Nostra Grande Avventura Italiana~Brescia


 One of the main goals of our adventure had been to immerse ourselves in Italian culture and people.  We did this by venturing into and staying right in the smaller villages and towns to really see and feel how Italians live.  We took a train one hour east of Milan to join up with Daniela from the Flight Crew web site.  There at the train station were Daniela and her wonderful Sicilian husband, Beppe, waiting for us with open arms.  We knew immediately that this would be one very special day from the genuine warmth we felt upon this first meeting.  Out came the translator technology.  Daniela outshined  us all by speaking very good English by the end of the day!  

Daniela and Beppe


They took us on a walking tour of beautiful piazzas, city streets, a magnificent old cathedral,  ancient statues that possessed  beauty hard to describe, the ancient ruins discovered when excavating a hillside for new construction and the castle that over looks the entire city.  We were truly in awe as we admired the beauty of this town Daniela and Beppe are proud to call home.  


View from the castle


Daniela then informed us we were going to their home for lasagna.  When we got in the car she put her Notte Magica CD in and turned on Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae.  Much to our delight she turned it up real loud!  It was awesome to see Beppe is just as much of an Il Volo fan as Daniela!  So there we are riding along the streets of this beautiful Italian town with our new Italian friends, mesmerized by the music filling the air we breathed.  It was close to an out of body experience for the both of us!   What could make this any better you ask?  

We arrived at their lovely home and were given a tour.  Then we settled in to the kitchen for quite a feast!  Beppe started a warm fire in the fireplace (in the kitchen) and put the Notte Magica DVD on for us to watch the concert while we feasted Italian style.  Wine, bread, mouth watering marinated artichokes, olives and thin sliced salami was the first course.  Then came delicious lasagna bolognese.   Next were tasty ribs and french fries.  Then came grapes and fresh sliced pineapple.  Then cheeses were offered.  Then came a wonderful cake her daughter had made for us.  This was then topped off with Italian coffee.   We ate until we were wonderfully full.   We were truly in seventh heaven!

Table all set for company


Mouth watering lasagna!


In the comfort of an Italian home


Our day didn’t come to an end before giving us each gifts of Italian espresso coffee makers and good Italian coffee, then taking us to a beautiful, peaceful lake out in the country where people were feeding swans and ducks and walking around enjoying the area.  We bid them good bye at the train station and headed back to Milan.  We will never forget the warmth, kindness and genuine hospitality shown to us that day.  They are what Italy is all about.  We have learned through Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, the amazing love and affection Italians have for others.  We have felt the beauty of this first hand upon meeting Daniela and Beppe.  Little did we know we had saved the best for last…Daniela and Beppe, Grazie dal profondo del nostro cuore.

Three friends forever




52 thoughts on “Nostra Grande Avventura Italiana~Brescia”

  1. Mille Grazie my new friends Daniela and Beppe, even though you made me walk up to the top of that castle, I will remember the day and your wonderful hospitality all the rest of my life.

    1. I opened the page and only now do I see?
      A picture of me with Beppe did not even remember that I have done !! Jane, Marie, I really have no words to what you have written, and was moved as I read here with my husband, we relived that day that was special for us.
      Jane, you wrote every detail ….. and Marie still sorry if I made you walk a lot but it was a day of great weather and it was worth it.
      Sincerely while we were at lunch I felt an atmosphere like we had known for years.
      We had our own gig, right !!
      Marie, Jane, you are two special people and I hope that this opportunity can be repeated.
      A big kiss

      1. Wonderful to ‘meet’ you, Daniela, Beppe (and Brescia), via Jane and Marie – – and you. Bless you all. 💟

  2. Marie There is nothing more memorable than being a guest for dinner in an Italian home!! Having experienced it myself with cousins in Rome, the food & warmth of their friendship is almost indescribable. What a memorable day spent with Daniela & husband and what beautiful pictures of her town & surrounding areas. Thank you ladies for taking all of us along on your journey and a special thanks to Daniela & husband for giving all of us a close up of Italian hospitality!

    1. Annette, You are so right…nothing quite like being a guest for dinner in an Italian home! Every moment of that experience is forever etched in my mind. The beauty seen and felt in that day will always be with us.

      1. Hello Daniela, you are more than welcome. Maybe someday we will meet in beautiful Italy. Ciao

  3. Wow! You guys weren’t kidding about saving the best for last. What a lovely home Daniella and Beppe has. She is beautiful. Their town is magnificent. The Italian people are truly friendly. I am so happy to have been along for your vacation. Well in spirit, that is. The pictures of all the places you visited are incredibly lovely. Yes, the small quaint towns are where you see how the people live and love their beautiful country. Thank you Marie and Jane for sharing your unforgettable vacation with us.

    1. Prese, she truly is beautiful plus she used to be a ballerina! We saw a photo that is exquisite! She carries herself with grace and style…so fitting.
      Yes, Daniela, I know you are reading this and I want everyone to know just how special you are. 🙂

      1. Jane, I was just reading and laughing with my husband. I had noticed that I had liked that picture, but it is well almost forty years ago !!!!
        Thanks anyway for the compliment.

      2. Jane, you guys were so lucky to have met Daniella and Beppe half way around the world due to having a common love of three gorgeous Italian YOUNGMEN. A vacation you will all not forget. Thank you for sharing your adventure with all of us.

      1. oh, you are here. hi, Daniela…..
        i just now wrote below…. i feel much joy, seeing you, your husband, in your lovely, cozy home…. i feel deeply touched (i could cry)….
        thank you from my heart, Daniela

  4. What a wonderful trip you both had. The sights, smells, tastes and beauty of Italy. Pizza at Nina’s, meeting some Ginoble family members, castles, lakes, mountain vistas and a gondola ride. To top it off, a day of sightseeing and a fantastic meal with Daniela and Beppe.
    Thank you, Marie and Jane, for your great travelogue. It feels like we were actually there with you.

    1. Linda is true, besides being brave Jane and Marie carry you with their descriptions as if we were all there with them.
      Damn …. but this time I was there

  5. i read this again…..looked at the pictures again….
    it is really REALLY lovely. i am really deeply touched
    again, thank you, Daniela, Beppe, Jane, Marie…..

    1. Thanks all of you for taking this trip with us and allowing us to so vividly relive the entire wonderful experience.

      It seemed like up to this day Jane and I had samplings of the Italian way of life…Daniela and Beppe put it all together for us, superb dining right beside that blazing fireplace under a wide screen TV Showing “Notte Magica”. Of course it was heaven.

      We have two more chapters in draft for you, Milan and a wrap-up.

  6. Daniela you have a lovely home and the food sounded great. Thanks for taking care of our ladies.
    Jane great post. I feel I learned so much from your descriptions and pictures.

    1. Gina I would have wished that they stayed longer, but at the end of October the days are short and they did not want to return to Milan with too dark

      1. The truth is we didn’t want to leave either and left much later than we planned. It was very dark when we returned to Milan. We didn’t care.

  7. Jane and Marie, you two really had a dream trip! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! This day you spent with Daniela and Peppe was the cream on top! I am drooling over that scrumptious meal as I write….such a special young couple…we are privileged to know them through the Flight crew! Love from Texas!

  8. Such a wonderful way to end an already memorable trip. The warm hospitality from Daniella and Beppe I am sure made for a perfect day. Brescia looks so beautiful, as so many Italian towns do. Jane and Marie thank you for taking us along on this journey, and Daniella thank you for your Crew friendship.

  9. Jane and Marie, words cannot describe how we all shared in your wonderful trip. Real Italian food in a beautiful Italian home cannot be matched. I lived every day with you in reading your stories. Thanks to both of you and Daniella and Beppe as well. Hugs and kisses on both cheeks.Joanie G

  10. Jane, I am in tear’s reading about the wonderful day you spent with Daniela and Beppe. The feeling that you have for them shines through this story.
    What a lovely couple, and what a beautiful place Brescia is.

  11. What a glorious trip you two had! What a splendid time you had with
    Daniela and Beppe! You didn’t just have lunch you had a feast!. Marie and Jane, you truly had the trip of a lifetime. You got off the beaten path of the tourists and saw and lived Italy. I am major impressed with a wee touch of good-natured envy
    Glad to have you back too.

  12. I just noticed a few minutes ago,that ticketmaster has a list of 12 venues for the Il Volo 2017 tour of North America. I think there were supposed to be 14 concert’s, so there are two missing.

    1. I feel pretty happy right now. On a Sat I was able to get 2 orchestra tickets to the Las Vegas concert thru Las Vegas PBS. Now waiting for Wed hoping to get tickets to San Jose. I think I already mentioned we have 2 tickets to see them in the Arena on May 20 next yr. concert tickets equals HAPPINESS!

      1. Janet,I also have a ticket for the Las Vegas concert orchestra seat from Vegas PBS. They usually put all the PBS people in one row. Last time Ignazio was standing right in front of me( sorry Marie)

      2. Hey Janet, you lucky dog you. Hoping I will be able to go to the Las Vegas or San Jose concert next year. I have been ill and still recuperating but getting better. My kids won’t let me out of their sight for now. Still crossing my fingers. Can’t wait for the Bay Area PBS special of the boys.

  13. The drive in the country with Daniela, Beppe and Il Volo music, the walking tour through those spacious piazzas and streets of Brescia, the wonderful, home-prepared and home-cooked dinner with them in their home: That is heavenly, alright, Jane! You and Marie sure did share for last the highlight of your personal experiences in Italy. Considering that the time for your vacation was very limited, I want to commend you and Marie for creating a very fine, inclusive itinerary for your trip. May your memories always lift you up, brightening your daily lives with them. Thanks again. 🌼😘

  14. Well my armchair traveling has come to an end. And I must say, Jane and Marie, I felt like I was right along with you. Italy is no linger just a place on the map, but a warm and beautiful country full of wonderful sights and people, Thank you for taking me along with your excellent reports of what you saw and did. Your pictures were gorgeous. I could almost taste the lasagna as you dined with Daniela and Beppe. Soon we will be seeing our boys again, and if I was still living near NYC, I would surely be heading for Radio City Music Halls to see them sooner rather than having to wait until later in March.. Jane and Marie thank you so much for sharing your “trip of a lifetime” with all of us.

  15. Thank you Jane and Marie for sharing your day with Daniela and her husband in Brescia. It sounded wonderful and Brescia looks very beautiful as does most of Italy. How nice to be able to spend time in Daniela’s home and have a lovely dinner together and to know that Daniela and Beppe were as warm and loving as you expected them to be.

  16. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments, I think Jane and Marie have been too good to describe us.

    Marie let us say to all, in the picture with me and my husband, your gaze straight ahead on TV where a beautiful Ignatius accompanied by Gianluca and Piero was sang a beautiful romance.

  17. Prese, I am sorry to hear that you have been ill. but glad to hear you are recuperating. If you go to either of those concerts let me know and we can meet up.

    1. Will do Janet. In the meantime, while scrolling up, down, sideways on the t.v. channels for Dec., I found the “IL VOLO NOTTE MAGICA” PBS special airing on 12/15/16 at 9:30-11:00 pm, channel #9. I hit that record button so fast and told everyone in my household to not even think of deleting it for one year. So to play it safe, I found it playing again later (1:00 am) and recorded that too. Better safe than sorry.

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