Il Volo’s Last USA Concert at Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA.

I would like to share my experience of Il Volo’s last concert at Fantasy Springs, Indio Ca. Finding the videos of that last concert inspired me to share my experience with my Il Volo Family.

As always Il Volo saved their best performance for last… They were charming as always but they were ELECTRIFIED…. They audience loved them… Joanie Greenspan and I were in the second row, and we could see Il Volo’s enjoyment of the crowds response to each of their songs by the excitement plainly on their faces.

Sitting next to me was a couple who had never been to an Il Volo Concert… They had seen the PBS Pompeii Special and thought, why not see them in person… This couple had no idea what they were in store for… They screamed, they yelled, the whoop, hollered… We had gathered in a group… Joanie, Kristine Kelly, Karen Raupp, Carol Coates, and our new friends… Together we took a group picture with Il Volo… Il Volo was happy to see us, they knew us from previous meet and greets… I only did five concerts and meet and greets this year… I think Joanie has done about ten, not to mention the ones in Italy… They are beginning to know their groupies… They greeted the new couple with the same charm and grace as they did us… Afterward, this beautiful couple said they were celebrating their 47th Anniversary and asked us to have a drink with them… We carried our evening to the wee hours of the morning.. .Laughing, sharing Il Volo stories of our past concerts and our Fan Convention in Las Vegas… By the end of the night we were life long friends… Two more Il Volo lovers in our Il Volo family… It was the last concert of the Il Volo USA Tour, and the greatest way for us to end our love for Il Volo by adding two more Il Volo fans to our wonderful Il Volo family…
One last quick note, we met up with the band members as we were leaving the meet and greet and they were as charming as Il Volo… Happy to chat with us and laugh with us.. What a fine team of nice men that support Il Volo…

Videos of the Fantasy Springs Concert  April 2, 2016



14 thoughts on “Il Volo’s Last USA Concert at Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA.

  1. Hi Jeannette, I may jumping ahead too soon, but has anyone on the Il Volo team made any comment on what will be happening after July of this year. Any plans for a new CD? Future tour plans etc.?

    • There is a CD coming out in May… It is Grande Amore with four songs added to it… The four songs are from the Sanremo Grande Amore CD … It will available when they have their Concert in London…

      They are still on tour and will be for the rest of the year… I think they plan on being home for Christmas…

      No news yet of cutting another Album… We just have to wait…

  2. What a great write up Jeannette! It was Ana amazing night and we did have so much fun! Enjoying the guys and their beautiful music! It’s always fantastic getting to hang out with you and all the Il Volovers! It was a wonderful treat to have such a great night with everyone! The guys in the band are one of a kind fantastic❤️ Thanks for the lovely memories

    • It truly was an amazing night… Being together and enjoying Il Volo together as we did and meeting up with Sal while we waited to go to the meet and greet was a pleasure… Then meeting up with the rest of the band as well… I just felt like the stars were all in alignment for us to have a magical night… Our new friends George and Loran were amazed that they met everyone thanks to us… What they did not know is that we were just as amazed at the outcome of that night as they were… I chalk it up to Il Volo Magic…

  3. Jeannette – how great for you to see them, even when you weren’t feeling well! Sure wish we could have followed you there! Till next time….

    • You are so right, I was not feeling well at all… I was down for the count the entire week… I almost canceled, but it was Il Volo, how could I not go… So I got up and drove to CA. and saw them at Pachenga in Temecula and then drove to Indio to Fantasy Springs for the last concert… I thank God for good meds… I am so glad I made it to the last two concerts they were amazing… I came home on Sunday and was I was sick again, but I had a smile on my face …. LOL

  4. All their concerts are wonderful but it does seem like the last one would be extra special. Happy that you were able to make the last two concerts even though you were sick. It would have been very sad to have missed them and it must have been great to have the opportunity to go to 5 concerts and meet and greets!

    • There just was no way I was going to miss these last two concerts… I had promised tickets to a friend so I had to get to pachenga to give her the two tickets… That was my motivation, someone was depending on me… God gave me strength and I had the time of my life at the last two concerts… I may have over done it a bit… But hey, life is not worth living if you do not step out of your comfort zone sometimes… I new I would survive, and I knew the love that Il Volo shares with every fan would carry me through and it did…

  5. Lucky you being able to see their last two concerts even though you were sick I just don’t know how they sing like they do practically night after night they are truly amazing and I know what you mean about the guys in their ban I met Giovanni and GiamPiero in Vegas and they were both so sweet and nice, Once again I just want to say thank you putting Fan Faire together I’all remember that for awhile maybe till we have another one Ha ha,. Take care.

    • You are very welcome… It was just a joy for me to be able to be a part of the very first Fan Faire… I hope that we can do it again and make it even better the next time… We know what works and what doesn’t now, so we can improve on it if we get another chance … I am glad you enjoyed it…

  6. Just love your story and how great it would be to go to so many concerts, I feel blessed that I could get to just one of them, I have only been to 3 concerts in total and the Meet and Greet twice, the last meet and greet was the best, because we had so much time, it was at Casino Rama in Orillia, I hope they come back to the Toronto area again.

    • I am glad that you were able to see Il Volo this year… Their concerts were better than ever… Talk about getting better each and every time you see them… The first time I saw them in concert, I thought they were the best entertainers on the planet… Then I saw them this year and OMG, they were better than before… They just get better with age and more gorgeous too… How that can be, I just don’t know, but they do it… They give everything they have to us fans with each performance… I cannot wait to see them do another North America tour… The more you see them in person the more you want to see them again… I know we all feel that way…

    • I was so surprised when they added that concert to their tour… I was not planning on going to Fantasy Springs… But I must have had an angel on my shoulder and her name is Joanie… She and I communicated and she wanted to go to the Pachenga concert and it was sold out… I had two extra tickets to Pachenga so she scooped them up, and then said she had one extra ticket for Fantasy Springs… I jumped on that one and all was right in our Il Volo world.. It was just meant to be… We truly had the time of our lives …

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