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I’ve been thinking about how meaningful touch is to the human entity.  We touch those we love with tenderness and special meaning.  One touch can convey a rush of human emotion….a joining of mutual feelings, whether it’s an awakening or a reminder of closeness.  We instinctively want to touch those we care about…to make a connection, either casual or intense.

Ilvolovers feel a need to touch when meeting Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.  Just to be able to have physical contact with the ones that they have been feeling “so near and yet so far” about for so long, is a magic moment.  Fortunately for us these guys are never too tired or burnt out to accommodate our need for touching.  They seem to understand how important it is to us, and are willing to go the extra mile to give us that magic moment.

The need to touch 1

The need to touch 2

Remember when Marie was in the workout room at the hotel in Milwaukee and she felt a tap on her shoulder?  She turned around to see Piero wanting to take a picture of the Il Volo tattoo on her ankle.  Now that’s a touch she will never forget.

DSCN0338 for b day name

And Jana was in the right place when she was in the front row at the concert  in Detroit when the guys gave all of the front rowers a “low five.”  That’s a touch she will always remember.

Interestingly, our Il Volo men also seem to need to touch. 

The need to touch 6

They freely show affection for each other whether sitting, walking, standing, or performing…usually with arms around waists and shoulders or hands on knees or faces, and are not embarrassed to plant kisses on cheeks.  It’s one of their endearing qualities that we love.

The need to touch 3

The need to touch 4


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  1. Oh. My. God. That’s sooo true!! Although for me it’s still feel strange and new. I’m embarrassed to death! But in a good way. Just bcs I don’t fancy skinship with anyone, even my family, but those kind of skinship is few things that accept-and-understandable~^^

  2. Thank you Mary for these beautiful thoughts and they are so true! And as you so eloquently said, even just seeing how affectionate they are with each other makes you love them even more. They just radiate love, affection and tenderness. I love seeing them with their arms around each other, touching a cheek or especially with Piero a gentle pat on the leg.

  3. I have wondered if the boys go to sleep after a Meet and Greet with bruises? You know, about their waists where they have been grabbed and held onto by so many who share that need to touch and hold? Who, me? Nah….

  4. Beautifully expressed Mary !!! We are all in need of o loving touch every so often and especially from our boys who are SO endearing and give you just that if you are lucky enough to be in arms reach of them !! I also get a kick out of watching them together !!! They remind me of a litter of puppies touching,leaning and hanging on each other !! It’s so cute !! They are LOVE and in return we love them back with all our hearts !!💕💕

      1. Puppies tumbling, cuddling, and us diving in with them! Love your article, Mary! I so admire how the guys are so comfortable in their skin… and sometimes even their hair, Gian! 💕 I think I see some waves in that hair, and it definitely makes me smile.


  5. This is so beautiful and so true! I have not met them in person (yet) and have never been touched with such an impact by anyone ever in my life! They ARE Love! And they have brought love back into my life in such a way and with such power that I could never have expected it! I see the whole world differently (BETTER) because of them! <3

  6. Beautiful article, Mary. You “touched” a special place in all of us with your words.
    So thankful these young Italian men are so comfortable with touch. It adds so much to our personal experiences with them.

  7. I love what you wrote your words are so true.IL Volo share’s so much love with everything they do whether it is singing, hanging around together, or meeting us their fans. . They make the world a special place for me.

    1. Mary, I couldn’t agree with you more. I just attended my first concert in Ft Myers and could not believe the love you could feel in the concert hall. I could not get tickets to the Meet & Greet but just seeing them perform on stage was a thrill. I love your article. Thanks again.
      Alice in Florida

  8. at my Cleveland concert [ front row center seat ] when they were leaving the stage they did that ” touch hand greeting ” and Gianluca at first missed my hand but stepped back 2 steps to touch my hand and then continued on behind Piero and Ignazio. Couldn’t do M & G but
    this satisfied my wanting to ” meet ” them.

  9. I don’t know how it happened, but they gave me the best touches ever! They touched my heart!

  10. Marie, Piero blew me a kiss at the banquet. I will forever remember it. It was so special. Joanie G

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