On Sunday 22 March, IL Volo was a guest on a television program conducted by Mara Venier, DOMENICA IN.

Of course, during the C19 period, the guests were not in the recording studio, but connected via Skype, each from their own home where they are confined.

At the beginning of the connection, the wonderful images of the success of the beautiful American tour are sent on TV. Sensational images, which made goosebumps.

Mara welcomes Piero from Naro, Gianluca from Montepagano and Ignazio from Bologna. Mara thanks the boys for being connected and says that they have recently returned.

Piero confirms that they had been in America since January, have been on tour for two months and have had to cancel the last three concerts to return to Italy. He says that from there they did not realize the situation that was in Italy.

Mara asks how they learned about the serious Italian situation.

Ignazio replies that being in daily connection with their parents who were here, they knew what was going on, and made the decision to return, when it was announced that flights to and from Italy would be canceled.

They thought about the many people who are on tour with them and who have families, children at home. And they (Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca) even since their returned, have not yet seen their families, because they are in quarantine.

Mara asks who of them is with the family.  

Gianluca replies (the connection with Gian is not beautiful, his voice is breaking up) that he is in quarantine with his mother, who has been with him on tour. Now he and mom are in Gian’s house, he explains that the parents’ house is bordering on his.

Gianluca explains that the virus has totally changed people’s lifestyle, the right restrictions have been put by the government, to avoid contagion, therefore Gian turns to young boys, who must understand how important it is to stay at home, because nobody is immune to this virus, in addition to the respect for the enormous work that doctors, nurses and all the rescue personnel are doing, risking their lives every day.

Mara thanks Gianluca and hopes that, although there have been audio problems, everything has been understood.

Then she says that Il Volo is very popular all over the world, therefore she considers their appeal to young people important, also because, they too are young boys.

Piero says it is the duty of those who are part of the show, and therefore has more audiences, to make their support felt in these causes. He says that when arrived in Naro, he spoke to the mayor and felt her serious concern.
Unfortunately there are people who have not understood the seriousness of the moment and try to avoid the rules.

These people, not very intelligent, have no respect for the gift of life and not even for the people who risk their own every day, to save the lives of our loved ones, especially the elderly.

Mara says it is so and thanks all three again for being in touch with her and says that they are the right people to give these messages.

Ignazio adds that, despite the inconvenience we all suffer from the virus, he realizes how much, everything that was taken for granted yesterday is actually very important, like a hug or a kiss. Today you think of it as a precious thing, a gift that life has given us.

On all the negative sides, there is always the positive to be found.

Mara says that she is experiencing this period like a nightmare. She says that until a month ago, the topic was to talk about the songs of Sanremo, and now we are experiencing all of this and when everything has passed, we will all be better people.

Then she sends the video of Piero and Jovanotti: NESSUN DORMA.

Piero says Lorenzo is number 1. To Jovanotti, Piero said that hospitals in Sicily are not well equipped, and would not be able to endure an epidemic, therefore with fellow Sicilian artists, they launched a fundraiser, with which they will buy equipment for hospitals. (remember that Gianluca and Ignazio are also supporting fundraising for hospitals in their area.)

Domenica 01

Mara thanks again Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio and recommends staying at home and wearing a medical mask.

Ignazio adds, that one must stay at home, but one must not stay still.

Mara asks Ignazio how he spends his day and Ignazio says that they are all sportsmen,  he trains, plays, sings, plays with the Playstation, then he has fun with his dog. 

Gian adds that he is learning to play the piano, and then he is pampered by his mother, who is his treasure.

Mara asks Piero if he is alone or if he has his girlfriend and Piero with his hands makes the sign “zero”, and says that he has no girlfriend, he is in isolation alone, fortunately with the microwave, because he cannot cook.

Ignazio has tried several times to teach him without success, while Ignazio cooks well.

Mara asks Ignazio what he cooks, and he says that he likes to experiment with vegetables lately, since he is now vegan.

Gianluca says that he is not vegan and that he likes arrosticini very much. (Arrosticini are typically made from sheep meat, or lamb, cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer. It is cooked on a brazier with a typically elongated shape.)

Ignazio resumes the speech he had started saying that everyone must stay at home, but they must not stay still, because there are so many fundraisers to help, and therefore from home, you have to give your help and support these good things. Helping doctors and civil protection, giving what everyone can, with a small gesture anyone can be helped.

Mara thanks again Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio for this connection and sends a kiss to them. 😘😘😘

Domenica 02

Grazie per le vostre parole: Piero, Gianluca e Ignazio.

Non avevamo dubbio del vostro buon cuore. ❤️


Thanks for your words: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

We had no doubt of your good heart. ❤️


Domenica 03

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

34 thoughts on “IL VOLO GUESTS ON DOMENICA IN by Daniela”

  1. Thanks for the translation. These guys are the best. Hope everyone is staying safe. We are now experiencing in the U.S. is really difficult this staying in but it is something we have to do to stop this horrible virus Take care everyone, stay safe

    1. In fact, you are now experiencing the same moments, so I tell you, I start the fourth week of solitary confinement at home tomorrow, do not think it is too much, follow the rules well and we will get out of it.

  2. Dear Daniela, we hope and pray that everyone from the tour is safe and that they stay safe in this troubled time. Thank you for sending all of the interviews and pictures. Without your translations, our lives would be considerably more anxious about how the boys are doing. They are so generous and fundraising for hospitals has to be very important for all of Italy. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us these lovely translations. Stay safe and keep healthy.

    1. Of course, Victoria, I know how important it is for you to understand what our guys say.
      Also I have to tell you that having much more time, as I am forced to stay at home, I can devote more time to translating for you.
      It’s nice to see the generosity of our guys.

  3. Oh, Daniela, what a treasure this translation of the interview of all 3 guys. Thank you again. It seems I am always thanking you for your dedication to us and Il Volo. I have donated to all 3 requests and hope it will convey that Americans are with Italy to recover ASAP. All of us need to take care, so we can meet in person again and share love.

    1. Thanks to you Kay for your generosity.
      Our kids know that when they make an appeal, their fans respond with affection.
      Aid comes from all over, in a nearby town they set up a field hospital, received by the US. Thanks!

  4. Dear Daniela thanks so much for another wonderful translation for us You make possible to understand what is being spoken and that is so important. I’ve seen the guys on Dominica’s show and they seem to enjoy talking to her. They seem to trust her a lot and that is a good thing. Well just know I say a prayer every night that this nightmare of covid 19 will be over so we can all start to heal again. My love to every flight crew member and of course you ladies who run this group so well.l

    1. Yes, Luckylady, I believe that in these moments many prayers unite us and come to us from all over the world. It will be a long and, for many, painful experience, but then it will end and we will be able to return to being united but with more awareness.

  5. Thank you Daniela for this translation. These guys are very thoughtful and conscious of what they can do for others. May God bless them.

  6. Thank you Daniela. They are so right. We have taken for granted the hugs we receive from family and friends. Missing my grandkids now. Praying things will get better.

    1. Rosemarie, I understand you very well, I haven’t seen my granddaughters for a month, but when everything has passed, we will have a lot of time together, for hugs and kisses.

  7. Thasnk you Daniela. How wonderful to hear from all three of them. Hope they will be out of quarantine soon and can at least see their families. It was two weeks, right? So should be up any day now. Though they will still have to stay at home.

    1. Laura, that’s what we all hope for. Yes the boys are in the second week, but Gian has confirmed that he will also do the third, on the other hand, even without quarantine, we Italians cannot go out, I myself start the fourth week tomorrow.

  8. Thank you for the translation! These days the only news I seem to be reading is Coronavirus related, so I really look forward to your posts which always gives me a mood boost.

    1. True, Karen, here too, turns turns, we talk about Coronavirus, but let’s try to ease the bad news.
      A fan said “enough that I see a picture of them and my lips immediately smile.” 🙂

  9. Thank you Pat and Daniela for this translation. During these troubling times, it helps to hear from and about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. And as usual, they are so thoughtful and caring in their advice to people, especially younger people. And their message about taking everything for granted, even a hug or kiss, is so true. They know what is important and what isn’t. They are wise beyond their years. Keeping all and especially Italy in my prayers..

    1. thanks you Pat & Daniela for translation. I keep boys and ALL ITALY in my prayers .
      Love Italy

    2. Thanks to you Maragaret. Yes, these moments make us know our boys more deeply, and what we see, we really like and confirms that they are really “good guys”.

  10. Good morning, Daniela. It is 3:37 a.m. in San Diego. I just watched this interview and thank you for the translation. This week two physicians at two different hospitals in NY posted about the dire situations faced at their hospitals as well as others. They are short of supplies, protective clothing, and they have to make makeshift ICU’s using operating rooms and recovery rooms. There are not enough ventilators so they are hooking up four patients to a ventilator and are using anesthesia machines to assist. One doctor was moved to tears when a patient asked to use a cell phone to call his wife to tell her he loves her. Most people are cooperative and helpful. My synagogue is distributing food to the elderly and folks are shopping for people who can’t get out. I walked around our parking lot today for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was sunny and warm so I ventured out. Indoors I have Il Volo to keep me company. I enjoy watching them on you tube. At the concert I thanked them for helping me recover from open heart surgery – listening to them bantering between songs, their antics with the audience and each other is fun. I pick up a few words here and there but don’t understand most of what they say. I remember an interview where Ignazio said he makes pizza and said Gianluca makes desserts to which Gianluca responded “That’s because I am sweet.” Piero admitted he doesn’t cook but licks the plate. These guys are G-d’s gift to the world. They are charitable in their own quiet way and are each helping to raise funds for area hospitals. Let’s hope this new week brings an end to this malady. Stay healthy. Be safe.

    1. Doris, unfortunately what you tell me, is a scene that we are now seeing everywhere. Consider that I live in one of the two Italian cities most affected by this virus, so I understand what you are referring to.
      We continue to offer translations of what is happening in Italy to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because we know that this can distract you for a few moments.
      We all hope that this situation will end soon, while in the meantime we will all work together to respect the rules.
      Stay safe.

      1. Daniella, I now have some good news to share. During the night my niece had a double transplant. She got a kidney and a pancreas. Thank G-d she came through the surgery okay. As she was preparing to go for her dialysis treatment she got a phone call from the hospital where the procedure was to be done to skip dialysis here but go to them (at least two hours away from us). About 1:00 a.m. she called her mom to say they were taking her to the Operating Room. So now we pray for her compete recovery. Due to no visitation at any hospital my sister is here at home. When my niece is up to it she can Face Time with us. I am part of a group who recite Psalms on behalf of sick people whether or not we know their names. We have all people in mind who have any ailments – physical or mental. May all our prayers be answered with revealed goodness. Thanks again for doing what you do for Il Volo fans.

      2. Doris, you gave me some wonderful news, I am very happy that your niece’s operation went well. Fantastic, we need good news.
        I hope the post-operative course is fast and safe and that your granddaughter can return to the family soon.
        I will pray for her.
        A hug

  11. We were disappointed to miss the March 11 concert but for good reason.
    Il Volo are great roll models as they follow all the rules for avoiding COVID-19. We hope and pray they stay well and return when conditions change to do another tour. They attract all ages, our’s being in the mid- 80s. Please continue safe guarding your health and your lives and being good examples for others. Il Volo is truly a miracle! Such talent in young men is no coincidence-define intervention for sure! We hope to see you
    preform at another time-please try to return! Stay healthy! Hugs to all.

    1. Betty, unfortunately the cancellation of the concert at that time must have been a great disappointment for many of you.
      But now, that the danger of the virus infection, you are also seeing how strong it is, you have understood that it was a renunciation of health, yours and yours.
      But there will be other concerts, which we could all enjoy …… but now, let’s observe the rules.
      A hug.

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