Fan Faire Photo’s

Here are a few photo’s of the Fan Faire taken by David Heaton.  For more  go to ⇒

Remember…You can click on photo’s to enlarge.

faire 1

faire 2

faire 3

faire 4

faire 5

faire 6

What a great time we had!  Thank you David and Thank You once again, Myron and Jeannette!



7 thoughts on “Fan Faire Photo’s”

    1. Ann, LOVE the picture and so happy you and Laura made it in a photo with the guys, Did you see my biscotti also made the photo? THANK YOU for taking them for me even if I couldn’t be there, Hope they enjoyed the biscotti from Beyond Biscotti.

  1. Great photo’s. Does anyone know why Barbara has gone back to Italy? Maybe Michele is taking over for the rest of the tour. I wonder if the two mama’s and Piero’s papa have gone home and the other three parent’s have taken their place?

    1. I read somewhere at the start of the US tour that Gianluca’s father would be on the S. American part of the tour. That is the only thing I have read.

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