What Does Italy Think About Our Il Volo Tour?

Here, translated for you (as well as Bing can), is how an Italian Newspaper views Il Volo’s North American Tour.
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Italia Newspaper

03/11/2016 | 15:12:18
All filled theaters

Italian artists abroad, Il Volo arrives in Florida and is sold out

Italia Newspaper 1

Five dates in Florida, in seven days, from Jacksonville to Orlando, via Miami, Tampa and Ft. Myers.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble. Who does not know them in America? They are Il Volo and each tour is a success, even that of 2016, perhaps, if possible, even more than the previous. The three singers fact left Italy on 29 January with the concert in Milan, they are immediately thrown on America.  February 5 debut in 2016, stars and stripes, with a recital in Buffalo, New York. Then a jump in Canada, including Orilla and Montreal, before returning to the States, in Boston. A series of sold out, sold out, which has spared no theater or arena.

Il Volo has now infected all Americans. Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, then again New York, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. In Washington DC they are stopped at the JFK Center for Performance Arts, and Pennsylvania and Ohio. Not even a presidential candidate, Hillary Trump or it may be, has an agenda so full. Illinois and Michigan have closed February, while the temple of American music, Nashville, Tennessee, welcomed them on 1 March. Five dates in Florida, in seven days, from Jacksonville to Orlando, via Miami, Tampa and Ft. Myers.

A phenomenon of such a large scale that there is no time to rest. Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, then again Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona, Las Vegas, only stage in Nevada and then California with five rounds. But there is not only the tour in the States, because once closed with America, on April 2, a week later it starts with Central and South America, you end up on May 14, in Acapulco, then return to Europe, May 21 in Madrid, it begins again.

Yep!  We’re “infected” alright!  No antibiotics please.

11 thoughts on “What Does Italy Think About Our Il Volo Tour?”

  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful article Marie !!! Whew !!! I’m getting tired just reading about their vigorous schedule !!! Not surprisingly they sold out here in the USA without any promo whatsoever so with such a positive tour here I hope they will come back to us soon !! We can never get enough of our three precious boys !!! They certainly have infected us in a big way but if loving them is a disease I never want to be cured !!!

  2. Today would be good !! 😃 I have been extremely emotional since their Tour ended and they’re so far away now !! I need Il Volo therapy !!! Help !!! 😱

  3. Great recap of your visit with the boys and us Marie !!! I went to five concerts and five M&G’s and still didn’t say everything I wanted to say to them !! I did ,however, get a big hug and kisses from Piero and delicious hugs and attention from my Gianluca !! At the Vegas M&G I presented them with a very beautiful and powerful song that my mother wrote but I was so rushed and harried that I didn’t have time to tell them that I have never shared it with anyone else before !! I enclosed a letter asking if they could possibly make a video of them singing it and send it to me. My mother would most certainly be smiling down from heaven if they did !!! I hope it gets to them and doesn’t get lost in the cracks !! Gianluca promised me that they would read it. I hope so !!

  4. my Internal Medicine doctor doubled my anti-depressant medicine because I couldn’t stop the tears thinking about them and “when will next time be ” = As of yesterday I am back on my very low dose of the drug because realistically I can not travel to see them= of course Europe would be nice to go and see / hear them.

    1. Pass around the anti-depressants!
      (Is what I just said against the law?)

      Anyway, I welcome the depression. It means I have been lucky enough to have seen them recently.

  5. Yeah, I’ve never been so glad to be “infected” before! Great choice of words! 😀

  6. Too bad someone in the know did not clue these people in on the Fan Faire in Las Vegas – the only one in the USA/Canada – to honor the guys.

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