In these days, many fan pages have published a video with the reactions of those who listen to the songs of Il Volo.

I have already made a post with this type of video, but I have done a search and I have seen that many other videos have been made and they are really very instructive, yes, because it is nice to see the reactions, in particular of the faces, of those who listen to the voices of our boys the first time. 😊 

Let’s start with the reaction to listening to GRANDE AMORE (Eurovision).


And now, the reaction to listening another beautiful song: EL TRISTE.


Let’s continue with MUSICA CHE RESTA.

And finally, this nice video.

It is truly surprising to see the enthusiasm of those who listen to the beautiful voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Everyone particularly appreciates collective harmonies, because when their voices come together, they take us to fantastic places of ideal beauty.

In a world where, unfortunately, there are also many bad things, fly with your imagination where only Il Volo can take you.  ✈ 🌟 ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

36 thoughts on “LISTENING REACTIONS by Daniela”

  1. I’m 81 years old and listen to Il Volo everyday. They make my heart happy. I think I have all of their recordings. The top of my bucket list was to see them in person. I finally did this past February in Detroit. My only regret was that I didn’t have front center seats. I love them.

  2. Daniela, thank you for always coming up with something new to lift our spirits during this difficult time of the virus. I did watch the utube on the voice expert who was amazed at the quality of their voices..and it was a performance of eight years ago!!

    1. Occasionally, we must also remember to smile, Ann Marie. Have you seen the Italian concerts are postponed to next year ….. we will wait !!

  3. We love to see them appreciated for their talent. Something the Italian (some) journalists seem to have a hard time doing!

    1. And I always wonder, RosaMarie, but only our “experts” don’t have good ears ????
      Last year a journalist wanted to convince them to change the musical genre …. unheard of !!

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this morning’s boost!! I have seen some of these videos before. And yes I too love seeing their reactions and the Wow looks on their faces as the song plays. I also read somewhere that when our guys were asked to sing El Trieste they only had a short period of time to prepare!! What a performance!! And Jose Jose gave them an enthusiastic applause at the end of their performance that says it all!!

    1. Annette, the faces of these listeners speak for themselves !!
      Even with little time to prepare, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, know how to give their best, it was like that for NOTTE MAGICA too, they are very professional.

  5. Daniela and Pat, I don’t know how to say how much I enjoyed your recent post with all the videos and enthusiastic reactions from the radio personalities to the giant, well-known celebrities. I have the same smile on my face and my heart skips several beats each time I listen to Il Volo. When I finally made it to their concert at Radio City Music Hall, I think I must have jumped out of my seat after each song to cheer “bravo” and clap.

    They are amazing and we need to find a much greater word to describe them and their magical voices. I believe an Italian word would perhaps be best–the Italian language is so beautiful, it is like a song..

    To Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca–I send you my enthusiastic, heartfelt appreciation and love. Keep on soaring to the sky–Il Volo is a perfect name for your group.

    With my respect for your talent, and you are a treasure and I say bravo to you every day.

    Your forever faithful fan,

    Elisa Marie from Warwick, NY

    1. Elisa, I’m glad you liked the post. Daniela comes up with some of the best ideas! I also seem to need another, more encompassing, word to describe our guys of IL VOLO. I think they are heavenly! 😊👼🏻

    2. Elise, I also was jumping out of my seat clapping and cheering after every song at Radio City Music Hall! I did have a very good seat and I believe Gianluca and Piero both gave me a few thumbs up when they saw me! I try to get a seat on the end so I hopefully don’t bother anyone sitting behind me when I jump up. The audience loved them and were very enthusiastic!

    3. You’re right, Elisa Marie, I have to think about what the right word might be.

      What a joy to see in the video, the listener who showed goosebumps while listening to their voices.

  6. That was so much fun to watch Loved the expressions on the faces and loved how fantastic they thought they were. We have known it all along so really no surprise how much they were impressed..They are the best there is

  7. En esta cuarentena aqui en Baja México todos los días me acompañan Ignazio, Gianluca y Piero. Gracias cuídense mucho

  8. I concur with Sharon81!
    Thank you for sharing these reactions and perspectives! IlVolo=Happy ❤️

  9. Well, ladies, that was a lot of fun! And great to hear all the compliments for “our” guys. Plus those are three of my favorite songs (although I have at least 17 more!) And you should see my reaction (still!) when I watch the Eurovision Grande Amore! Thanks so much.
    P.S. I’m still thinking about Daniela’s meeting Marcello Mastroianni!

    1. Judi, when I watch Eurovision 2015, my reaction is still angry today, they stole their victory !!

      About Mastroianni, sometimes I think, but at least a small autograph I could get it done.

  10. Thank you Pat and Daniela for another great and interesting post! I especially enjoyed the music teacher’s reaction and his stating how well trained their voices are! I don’t know much about music, but I knew they were extraordinary after seeing their first PBS special when they were so young. And when I watched them sing “Grande Amore” in Sanremo, I just thought this song is so incredible! Of course, I was very nervous for them but they never ever disappoint. I believe that we all just knew instinctively how talented these three lovely men are!

    1. Margaret, also on the evening of Sanremo 2015, when I heard GRANDE AMORE the first time I thought wow wow wonderful !!
      You knew what to expect, but I still didn’t know them well and it was a great surprise.

  11. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the post and videos. It’s always nice to hear such enthusiastic words about IL VOLO and the talent of our guys, especially from the professionalists. I love them and I’m very happy that so many people all over the world apreciate these incredible talented artists. Grazie mille

    1. You know what, Jolanta, when we see and hear these compliments, we all gloat, as if they were our children or grandchildren …… but maybe they are. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much Daniella. These beautiful young men have taken me to so many places that I could only imagine. When I saw them in person last February, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. They are beyond incredible live. They truly make my heart sing with joy each time I listen to them. A gift from God is the only explanation for their amazing talent. I am in love.

    1. Barbara, it is always a great emotion, to be able to hear Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca live.
      Their voices are beautiful on CD, but live is an incredible experience.

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