IL VOLO and FIAT 500 by Daniela

Lately we have seen several photos with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in the famous Italian micro car the beautiful FIAT 500.

Fiat 500

But let’s do a little history.

In July 1957 the FIAT (Italian Automobile Factory Turin) presented the 500, a very small utility vehicle with a two-cylinder engine and a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

The new car featured rounded lines, a 479 cc engine with 13 horsepower, a length of 2.97 meters, a sunroof in waterproof fabric, two front seats and a small bench behind. The price was 490,000 lire equal to approximately 13 salaries of an Italian worker of those times.

Over 4 million specimens were sold. It was the first car for hundreds of thousands of motorists. Of course, there was no shortage of special and sporty versions.

The production of this car ended in 1975.

At that time, the 500 car, for the Italians, represented having reached full autonomy, it was the dream after the house.

For this reason, even today, it is completely “venerated”, looked at with respect, remembered with affection by everyone, very small, but of great value, so much so that in recent years a larger version has come out that respects its forms .

These are the reasons why the 500 it is often used in images, because however it was a “status symbol” that made the history of Italy.

And here is why it is a pride to take a photo with the 500, because it expresses the “made in Italy”, as well as IL VOLO……. two Italian prides.

This is the reason why Piero, to sponsor the tour of his beautiful NARO, has chosen to be immortalized aboard a 500, which is also very suitable for traveling the narrow streets of Naro.

And here, Piero and his friend Dario, in front of Chiaramonte Castle of Naro, wants everyone to return to beautiful Sicily soon.

Reposted from @soulsicilytravel – After this sad period, we can restart visiting our lovely Sicily. We hope to see you soon!! ❤️ ☀️  

Here’s Piero driving the 500.

It is really a very small car, at that time it seemed completely normal, but to look at it now it is really very, very small.

Instead in this advertising spot, IL VOLO presents the new version of the 500. The shapes are the same, but certainly wider.

This was a commercial made to sensitize young people, so that they do not drive with the stereo at high volume (as often happens), because it could divert attention. To demonstrate this Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca take turns in the parking lots, with the other two singing loudly and the results are evident !!

To hear the unmuted version of this video, please – Click Here

Piero exults! The parking lot race is won by him!

I = (towards Gian who is disappointed) But why, did you think you had won?

G = No …… but …..

I = To you, the car has turned off 500 times.

G = But why are you going against me, celebrate for him (Piero)

I = Why he (Piero) is to be ignored!

P = I greet the small car (and he kisses the car).
Thanks Mom.

I = And anyway there’s something rigged here, and it’s not good (he jokes because he wanted to win the race).

G = I am the best!

Even at the announcement of the concerts for the ten-year career, Il Volo made a video with the 500.

Gianluca says: “For us it is a year of great celebrations, we are celebrating our 10 year career. We try to bear the name of Italy, with our music and our voices, as does the 500, it bears the name of the Italy in the world.”

I want to finish this post with a really funny video that gives a very important message and of course, it was made with the use of the little 500.

I will summarize the meaning.

We are in a Sicilian country, immediately after the end of the Covid pandemic.

Finally you can go out of the home, with the protections (masks). But resuming the normal course of life is not easy, (here represented by the car that cannot start), there is difficulty, people have not worked, there is no money.

So the sense is that if we all give help (people who help push the car), with difficulty, but the road (even that of life) is traveled.

In addition, the video enhances the beauty of the Sicilian land and what it offers, the song says to help and buy Sicilian products …. “instead of emigrating, we hoe our wheat, because the bread is bitter, if it is not Sicilian” ….. bitter bread is understood that if you are abroad you eat bitter bread, because you think of your distant land.

Really nice video and with a very important message, in which the 500 car did its important part !!

One last thought.

When I met my husband, he had a Fiat 500 car.
Good memories …. many years ago !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

19 thoughts on “IL VOLO and FIAT 500 by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, something new and interesting. Time for a geography lesson. Is Sicily a separate country or a province of Italy proper? What is the price of a new 500 currently? Thanks

    1. Mark, Sicily is an island separate from Italy, but nonetheless, still part of the 20 Italian regions, as well as Abruzzo (where Gian lives) and Lombardy (where I live).

      Currently the new FIAT 500, the basic model, costs around 15,000 euros, less than 13 monthly payments today.
      The new FIAT 500 is the one pictured together with the boys and at the top of the photo it says Fiat & il Volo.

      1. Daniela, the map is great-love maps and now when the guys speak of this region or that region, I can look it up.Didn’t realize Lombardy was so far in the northern part of the country. How long would it take to drive the length of the country from top to bottom? Thanks.

  2. Daniela, thanks for the post of the new Fiat 500 and to those who provided the videos and photos.

    The Mini Cooper by Mercedes Benz looks like the new Fiat 500.
    Hey, Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio — you all did a great job parking and driving the new Fiat 500! I love how Piero kissed the car!

    My family in Italy back in the 60’s all drove a Fiat–we used to try to fit 5 or 6 people in that little car!! Very hard to do with the stick shift!

    As usual Ignazio was kidding around, making jokes, and making me me laugh.

    I love you all for being so proud of your Italian heritage, and your Fiat 500. I bet you have them in every color. I like red.

    With love from your fan in Warwick, NY

    Elisa Marie

    1. In fact, Elisa Marie, your right comparison, is not with the FIAT 500 to which I refer, but the FIAT 500L, it is true, it really looks a lot like the Mini Cooper, but it is not the same 500 as my post. When this model came out I immediately thought “but why did they call it 500, when there is already the 500 and this one looks like the Mini?”

      Yes Ignazio is really fun! 🙂

  3. Love that little Fiat 500! That would be a blast to drive. The videos were so much fun including the spirit of helpfulness and joy in the face of challenge. Thanks for lifting spirits today.

    1. Jeanette, the old 500 really a small car, but it is very difficult to drive, because it has no synchronized gearbox.
      If the post and the videos have brought joy, I’m happy.

  4. I would like to add a post script. to my 6/14/20 post regarding the new Fiat 500 and Il Volo video.

    I said the new Fiat 500 looks a lot like the MINI COOPER MADE BY MERCEDES BENZ,..NO, IT IS MADE BY BMW. Just to clarify,

    I always preferred the BMWs, they are more powerful–I have owned an SLE convertible. and many BMW’s, and now everyone here owns BMW’s, Mercedes, Jaguars, Teslas, etc.

    I wish I had owned aTestarossa in my youth. My husband was a big fan of the best and most expensive cars, but he has passed away, so now cars mean nothing to me. Testarossa means “redhead” in Italian!

    Elisa Marie

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Elisa Marie !!
      Testarossa is Ferrari, damn it is a fantastic car and very, very expensive. Only a few have a Testarossa.
      Testarossa in Italy, means Ferrari car, and this car is red, a beautiful red that gave its name to the color, in fact today it is called Ferrari red color.

  5. Really enjoyed both videos…so entertaining. Loved learning about the old Fiat 500. Thanks for all the info.

  6. Really great Daniela. I remember years ago being on the autostrada up from La Spezia and seeing this tiny little car coming along with a piano strapped to the top, amongst other things, and it had Sicilian number plates .How they managed to drive I do not know as it looked to be top heavy. A sight i will never forget. !!

    1. Marion, you must have laughed a lot. Once it was quite normal to see this small car, and above it, tables, chairs, mattresses, because this small car was like a donkey, small but strong !!

  7. Daniela:
    The picture of Piero and his friend Dario, in front of Chiaramonte Castle of Naro, recalled travelling to Naro last year. We would like to visit Naro near future again.
    Kumiko & Yukio

    1. Yes, Kumiko and Yukio, I have also been to Naro and I liked it very much. Too bad what happened this year because you have tickets to Taormina, but nothing has been confirmed or canceled yet for the Italian concerts of Il Volo. 🙂

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