Nostra Grande Avventura Italiana~Milan

We are finally back in Milan which is where our adventure began.  We have mixed emotions.  We are tired, but floating in happiness and satisfaction knowing the entire trip was a huge success beyond our wildest dreams!   From the time we arrived in Milan to the day we left Milan for the airport again we had logged 2,060 miles in two weeks while taking our large circle tour!  That number paled in comparison to the total number of miles logged for the entire trip which was 12,647.  No wonder we were a wee bit tired.

 We arrive at Milan Centrale train station which is HUGE.  By now we were pretty good at finding the Trenitalia office for help with train issues, bagnos, food areas and were really proud of ourselves that we could stand along with throngs of others and stare at the huge billboard of train arrivals and departures and actually know what we were looking at!  


Making our way through this immense station we were suddenly looking at a fantastic advertisement for Il Volo’s upcoming concerts in Italy!  WOW, it looked great!  Marie was so excited she kissed her hand and touched each face on the marquee.  No,  Marie, I am sorry, but as far as I know you can not extract DNA from a picture.


We had good intentions of shopping and site seeing on our last day, but soon realized our bodies were begging us to do something else…REST.  A quick decision was made to shop at the airport the next day and rest up today.  A very wise decision I might add.  

The next day we get on a train that is taking us to Malpensa Aerporto, a one hour ride from Milan Centrale.  I am sitting across from Marie so we both have different views from where we sit.  She is smiling ear to ear and NOT at me.  She then informs me there is a “Gianluca look alike, especially the EYES” sitting directly in her view in a seat just beyond ours!  I take my time, but have to peek a look at this vision that is tantalizing Marie.  Yep, she’s right!  Now we have spotted many handsome Italians along our journey, but Marie realizing these visions of  good looking men will soon be but a memory, decides she will have one lasting close up encounter with our Gianluca look alike.  Keep in mind we have only been on this train for maybe 10-15 minutes of an hour long ride when this handsome man stands up in the aisle right next to Marie as he is getting off the train at this point.  Marie quickly leans into his handsome face and is eye to eye asking him if this is the Malpensa Aerporto stop?   He kindly replies that no, we have 4 more stops to make before the airport.  Marie thanks him, “grazie” (using her best Italian skills) sinks back into her seat with a smiling glow about her.  She is now looking at ME with this ear to ear grin.  I can only think, “smooth Marie, R-E-A-L smooth”.  If only I had had my camera ready to capture that Kodak moment.







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  1. I turn for a moment and what happens? But you two are tremendous, Marie if you’re so brave with a stranger because you ashamed when there is the beautiful Ignatius?

    One thing I wanted to ask you, and we have not spoken, you liked the Milan Central Station? I found it very nice when I was for the signatures, I had seen it before but now it has been cleaned and restored, really nice !!
    Also I wanted to know, compared with America the cost of Italian life as you think?

    1. Daniela, it was a beautiful station. So massive in size. To me it had an almost Gothic look to it. Many stairs! Italy has many stairs.
      It is hard for me to judge the cost of living since I was a tourist. Im not even sure of the cost of a fine hotel. We chose not to stay in hotels, wanting a more authentic experience, we stayed in the center of towns and villages in flats and B&B’s. Jane mentioned that in one of her posts. I did, however think that restaurant food, prices of the B&B’s, rental cars and other things were very reasonable. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc were expensive. BUT it was the country where fashion is a primary export. All of the big name designers have stores there. I don’t remember Jane and I discussing this much. Anxious to know her thoughts too.

  2. The Milan station was very nice with beautiful stones and marble. It has such character and stores for every need you may have. I don’t think Italian life is that much different from American costs for the time we were there. I think your real estate (properties to purchase) are probably higher than some spots in the US, but comparable to others. Traveling your country was not as expensive as we had imagined. Trains were reasonable, car rental reasonable, gas was higher than here, food very reasonable, accommodations very reasonable, clothing was varied everything from high end to reasonable, but then we were not there at the peak of your travel season so there is probably a difference as to when you are there. All in all…it was worth every penny or euro spent!! We’d come back tomorrow if only we could!

    1. Marie and Jane, Thanks so much for sharing these experiences of your trip to Italy; so enjoyable to read and imagine. If, God forbid, Marie, you should ever have to quickly refill your coffers, you could always hire yourself out as a sort of professional “companion ‘Ice-Breaker'” – to women who are dying to meet a certain man in your local area😂 The still photo( on the video posted here) of a section of the interior of the Milan Station reminds me of sections of the interior of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art and the New York Public Library in Manhattan, N.Y. ( All the glorious marble and ceiling heights, stairways ,etc.). I watched the ZDF Germany video, too, and like many of you, I was struck by the inadequate clothing that the guys were wearing on that cold day there. I thought, too, that Ignazio’s pants looked very loose and kind of like PJ’s, wondering if he had been feeling maybe unwell and possibly lying down indoors right up until they had to go outside and sing. To me, he looked as though he was feeling the most uncomfortable. God love ’em. Thanks for making me laugh well with all your comments here!😀

  3. First of all, Jane, I am once again GREEN over your trip, period! And now I am really neon green over your trip to Minnesota! Marie, I marvel at your “cool” in the presence of hansome young Italian! How do you do it! Practice? When I met the guys last March , I was rendered brainless and voiceless. …something that rarely happens to me!! Seriously, you two have taken us less fortunate fans on a dream trip! Grazie 10 times over! Love you, in Texas…..

    1. I am cool…to Piero I say, “Nice job as usual.” To Gianluca I say, “Um..nice…um job”. To Ignazio I either say, “heuoc..rpsn..watthi” or ” I’m sorry I threw-up on your shoes”. Yeah, I’m so cool.

      1. Marie, I’m crying from laughing !!!! The next time to talk to Ignatius must think of having in front of Piero !!

    2. Dorothy, are too green neon for the meeting which will take Jane tonight. Joke, I am very glad that you can meet them, it will also give them kisses for us.

  4. Dorothy, I am so happy you enjoyed the trip as much as we did!! We spoke of all of you often and wished you were all there with us. When I give my hugs to the special three tonight, one will be for the whole flight crew!! 🙂

    1. wow, Jane…. you’re really going to see them!?!?!?!?!!!
      …. just read now below that Ignazio is ill so no hug with him (Marie, you can relax)….
      … nonetheless, do let us know how that all goes….. we are waiting to hear from you. … AND — thank you for sharing this again beautiful post from your trip 🙂

  5. Ok…Jane has just left for the city to meet with the Guys tonight. I wish her well and I am not jealous. However…since she can’t read this now it is a good time to spread nasty rumors about her. Just sayin…

    1. Marie still make me laugh, we all know that you are not jealous even if tonight Jane will have the opportunity to talk, hug and kiss Ignatius. No you’re not jealous ……

      1. Daniela, What did you do with Marie?
        That’s not the Marie we know.
        At the last meet and greet in Vegas, every time I said Ignazio’s name, she slapped me on the back of the hand,and said”stop doing that”🙂

      2. Marie , I’m sorry, in fact it is already a couple of days that Ignatius is not well, he had a fever
        But if I’m not mistaken Jane is an excellent nurse …..

      3. Jill, perhaps Marie forgives all to me because I showed in advance the concert at my house !!!

    1. It’s not surprising to me that Ignazio is sick–with all the hopping around they are doing from hot and muggy Miami to cold Minneapolis, they aren’t prepared for the differences in climate in the US. I just watched the German video Lydka sent earlier today–they were singing outside and it was cold enough for there to be an ice rink, but none of them were wearing an adequate jacket–Igna wasn’t wearing any real jacket. Gian had a jacket of some sort and Piero had a big scarf around his neck but Ignazio was just wearing a flimsy big shirt type thing over a tshirt. Then they come here and one day they are complaining about the cold in Boston and the next the heat and humidity in Miami–then its back to the cold! Crazy! It’s amazing they aren’t all sick!

      1. Exactly boys were in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is small town in Alps. They recorded this performance on the end of November, I believe that they had warm jackets and they took off the jackets just for television recording, only on few minutes when they sang. I personally think that they should not sing outdoors in winter. It is not safe for health and the vocal cords, as well as traveling around the USA with different weather in different places from north to south. Their management should better prepare their schedule of visits to the cities with a view to maintaining their good health.

      2. I agree–at the very least they should do all the cold places and then the warmer places or vice versa.

      3. agreed, Lydka,their health should be taken care of very well…. perhaps it is, we are just not that aware of it…

    1. (oops! pic came out right here! did not have to state that their pics were there. ha ha ha! it’s right there!)

      1. Hello Cynthia, did you see the photo of the exterior of the Milan Central Station?

      2. yes, Daniela – the first pic on this page….
        and i also googled pics of it…. SPECTACULAR! would like to go there one day….. hmmmmmmmmmmm…..

      1. Marie, nice shot of some of the Italian stairs …. you and Jane have had to do !!

  6. Gianluca tweeted that they are now going to L.A.
    I think this is their final stop here.
    But once again they are going to a warmer climate, so they had better be careful with their health.
    I agree with everyone else, why do they have to zigzag all over the country, instead of taking care of all their obligations in the western states first,then go up north, or the other way around as Penina said.

    1. Hi, Jill ! (I just put a comment in the wrong place here. Duh!)😕 I agree with y’all that it would be ideal if their schedule could be planned so that if, for instance, they are returning to their homes when the tour is over, to line-up the cities according to the weather of their home on their return, such as: If the weather will likely be chilly or cold when they arrive home, maybe they could go to the cities here, First, where the temperatures are similar to wherever they came to the U.S.A. From – and Then go to cities that are Gradually increasing – or decreasing – in temperature, whichever the case would be at their home destination. Just an idea, but I know it’s an Ideal scenario – which means it probably can’t be arranged due to all sorts of probable reasons, poor fellas !! 😞

      1. Not to mention that the weather is rarely so cooperative and predictable! But it is a good bet that Miami and LA will be warmer than Boston and Minneapolis!

    1. Hi, Penina!, With the wacky weather anymore, I guess we can’t count on reasonably predictable and generally ‘seasonable’ weather. A pity !

  7. Hi Daniela, I just heard on the news that your prime minister Renzi stepped down. Does that mean that the public voted against belonging to the European Union?

    1. Hello Jill, I do not think. The Italian citizens do not want to be outside Europe. Sunday’s vote concerned the amendment to the Italian Constitution. I must also tell you that in the Italian constitution effects needs to be updated but one that does not tolerate is to mask this vote to change with small pitfalls. I mean, if you want to exchange an item, make a meeting, and if everyone agrees the changes. The thing does not work when you switch to that article will introduce others who may not want but which subtly if you approve one, also approve others.
      The speech is still very long and complicated, even add that I do not follow politics much.
      The sure thing is that the Italian people are tired of seeing so many promises never kept, and to know that many citizens are maintained by a state (that’s us) and do nothing for it. It takes cleaning and greater respect for the roles and Italian citizens.
      Who is in institutional roles should be the first that gives the example of accuracy often here in Italy is just the opposite and we are tired of keeping these people.

  8. Does anyone here know what Ignazio is saying on his most recent Instagram? It’s in Italian and is a long statement. Don’t understand what the comments, either, in reply to him, but from just the looks of it, something was or is upsetting him again??

  9. I was lucky enough to attend the WRLN PBS interview and reception in Miami Dec 2 and I can tell you that Ignazio was not feeling well !! He had a cold and was coughing !! They were all complaining about the AC and it was freezing in the studio !! Not good for their vocal chords !!! However–as usual — they rose to the occasion and were gracious,charming and fun !! They visited with us for a memorable three hours talking to us and taking selfies !! It was like a party !! The best M&G ever !!!! We are still floating around on Cloud Nine !!!

  10. Marie and Jane !! I loved following your memorable journey from the beginning to the very end !! I only hope that when I go back in May that we will be able to navigate traveling by train as well as you two did !!! We might get lost in that magnificent country forever !!! Of course worse things could happen !!!!! LOL !!

  11. Daniela, Thank you for explaining a little about Italian politics. I don’t normally follow politics that closely either, but because I have become fond of Italy and it’s people, I am paying a little more attention! And we won’t get into the politics of this country!😀

  12. Joaniefl2, Do you think Ignazio coughed enough to get some of his DNA on you, because Marie is collecting it! As long as she does’nt roll all over you like she rolled all over the bed in her hotel room.🙂

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