The Adventures of an 80 Year-old in Dallas ~ Gina

See my hand around Mr. I?
See my hand around Mr. I?

ACT ONE -I can not remember who e-mailed me the link in 2009 to check out some ‘young boys’. I am forever grateful to that person.

The minute I saw all three singing together I became Ignazio’s protector. I loved all. Gianluca and Piero, on sight but felt that since Ignazio was a little chubby he might get hurt by uncaring people because of his weight.


In the first few years I was a ‘check in’ and see if everything was going OK fan because I had many family issues to keep me busy. Then a few years later I woke up one morning and I saw the “light” and became a passionate fan. Soon after I discovered “The Flight Crew” and my life changed.

So after a long wait they finally were coming to Texas and so close to me. I live 100 miles from Austin and 100 miles from Dallas. San Antonio is about 190 miles.

When the word came out about their USA Tour and everyone got excited and started the ‘Ticket fever” I got in line and the minute the tickets opened for sale my daughter clicked the computer and we got our tickets to the Majestic in Dallas. Being newcomers to a live concert we had no idea about the tickets but knew we were close to the stage.

WELL I had to march all the way down the theatre to get to the “Orchestra Pit”. There were only two rows and we were in the second row four seats from the walkway on the right.

The minute we sat down we noticed a lady and her daughter sitting next to my friend Jewell from Houston. The mom was holding a rose. We soon discovered that she was a member of the “Flight Crew”. Her name is Liz and she was from Garland, TX. She and her daughter had gone to the concert in San Antonio a few days before and sat in the first row. Guess what? Ignazio picked her to do the dance. She is a very brave lady and went to the stage in Dallas and gave Ignazio the rose.

ACT TWO – The theatre was small seating about 2200. To our estimation it was a full house.  The band and the local young people’s orchestra started setting up.

SUDDENLY the lights came on and the musicians started checking their instruments. A funny feeling starting in my heart. THE MOMENT. Gianluca came out and the long awaited dream of seeing the boys live came true.
For me is was surreal. Six years of watching videos and hundreds of pictures the live person stood in front of me.  It was like watching a train arrive and a person you had not seen in years steps out. Like a picture postcard coming to life.
I had to rearrange my mind about the images I had of the boys from the videos to the live, breathing and moving persons.

IS STARING IMPOLITE? well that is what I did the rest of the concert. I wanted to familiarize myself with their live images so that when I have to go back to watching Videos I still had the live picture.

Happy to tell you that the Dallas audience was great. They had some young fans, some Italians, some Spanish speaking, some serious music lovers and the grey haired ladies. There was ‘shouting’, clapping and many standing ovations.

ACT THREE – The theatre manger was a comic talking at rapid speed. We had to wait in the theatre till everybody left and after a time some young ladies came and got us to go to the balcony open lounge area. We were seated at the back of the theatre waiting so we were summoned first and therefore did not have to wait long to go to see the boys.

Our comic manager told us that he preferred no one used their private phones for pictures and promised good photos. He took them.

The boys came out soon after and the line went fast.  Since the manager was rushing everyone I told my daughter to stand between Gianluca and Piero and I went next to Ignazio and said I needed to make Marie jealous and get a picture with you. MISS Coward here just put her arms around Ignazio’s waist and blanked out. Did I smile or looked petrified? Then we took a picture with the other two friends. IT WAS OVER.
On the way out I saw Barbara and went and shook her hand and asked if I could have a picture. She was very sweet. She told me that the parents preferred not to be asked for pictures. Gianluca’s mom and Piero’s dad were sitting in a corner and Ignazio’s mom stood by a pillar.

THE NON BELIEVERS – My daughter and two friends were “non believers”, Especially my friend from Houston. When we finally got into a LIFT car they all said it was a GREAT CONCERT. Later when we had breakfast on Sunday with my Dallas Daughter they talked and relived the concert. THAT was an accomplishment with these ladies. I know they would go again if the opportunity came.


Since I am 80 this might be my one and only live concert so I will finish and go and relive the moment I MET THE BOYS.


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  1. Gina, I loved your story. Thank you for sharing it with us! It was my first concert this time around as well (in Chicago) and I really do know exactly how you feel. So wonderful to be validated and share our experiences with people who appreciate the same things. 80 is the new 60, so I think you have many Il Volo concerts ahead of you!
    Lisa 🙂

  2. Gina, your story nearly parallels mine! I was in San Antonio sitting right behind Liz! It was Piero with whom she danced! I am a member of the Flight Crew as well! My Daughter and I enjoyed visiting with Liz and her Daughter at the concert! Guess the Daughters went along to be sure the Moms behaved!! I am 84 and have been a fan since the “Takes Flight” concert! There music has brought me so much pleasure! Thanks for sharing your experiences! ♡♡♡ from Dot in Gonzales!!

  3. Gina, thank you for such a lovely story. I’m glad you got to see them in person. Nothing like it! The only problem with seeing them the first time is that you know you can’t wait to see them again and again. Such a wonderful problem.

  4. I am sure there some more ‘first timers’ and hope they share their story.
    First time was emotional and I wish to be able to go to one more concert live and just sit back and enjoy the concert.
    I decided that in 2016 I will work on being POSITIVE so who know what can happen.
    Marie thanks for posting my story.

  5. Gina, wonderful story!! I am so happy for you. I know what you mean about seeing them in person for the first time…it’s magical. Here’s to hoping you get to another concert someday!!

  6. Gina, Glad you had such a wonderful experience for your first concert. My first was at the Greek in L.A. The ambiance of the outside theater made it more magical. Joanie G

  7. Hi Gina!! Love your first time Concert report! Just want to tell you there will be more concerts for you!!! I am 87 & I just came home yesterday from my 3 concert tour! I’m tired but am on Cloud Nine still flying with our beautiful young men!!! I had a fantastic 2 weeks, love them so much!!!

  8. Gina,

    As you and others have proven, it’s never too late to fall in love with Il Volo. How wonderful that you got to see them in person. As we all have lamented in the past, after two hours it is all over. The trick is to “blend” the live experience with what you see and hear on the DVD’s, CD’s, and YouTube videos. I too concentrated on watching their every move and listening to every note so I could recreate the live experience whenever I wanted.


    1. John, as I was reading what you wrote I had just started listening to “Delilah”. I could hear Gianluca begin the song, but what I saw, in my “minds eye”, was a young man clenching his fists singing out boldly and confidently as never before. I saw it happen in concert a few times last month. Now I can see it clearly. I am so grateful for that vision .

    2. John,
      Oh my gosh I do the same thing! Again so happy to see that others feel the same way! 😀

  9. Thank you Gina for sharing your first magical unforgettable Il Volo concert. I share your enthusiasm and love for these amazing guys and when I saw them come onto the stage in the Brooklyn concert I thought my heart would burst from happiness. I listen only to their music and not ashamed to say I am addicted to these three amazing,y talented young men, a true IL Volover forever! They are truly unique and give me pleasure each time I hear them sing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.

  10. Thank you for your lovely comments on my experience. IL VOLO will be my morale booster during the next few weeks. Due to my husband’s health after 18 years in this house we are moving into a smaller one story home. Admit I am a ‘hoarder’. I have more serving platters then Macy’s, Parting will be tough. Trying to think of this move as an ‘ADVENTURE’. THE BOYS SINGING WILL BE MY PACKING PARTNERS.

  11. Thanks Gina and all of you for your stories, I really enjoy read them! Gina I wish you’ll attend many more concerts of the boys ♥
    Baci dall’Italia

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