Il Volo Professional ~~ Important Randomness

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


Don’t let the title confuse you.  The emphasis is on the word, “Important.”  You’re probably gonna want to pay attention… 😉

~~ Kelly


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Get Your Tickets!

***Il Volo at the Stratz Center, March 30…

Website: WEDU PBS

Video: Il Volo: Notte Magica Preview

***Il Volo at the Atlanta Symphony HallGOING QUICKLY if you want to buy with PBS

Tickets: PBA 30; Atlanta PBS

***Il Volo in Detroit, Fox Theater

Tickets: Bandsintown

Please keep in mind, ticket buying can be a risky and shady business!  Unless you are working with PBS right now, be careful!  Please refer to our previously published article, “When It Comes to Tickets” , for more tips/considerations.




PBS Airings of “Notte Magica”

If You’re in Alabama…

You can see “Notte Magica” on Alabama Public Television!  Follow the link to see dates and times.

Check your time and listing: Il Volo Notte Magica

If You’re in Vermont…

You can see the show on Vermont PBS coming soon!

Check your time and listing: Il Volo Notte Magica

If You’re in Ohio…

You can see the show TONIGHT!!!

Check your time and listing: Il Volo Notte Magica

EDIT: If you’re in Chicago/Northern Indiana:

For those in Chicagoland/northern Indiana, Notte Magica is on Monday evening, 11-28 at 8:30 on Lakeshore channel 21. It will also be on Channel 11 WTTW on December 5th at 7:30 pm.

***Thank you, Linda!





Vote for Il Volo…

In the Rockol Awards.  They are nominated in two categories:

   *** “MIGLIOR ALBUM” (Best Album) :  Vote Here

   *** “”MIGLIOR LIVE DI ARTISTA/GRUPPO ITALIANO” (Best Live Artist/Italian Group) : Vote Here

It appears that this is a just for fun contest.  Voting is now in progress, and ends on December 20.

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  1. Thanks Kelly but aaarggghhh! No NY?????

    On Nov 27, 2016 10:18 AM, “Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love” wrote:

    > Kelly posted: ” Don’t let the title confuse you. The emphasis is on the > word, “Important.” You’re probably gonna want to pay attention… 😉 ~~ > Kelly Get Your Tickets! ***Il Volo at the Stratz Center, March 30… > Website: WEDU PBS Vid” >

    1. You never know! We don’t always have all inclusive information when it comes to PBS. Always, always,always check your local listings/be in touch with your local station, and if you come across information we don’t have, PLEASE let us know! 🙂

  2. When will they give us the venue locations so we can keep track of ticket sales. L.A. is March 23rd and it comes up fast.
    Joanie G

  3. For those in Chicagoland/northern Indiana, Notte Magica is on Monday evening, 11-28 at 8:30 on Lakeshore channel 21. It will also be on Channel 11 WTTW on December 5th at 7:30 pm.

    1. Lydka
      Are you watching the Davis Cup tennis? Croatia vs. Argentina. They are tied with one match to go. So nervewracking, but I love it.

      1. Linda,I am very disappointed how Marin lost the match, I was not at home when he played, I have not the possibility to watch it on TV and I am doing some other things now on computer so, I’m only looking on score, I am nervous and hope Croatia will win. Have a nice evening ! 🙂

      1. Thanks, Linda ! When I was watching for first time this video on the end I had tears in my eyes.. I feel proud…… may is blessed our beautiful Earth and all countries of the world !

    2. Lydka that beautiful landscapes and beautiful scenery I have seen. Abroad, I was in Switzerland and in France (Paris and the French Riviera). I must say that your video has whetted my desire to know your beautiful country. If I get a chance I visit him willingly. You must be very proud of your country, indeed I correct, you are.
      A hug from Italy.

      1. Daniela, thank you for nice words. 🙂 I was in Poland, Hungary and Croatia, I am not traveller. 😀 Whole Slovakia is beautiful and for foreigners cheap, all tourists are sincerely welcome. High Tatras are wonderful in winter and we have very nice attraction there ( look at photos) :
        I wish you good night and peaceful Advent ! Hugs !

    3. Lydka: Your video was absolutely breathtaking. Your city, Kosice, was so beautiful. Everything was making me want to leave here and come to your Country!! No wonder you had tears in your eyes. Do you have a spare bedroom for me if I come to see you and your family? I would leave here in a minute to explore all your Cathedrals, Chapels, and everything your Country offers. Love to you and Mom. Victoria (I am all packed and ready to fly over!!!!!!)

      1. Sorry,I have to disappoint you, but we haven’t spare bedroom. We have not the habit accommodate guests at home. People, who come to visit, stay only for few hours and then go home, I think generally in Slovakia. Our flats are not big…Maybe if we had a house, it would be different. But we have a lot of hotels. I must point out that we now have cold weather. Do you have warm clothes, winter jackets,hat, scarf… ? All this is necessary. 🙂 Have a wonderful Advent and next whole week ! 🙂 Greetings and hugs with kiss from us !

      2. I would stay in any hotel just to see YOU and your Country!! Yes, I have many warm clothes to wear, as it is very cold here now!! Thank you again for the video!! Loved it so much. Take Care, all of you! Love, Victoria

    4. Hail thee, Lydka, Your region of your country appears enchanting. I can see why you enjoy it. It doesn’t seem over-crowded, either. The music and video are quite charming. Would like to reside somewhere in a bucolic landscape like you have there in Eastern Slovakia and enjoy the pronounced seasons as well. I’m so glad for you that you are happy where you dwell; that’s an important and wonderful thing, believe me. Hugs to you, Lydka and Mama Lydka.💝 Wishing you peace and love. (Make a snowball one day for me and hurl it towards Florida). 💜

      1. Laura, thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Slovakia has approximately 5,414,000 inhabitants, we are small country. As in every country, also here are things that I do not like, you live in a place where you perceive all the good and bad things…one sometimes needs distance to perceive the beauty of what sees every day,what is interesting for tourists, is for the domestic ordinary part of everyday life. 🙂 (Is really difficult to make snowball, because in my town we have a little snow in winter and is dirty, beautiful white snow is only in the mountains or maybe in the villages. In the past, were a lot of snow in the lowlands but some years ago it changed, you know, global warming. But if we will have enough snow, I will think on you. 😉 )
        I wish you beautiful day with harmony on soul and gladness of heart. <3 Greetings and hugs from us !

      2. Thanks, Lydka! 🌳💖🌴 I, too, love the natural world, including here in Fl., especially the wildlife, including all the lizards. I’ll miss them when I move to a cooler, northern state climate. I’ve learned throughout my life that there is consciousness and intelligence in every living thing, no matter how small. It is another reason I’ll be glad to leave Florida because I don’t like to kill anything, even the insects & bugs, of which there are a zillion to see around here, all year-round! Kept a dear (yes!) Land Crab here for almost a year, trying to help it grow back its missing legs, but I found an animal sanctuary for him ultimately, where he had an even better life. He was so smart! Just like the Lizards and a small, sweet Bat I once found, injured, here. ( His fur felt like silk velvet). Just won’t miss the long season(s) of sub-tropical heat & humidity. Yes, Lydka, I agree re/ climate change. We all need to begin taking action, no matter how small, to stop it from worsening and I know you’d agree. Will always see what’s to like & even love wherever I live. I think that you & I agree on quite a few things! I’ve watched your little video here a couple times now for the different types of beauty, natural & man-made, of your country; thanks again for that is a ‘discovery’ for me! Wishing you & Mama Lydka peace, joy, 💝. (Thanks,😘 Il Volo)!

      3. Laura, I feel much love from your words for nature and animals, all living beings, what is really admirable, nice and sometime rare in this world, and I agree with you. The world needs many such gentle, sensitive people. This your mindset is right and Keep it, God will return back to you all good things, deeds, love and happiness. I also discovered many new things in last period. My mom thanks that you are thinking on her and together we sincerely greet you and wishing you peaceful Advent ! Have a beautiful next days full of angelic light and love. <3

      4. Laura,today guys will be in studio at WLRN Public Radio and Television Miami ( ). If you live in Florida you can watch. Have a beautiful day !

      5. Hi, Lydka! Thanks so very much for the notice about Il Volo in Miami. Unfortunately, now I only get one PBS station, where in the past I always got two: The ones out of Miami and The Palm Beaches. The one I get right now is the one out of The Palm Beaches, not the Miami one! If Notte Magica was shown on ‘my’ PBS station, I missed it ! I don’t recognize that station’s call- letters (WLRN) radio or TV, either – – probably because I don’t get a lot of good and clear radio signals well due to the metal roof !(Thanks to hurricanes, a lot of people have gotten metal roofs here). Looks like I might not get to watch or listen to Il Volo this time, unless they haven’t aired it yet on WXEL – – the PBS TV Station I currently can receive. I’ll let you know if I do catch Il Volo on TV. Thank You, though, for informing me, Lydka; I really appreciate that and your thoughtfulness! I’m wishing you and your Mom to be blessed abundantly! 🌹🌺

      6. Hi, Lydka! Thanks to you, I just checked my PBS station and they are airing Notte Magica on Dec. 3rd ! (You’re an angel, Lydka). 👼😇

      7. Laura, I’m glad if I helped you. 🙂 Wishing you nice watching, surely you will love it. Sending our warmest greetings with mom and many positive energies, angelic light and love ! <3 Have a very wonderful day !

      8. Lydka, I was able to see the PBS airing of Notte Magica last night! Was surprised there wasn’t an interview with them, like I saw in 2015 with the Live At Pompeii concert’s multiple airings. Tthey only seem to be showing it once more – at 3AM – on Dec.11th. Guess this particular PBS here doesn’t think it’s going to bring in the viewers & money to the same degree that Live AT Pompeii did, last year?? Can’t imagine what other reason would be behind that publicity disappointment. The Notte Magica concert, I agree, is beautiful. Thank You again! A Big Hug to You and Mom ! 💞🌷

      9. Laura,my answer is that boys can not be everywhere :-D. If you saw what I wrote Cynthia (comment below), boys travel and attend PBS studios ( were in Boston, Atlanta, Miami, today Saint Paul , then Los Angeles..). When they are in PBS studios, doing interviews there, interacting with the audience,doing meet & greet with the fans and supporting the PBS channels. In Miami they were in WLRN studios (did interview and meet & greet ) and also did interview for MetroFocus, were guests in Despierta América (sang Granada, interview).Yesterday they traveled to Minneapolis, at Tuesday will have signing session in LA… they are really busy. We do not know on what basis they choose PBS stations, in which they will appear. I am glad that you like concert, that is the most important. ( I have my DVD.) Have a nice evening and successful start to the new week ! Our warmest greetings are going to you ! 💕 😘 💙 💛 💚 God’s blessing !

      10. Thank you, Lydka ! I guess I mistakenly thought that Il Volo PBS concert promotional interviews were recorded in Detroit (due to the interviewer I saw with them last year who works in Detroit, Michigan, I read) and then that interview sent out to all the national PBS stations here (U.S.A.). Doesn’t matter; I’ll live. 😊 God’s blessings is my wish for you both, too. 💞💙🐀🌾

      11. Laura, we thank you , same to you. <3 😘 🌹 🌹 🌹 Have a splendid day ! 🙂

  4. Hi Flight Crew, I watched the Rhode Island PBS broadcast of Notte Magica last night. They only included 12 songs from the concert. They said they did not,have time for the complete concert. A bit of a disappointment. What I did see was terrific. Watching for ticket sales in CT and Boston. Julie B

    1. hi Kelly, is this the same show as the TV presentation of Canale 5 (Italy) last Oct 11.
      thank you for info

      1. hi Lydka, yes it is the concert from Florence — but is the show on PBS the actual concert or is it like the TV Presentation of Canale 5 of 11 Oct ? (where the guys were talking from Lake Como, in between songs). thanks for info

      2. Cynthia,interview from Como Lake was only for Italian viewers for Canale 5. Boys are now in USA and they travel and attend PBS studios (they were in Boston, Atlanta, now Miami) and at pauses during the broadcast of concert they interacting with the audience, helping the people to know more about Notte Magica – a tribute to the three tenors project and supporting the PBS channels. They are also doing meet & greet with the fans. Fans have an opportunity to meet them, get a photo and their autographs (December 4, 2016 they will be in Saint Paul, MN ). Have a nice day !

  5. I’ve been green with envy as I keep reading about all the local PBS showings of Notte Magica…so I looked up my local channel OPB four our date.
    Nada. Zilch. No bueno.

    I then sent them an email last night and this is what they had to say:

    Re: IL VOLO — Notte Magica

    Oregon Public Broadcasting | Nov 26, 2016 11:28PM PST
    Thank you for your email. We are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add, please reply to this email.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and support

    So in short I got nuthin. This stinks more than a dead squid.

    1. Pirate patience, patience ……. so much waiting, so much trepidation and then comes the NOTTE MAGICA !!

    2. Somebody’s got to walk the plank!! (nearly typed blank instead of plank–wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me)
      The only use for blank here is as an expletive: Blankety, blank blank blank!

    1. Esther V, No, OMG VIP has nothing to do with the Official Il Volo card.
      It is a company that states they are a leader in VIP fan experiences. You can buy VIP ticket’s from them for your Il Volo concert’s. Google them, and you can get a lot more information.

    2. OMG VIP is the company that ran the Meet & Greets after the concerts. A VIP package consists of premium up close seats and the meet & greet afterwards, usually sold as a unit.

  6. I just saw the schedule of WLIW in NY and Una Notte it has Una Notte Magica listed for Dec. 8 at 8:00 PM, Dec. 9 at 2:00 PM and Dec. 10 at 3:00 PM.

  7. Daniela, I just watched a very interesting news show about your prime minister Matteo Renzi ( he is very handsome) I hope that he is not voted out of power.
    What do you think? I hear that he has a big ego, and people were joking that if he stay’s on as prime minister, that they will have to hold on to his ankles
    to stop him from floating above Rome and Florence!
    He was visiting President Obama last month, and when he arrived they had a band playing “O Sole Mio” I wished it had been Il Volo singing, they sing it better than anyone else!

    1. Hello Jill, then I have to say regarding the visit of Renzi in America, fortunately there was no IL VOLO singing “O sole mio” and I’ll explain why. About 1 year ago there was the Grand Prix of Formula 1 at Monza, IL VOLO sang the national anthem and since he was a guest Renzi, have decided to take a selfie with him (seem right, is our Chairman of the Board ). I wish they had never done, have received a lot of negative comments, even a newspaper said that IL VOLO within a few hours had lost 250 thousand fans. This thing has dragged on for a long time and the boys received so many offenses. I am attaching an article and if you know a little Italian tries to read the comments.
      As for my opinion, I have to tell you that I still have confused ideas. I’d like that instead of many words there were many more facts.

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