Il Volo Professional ~~ Edicola Fiore

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo



So, I’m a little behind them, but I’m going to enjoy Rome anyway.  😉  Girlrunning

~~ Kelly










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Article (w/video): Edicola Fiore prende Il Volo con l’acuto del Nessun Dorma e un insolito Black Friday ~~




15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Edicola Fiore”

  1. They were very cute and funny. Muccino also from America has lent itself to the game.
    They put the good mood !!

  2. Would. Very. Much. Appreciate. If. Anyone. Knows. When. Il volo. Would. Be. On. Pbs. In. New. York. Love. The. Ilvolo. Guys

    1. If you mean NY City area, they will be on WLIW on Dec. 8 at 8:00 PM Dec. 9 at 2:00 PM and Dec. 10 at 3:00 PM. I live in New Jersey and get the PBS stations WNET, WLIW and NJN. NJN will be showing it on Dec.15 at 8:00 PM.

  3. Thanks, Kelly. What fun! I loved it when they were singing Suspicious Minds!! Wish they would do that one on a CD. Loved the glasses, too. They sure know how to have fun no matter where they are!

    1. Hello Jane, those glasses are too beautiful !!! The guys are incredible.
      Have you booked your concert? Where?
      A big hug

    1. Fine, thank Lydka, I’m glad they won.
      You’ve heard “ET QUEDA TANT PER VIURE” in Catalan? It was one of my favorite songs years ago, and I think IL VOLO interprets very well.

      1. Daniela,I love it and sent it to Kelly. I decided not to put new informations to comments but all news I am sending to Kelly (reason why I did not share video here). I am not fan of M. Carey, but this was always the only song from her that I love. But version from boys is much much better !!!! 🙂 Wonderful song, fits perfectly with the boy’s voices, will be nice if they will decide to put it on their own Cd, in the future , and maybe make English or Italian version ? Have a nice evening ! Greetings and hugs.

      2. I have always liked this song ever since I heard Air Supply sing it many years ago. As always, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing it beautifully!

  4. Margaret did you see the new article Trishadria?
    IF I remember correctly the last time you’ve commented.
    Even this article is very nice.
    A hug

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