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Does it seem to you that we have written about Piero and Gianluca a lot lately?   It’s true we have!   There’s a reason for that.   I don’t much like that other one.   Don’t be angry, please, but the young guy is a clown who’s going to break his neck jumping off high things like concert stages,  stairs,  piano’s,  etc.   That crazy lad likes to drive and ride all kinds of stuff including Planes, horses, race cars, Vespa’s, Harley’s, and homemade mini-bikes to name just a few. 

He even recently tried to play on our sympathies with his arm in a sling… Saving a kid by wrenching his own shoulder. I didn’t buy that phony maneuver. 

DSCN1062 a   

He tries to play a multitude of instruments… Some very badly.   Did you hear him on that saxophone?  Yikes!  And with poor Gianluca trying to sing!
DSCN1056 a
He loves dogs, kids and his mom  (Eww, grow up fella). 

Some people think he’s all that and handsome in black.  Not me!  Plus he’s covered with tattoos and not one of them has my name on it.  (I know I said one did, but I  lied.)

DSCN1388 a

He isn’t an American!  He’s ItalianHe speaks Italian.  He eats Italian.  He breathes Italian air.  He even sings with an Italian accent…Is that suppose to be romantic or something?  

And now he thinks he’s in love and it isn’t with me?

DSCN1060 a

He’s really nothing but a tall, nicely built, hairy kind of guy who can sort of sing.  Truthfully I can hardly stand to look at him or listen to him.  I can barely tolerate being around him at a M&G or in my dreams…I mean nightmares.   So that’s why we don’t often write about whats-his-name.

DSCN1049 a


56 thoughts on “What’s – His – Name… ~ Marie”

  1. Buorngiorno a tutti! After reading this post, one song comes to mind….”wild thing – you make my heart sing…!” Such a gioia to wake up to this morning! Grazie, mama! 🙂 ♡

      1. Mary, if you recall, that is the name of the female version of igna’s cologne. Aqua di gio, spelling may be off?

    1. Jana, I’ve been referring to him as “Wild Thing” for a looooong time…fits him so well, huh? 😀


      1. Oh Marie, you just gave me my smile for the day! Pointing out all, well almost all of Ignazio’s wonderful attributes. I think he would smile with those beautiful dimples if he knew how loved he was.

      2. Your nose is growing Marie and I know because us pirate folk are clever like that! Liar, liar, pants on FIRE!

  3. This really has to be a very big joke! Nobody could say these things about one of our boys and go on living. We know you really love him madly!

      1. Marie, glad to know you were just kidding cuz for those of us who don’t really know you, or frequent this site much, those were shocking words!! I came to my senses when I realized that no one with any sense would dare write such things about (our) “hunny bunny” on this blog (for lack of a better term). Am glad to share the love of our funny man with all, even tho secretly I’d rather have him to myself. Just glad we’re both in the sisterhood.

  4. I was there the night he injured his shoulder. He was holding a child & tripped on stage wires. If he hadn’t twisted his body & taken the fall on his shoulder, he would have fallen on the child & crushed the young boy!

  5. I believe this is what is called “tongue in cheek” because we know you love what’s his name, just as you love Piero and Gianluca.

  6. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!!! Too late, Marie. You’ve already exposed your true feelings about Mr. Dimples. Just keep on dreaming…..

    1. Mary Bohling you took the words right out of my mouth. The lady does indeed protest too much!! We all know she took the bait and grabbed Piero’s well exercised beautifully formed ( Uh-em I am getting carried away here) tushie but didn’t she grab Mr Dimples too? She can’t fool us! Liar, liar pants brazenly on fire!

  7. Ha, ha, ha, Marie! You gave me a good laugh this this morning! I needed a good laugh, is anybody else missing our charming trio?!? They are in South America which is far away & I have no idea when I will see them again!!!

    1. Yes, Anne, I agree they are too far away. It will be
      quite a while I think before they come back to the
      states. I see them on DVD and listen on youtube
      and cd every day. I attended my first concert and
      M & G March 20, 2016. What a thrill it was. I look
      forward to my next concert with great anticipation.
      I love IL VOLO.

  8. Lord, that nose is really growing longer and longer with those whoppers. You may need a tent to house the nose. So you don’t like “what’s his name” ? Is his name – NORMAN or CLYDE ?

  9. Oh, Marie! Did you mention the “DIMPLES”? Hey, I’ll take him, dimples and all! Had ahold of him at the M &G, but someone pried him loose!! P.S. love your post AND Mr. WHATSHISNAME! ,♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Marie, since you don’t love WhatsHis Name😄😄😄😄 I will be happy to take your place in line at the M&G’s and go through the line for you AND Me, and also pull him away from you anytime you get too close to the guy with the flashing eyes , dimples , and smile that lights up a room!!!
    I sure hope if Ignazio reads this, he will know you’re just joking! We all know you LOVE him, just as much as the rest of us do!!😍😍💖💖💖💘💞❤️

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Marie, but you absolutely DO NOT love him more than the rest of us!!😄

      2. But I must!!! ❤❤❤ You mean to tell me he curls everyone’s toes? 👄👄👄

        Maybe Prese’s right… Let’s rumble! 👹

  11. Thank you , Marie, for the dose of ‘Ivolo therapy’; (I needed that after the M&G picture of him & his gal suddenly appeared all over the place !). At first reading, I thought you were deadly serious! By the way, I’m a relatively new victim of the Il Volo Spell; I fell under it, first, via Piero’s charm(s), but when I saw that little video of ‘What’s-his-name’ kissing on that precious puppy, I disgusted myself with my apparent fickleness, for I suddenly started noticing ‘What’s-his-name’ a lot more. (Am I the only one who thinks that that little, black puppy stuck his paw into his Papa’s mouth at the end of the video? So funny!). Being a major animal lover, I’m afraid that Piero is now in second place, which is still a shock to me. (I think there’s a great, spiritual lesson in all of it). Marie, may you be referring to Señora Catarina as your ” Mother-in-law” in your next life. You & What’s -his-name would get along like the proverbial ‘house on fire’: You’re both witty. fun & forces to be reckoned with! P.S. I actually love & admire all three of those special, young men, too). Il Volo Flight Crew: you’re all awesome! Love it here!

  12. and now that I’m a ‘ not too poor widow ‘ I plan to either have him deliver pizzas from his sister’s pizzeria [ in Sicily ] or I will go live there [ Sicily ] and have him be my waiter = when he retires from singing. He did say if it hadn’t been for winning , along with Piero and Gianluca , and now in showbusiness = he would probably would have been a pizza baker in his sister’s restaurant.

  13. Thank you all for your comments, especially the humorous ones!
    Sometimes we get real serious here and I feel like I need to throw in something a little silly, a little funny, even a little shocking!

    I apologize to those of you who thought I could be serious. I hope never to invite anything here so negative unless it is a joke. I don’t feel too badly about it though… It means I did a pretty good job of trashing the love of my life!

    1. For those of us who.sometimes,have a hard time letting go, you did us a big favor, Marie! He needed a good thrashing! LOL! I know I certainly feel better now!

  14. Marie this is great ! Who told Ignazio it was ok to fall in love with someone else? And not one of us! Ok I know I am old enough to be his grandma, but I can still love him!

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