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In the absence of any news, requests for translations continue.
Albertine, sent me a video of a small interview with Il Volo and Billboard, during the presentation of the 10 years CD.
During that time there were many interviews and I had not seen this one, I enjoyed listening to it and I think you will enjoy it too when you read the translation.
Good fun!

B = Music has been, is, and will be your life.
In 10 YEARS The Best Of, there are 19 tracks that you have selected, what were the criteria that made you decide to include these tracks, and, now, there were some tracks that were not chosen and that you regretted not to have inserted in the CD?
GIAN = We have chosen very carefully, what is our repertoire, it was not so difficult to choose the most famous songs in Italy and abroad, such as “Caruso” or an aria like “Nessun Dorma”, even unreleased songs such as “Grande Amore”. It contains our whole story, from “O Sole Mio”, which was our first single, when we were 14/15 years old, up to “Grande Amore” or “Musica Che Resta”. It is a choice of songs that represents us, I would say that it is our presentation, the identity card, even for those who do not know us, this is Il Volo.
B = You are the perfect evolution of what the Italian opera singers who preceded you were: Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, a sort of 3.0 version, pop lyric, which is a little bit what happened to pop music that has winked, to the world INDIE, to then merge together and obtain excellent results.
What do you think of INDIE music? Is there anything you particularly like? Have you ever thought about a further indie-lyric evolution?
IGNAZIO = Indian is good!
PIERO = We are trying to follow the path, the message, that Pavarotti tried to do in the past with the famous “Pavarotti and friends”, to bring the belcanto out of the theaters, and to the general public.
Andrea Bocelli has been doing it for many years. We are three young 24/25 year olds who do something different, we can say UNIQUE, we try to bring this musical genre, which is part of our culture and tradition, to our peers, there are those who do not know it, they may like it or not, however, in our opinion, everyone must know what was born in our country and not.
IGNAZIO = Regardless of whether you like it or not.
PIERO = Absolutely.
We respect all genres of music. As for the INDIE, we listen to all genres of music, respect them and try to learn a little from everyone.
B = Let’s retrace these 10 incredible years, which probably, if, at the beginning of everything, you had been told about the success you could achieve, you would have thought it crazy.
The last crazy thing, in chronological order, you have done is the exhibition in Panama in front of the Pope, on the occasion of World Youth Day, January 26.
Before that experience, can you tell me, each of you, a moment that has left its mark on you?
GIAN = I start because a good moment came to mind: one of the best moments was in 2014 winning the LATIN BILLBOARD, and this is one of the most beautiful things (looks Piero and Ignazio in the face to confirm) or not, or am I wrong ? Nice, or not it?
IGNAZIO = Yes, of course!
PIERO = By the way, we can tell a nice anecdote…… always telling serious things ….. right in that event, all three, which nobody knows, we had broken pants, below (and he marks in the groin).
IGNAZIO = I don’t remember we had broken pants.
PIERO = All three, all three had broken pants.
GIAN = NO, we don’t sing with broken pants.
PIERO = It was a very delicate material. Since before the event, we walked on the “red carpet”, the material was a little worn.
GIAN = It was slightly worn.
PIERO = It was slightly, quite worn out.
IGNAZIO = So what was the anecdote?
PIERO = Receive the prize with the pants with holes in them.
GIAN = But they weren’t holes.
PIERO = They had holes in them, trust me.
GIAN = Yours.
PIERO = No, those of all three.
IGNAZIO = But if you had holes in your pants, why did you have to think that mine were holes too?
PIERO = Because they had holes in them.
IGNAZIO = They were your pants with holes in them!
GIAN = Okay, but tell us what’s your best time?
IGNAZIO + PIERO = The pants with holes!
GIAN = Come on!
PIERO = No, there are many moments, but I believe that the moment lived with naivety, the one that while you are doing it, you do not understand what you are experiencing, is that of WE ARE THE WORLD for Haiti, with Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, and all great American singers.
At that moment, we looked at each other and thought: “What are we doing here in the middle?”, however it was a good experience.
IGNAZIO = I celebrated my 17th birthday, on stage with Barbra Streisand, so …… that !!
PIERO = And at fifteen, you high-fived Steven Tyler on American Idol.
PIERO = And what did you do the day before?
IGNAZIO = What had I done ??
PIERO = It’s very funny, it still makes me laugh.
IGNAZIO = But you are strange, age hurts you.
B = Let’s talk about the tour, after you returned from Brazil, where you performed in front of tens of thousands of people,  you are ready, already in 2020, to restart with the North American Tour and you will perform in 11 countries, in places such as RCMH in New York, do you have something different in mind or some surprises to celebrate these 10 years in all these places?
GIAN = Surely we will strive not to repeat ourselves with our shows, and always do something new, it is clear, the repertoire is that, we certainly add some more songs, as we did in the DVD, adding classics, we also sing individually, everyone has the his space, we also sing in duet.
Maybe there will be some guests, as we had Alessandro Quarta guest on our tour this year, a great rock violinist, very strong.
We are working on this, even with the artistic or stage production, to enrich the show a little with many things.
B = During all these years, you have seen and visited many cities, thanks to your European and world dates. Many Italian artists have decided to move abroad, or to live there for several months a year. Is there a city that has aroused this feeling in you, or the love for your country is too much, so, will you want to stay here and have not thought about this thing? 
PIERO = It is difficult to choose a city outside of Italy. I could say San Francisco, but after a couple of months, I would definitely want to return.
IGNAZIO = It is difficult, I would never think of going to live outside Italy, I would like it as an idea, ……but I am more and more convinced,  that…. I live in Bologna and I love Bologna, today I came to Milan by car and thank you, that I live in Bologna because it is a city where you can move, without taking 40 minutes to cross the city.
GIAN = During the recordings of the first album, also of the second, we can say that we spent two years in Los Angeles, we lived for months in Los Angeles, and going back there wouldn’t be bad, or living in New York for a few months ….
IGNAZIO = You go there, then we meet.
GIAN = ….. to do a full immersion, not only for the language, which we now speak, but to experience New York, to experience a different city.
B = Guys like you, who in 10 years have conquered, and obtained what many artists will never obtain, how do they find new stimuli?
GIAN = Actually it is not true that we do not miss anything, maybe this is coming, but we have many goals, and still many dreams and desires. Also because so many things have happened, our life has allowed us to mature and grow faster, but it is clear that there are still many things, many dreams to be achieved.
PIERO = The desire to make music is great, apart from today we announced our new album, but above all the next events, the next concerts in Italy, we will sing on August 30th at the Verona Arena and September 4th at the Ancient Theater of Taormina (unfortunately both postponed for Covid) and on November 19th, we advise you not to miss our concert on Canale 5, Live from Matera.
B = Perfect, thank you very much and good luck for everything.
G + P + I = Thank you, die the wolf! (it is a way of responding to the phrase good luck)
Have you already seen and read this interview?
I know there is an automatic translator, but the words are often distorted, plus many of you can’t activate it.
I hope you liked it, and made you laugh with the squabble about broken pants!!
These guys are amazing! 😁😁😁

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Billboard Italia w/Piero! by Giovanna

Piero Barone with Stefano Fisico:

“Billboard Calling” 8 April, 2020


You can tell that the Il Volo guys are natural performers, and need an audience.  Since the shut-in situation started, they’ve been making themselves available non-stop on live-streaming, webchats, and other media, to stay in front their fans, and probably to keep their sanity as well.

Piero was in very good spirits last week on a live interview with Stefano Fisico on “Billboard Calling.”  This is a summary of their chiaccherata (chat) with a few highlights for fun.

S: Stefano remarked that yesterday they had hoped there’s be a nice sunny day today, but by last night it was obvious it was going to be wet and rainy.

P: Remarked that this is making it easier for us to stay indoors, warm and cozy.

Stefano also offered Piero his bottle of germicide hand cleaner on screen while thanking Piero for accepting his invitation and for the guys always being so kind (about making themselves available).

P:  Asked if Stefano saw the live stream last night with Ignazio.

S: “I even flagged you because you were exceptional, and sweet as usual.  I could tell you were having fun, but it’s right that you should act like that.”

P: He explains that he’s at home in Naro, in Agrigento province, and has been alone for 20 days.  He said he’s survived thanks to the microwave, because he doesn’t know how to prepare anything homemade. 

(In other Flight Crew posts, Piero has mentioned that he has not learned how to cook, no matter how hard Ignazio has tried to teach him.  In other live casts, we’ve seen that Gianluca, who also never cooked, has learned to make dairy-free banana bread and rigatoni al forno.  That’s what happens when you’re shut in with your Italian Mamma). 

P:  He explains that these days at home he has discovered things he would never have imagined he’d be doing.  He’s read a lot of books, and watched a number of TV series, because he’s never watched much TV, and has cleaned the house.  Since his Mamma and relatives always used to clean the house every 5 or 6 days, he started doing the same thing. He’s been going around the house with the vacuum cleaner, and his house is now immaculate. 

(I think it would be hilarious to photoshop a picture of Piero with a microwave, the TV remote, and the vacuum cleaner.  Maybe my son or one of you readers can help us do that.)

S:  Let’s go in order because you gave us a bunch of information.  Ok you said you watched a little TV, which you normally don’t, because you’re always on tour.  You need to take a break from all the touring.

P:  No, we couldn’t.

S:  What are you watching?

P: Narcos Mexico.  It’s pretty rough stuff.  I don’t recommend it for young kids or people who are too sensitive.  Then I watched Elite. (Stefano says that ran last year.  Piero just watched it).  Piero says “Ignazio and Gianluca recommended it and they knew it well, so I watched it and liked it.  It was really nice.  Now I’m starting to watch the series “Decine.”” 

S:  Jokes to Piero that the character Carla, from Elite, an 18 year old Spanish girl, sends her greetings. 

Piero adds that his favorite character on Elite is Nadia, who’s a really beautiful young girl.

Stefano remarks that sooner or later they must inevitably have encountered some of these celebrities on tour.

P: They a TV show did a month ago, and there one of the judges was Donna Paola, the fidanzata of Guzman on Elite.  Piero didn’t know who she was, but Ignazio did.  He adds that he only watched 2 or 3 TV episodes a day and that’s enough. It gets to be too sad.

P: These days he also plays the piano quite bit, and posts a lot on Instagram.  He recently sang “Ave Maria”.  His sister Maria records him.

S: Wanted to congratulate him and his colleagues on what they have been doing to help with awareness and the fight against COVID19.

P: Explains that when they were in the US, they were not really aware of the gravity of the situation in Italy.  When they arrived, it became very apparent what was happening.  It was like waking up, or the light going on.  He understood that if what had occurred in Lombardia, were to reach Sicily, they were not equipped to respond.  He felt it was necessary to talk about the issues and do something to save Sicily.  He got together with other artist from Agrigento in Sicily, like Daniele Magro, a great singer, and agreed to set up this fundraiser to support the hospitals in Agrigento Province, who have been using the funds to buy many needed supplies.  The response has been very positive.

Now that they understand the need to stay home, Piero felt it’s useless to complain or get nervous, because you can’t do anything.  In cases like this, you need to look on the bright side, always, even while understanding that the circumstances are sad.  For example, if you look on the bright side, there are many, many things to do at home.  One day isn’t enough to enjoy it all.  For him he’s busy, he’s content, and enjoying himself, and he’s doing really well.

P: Posted greetings were coming in from Venezuela, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, and all over Italy.  After hearing Stefano say “Mexico” Piero remarks that he’s in love with that country.  Then he spontaneously breaks into “Cielito Lindo”, in honor of the Mexican fans. 

(His voice is remarkably rich, deep, and clear, even sitting down, with no warm up!)

P: Mentions a game he’s done with Gianluca and Ignazio.  He names a pop song title or some funny lyrics, and they have to sing it in Il Volo style.  He gives Piero “Soldi di mammuta, come potrebbe essere” (“Huge amounts of money, how could it exist?”) Piero looks up the lyrics and pops off an operatic version of “We have so much money, money…”.

In response to the next title, he does the Baronebel canto version of “Rolls Royce… That’s the life I want, that’s how I want to end up.  That’s the life….”

Then he was asked for a Francesco Gabbani song “Occidentali’s Karma.”  (Francesco was the 2017 San Remo and Eurovision winner.  He is a delightful composer whose debut album was wittily entitled “Greitizt Itz” Greatest Hits?). 

Piero didn’t know this song and didn’t want to do this, but Stefano goaded him on.  He pushed him over the line telling him, it’s his own fault.  If he had seen Gianluca’s interview the other day. . .   That did it. 

Piero blurts out, “When I see that guy (Gianluca) I’m going to beat him up, I tell you.”  And for good measure, he calls Stefano a miserable wretch for making him do this.  But he did it.  The ridiculous lyrics are something to the effect of:

Le brutte intenzioni, le maleducazione, la tua brutte figura di ieri sera… (your rotten attitude, the rudeness, the lousy impression you made last night, your ungratefulness, your arrogance, you joke by putting your foot in my face…)”

Piero had to take a break from laughing too hard, while Stefano checked the posts from fans.  Piero spotted a post from a girl who apparently understood all the goofy lyrics, because she wrote “Let’s skip that and move on…”

Another fan posted “What character from an opera would you like to do?”

After mulling over the fact that there are so many, Piero decides on Cavaradossi from Puccini’s Tosca, which is one of his favorite operas.

A fan from Panama asked:  How long do you train every day?  Piero asks “Train in which way?  I get up at 9.  I have breakfast.  At 11, I train for an hour of running and one of gym workout.”  After lunch a little bit on the phone.  At 4, I takes care of business accounts, and at 5, I start an hour or an hour and a half with my voice teacher.  Then dinner.  If you want to send me Instagrams, do that around 5:30, Because at 7 I’m working on my singing lessons.”

A fan from France asks for a joke he pulled on Ignazio or Gianluca. 

P: Piero describes taking a strange orange with weird texture, and putting under Ignazio’s pillow while he was sleeping.  Ignazio knew right away who was to blame, because it’s usually Piero who harasses him. 

He wanted to be sure that the other guys weren’t watching, so he could talk about one prank he really wants to do to both of the other two sometime.  While Stefano checked who was connected, Piero decided to share it anyway, because it could be a whole year, or who knows, before this confinement ends and the other two catch up with him. 

Piero is waiting for the next time he can sneak into Ignazio’s or Gianluca’s room, hide in the closet, and chase them right back out when they come in exhausted after a concert.

His favorite joke is one the whole group did to their pianist, who has a habit of going to bed early at night.  When they were in Chihuahua, Mexico, Ignazio was able to pick the lock on the pianist’s hotel room door, because in Mexico the locks are pretty lousy.  They all went in dressed like police with flashlights yelling “Federal police, federal police” and yanked the poor, frightened guy out of bed. 

S: He recounts that Gianluca shared a story of their biggest goof-up, and wanted to know if Piero would recall the same incident. He added that it was not the one about forgetting all the French lyrics to “Tous les Visages de l’Amour.” He was referring to one that happened at a dinner.  After a few hints, Piero remembers being dinner guests somewhere.  One of the boys held a prawn by the tail, waving it in the face of the president of the historical society, and it escaped from his hand.  Piero insists it was Gianluca’s fault. 

Piero is laughing about a girl whose on-line name is “Ignazio Boschetto, Argentina.”

S: With what meal could you conquer a lady’s heart?

P:  Spaghetti ricci di mare. (Ricci di mare is the Sicilian equivalent of caviar, but from the sea urchin).  He says when it’s done well, like at a certain restaurant he likes, it’s something you don’t want to miss.  When he returns from a concert tour, one of the first things he does is go with his sister to eat at the restaurant that makes it so well.  We all know very well why he couldn’t do that this time.

  1. Asks for one good feature and one fault of each of his Il Volo colleagues.

P: (always a smart-mouth) asks, “Just one?”

S:  Asks him to start with Gianluca, because he was already interviewed, and Ignazio will be next time. 

P:  His immediate response was “What did he say about me?”  Then he says Gianluca’s most annoying quality is that he always wants to be right.  He’s like a cat that always lands on its feet.  Gianluca always wants to be the one to land on his feet (to be correct).  His best feature is that he’s so knowledgeable.  He’s always up to date on every artist, every bit of news, every score and ranking.  He knows even before Spotify, or any other music platform, everything they need to know.

P:  Ignazio’s defect is that he plays everything like an instrument, even the house doorbell.  Piero has had to beg him to stop the doorbell performance.  Also, on tour, they have rule that between soundcheck/practice and the performance, no one is supposed to touch any of the tuned/prepped instruments.  Ignoring the rules, Ignazio goes straight to the drum kit, and Alessandro often has to drag him forcibly off the kit. On the other hand, one of Ignazio’s great abilities is that he understands every technical thing in the recording studio.  For example, during this last tour, the guys were recording a song they really liked, and there was a repeated glitch/imperfection in the recorded track. The pianist and recording engineer struggled with it and couldn’t fix it.  Ignazio politely offered, “Let me deal with it,” and amazed them by getting it perfect on the first try.  Piero, who doesn’t have the patience or skill to correct technical problems, considers that they are really fortunate to have Ignazio who is so technically gifted.

Piero, still a wise guy, called Ignazio the other night just to hear him pronounce the future tense of “laurearsi” (to graduate).  (I can imagine what kind of noises Ignazio made.  The future is laureerò, which is hard to pronounce even for Italians! Honestly, I don’t know how these guys put up with each other).  Piero asked Ignazio just for a laugh, and got more than he could handle.

Of course, the Ecuador and Brazil fans (and the rest of us) wanted to hear Pieruzzo’s voice.  He chose to do “My Way”, which he usually sings as a duet with Gianluca, saying that it sets him dreaming.

Stefano offered a symbolic 92 minutes of applause, and a tip of the hat like Frank Sinatra.

S:  How much do you miss being in contact with the public?

P: That desire is constant, it never stops.  Yesterday I watched our concert at Santa Croce with Placido Domingo from 2017.  I told an interviewer backstage that the sensation I experience, and I speak also for Ignazio and Gianluca, is that there is no adjective that can describe the feeling.  There isn’t anything more beautiful than to land anywhere in the world and find there are people who have been waiting (to greet you) since 7 AM at the airport.  No matter what hour we land, I see that there are people waiting. It’s the most marvelous feeling, this unique sensation, that God has given me such a blessing.  It’s our task to keep that going forward and not quench that flame.

S:  I also asked this same question of Gianluca, because your musical perspectives are different. What international singers do you want to get to work with in person?

P:  They are so many, and Il Volo has already some beautiful collaborations with artists like Eros Ramazzoti.  There was an artist I was listening to this morning, Mercedes Sosa.

(She was an Argentine singer considered the “Voice of the Voiceless”, who died in 2009.  She sang folk material from unpublished songwriters of the South American nueva conción movement.) 

P: I like some specific things. I’d like to perform personally with Luis Miguel. (He’s known as El Sol de México), and also Celine Dion, and why not Lewis Capaldi.

The Piero described how to support the fundraiser by accessing GoFundMe® or by going to Piero’s Instagram page which has a link to the same site, to make a donation.  He asks that even if you are unable to donate, please share the information and the link to the site with others.

Finally, he asks what song does Piero suggest we sing while we wash our hands.  Piero sings “La Vita” while practicing his hand washing.

Note:  I was watching Stefano’s face, and it was obvious how much affection he has for the Il Volo guys when they speak their hearts.    I also love Piero’s face when he closes his eyes and says how much God has blessed him.

By Giovanna


And here’s a few more pictures from Jo Ann’s collection…

Pieruzzo and Igna waiting for their cue
Waiting for their cue…

Igna heckling the roof crowd
Igna heckling the roof crowd…

Thank you so much Jo Ann for your translation!!  🙂



A few days ago there was the Billboard Interview with Ignazio, I will translate roughly for you.

Initial greetings.

At the beginning they talk about the video of “VIVO PER LEI” that Ignazio made the day before (and which I will post after the interview).

Stefano asks Ignazio how he spends his days and Ignazio shows an overview of his small studio where he plays and where he can record, and where he also has a speed simulator for virtual racing with cars.

Stefano asks if when Ignazio was in Indianapolis he tried the race with the cars, but Ignazio says that when they are on tour they avoid any kind of danger, because they must be responsible.

The game begins, of Italian pop songs, sung in a lyrical tone, also done with Gian and Piero, and Ignazio admits, sincerely, that he has not seen their connections with Billboard.

Greet the fans connected by:
Brazil, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Colombia, Argentina.

Stefano asks to sing two verses of a success of Il Volo and Ignazio sings “The Best Day of My Life”.

Ignazio says that often he forgets the words of the songs before the concerts. Stefano says if they use the teleprompter in concert, and Ignazio says absolutely not. But he says that when he goes on stage, immediately all the lyrics of the songs come back to him.

So Stefano immediately brings up the story of the song “Tous les Visage de Amour” whose words they had forgotten, but Ignazio says that he had remembered his part, when instead he had to sing Piero, he remembered nothing and he continued to say the same sentence, then Gianluca had to sing and he too did not remember and then he passed the microphone to Ignazio, but Ignazio did not know the words that Gian had to sing, in short, all laughing!

Stefano asks the time they were more embarrassed at a dinner (he wants to understand if Ignazio will say the same things already said by Gian and Piero). Eventually Ignazio says they were young and still didn’t know each other well, and he and Gianluca had had a squabble, and so Gian threw the fish into the air.

Billboard Ignazio 01

Live questions begin.

A fan asks how she feels about singing songs by important artists such as Mia Martini, Mina, Battisti (Italian singers).

Ignazio says he paid tribute to Mia Martini (Almeno tu nell’Universo) because he saw the story about the life of the singer and wanted to remember it, and for him it was a great honor.

Ignazio also says that his first tribute was for Pino Daniele whom he greatly admires.

Another fan asks what nationality the most affectionate fans are in the world.

Ignazio replies that they are all affectionate, maybe there are people of some nationalities who are temperamentally inclined to do more absurd things, like chasing their cars.

Then he says that a love relationship is created between the fan and the artist even without knowing each other and he says that during concerts, wherever they are they have so much affection.

Then Ignazio compares the behavior of French fans, like girls from northern Italy and girls from Brazil like girls from southern Italy.

A girl asks what madness he would do for a woman.

Ignazio admits that he made many, because he is a very romantic type. He says he has traveled many miles for a woman and that he likes to see the smile on the woman’s face, for what he has given her. He likes to make the other person happy.

Stefano asks if he likes romantic films and Ignazio says that his favorite is Ghost and then he likes Titanic.

Billboard Ignazio 02

Another fan asks Ignazio what he likes to cook.

He replies that he likes to invent in the kitchen, but when friends are around, he prefers sushi or pizza.

Another question, Ignazio is asked what TV series he is watching

He replies “Game of Thrones”.
Stefano asks if he is also a Harry Potter lover and he confirms and says that he bought the whole series and saw it in two and a half days.

Then he asks Ignazio for a cartoon that he watched as a child and Ignazio answers “Spirit” (it’s a wild horse) and then Pokemon and Dragon Ball.

A question, asks him why he became vegan.

Ignazio replies that he does not do it only for animals, even if he loves them very much, but because he has seen that it is actually a healthier eating, and therefore it is also a personal thing.

Another question, which character of a musical work or play would he like to be.

Ignazio answers Rodolfo of la Boheme.

Billboard Ignazio 03

A good question: Stefano asks Ignazio for a quality and a defect of Gianluca and Piero.

Ignazio immediately says that the three of them complete each other, because Piero is very good in public relations and often makes meetings with Torpedine.

Gianluca has great intuitions with the musical choices. Ignazio is interested in the study-music part. However Ignazio says that every decision they make, they do it together and for the good of the group, he also says that Torpedine taught them, first of all, to manage themselves.

Ignazio doesn’t want to say flaws, on the contrary he says a beautiful phrase “Love me with my strengths and live with my flaws.”

Stefano asks if Ignazio has tattoos and he replies as many as 13, the first did it at 17, and is on the wrist, has tattooed the wind rose but on the tips he has put the initial of his family, because wherever he goes he always remembers his important point of reference, his family.

The fans’ questions continue.

What would he change about himself.

Many things, but in particular the fact that he does not have half measures, if he starts something he wants to complete it at all costs, even if physically he is tired, but he cannot postpone and finish later.

The best moments spent in Latin America.

In addition to the concerts, traveling from one place to another, because we created a very nice group with the troupe and they all had a lot of fun together.

What gives you the charge before a concert?

Before a concert he is very relaxed, then as soon as he goes on stage, he gets a lot of adrenaline.

With which international singer would you like to duet?

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, among males, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.
Ignazio says that in Los Angeles they met John Mayer, he is a very funny and special person.

Billboard Ignazio 04

Stefano asks Ignazio to give everyone the message of staying at home and Ignazio says it is time to be responsible to others so we must stay at home, above all to save others. We must be responsible and valid for the whole world, because the virus is a worldwide problem.

It is a difficult time for everyone.

Ignazio says he has prepared two short songs and Stefano tells him to sing them.

Ignazio performs on guitar: “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

At the end of the song, Stefano invites Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca to Billboard’s birthday, then asks Ignazio to show how he washes his hands, performing a song and he does it humming “Fatti mandare dalla mamma” (an old Italian song from the 60’s).

So Ignazio sings “Halleluia”.

Stefano thanks Ignazio so much for his skill and availability.

Final goodbyes.

Billboard Ignazio 05

This is the video Ignazio and Stefano talk about at the beginning.

Ignazio sings “VIVO PER LEI”, with the duo of comedians from “I soldi spicci”.

Very nice. 😁

Well Ignazio, you gave some nice answers, and you revealed some sides of your romantic character.

You always give a lot of fun and you can give the impression of a light-hearted and thoughtless boy. Instead prove that you are a mature man and with your family in your heart.

A great gift.

Thanks:  Daniela



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Gianluca made a live video while talking to Billboard Italia, with its presenter Stefano.

I will translate roughly.

Friendly greetings.

In the beginning, both compare their tufts of hair, being obliged to stay at home, they cannot access their hairdresser !!

Gianluca confirms that he is in Montepagano and shows that it is a rainy day. He says they were informed of what was going on in Italy, but until they came back, they didn’t imagine such a serious thing. They were in California, when the Fresno concert was canceled, they saw that they were canceling several events due to the virus danger, but health first of all, moreover people were afraid to go to the crowded places, and so they too, together with the production, decided to cancel the last concerts.

Gian says it is difficult to return, and not being able to embrace loved ones.

Stefano asks Gian to describe his day and he says that, having to stay at home, he trains to play the piano, and confirms that he likes Brunori, who is a good Italian singer-songwriter.

(In this video, Gianluca plays a song by Brunori Sas, entitled PER DUE CHE COME NOI)

Stefano suggests to Gianluca to make a game, he says about the titles of songs and Gian sings them in a lyrical version !!😁 ( are Italian songs with rhythm, far from lyrical)

He performs:

Rolls Royce
Occidentali’s Karma

Then they talk about Sanremo, and about Billboard’s birthday to which Il Volo is also invited, in November next year.

Stefano reads questions from fans:

What is your favorite opera?

Cavalleria Rusticana.

If you could have powers, what would you want?

The invisible cloak of Harry Potter

So they talk about Harry Potter and Gian confirms that he is a big fan of the saga.

The questions continue.

Who are your favorite actors?

Robert Downey Jr. and Natalie Portman

What was it like to duet with Belinda?

We sang with her in 2013 and it was cool.

Gianluca greets in Spanish, all the Latin American fans who are following the live.

Greetings come from all over the world.

Billboard 01

A fan asks for an anecdote that happened on tour, and Gian says that in Switzerland they continued to sing in French the same phrase of “Tous les visages de l’ amour”, because they did not remember the song.

Then in South America, he says that the audience screams a lot and so at the end of the concert, he no longer hears anything.

Another fan asks what gets him charged up before a concert?

Gian says that each time it’s like the first one, and it’s true.
He tries to interpret the songs, looking people in the eyes. For him, being on stage is like being in the most beautiful place in the world, at that moment, he enters a different parallel world.

Gian and Stefano laugh at the photo that Gian sent for Billboard, Gian says he is not sad, he made the sensual look.

Billboard 02

The series of questions continues:

How should your ideal woman be?

She must understand him with a look. Gian says that women are superior to men, that he has learned not to argue or raise his voice. He says that the man must not offend the sensitivity of the woman, but he must find the woman who understands the life of a person who travels the world and therefore has admirers. Gian admits that it is difficult to be close to a person from the world of entertainment and therefore it is up to him, not to make this condition weigh on the woman who loves him.

Gianluca sings IL MONDO. ❤️

They loose connection, while Stefano calls back he announces that on Monday he will have Piero in live connection.

Stefano asks Gian how he can buy food and he replies that he and his mom,  don’t go out, his dad, who lives nearby, buys food for them too and leaves it outside the door.

Gian explains that anyone returning from another country must make two weeks of mandatory quarantine, but to be sure, he will do three weeks.

He says he is worried about his family, but also about others.

Gian confirms that he eats protein food and then fruit and vegetables, few sugars. A plate of pasta, then, once a week a pizza or dessert.


Other direct questions:

With which international singer would you like to duet?

With Lewis Capaldi, I believe that he is one of the most beautiful voices of recent times, he is incredible.

What would you change about you?

When I look at Gianluca a few years ago, sometimes I don’t recognize myself, but now I see myself different , more mature, more man, better. Over the years I have worked on my character, even for group life, which is not easy.
However there is always something to change, but it is the time that helps us to become mature. I am happy so.

Have you ever quarreled with your companions (Piero and Ignazio)? Tell me about once in particular and then on Monday I ask Piero the same thing, let’s see if he will have the same answer.

I have a somewhat spiteful character and one evening we were very young, we were having dinner in Canada, with Torpedine and some members of the record company. We were arguing and I took the prawns from the plate and threw them in Ignazio’s face.

I will never forget this fact. I made a bad impression.

Do you have a superstitious gesture before the concerts?

Yes we shake hands and say “shit shit shit”.
It works, it gives us the right charge.

Billboard 03

Besides the piano, what other instrument would you like to learn to play?

(Gian shows a guitar) See that? A disaster, I can’t even make two notes together.

At this point Stefano asks to play another song on the piano.
Gian performs Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved”. ❤️

Stefano thanks Gian for the beautiful performance and says that he will send the video to Lewis Capaldi. So they can get to know each other.

Gian replies that it is the first time that he performs it live, and that Capaldi also has a baritone voice.

He also says that he Piero and Ignazio will often make small live songs, because they know that their fans appreciate it very much.

Stefano asks Gian, when he can go out, where he will go and he replies that he will go to his grandfather’s house, and will hug him tightly. He says that 86-year-old grandfather Ernesto is his “great love” and says that once his grandfather said to him:
“Incredible, I saw Sanremo da Modugno win and now also from my grandson”.
Gian says that when he’s out on tour, his grandfather sends him messages with whattsapp and they make video calls.

So Stefano asks Gian to sing GRANDE AMORE and Gian says they are preparing an English version.

Stefano says that Il Volo is the Italian pride, they have a large following in Italy, but even when you go abroad and you mention IL VOLO, you understand that people know them, in fact they fill the theaters.
Gian confirms that they want to bring their type of music to younger people too.

GRANDE AMORE a cappella.

Stefano asks Gian what he watches on TV.
He replies that he started watching the Star Wars saga, which he did not know and he is enjoying it very much, always after Harry Potter! 😁

Stefano asks Gian to show how he should wash his hands properly.
Gian does it while singing MUSICA CHE RESTA. ❤️

Stefano thanks Gian for the live broadcast.

Final greetings.

Billboard 04

Thanks Gianluca, for being as you are. ❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

TIME CORRECTION: Gianluca on Billboard Italia March 26 – 11a EST (16:00/4p Italy time) via Instagram!

(Sorry, I was off an hour, didn’t realize Italy hadn’t changed time yet!  It is 11a EST….)

Hello folks!

Looks like Gianluca is reaching out to his fans and will be live on Billboard Italia, via Instagram.  If you don’t have Instagram, you can go to www.instagram.com to download it.  You can also access Instagram on your computer, but I honestly don’t know if it will work for the live feed.  There are not a lot of details, but I believe Billboard Italia will be contacting Gianluca via live video on Instagram.  You will need to be sure to subscribe to Billboard Italia and wait for the notification the live feed is active.  You should get a notification that Billboard Italia is starting a live video.

So, have your questions ready!  Thank you Dani Ci for the heads up!  🙂  

(Cosa vorresti chiedere a Gianluca = What would you like to ask Gianluca?)  🙂



I’m sure it will be flooded with fans!