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Music Notes ~~ Il Volo – Raising the Bar – Raising the Standards ~By Myron Heaton

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Il Volo is having an influence on the pop music world even though it is rather small
right now. However, I am confident it will grow as time goes on. How is that? It has
to do with the way they keep perfecting their art. The answer later in this article.
First let me start with this premise: the human voice is too often taken for granted and
poorly treated partly because it is an instrument inside us and not tangible like a violin
or clarinet or piano, etc. Everyone can sing and, in fact, you are doing a form of
singing when you talk. It is the same set of muscles, and you are using pitches when
you talk- just not a lot of different ones. But with all that as a given, a person is not
born with the knowledge of how to use the voice to the best of its ability. Training is
If you are given a violin or clarinet or piano and want to play it to the best of your
ability, you take lessons from a trained and degreed expert – i.e. a private teacher with
a B.A. Or Master’s degree – and learn all of the proper methods and techniques needed
to produce great quality. A singer – just as with those instruments – should take
private lessons and put those techniques to good use. You are taught by a voice
teacher (advanced is a voice coach) with a Master’s degree in vocal pedagogy ( rough
definition: the science and craft of teaching the art of singing) . Yes, anyone can sing,
and some are born with a wonderful natural instrument which they put to use with
little or no knowledge of good techniques while others take that wonderful natural
instrument and add the proper training and end up with an incredible instrument of
limitless beauty, power, grace and elegance.
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IL VOLO ‘ s place
Each of these guys at a very young age had the love and passion of singing instilled in them either by their grandpa (Gianluca and Piero) or by the family and community
they lived in (Ignazio) or both (all three). Each of these boys was blessed by God
with a magnificent natural instrument. They had parents that were smart enough and
caring enough to realize that such natural beauty deserved proper training and got
them good voice teachers. Those same parents needed to provide the support and
emotional space to allow them to grow artistically. Takes a lot of patience from the
parents some times. Then comes the contests and festivals and competitions (more
parent partnership).
Picture credits to Don Ercole andMundial
Picture credits to Don Ercole and Mundial
As the group was finally put together as Il Volo, they added a voice coach to sustain
the great work already started and, also, to teach them how to preserve and protect
those wonderful instruments. When you ruin a clarinet you go out and buy a new one
but when you ruin your voice you are done. You can’t buy a new one.
With all this work going on we, the public, have been enjoying wonderful pop music
(with a classical flair ) presented to the heights of quality and perfection. Since they
are so young and not in their 30’s or 40’s, they get more attention from all ages. The
youth thing really works in their favor so well. The result is that they have become
very popular with a wide variety of ages in the USA.
This has not escaped the attention of some well established big names. Barbra
Streisand had planned a tour in 2012 but after hearing Il Volo and seeing what their
coach has done, she decided to add a coach to her prep work for the last 4 months
prior to tour. Recently, I have read that Justin Timberlake has hired a voice coach to
expand the range and improve quality of his serious singing. He has mentioned
wanting to do a Broadway musical and that requires a well-trained voice. He very
much knows the “Il Volo sound” There has also been some talk amongst certain
female singers that they want to get a little of the “ Il Volo “ edge and clean up their
voice and their singing.
a - tumblr_Barb strisand
Il Volo is not the only group with good training but they are the youngest and the best
out there right now. They are having an impact on the pop music business. Gianluca,
Ignazio and Piero have raised the bar. They have raised the standards. Let’s hope that
impact keeps growing.
Picture credit Laura Batke at The mall of America
Picture credit Laura Batke at The Mall of America
Coming soon: an article looking at two of the concerts Il Volo did during the winter

Il Volo Professional ~~ Wrapping Up the Latin Billboard Awards

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been reading comments since Thursday night, and I can tell that we’re all still completely stoked  about The Guys’ win the other night.  And why shouldn’t we be?  It was so amazing!  I know we’ve all watched and re-watched this video more than once, but I think we need to have a special place for it here, don’t you? 😀


Thank you to, PauLina SaLcido


I was so proud of them from the beginning of the night to the end.  Looking so handsome and being so genuine and in the moment….



Thank you, Billboard


Thank you, LasGringasBlog


Yahoo_music_en-US_f_pw_119x34_2xIn fact, they made enough of an impression that Yahoo Music wrote an article that I was easily able to find at the top of Bing’s search results,

https://music.yahoo.com/news/il-volo-speechless-over-honor-billboard-latin-music-215542243.html <— Click Here

and they were named on “The Heartthrobs of the Night” list by Telemundo.

Click here —> http://msnlatino.telemundo.com/entretenimiento/Premios_Billboard_English/photo_gallery/2014-04/2014_latin_billboard_music_awards_the_heartthrobs_of_the_night_photos

English Simulcast; mun2.tv
English Simulcast; mun2.tv

ILVolovers the world over did their part admirably during the show, tweeting #ElPulsoBillboard for @ilvolo to keep them at the top of the list of “Most Tweets” for the night.  My lovely hosts commented on it more than once, saying, “OK.  The Il Volo fans have got this.  It’s not even a contest, and they are winning!  It’s not even close!” There was a brief moment when they mentioned that Il Volo had dropped to number three on the list, and well…let’s just say that ILVolovers took care of that! 😀 Way to rock those tweets guys!


Another honor of the night–in my opinion at least–is that they were asked to present an award as well, which they did for Latin Pop Song:

Thank you, Caty Corraliza

To me, asking Il Volo to present an award and having them walk away with a win shows an acceptance that goes beyond their adoring public.  It means that the industry has taken notice as well, and that is something that can take their already amazing career to the next level.

When I think about that, I have to think about how far they’ve come in such a short time, and have to wonder what is going through their minds.  From thinking that Ti Luscio una Canzone would be it and that they would go back to their regular lives, to celebrating their first industry award in five short years…what a journey!

And how fitting that they have come full circle…appearing on Ti Luscio una Canzone again yesterday, singing, “Il Mundo,” fresh off of such success.  I’m guessing they were an inspiration to every contestant that is currently on the show, a living, breathing example that dreams can come true.

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Pictures of yesterday’s performance were provided by Alessandro La Vela on his Facebook page,

here —> https://www.facebook.com/alessandro.lavela.77/media_set?set=a.10152359049622487.1073741853.802957486&type=1

and rough cuts of video can be found on the page of our afiliate, All Things Il Volo ,

here —> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=465091623620764&set=vb.132912800171983&type=2&theater

and Team Il Volo pointed us in the direction of this one

Thank you, manos de gianluca

Congratulations, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!  We love you; we’re so proud, and we wish that so many more of your dreams come true!


~~ Kelly




Hi Everyone,

They’re back, back right here in Miami, so exciting. I was excited enough to press my blue suit and go to the hair salon for a little touch up.  It’s been a while since Il Volo has been on the move and we missed them! Since arriving in Miami on Sunday, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have been on a whirlwind of interviews, including radio chats, Facebook chats, and TV appearances. They even had time for a little soccer on one show. You can tell they love to play the game! They appeared Tuesday night for a taping of Sabato Gigante to be aired toward the end of May. Leelee attended the taping and said they were amazing (of course), she’s going to give us a look at her evening in a post in the very near future!!        billboard1

Tonight they will be presenters at The Latin Billboards. Andrea Bocelli is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award and Il Volo will be part of the presentation!! Now, that’s going to be an emotional moment!! Remember Bocelli’s advice to Gianluca after he won Ti Lascio Una Canzone? The show will televised @ 7 Pm tonight, Eastern, on the Telemundo channel. There will be a red carpet portion too, hopefully we’ll get to see them there too!  So…..tune in!!



Gianluca tweeted 2 days ago” #miami #hot #smile #billboards2014 #excited”. The next day, “Today in #miami telemundo”. He also tweeted a nice photo!


Piero tweeted “every moment of your day is a surprise especially when you meet people like @BeatleFloyd, proud to have a fan like you, thank you” Today “LatinBiillboards is getting closer”


Ignazio tweeted “today at billboards” Last night “buonanotte”


I think it’s fair to say Il Volo loves Miami and as Leelee said “Of course they do, Miami loves them”!!

The specifics of their full tour are not available yet, we will post a s soon as we have the information! To all of you who have your tickets to the concerts in June, i’m sure it can’t come soon enough!! It’s going to be especially wonderful for those of you Flight Crew members that will be meeting each other for the first time!!


I Know Il Volo will shine tonight and make us proud of them, they always do! Love and luck tonight, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!  Fingers crossed for an Award!


Linda                     latin


Il Volo Professional ~~ Gearing Up for the Latin Billboards

Hey Everyone!

The Guys hit Miami this week, first for the taping of Sabado Gigante (we expect a full report, LeeLee!  ;D ) and then for the big party,




How exciting is this? 😀   We know Il Volo has been here before.  Last year they walked the red carpet (looking very much the part, in my humble opinion) and actually performed, receiving the only standing ovation of the night. In a tribute to Mexican singer and musician, Jose Jose, they brought down the house with a rendition of his famous, “El Triste”, a song that speaks of the deep sadness one feels at the loss of a loved one.

In case you somehow didn’t get to see or hear that awesome performance, please enjoy this sound recording (just close your eyes and feel the power) courtesy of our affiliate,

Team Il Volo, here —> https://soundcloud.com/stream

Or if you really want to see the performance as well,

Click here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAu1zTbAocE  (courtesy of IlVoloVEVO)

This year, Il Volo will attend the awards as nominated artists in two categories:

1.) Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Calibre 50
La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho
Voz de Mando


2.) Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Jesse & Joy
Los Bukis

According to Wikipedia, Mana’ is the reining winner in both categories.  Is this Il Volo’s year to take the crown?

auditions-free-logoSo if this isn’t enough excitement for the residents of Miami and Florida at large (no…I’m not bitter…not even a little bit…), there was one more very exciting opportunity available to them.  A Miami Talent Agency was hired to fill a few of the red carpet fan slots for the show.  About 70 people were chosen and will be given a ticket to the show after The Red Carpet is complete.   According to the email (which contains instructions on who should and how to submit your name, and which you can view here —> http://www.auditionsfree.com/2014/latin-music-billboard-award-show-now-casting-red-carpet-audience/  ), the talent was chosen in the week of April 8th.  Please tell me some IlVolovers made the cut!

Be sure to stay tuned on April 24th.  The show airs live at 7 pm on Telemundo.

To learn more about this years awards show,  or to read the complete articles about topics in this article, see the links below!


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