, I bought tickets thru OMGVIP last year. This time they sent me an email asking if I was interested in receiving info from them about the 2017 concerts, of course I said yes and received an email again with the dates and times of ticket sales. Pre-sale for Tampa is tomorrow the 30th. Trying to decide if I have enough stamina to do that one too.

  22. Hey, everyone, this is an especially great time to share some hope with you…

    Back in 2012, a few months after I discovered IL VOLO, I saw an ad for concert tickets (in Seattle, that year), and this thought whisked through my mind: “If I get $500 from a totally unexpected source, I’ll get tickets and go!” Then I forgot about it and continued on with life.

    Until 3 days later, when I got an email that a colleague was giving me $500 in appreciation for all I had done for her and her organization. I was in awe and sent her an email of great appreciation. (To my knowledge, she has never done anything like that before or since.) Then a few hours later I realized, “OMG… that’s the $500!!”

    I went on a road trip with a friend, had a beyond-wonderful time, and after the guys read the letter I asked to be delivered to them, I even got a phone call inviting me to the M&G after the show! What a dream come true! ✨

    So, not a bad idea to allow for unexpected gifts to come your way!

    Loving possibilities 💕 😊

    1. Jeanine, really beautiful story ! Inspiration for many others who are losing hope. Wonderful unexpected gifts are the best ! Miracles happen and the universe will fulfill our desires and dreams,sometimes sooner, sometimes later, sometimes not, but everything is done in the name of the highest goodness for us. 🙂
      Have a nice day ! Wishing that the season of Advent fill your heart with peace and happiness forever ! Much Love and Light… L

      1. Awww Lydka, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for your bright and shining Light and warm words!

        Yes, all in the timing and intention for the highest good.

        Sweet season to you and all,

    2. Hi, Jeanine! Very nice to see you here; it’s been awhile. I really appreciate your marvelous story, too! Thank You for sharing it. Yes; “Loving possibilities” = (Never give up hope). 💚🍀

      1. Aww, Laura, thanks so much!

        My Mom’s health is getting a lot worse, and I was down in California helping my parents. It’s always such a treat to spend time with you and all our precious IL VOLO friends here! Hoping for many more lovely moments connecting!

        Glad you liked my story. And seeing that there’s a drawing for 5 pairs of tickets, we may hear some more heart-warming stories before March is over! Anything is possible!

        Keeping the faith, for sure!

        IL VOLO love,

      2. Jeanine, I remember this story a few years ago. Loved it then, love it now. Thanks for retelling it.
        Prayers for your mom are on their way.

      3. Thanks so much, Marie!

        I love how those surprises happen, where I never could have guessed what was possible!

        Hugs and loving appreciation,

  23. URGENT!

    How to get your Fan Club Presale Code:

    You should have gotten an email entitled “IL VOLO EXLUSIVE PRESALE” from “IL VOLO TEAM”. Next to a list of venue choices there should be a notation “REQUEST YOUR UNIQE CODE AT” Send them an email to simply asking for your code; you will get it via email in a couple of hours. In Connecticut, there’s still a decent choice of discounted seats available. As an example, I was able to buy $170 seats for $70. Regular sales to the public start December 2nd at most locations, so there still might be an advantage in using this.

    Hope this helps!

  24. Help fan club buddies. I have 3 extra tickets for the March 23rd L.A. concert at the Microsoft theater. I paid #324 each for them. but I will sell them for $250 . They were charged to my visa card through ticketmaster. The seats are in orchestra right row FF. That seems like good seats. My e- mail is Let me know soon as I will be billed. HELP! Joanie G

  25. Hi All: Very excited ! I made my decision to attend the Miami concert. My good friend purchased for us the tickets with M&G this morning!!!!

  26. Sorry everyone, I read just now that you needed help for how to use the VOLO card. I have read that John has already told you exactly what to do.
    I too have received the email IL VOLO EXCLUSIVE PRE SALE. Remember that the card is valid for one year of issue.
    I hope you all have good places

    1. Hi Daniela, Yes I did see the post of 27th November. Thank you.
      Yes, John came through for us, thank you John.
      The last time I was in Las Vegas( last March) I looked to see what the airfare would be from there to Rome, and I found out that the airfare was around $800.00 round trip. The airfare between Hawaii and Las Vegas was $1,000! So it cost’s more to fly from Hawaii to Las Vegas, than it cost’s from Las Vegas to Rome! The distance from Vegas to Rome is just over 6,000 miles.
      Then from Hawaii to Vegas is 3,000 miles! Hawaiian Airlines is making a lot of money for those flight’s!
      I got a good deal on the ticket’s, but the airfare is a killer!
      Hug’s to you Daniela ❤️

      1. Jill, you might want to check the ITA Matrix site where you can look at a calendar of your date range and see which days are cheapest. I live in Vegas and have never paid more than $530 between here and Hawaii, but there are always deals in the $400s popping up. Or if you really want to save money, there’s always Allegiant in the $300 range.

  27. Hello Jill, next time you’d better come to Italy, costs less !!!
    But you used your card?
    The concert will be magnificent, you’ll see.

  28. Daniela, I will be in Italy one day!
    I did’nt have to use my fan club card, because I got my ticket from PBS. I got my meet and greet and concert ticket for $150.00, and the seat will be probably in the second row!

  29. I did get two tickets today for Radio City Music Hall. They are in the orchestra and fairly close but off to the right. Just grateful to be able to see them. I know the show will be extraordinary!

  30. Now that I have a code from Il Volo can some please tell me do I call Ticketmaster to find the theatres for Chicsgo, Philadelphia & Pennsylvalnia. Even if I see another comcert it doesn’t have to be a meet & greet & the dates aren’t too far apart. I could stay overnight somewhere

    1. Hi Loretta, the dates and venues are:
      Philadelphia 3/7/17 Verizon Hall at Kimmel Center
      Chicago 3/18/17 Civic Opera House
      Minneapolis 3/20/17 State Theater
      Hope this helps. Julie B.

  31. Just got my early Christmas present to me. Ticket came in the mail for Tampa concert and M/G. I wasn’t expecting it so soon. I am just thrilled. Anyone else going to Tampa concert?

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