Las Vegas ~ My Story ~ Marie

You’ve read Myron’s professional and personal take on these events.  Now here’s mine.  Ok, there’s absolutely nothing professional about this review.

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2016-03-25 12.46.01 marie three

Their pictures were all over the Palms Casino.

2016-03-25 12.46.43 Marie two

The Fan Faire:
An event many of us had been waiting for for a long time. What a pleasure to meet so many of you! Some of whom I’ve “known” for as long as 4 years. So great to finally see faces that go with the names! It was an honor for me to acknowledge Kelly’s hard work and to point out the contributions of Jane, Mary Bohling, Jana and Ann Scavo who were there.

You don’t know this, because we wanted to surprise Jeannette and Myron, but we gave them pillows and a big thank you from all of us on the Crew for their organization of the Fan Faire.

Pillow Design
Pillow Design

As you know the Guys showed up (was that fear in their eyes?) to greet such dedicated, excited fans!

2016-03-25 19.07.18 Marie 4

2016-03-25 21.06.47 Marie

2016-03-25 19.21.34 Marie 5

2016-03-25 20.59.11-1 Marie 6

2016-03-25 21.02.14 Marie 7

The Concert:

Our Boys are in love. In fact during the concert Gianluca asked Ignazio if he was in love. He responded with a resounding, “Yes!” Gianluca admitted the same at another performance. Piero…who knows? It looks good on them.

2016-03-26 00.08.47 Marie

2016-03-25 23.12.03 marie 9

The Concert at the Pearl Theater was Fabulous! Wish I knew better adjectives. Either I cannot remember the brilliance of IL Volo during each performance or they truly get better, with richer, fuller more powerful voices and are more exciting every time!

2016-03-25 23.21.17 Marie

2016-03-25 23.26.56 Marie 11

First song Piero pointed at me and I pointed back. To someone other than us crazy Ilvolovers that little gesture may be unimportant, but to me that sweet moment of recognition meant a lot. That was the second time he has done that. Can’t wait to see if there’s a third!

2016-03-25 23.51.44 Marie

2016-03-25 23.43.41 Marie 13

The Meet & Greet:
I had been saving a sad but sweet story to tell them when I had a chance. I finally did. They were moved, in fact Gianluca was so moved he practically jumped on me with a bear hug. No sweeter person exists than that young man. When he finally let go I stepped back right into the wooden backdrop almost knocking it over. Fortunately Piero was on my left and Gianluca on my right. Both grabbed an arm and saved me and the set. One of them said, “Uh-oh”.  So then what do you suppose they did? Why of course, they broke out in song. I Don’t remember what song, but someone told me it was an Italian “Uh-oh” song.

Piero asked Gianluca, “Do you know who she is?” Gianluca said, “yes.” (I think he was only being nice). Then Piero said show him your tattoo”. So I did. I have no idea what Gianluca said after that (come on brain!) I would have bet anything that the picture the photographer took had Piero on my left and Gianluca on my right. That’s what I remember, but in the picture I’m between Ignazio and Piero. I have no idea how that happened. I must have blanked out.

Me and the guys - Las Vegas 2016

That’s me, the one in the middle with the stupid look on her face.  My dentist is the only one who will love the picture!  We were still laughing at their singing when the photographer took this one.

I normally stay away from Ignazio, in case you haven’t noticed. In the gym last year I took his photo while standing on the other side of the gym. In Miami a few weeks ago, at the Meet & Greet, I quickly shook his hand and moved away. In Ft Myers, at the hotel when Leelee and Ineke spoke to him, I was the one taking photos from across the room. I am, in fact, a coward. I greet Gianluca sanely and Piero as a friend but when it comes to Ignazio I stand way back. I would have a conversation with him, but it would sound something like, “blub libba and I gleen you. You are flanang all niebber”  (if someone recognizes that as a real language let me know). So now you all know that I am actually a 16-year-old star-struck, blubbering idiot.

Knowing this would be my last chance for what may be a long time, if I couldn’t buy a vowel at least this time I was determined to kiss a dimple off his face. I did. So if you notice one missing it’s all my fault. I have it…it’s mine.

What a month! Flew Ohio to Florida, flew Florida to Ohio, drove Ohio to New York, drove New York to Ohio, Rode a 2 day train to Las Vegas, flew Las Vegas to Ohio.

Sleeping.. DO NOT DISTURB!


43 thoughts on “Las Vegas ~ My Story ~ Marie”

  1. So happy all of you ladies had such a good time. Marie,they will return someday so now you have time to practice mental and physical attacks on Mr. Dimples.

      1. Yes, Marie, Piero is just beautiful and so sincere…especially when he opens his arms wide and gives that appreciative smile. Really I was happy, happy to meet you…what memories we all have!! I didn’t get a chance to get near Gianluca..he was surrounded…haha ♥

      2. Yep, you got it Harriet. He looks around like he is trying to remember every single person. What passion for his music and his fans! *US!*

        Lovely meeting you, Harriet.

  2. Marie, I had that blubbering problem at our M and G! All I remember is saying to Gian, “I thought I’d never get to see you” at which point he opened his arms for a hug! After that, I went mute! To Piero: where’s your Papa? Him: I don’t know! To the dimpled one (couldn’t even say his name): thanks for Memories and Tonight…him: my ears, eyes and voice went! What is it with these guys!? Make idiots out of otherwise normal grown women!!♡♡♡

  3. Hey Marie you know how you describe the way you feel about meeting and being able to speak to Ignazio that’s exactly how I feel about Piero. I just stood there at the Fan Faire and watched him move around the room that was good enough for me I would have been too nervous to speak to him but who knows maybe next time I’ll get up the nerve to speak in a sane manner. As far as Gianlucca and Ignazio being in love I think they are on track but remember my Piiero got his heart broken around fall of 2014 remember the Porta Porta show. But in time I know he will find his partner too. What a great Friday the whole day was. and the concert was fabulous. Loved meeitng you.

  4. Well as anyone who has ever known a gabberflasted star-struck tongue-tied 16 yr old fanmaniac Knows that ““blub libba and I gleen you. You are flanang all niebber” means ” Bodacious boy hunk I claim you. You are finnnnnnee allll Over!” This phrase is usually emphasized by a grab on the booty and a salacious leer. Oh wait, thats not the 16 yr old version, this is clearly the more mature fanmaniac that is usually found lurking in bushes, taxis and hotel gyms.
    I hope this explanation helps any of you who have encountered such a crider, oops, I mean CRITTER…. yeah thats it!

    Avast and awayyyy!

      1. You two gave me a good laugh tonight! Pirate, your persona just allows you to let it all go, huh?! Oh, …what persona? 😉

        Lovin’ life,

  5. I was wondering where that dimple went, Marie! I’m glad I got my dimple kiss in Chicago before you smothered kisses on Mr. Dimples and stole one of his dimples! The other one is mine!!! 👨🏻🌹👨🏻🌹👨🏻

  6. I brought my picture with them from Elgin to sign and they said no signing. Piero held the picture in front of us and Gianluca said “thats from Elgin.” What a memory. Got my hugs from all three but my kiss on the cheek from Gian and hugs! Finally, after 8 concerts.

    1. Wow, Ann! Long wait and so glad you got your special treatment. No doubt, you’ll be ready for the next time already!

      Nice to meet you in person!

  7. Dear Ladies, I love you all! You express yourselves beautifully, like the mature women that we are. Duh, how can I possibly forget to speak until I get home and kick myself because I know what I wanted to say but could only blubber at the Faire and the M/G. I actually told Piero in Tampa that “I like your T-shirt” OMG, but he said Thanks. In Vegas got hugged by all three, but can’t remember anything else. Gianluca is the sweetest young man. He is a super hugger. Martina is a very lucky girl. I did tell Ignazio he was “a bad boy” double Duh Duh because I missed him in Tampa. The M/G is so fast you don’t have time to think. In my picture I was looking at the woman who was yelling at us to hurry. Next time, NEXT TIME, nothing will stop me from taking my time to tell them how I feel about them. Now I have to put it behind me and stop kicking myself. I am already black and blue.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis – or as I am known here, as the blue blob – it was great meeting you all.

  8. Thanks Marie for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the concerts, fan faire and meeting Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. How amazing that Piero recognizes you and remembers the tattoo and to have Gianluca give you such a great hug. You don’t seem to be the cowardly type so I’m happy you got to kiss Ignazio’s dimple. It was so wonderful that so many Flight Crew Members got to meet each other and especially Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

  9. Wonderful article and fabulous photos, Marie! I like Your photo at least as well as your dentist! Such beautiful smiles from all 4 of you!

    That tattoo is worth more than if it were gold plated! 😊

    Happy memory haze to all,

    1. Ahhh, would love all the cheek kisses I could get…However, my family would have me committed for sure if I got a tattoo there! Besides…Ouch!

  10. Marie – loved all the pictures!! You didn’t say what you said to them that knocked you all off your feet? 🙂

    1. I showed them Linda’s funeral memorial with their picture on it. Told them that she loved them so much her family used their photo at her funeral. I thanked them for giving my best friend peace and comfort in her final hours. All three froze for a moment just staring at me. That’s when Gianluca flew at me with the giant hug. The other two also grabbed on. It’s when they let go that I flew back. I still can’t believe they were so moved. What a wonderful, sensitive trio! How could you not love them?

      1. Marie, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the guys seeing Linda’s funeral memorial with their picture on it. If it feels acceptable, I think our Flight Crew would love to see a photo of that beautiful memorial. I feel blessed to have seen it, and I think they would to.

        Perhaps it would be a fitting *tangible* conclusion to Linda’s participation in the Flight Crew. I’m sure it’s not the end, because she’s in our hearts and memories, and some of us get little winks from the other side. Still, something tangible and as beautiful as it is, that’s nice. (And you know how I’ve been so involved with family health this year, that if you already shared the memorial, my apologies for missing it, and maybe you can tell me when it was or under what name, so I can find it.)

        Your spirit is alive and well on the Flight Crew, Linda!
        With love and gratitude,

      2. Great, Marie!

        Oh, and I just got another idea…
        Maybe soon we’ll be ready for an
        I’m Smiling Because…
        It would help us count our blessings and share some joy and laughs from our IL VOLO adventures and beyond, and perhaps chase away any blues that the guys aren’t just “down the road apiece.”

        As for me, in addition to all of the overflowing IL VOLO joy, I’m smiling because my C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.   L.I.V.I.N.G.!  meetup went to the tulip festival 🌷 and out to lunch today! And though I picked the day a month ago, it was an 85-degree day in Oregon, surrounded by largely 60’s and a couple 70’s. (80’s are unheard of for April!)

        Bouncing with joy and sun-infused energy, 😀

      3. You know, after I wrote that, I was thinking about what you had said, and it dawned on me later, however, I didn’t put the two together initially! lol! I think the fever really fried my memory for a time!

  11. Marie,

    What an experience! I bet you’re still floating on cloud nine! Im so glad you all got to meet & interact with the guys and enjoy their incredible voices once again.

    But now, the U.S. tour is over and they’re off to faraway lands to spread more joy and love throughout the world. Let’s all remember to keep them in our thoughts and to keep following them through their travels and to give them the praise and support that they deserve.

    To all those who saw them in concert – WOW!
    To all those who saw them at a Meet & Greet – WOW!
    To all those who saw them at the Fan Faire – WOW!

    And to all those who have not yet had the opportunity to see them in person in one of these special settings – keep in mind that their careers are young and that hopefully at some point your time will come. In the meantime, we will always have their music and their videos and their lyrics to live by.

    As the guys once sang – “We are Love!”

    I’d like to add – “We are Love! – We are ILVOLVERS! – We are the Flight Crew!


    1. John, your posts express my kind of hope and love, support and wisdom. Thank you so much! We’re definitely all in this together!

    2. Well said John Your last statement struck a strong chord in me, in fact, I’d like to see it on our future badges:
      “We are Love – We are ILVolovers – WE ARE THE FLIGHT CREW”

  12. Marie, you have the best adventures! Its so fun to read your articles and just laugh!! 💞👨🏻

  13. Wow Marie, so happy you had such a memorable M&G experience with the guys. The Fan Faire photos are beautiful. I even got in on the last photo. What a day, what a night it was in Vegas. Meeting all you lovely people will always be a beautiful memory for me. Being so close to the guys, unbelievable. I showed Gianluca the picture of my birthday cake with their image on it and he said how beautiful it was. Marie, my son just got home yesterday from the hospital and I was so thankful that he is doing great.
    For those who did not hear, my son Michael (51) received his new LIVER at UCSF hospital in San Francisco on 3/25/16 at 8:30 the evening of the IL VOLO CONCERT. Got 13 text from my family while my sister and I were sitting at the theater waiting for the show to begin. After that news, I truly enjoyed the concert immensely. Again Marie, it was my pleasure meeting you and Ineke at the hotel lobby. Until next time my friend.

    1. So glad to hear about your son doing well!

      Nice meeting you too. Next time we’ll do a Vegas show together. Forgive me, I was so tired that night! It’s getting harder for me to burn that candle at both end when my candle keeps getting shorter. Lol 👄

    2. Wow, Prese! Thanks to God.

      For those who like symbolism
      (as a retired English teacher, it’s in my blood! 😉
      3-25-2016 Las Vegas IL VOLO, the Sabian symbol was an Easter sunrise service. And, wow, Resurrection and joy and new beginnings were / are everywhere! 💝

      Love and possibility to all,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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