Gianluca made a live video while talking to Billboard Italia, with its presenter Stefano.

I will translate roughly.

Friendly greetings.

In the beginning, both compare their tufts of hair, being obliged to stay at home, they cannot access their hairdresser !!

Gianluca confirms that he is in Montepagano and shows that it is a rainy day. He says they were informed of what was going on in Italy, but until they came back, they didn’t imagine such a serious thing. They were in California, when the Fresno concert was canceled, they saw that they were canceling several events due to the virus danger, but health first of all, moreover people were afraid to go to the crowded places, and so they too, together with the production, decided to cancel the last concerts.

Gian says it is difficult to return, and not being able to embrace loved ones.

Stefano asks Gian to describe his day and he says that, having to stay at home, he trains to play the piano, and confirms that he likes Brunori, who is a good Italian singer-songwriter.

(In this video, Gianluca plays a song by Brunori Sas, entitled PER DUE CHE COME NOI)

Stefano suggests to Gianluca to make a game, he says about the titles of songs and Gian sings them in a lyrical version !!😁 ( are Italian songs with rhythm, far from lyrical)

He performs:

Rolls Royce
Occidentali’s Karma

Then they talk about Sanremo, and about Billboard’s birthday to which Il Volo is also invited, in November next year.

Stefano reads questions from fans:

What is your favorite opera?

Cavalleria Rusticana.

If you could have powers, what would you want?

The invisible cloak of Harry Potter

So they talk about Harry Potter and Gian confirms that he is a big fan of the saga.

The questions continue.

Who are your favorite actors?

Robert Downey Jr. and Natalie Portman

What was it like to duet with Belinda?

We sang with her in 2013 and it was cool.

Gianluca greets in Spanish, all the Latin American fans who are following the live.

Greetings come from all over the world.

Billboard 01

A fan asks for an anecdote that happened on tour, and Gian says that in Switzerland they continued to sing in French the same phrase of “Tous les visages de l’ amour”, because they did not remember the song.

Then in South America, he says that the audience screams a lot and so at the end of the concert, he no longer hears anything.

Another fan asks what gets him charged up before a concert?

Gian says that each time it’s like the first one, and it’s true.
He tries to interpret the songs, looking people in the eyes. For him, being on stage is like being in the most beautiful place in the world, at that moment, he enters a different parallel world.

Gian and Stefano laugh at the photo that Gian sent for Billboard, Gian says he is not sad, he made the sensual look.

Billboard 02

The series of questions continues:

How should your ideal woman be?

She must understand him with a look. Gian says that women are superior to men, that he has learned not to argue or raise his voice. He says that the man must not offend the sensitivity of the woman, but he must find the woman who understands the life of a person who travels the world and therefore has admirers. Gian admits that it is difficult to be close to a person from the world of entertainment and therefore it is up to him, not to make this condition weigh on the woman who loves him.

Gianluca sings IL MONDO. ❤️

They loose connection, while Stefano calls back he announces that on Monday he will have Piero in live connection.

Stefano asks Gian how he can buy food and he replies that he and his mom,  don’t go out, his dad, who lives nearby, buys food for them too and leaves it outside the door.

Gian explains that anyone returning from another country must make two weeks of mandatory quarantine, but to be sure, he will do three weeks.

He says he is worried about his family, but also about others.

Gian confirms that he eats protein food and then fruit and vegetables, few sugars. A plate of pasta, then, once a week a pizza or dessert.


Other direct questions:

With which international singer would you like to duet?

With Lewis Capaldi, I believe that he is one of the most beautiful voices of recent times, he is incredible.

What would you change about you?

When I look at Gianluca a few years ago, sometimes I don’t recognize myself, but now I see myself different , more mature, more man, better. Over the years I have worked on my character, even for group life, which is not easy.
However there is always something to change, but it is the time that helps us to become mature. I am happy so.

Have you ever quarreled with your companions (Piero and Ignazio)? Tell me about once in particular and then on Monday I ask Piero the same thing, let’s see if he will have the same answer.

I have a somewhat spiteful character and one evening we were very young, we were having dinner in Canada, with Torpedine and some members of the record company. We were arguing and I took the prawns from the plate and threw them in Ignazio’s face.

I will never forget this fact. I made a bad impression.

Do you have a superstitious gesture before the concerts?

Yes we shake hands and say “shit shit shit”.
It works, it gives us the right charge.

Billboard 03

Besides the piano, what other instrument would you like to learn to play?

(Gian shows a guitar) See that? A disaster, I can’t even make two notes together.

At this point Stefano asks to play another song on the piano.
Gian performs Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved”. ❤️

Stefano thanks Gian for the beautiful performance and says that he will send the video to Lewis Capaldi. So they can get to know each other.

Gian replies that it is the first time that he performs it live, and that Capaldi also has a baritone voice.

He also says that he Piero and Ignazio will often make small live songs, because they know that their fans appreciate it very much.

Stefano asks Gian, when he can go out, where he will go and he replies that he will go to his grandfather’s house, and will hug him tightly. He says that 86-year-old grandfather Ernesto is his “great love” and says that once his grandfather said to him:
“Incredible, I saw Sanremo da Modugno win and now also from my grandson”.
Gian says that when he’s out on tour, his grandfather sends him messages with whattsapp and they make video calls.

So Stefano asks Gian to sing GRANDE AMORE and Gian says they are preparing an English version.

Stefano says that Il Volo is the Italian pride, they have a large following in Italy, but even when you go abroad and you mention IL VOLO, you understand that people know them, in fact they fill the theaters.
Gian confirms that they want to bring their type of music to younger people too.

GRANDE AMORE a cappella.

Stefano asks Gian what he watches on TV.
He replies that he started watching the Star Wars saga, which he did not know and he is enjoying it very much, always after Harry Potter! 😁

Stefano asks Gian to show how he should wash his hands properly.
Gian does it while singing MUSICA CHE RESTA. ❤️

Stefano thanks Gian for the live broadcast.

Final greetings.

Billboard 04

Thanks Gianluca, for being as you are. ❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. They are so open and honest about their lives. It’s refreshing to see this in performers, I hope everyone can see their relatives and friends soon, Thank you Daniela for bringing these insights to us. We appreciate all of your work and please stay safe.

  2. Thanks for the translation It must be a lot of work but know that we all, who do not understand Italian, so appreciate all you guys do. Stay safe and hope things improve.

    1. Yes, Beverley, they are quite long translations, but in this period I don’t have much else to do! I know very well that you are waiting for these readings.

  3. Thanks, Daniela for your stories and English translations. I’ve learned so much more about Il Volo from them.

  4. Daniela and Pat, you two are a godsend to us. That was a great interview. No silly questions. Now I will Google Lewis Capaldi. I think Piero in his interview this morning said he would like to sing with Luis Miguel. Ciao

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! I Googled Lewis Capaldi. I must say, in my opinion, Gianluca is a much better singer especially with his enunciation.

  5. Once again a big thank you to you Daniela & Pat. What a beautiful interview! I am amazed on how he found the time to learn to play the piano!! Bravo Gianluca! I took piano lessons as an adult. Not easy! 🙏🙏Prayers to all🙏

    1. Annette, in an interview, Gian had said that as a child he had taken piano lessons. Obviously, these bases have remained in memory and now that he has his own plan and a lot of time available, he has been able to put everything into practice. Very good.

  6. Much appreciation to you Daniela and Pat. I watch these and do not know what they are saying, but do listen for the nuance and watch the faces. When I can actually know what they are saying it is good. I actually like to be able to have it both ways.

    1. I understand you Kay, watching them and knowing what they’re saying is priceless. I also like to associate their facial expressions.

  7. Grazie Daniela and Pat!! I know that it is a lot of work for you to translate all these interviews Daniela but I want you to know that it is truly appreciated!! I love hearing their thoughts on life, family, work, love etc. They love us and show it by sharing so much of their lives with us everyday. Even after 10 years In the public eye they have stayed so normal, grounded and humble thanks to their amazing families and team. They are truly remarkable young men in so many ways!! To know them is to love them….and we do!!💕💕💕

    1. Thanks for the compliments Joanie.
      I agree with you, in these ten years they have always been boys with their feet on the ground. And we certainly love them for this too.

  8. Dear Daniela, thank you so very much for translating so that those of us who love the beautiful Italian language but can’t speak it yet, can understand. I absolutely love every chance I get to hear and see Gianluca. He is the love in my heart that keeps me going each day. He has saved my broken, empty heart…he will never know. Stay safe, Daniela, and thank you again for everything you share. ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇹❤️

    1. Eleanor, understanding what they say is beautiful, and for you when Gianluca speaks, it is even more so.
      I know he made you rediscover the taste of love.
      Thanks for the compliments and stay safe too.

  9. Gracias Daniela por la traducción. Es un gusto ver que el Principe es un hermoso ser humano. Deseo mucha salud para Gianluca y familia. A todás en Italia. En México estamos muy preocupados tambien. Nuestro país va para Fase 3. CUIDENSE MUCHO POR FAVOR!!!

    1. Natalia, gracias por los cumplidos. Gianluca es una persona muy agradable, con un alma muy sensible.
      También te recomiendo, mantente a salvo, este mal período pasará.

  10. What a wonderful interview. Thanks so much Daniela. Can’t wait to hear what Piero has to say about the Prawns. I heard them talk about Gianluca but of course I couldn’t make any sense of it. No matter how much I study Italian I can only pick out an occasional word.

    1. Don’t give up Laura, you will see that then you will understand all their speeches.
      Piero remembered the episode well, you will read it soon.

  11. I would like to know what Igna has to say about the “prawns”! Wow! Thank you Daniela. I truly appreciates the translations.

  12. Dear Daniela and Pat,

    The fist time I watched this video, I enjoyed just listening to Gianluca beautiful voice as he was speaking and also looking at his very expressive face.
    Tonight I watched this video again and your translations made it an absolute pleasure to follow and to understand what Gianluca is saying.!!!

    I so appreciate and thank you for doing this for all of us.

    1. Dear Ineke, you had a double pleasure, first looking and then reading, and, let’s say, that the things that Gian says are always very appreciated, he is a very mature and sensitive boy. I’m glad you liked it.

  13. A very good interview and I can relate to what Gianluca is saying after seeing them in concert in Arizona. A thrill of a lifetime for me. Beside their singing, I am impressed with their kindness, their friendliness, and how they embrace each person when they sing. I’ve fallen in love with all three of “my guys” and that is how I think of them. Thank you Daniela and I do’t believe I know Pat, but both of you did a great job interviewing and asking questions of Gianluca. I truly love all three and they deserve accolades over and over. Thank you for this post, it was interesting and informative. Much love to IL Volo.

    1. Yes, Sassylady, it was a nice interview and today there was also Piero’s and next week there will be that of Ignazio. It is always a pleasure to translate what they say, they never disappoint.

  14. The best part is the singing, the interviews are second best and then the pictures. All together the whole package is something to look forward to every day, especially being sequestered at home for who knows how long. Thanks to both of you for something enjoyable at a time when there’s not a lot of joy.

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