In these moments, where we are all locked up in our homes, and we hear terrible news and we see images that we never would have thought to see …….. the notes of some songs really come to us and fill our hearts with hope.

IMAGINE : performed by some Italian singers and actors and of course, among them also Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚πŸ˜˜

Another song of a poignant sweetness touched our soul:

HALLELUJAH, sung by Ignazio.

These are the words of Ignazio:

β€œStop for 3 minutes, close your eyes
And send a thought to those who,
Less fortunate than us, they are no longer there.”

Good for the Heart 01

Dear guys,

You are real treasures.

Your delicacy fills us with sweetness and happiness.

❀️ We are proud to be your fans. ❀️



Credit to owners of the photo and videos.

33 thoughts on “MUSIC THAT IS GOOD FOR THE HEART by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, I’ve said this in all my posts since COVID19 started–I pray for all of you in Italy. I, too. have lost family in Italy to this terrible virus. To
    Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, their families, friends, please remember that I think about all of you with good thoughts and positive energy, and prayers and love. God bless.

    With love, Elisa Marie from NY.

    1. Elisa Marie, I got it right, did you lose people from your family here in Italy because of the virus?
      I’m really sorry.
      Unfortunately it is all day that I get news like this from friends.
      This virus is taking away so many loved ones, and we still don’t see a solution.
      A great prayer for everyone.
      I send you a big hug.

  2. This is a beautiful post. Italy has suffered tremendously as the whole world watched in disbelief. Now it has spread everywhere and we are all in this together. Let us stay together United in one heart when this is over and live in a world as John Lennon Imagined!
    Thank you Daniela and Pat for the beauty this post brought to us this day.

    1. True, Jane, we are now all surrounded by this evil virus.
      But together we will defeat it. we have to be patient and stick to the rules.
      A hug

  3. Dear Daniela,
    Thank you for such a beautiful (and useful) post. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  4. My prayers and love to all. We do what we must, stay in our homes and hoping this will knock the virus to Hell and keep it there. May we find hope, kindness, love wherever we are. A big thank you to all who show what it is to be tough and to ask for help.

  5. Daniela and Pat, your love for Il Volo and us Il Volovers is “awsome”. These posts mean so much to me. Yes, these 3 young men who seem to have old souls is remarkable, as they are so young.

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for all you do for us. Hallelujah sung by Ignazio is so emotional, amazing and brought tears into my eyes.
    Yes we are very proud to be the fans of these awesome guys. Thanks again, stay safe and healthy. Bacci e abracciπŸ˜—

  7. Ignazio and Piero were live on Instagram just awhile ago.. They called Gianluca but he did not answer, Igna said he must have been working in his abs. LOL They sang parts of Imagine and Hallelujah and just had a good time talking and laughing together. Michele joined them on the live feed for a few minutes, but I don’t speak Italian so I don’t know what the conversation was about. If you don’t have Instagram, you should. They post lot, especially Gianluca . It is a terrible time for the world, but they brightened my day for a few minutes.

    1. Hi RoseMarie, yes I saw them, Piero and Ignazio, all the live jokes and played. Torpedine told them to sing something beautiful. Ignazio told him that he looks like Gandalf the white, from The Lord of the rings. Then he tells that someone asked him if Torpedine was dead …… Piero tells Torpy (so they call him) to do superstitious gestures. Ignazio asks Torpy if he is at home and he replies “of course where you want me to be, we have to stay at home”. Then he shows his battery and then they say goodbye.
      I don’t have instagram, but I will have it soon.

  8. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for keeping us up to date. This post really affected me and i am writing this looking through the tears in my eyes for Bella Italia. I too have family there and also Canton Ticino (the Italian part of Switzerland). I just hope Piero Ignazio and Gianluca and their Il Volo family remain safe and that Italy has reached the peak of virus cases. Pray for all.

    1. Thanks Marion, and I hope your family who lives in Italy is doing well. Even in Switzerland, the virus is very strong, unfortunately.
      A hug

  9. Thank you for your beautiful article. I just got through watching Piero and Ingnazio and it just made my day I have been housebound for five days now and not sure how much longer. We are not under orders but they keep saying to stay home. The cases are doubling down here in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. The beaches are all closed. I sure hope we all get a break from this pretty soon although they say several more weeks yet. The video the guys made you feel so good as they seemed so happy and having a good time. I hope they keep in touch with us as they did today. Certainly hope things are improving in Italy. Prayers for the world Stay safe everyone

    1. Beverley, I started my fourth week at home today.
      I assure you that, despite observing the rules, we have news of many infections and deaths, unfortunately. So don’t think it’s too much, be patient, and enjoy our guys’ videos.

  10. Thru the boys Italy has become very close to me. Even though my visit was many years ago I do remember the beauty and spirit of this Country.

  11. Daniela, and all of you who contribute to bring us closer to these marvelous guys, we love and applaud you, thank you so much for all of this and much more.

  12. Hi Daniela…
    Thank you so much for everything you share! I love the boys so much…Gianluca is my Godsend as he has filled my heart with so much love…he will never know. Please stay safe yourself…I am in America in Ohio…I continue to pray for the boys and their families, and of course for you and beautiful Italy and all her precious people. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    1. Eleanor Biehl, I think we live about an hour apart, I am in Mentor. When we get back to a new normal we should meet for lunch at a halfway point and just talk about our boys.

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