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In these days, many fan pages have published a video with the reactions of those who listen to the songs of Il Volo.

I have already made a post with this type of video, but I have done a search and I have seen that many other videos have been made and they are really very instructive, yes, because it is nice to see the reactions, in particular of the faces, of those who listen to the voices of our boys the first time. 😊 

Let’s start with the reaction to listening to GRANDE AMORE (Eurovision).


And now, the reaction to listening another beautiful song: EL TRISTE.


Let’s continue with MUSICA CHE RESTA.

And finally, this nice video.

It is truly surprising to see the enthusiasm of those who listen to the beautiful voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Everyone particularly appreciates collective harmonies, because when their voices come together, they take us to fantastic places of ideal beauty.

In a world where, unfortunately, there are also many bad things, fly with your imagination where only Il Volo can take you.  ✈ 🌟 ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ Non-Concert News

Hey Everyone!

Tonight is concert night in Paraguay, so while we wait for the lights to come up on the show, let see what’s out there in Il Volo Land…




Cronica Tv Video

Media is a big part of Il Volo’s job, as we all know.  See what they had to say before their show in Argentina with Cronicatv:

* English Translation: An Intimate Chat with Cronica Television Before Performing in Argentina  ~~ Translated by Alejandra




An Interview with ABC TV Paraguay

This one isn’t translated, but does anyone else love simply listening to them talk?  No?  Is that just me?

EDIT: Melissa was excited that she could get the gist of the interview and offered to translate it for us.  Enjoy!

*English Translation: Interview with ABC TV Paraguay  ~~ Translated by Melissa B.


A Note From Diego

We put out a request for volunteer translators, and someone answered our call.  Please welcome Melissa who will be expanding her growing Italian vocabulary in the best way she can think of: translating the words of Il Volo and the world around them!

Her first note: one that was shared with me from Diego Basso Direttore d’orchestra

Diego Basso Direttore d'orchestra
Diego Basso Direttore d’orchestra


Esattamente due mesi fa “in volo” verso l’America e l’inizio di una straordinaria avventura


* English Translation: Exactly two months ago ‘in flight’ to America and the start of an extraordinary adventure.. ~~ Translated by Melissa B.





Flashback Friday

No intro needed.  Enjoy!


~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ Chillin’ — and Working — Chihuahua Style Part Two: Chihuahua

"To Chihuahua...Tonight Concert"; @piero_barone
“To Chihuahua…Tonight Concert”; @piero_barone


Hey, y’all!

Did you get some sleep?  No?  Well, grab a cup of coffee and your running shoes:  The Guys have got a busy day!


Press Conference


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Highlights from the press conference and concert

By egochihahua

People Who Take Drugs are Stupid

Click here —> http://www.segundoasegundo.com/sas/?p=124712

Translation (provided by <3 IL Volo <3 Pittsburgh fan club Facebook):

The wait is over and the tenth edition of the International Chihuahua Festival began today with a press conference with Il Volo, the great trio of young Italians, who said they were happy to be the ones who will open this great festival.

They said that Mexico is a great country and that it is one of the countries where they most want to share their culture, their music with their fans there.

Also, they said that they felt that young people are not the future but that they are the present world, and there is not much difference between the young people there than in their native country, Italy.

They said they have never tried drugs, and that that is for “stupid” people and that the only “drug” for them is music, something they enjoy doing, which shows with their songs and when they are on stage.

They further said that having money and fame at such a young age is a great responsibility, because now their lives are public, and everything they do is captured on camera. They enjoy their lives but reiterated that it is a great commitment, because they are an example for other young people.

Il Volo consists of three male Italian singers: Piero Barone , Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, who sing classic songs, as well as pop songs, in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

The trio was formed after they participated as three individual singers in the second edition of the Rai 1 talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone in 2009. They are the first band of Italian origin to sign a contract directly with a major U. S. record company, Geffen Records, part of Universal Music Group.

Beginning promptly at 8 PM tonight in the Plaza Mayor they will be giving a great show. The concert is free and will inaugurate the tenth edition of the International Chihuahua Festival.


Off to the venue for sound check!  Everyone still good?   😀


Getting Ready; a look at the venue

By Tiempo TV Noticias

Sound Check; Un Amore Cosi Grande

By Martin Daniel Parra


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Nap time!  Then get pretty for tonight!    😉



Il Volo Sets Record For Largest Audience in Chihuahua; Conciertos de Chihuahua; Athina Angelopoulos

Click here –> http://conciertosdechihuahua.tumblr.com/post/93699373577/rompe-record-de-asistencia-noche-inaugural-de-festival

25 Thousand Tonight...!; @piero_barone
25 Thousand Tonight…!; @piero_barone

Click here for a review of the concert from All About Il Volo —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/08/il-volo-concert-in-chihuahua-review/


Tous les visages de l’Amour, Mas Que Amor,

La luna hizo esto

By purelove46 (see her YouTube channel for more videos:  http://youtu.be/LbBhrI88OsU?list=UUp_rFmd2vQXab52rTSEKTYQ )


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Click here —> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.665327356870096.1073741930.401699279899573&type=1 for the complete Fernando Fabela album at All Things Il Volo


Besame Mucho

By Pamela Dour

El Triste; Segundo a Segundo Facebook; shared by <3 IL VOLO <3 Pittsburgh fan club

Granada; Segundo a Segundo; shared by All Things Il Volo

Translation: “Masterful presentation of iL Volo in the Plaza Mayor in Chihuahua, in the framework of the International Festival of 2014”  Highlight video; Conciertos de Chihuahua;  by Athina Angelopoulos

Well, it’s time to say, “Goodbye.”  What a whirlwind trip–but such a success!  Congratulations, Guys!



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Fireworks in Chihuahua; @giangionoble11

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Gianluca Ginoble (@gianginoble11) on

From Ignazio: Nuestras fan de Mexico (Our fans in Mexico)!!!!; shared by All Things Il Volo



~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ Gearing Up for the Latin Billboards

Hey Everyone!

The Guys hit Miami this week, first for the taping of Sabado Gigante (we expect a full report, LeeLee!  ;D ) and then for the big party,




How exciting is this? 😀   We know Il Volo has been here before.  Last year they walked the red carpet (looking very much the part, in my humble opinion) and actually performed, receiving the only standing ovation of the night. In a tribute to Mexican singer and musician, Jose Jose, they brought down the house with a rendition of his famous, “El Triste”, a song that speaks of the deep sadness one feels at the loss of a loved one.

In case you somehow didn’t get to see or hear that awesome performance, please enjoy this sound recording (just close your eyes and feel the power) courtesy of our affiliate,

Team Il Volo, here —> https://soundcloud.com/stream

Or if you really want to see the performance as well,

Click here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAu1zTbAocE  (courtesy of IlVoloVEVO)

This year, Il Volo will attend the awards as nominated artists in two categories:

1.) Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Calibre 50
La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho
Voz de Mando


2.) Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Jesse & Joy
Los Bukis

According to Wikipedia, Mana’ is the reining winner in both categories.  Is this Il Volo’s year to take the crown?

auditions-free-logoSo if this isn’t enough excitement for the residents of Miami and Florida at large (no…I’m not bitter…not even a little bit…), there was one more very exciting opportunity available to them.  A Miami Talent Agency was hired to fill a few of the red carpet fan slots for the show.  About 70 people were chosen and will be given a ticket to the show after The Red Carpet is complete.   According to the email (which contains instructions on who should and how to submit your name, and which you can view here —> http://www.auditionsfree.com/2014/latin-music-billboard-award-show-now-casting-red-carpet-audience/  ), the talent was chosen in the week of April 8th.  Please tell me some IlVolovers made the cut!

Be sure to stay tuned on April 24th.  The show airs live at 7 pm on Telemundo.

To learn more about this years awards show,  or to read the complete articles about topics in this article, see the links below!


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