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Hey Everyone!

Tonight is concert night in Paraguay, so while we wait for the lights to come up on the show, let see what’s out there in Il Volo Land…




Cronica Tv Video

Media is a big part of Il Volo’s job, as we all know.  See what they had to say before their show in Argentina with Cronicatv:

* English Translation: An Intimate Chat with Cronica Television Before Performing in Argentina  ~~ Translated by Alejandra




An Interview with ABC TV Paraguay

This one isn’t translated, but does anyone else love simply listening to them talk?  No?  Is that just me?

EDIT: Melissa was excited that she could get the gist of the interview and offered to translate it for us.  Enjoy!

*English Translation: Interview with ABC TV Paraguay  ~~ Translated by Melissa B.


A Note From Diego

We put out a request for volunteer translators, and someone answered our call.  Please welcome Melissa who will be expanding her growing Italian vocabulary in the best way she can think of: translating the words of Il Volo and the world around them!

Her first note: one that was shared with me from Diego Basso Direttore d’orchestra

Diego Basso Direttore d'orchestra
Diego Basso Direttore d’orchestra


Esattamente due mesi fa “in volo” verso l’America e l’inizio di una straordinaria avventura


* English Translation: Exactly two months ago ‘in flight’ to America and the start of an extraordinary adventure.. ~~ Translated by Melissa B.





Flashback Friday

No intro needed.  Enjoy!


~~ Kelly

24 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Non-Concert News”

  1. Thank you, I didn’t see that english translation so I am not sure if it was just me or something didn’t translate. I loved the Flashback Friday of EL Triste. Such a great song for them to present before such a good crowd

    1. It’s not just you. I’ve loaded the link 3 times, and it continues to fail…
      I’m going to try a 4th time… *fingers crossed*

  2. I also loved the flashback Friday to El Trieste I wish they would record this song on an album it would be so great. And a big welcome to Melissa.

    1. Thank you so much, and you’re VERY welcome for the translation! 🙂 The guys are so special to me, and it’s an honor to get to ‘break the language barrier’ and share their words with everyone.

    2. I love El Triste and enjoy watching the video of them singing it for Jose Jose which was so touching. It is on a Deluxe Edition of Il Volo Mas Que Amor which also has a DVD from a concert. I had their Il Volo Mas Que Amor but bought this version also for El Triste. Although Gianluca’s suit is not something I usually would like, on him anything looks good and it certainly catches your eye.

    3. El Triste is on the Edicion Deluxe of Il VOLO Mas Que Amore Deluxe Latin Edition CD + DVD. It says on the cover in a white banner diagonally across the lower right hand corner “Deluxe Latin Edition CD + DVD Includes a special version of the timeless classic El Triste plus Never Before Seen Live Concert Footage.
      Which is NOT a full length DVD but 9 songs from concerts in Latin America.
      You might still be able to find it on Amazon. There were so many different editions of the We Are Love CD that all clues are helpful in finding the one you are looking for. The lettering of the words IL VOLO is RED. 3 other ones are white and the one with the Christmas songs is blue–this is the only RED one. I hope you can find it!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂 Il Volo is special to me, and it’s an honor to share their words the best I’m able!

  3. Thank you Kelly and welcome Melissa!

    El Trieste is one of my favorite numbers, and in my opinion, one of the guys strongest songs. I will never forget the first time I heard them sing it with Jose Jose in the audience. It moved me to tears.

    1. You’re very very welcome! I just love the guys so much, it’s an honor to translate their words. 🙂 El Triste is one of my favorites too, and sooo perfect for their voices (but then, isn’t everything?heeheehee 😉 )

  4. more…When you think about doesn’t seem that long ago they performed El Trieste on that stage, but if you look at those baby, clean shaven faces you can see it was a while back. Ignazio’s mustache hadn’t even filled out yet! They looked so handsome (as they do today)! Do you also remember the hugs at the end?

    Note that I am pretending to love Gianluca’s blue shiny suit.

    1. Marie, I wept too during that performance. It’s when I knew for sure I was in love. 🙂

      I’m also not a fan of that particular suit… 🙂

    2. Marie – re: blue shiny suit – I first saw that suit in L.A. and after the concert I asked him about it and he said he loved to be “avant garde” in fashion but that thing felt like he was in an oven all night. He was drenched .

  5. Kelly, wonderful post. El Trieste was a real treasure to see and hear again. I’ll stick my neck out here and say I kind of liked the blue suit. 🙂 Maybe it’s that I just love they are so comfortable with who they are…they wear what they want…and don’t fall into fashion trend pressures…also, they are Italian and I think dress MUCH classier than young American singers do. Such a breath of fresh air in oh so many ways!

  6. Thanks Alejandra and Melissa for yours translations for us and for the time that you spent on it . Good job, ladies ! 🙂 Wishing you all the best and a lot of energy and enthusiasm for your work. 😉
    El triste is beautiful, but sad song that ( sometimes) makes you cry, when you are thinking on people, who were close to you, and now are in heaven…

    1. You’re so very welcome. 🙂 It’s an honor. Il Volo has changed my life, and it feels right to ‘give back’. 🙂

      1. It is fantastic how positive influence has Il Volo music for so many people all around the world, it is simply the magic of their performance and charm of their personalities ! And their message about love, as said Piero, is so true and really necessary in this world.There is never enough love in the world, we need still to enlarge love vibrations between humans, between all living things, between us and nature, Earth …I’m also a little helping with contribution to this site, spreading the love of music Il Volo. 🙂
        Sincere greeting to you.

  7. It’s my pleasure to translate! 😊 It’s amazing to me how well they speak spanish. They speak it better than I do and I’M Mexican!
    I just watched the other video link that Kelly provided and Gianluca says almost the same thing about bringing a different genre to young people…
    Piero said the following, “This year we began our world tour of, more or less, 100 concerts. It began the 6th of January and will end in July in Mexico. It’s a long tour, it’s difficult, but we’re doing what we love to do”.

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