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“FAN-FARE” by Giovanna

Most of the time, the Flight Crew uses this blog to bring Il Volo to their fans.  This time, I’m going to use an article to bring some of the fans to Il Volo.  It’s my hope that when one of the guys or their parents occasionally check our blog, as they sometimes do, they’ll get to know about some of you.  I had the good fortune of meeting so many great people before and after the Atlantic City Borgata Casino concert, I needed to introduce some of them here.  I will also add a few more notes from the show in this post, just for fun and spice.
I have Ignazio to thank for this article, in a way.  As you know, his birthday was on October 4.  Since the Atlantic City concert was in late September, I made the beginnings of a birthday card for him in Italian, written on the back of a Lavazza coffee poster.  When I was carrying it around in the Borgata Casino, many folks who saw it, even strangers, asked if it was something that was going to be sent up to Ignazio on stage.  When they heard it was something that would end up in his hands, many people wanted to write and sign and send blessings and birthday wishes to him.  I talked some of the others into it, but it wasn’t difficult.  So, I got to meet dozens of new people while they wrote their greetings to Igna.

The first few people I interviewed were my Aunt Florence, from Holmdel, NJ, and her friends who had come down together from central Jersey to Atlantic City for the weekend and the concert.  This photo is my aunt and her crew of friends.  It was easy to learn their names.  My aunt is on the front right, the person on the front left is Marianne Sciuto, and everyone else is named Marilyn.  Well, all except my buddy in the back, Biagio Vincenzo Schettini.

Aunt Florence told me she loved visiting Firenze (Florence), Italy because the Florentines treated her special, since she shares a name with their home.  Aunt Florence is typical of many long-time Il Volo fans:  it’s hard to remember exactly when she first heard them, exactly what songs they performed, or how old they were.  But like most folks, she does remember where she first heard them.  Any guesses?  It was on a PBS special.
In my travels throughout the casino, I found there are a few things most people agree on.
1.  The overwhelming majority of people first heard of Il Volo, just like my aunt did, from a PBS special. My aunt’s friend Marilyn Barrett from Aberdeen, NJ is one of the many who encountered them this way.  She recalls watching a PBS concert not too many years ago when the guys were in their early 20’s (not those very first PBS concerts when they were little boys beating each other up backstage).   Her favorites are Mamma and Nessun Dorma.  She wants to hear them do a rendition of Time to Say Goodbye from Andrew Lloyd Weber.
2.  More than one lady told me they want Gianluca to meet their granddaughter, so he can become their grandson. Marianne Cirasuolo Sciuto from Holmdel, NJ was one of those.  Marianne is another who first heard Il Volo on a PBS special.  It’s funny how many people, including Marianne, even if they can’t pinpoint what year they first heard Il Volo, can remember that Piero was still wearing red eyeglasses, Igna was chubby, and Gianluca, well, was Gianluca.
Marianne’s favorites are Be My Love, the Great Caruso, Il Mondo and Il Volo’s version of O Sole Mio that blends in It’s Now or Never. 
While Il Volo sang that at the Borgata show, Ignazio got down from the stage, danced with someone in the front left of the stage, grabbed her and wouldn’t let her out of his arms, and insisted she had to kiss him while he sang the verse “Kiss me my darling…”   So typical.
3.  To most people, Piero’s voice is nothing short of astonishing. Marilyn Mazzochi Fortunato from Holmdel, NJ was one of those who told me how impressed she was with his voice’s power.  She first saw Il Volo on one of their PBS special fundraisers about seven years ago.  Like me, one of her favorite songs is Nessun Dorma.  She would like to hear them someday do Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World or maybe Vicin’ ‘O Mare, from Patrizio Buanne.  Like many of us, she can cite the many times she heard Ignazio tease Gianluca about being short.  When I met her in Atlantic City, that was her first live Il Volo concert.  Igna did not tease Gianluca at that show.  Gianlu teased Igna about his pancia, for most of the show.

Photo by Giovanna

4.  For so many, Ignazio is the son or grandson they want to feed. As I mentioned in my last article, some of them actually do feed him right on stage.

5.  Most preferred Gianluca’s look before he shaved off his Italian scruff. But they’ll take him any way they can get him.  Here are both looks so you can choose.  As I mentioned last time, whatever was troubling Gianluca during the Atlantic City soundcheck, by the time he reached the stage at showtime, he got over it.  Check the photo on the right.


Right photo by Giovanna

6.  Many fans decided it’s attractive when the guys wear dress suits and designer shoes senza calze (with no socks), Italian style. I make no argument.

7.  Several said they would travel to Italy to hear Piero’s first opera performance, if and when he finally does that. I’m hoping it will be Cavalleria Rusticana, which he’s been studying.

By the way, while Piero was visiting with us during the Atlantic City soundcheck, he spent most of the time accovacciato (in a deep squat) just like this so he could get down close to us to talk.  I told you previously how much I enjoy his mellow speaking voice when he’s up this close.  I was ordered not to use my soundcheck photo, which looks much like this one, so I borrowed this one from the web.
8.  “When they open their mouth, you don’t expect what actually comes out.” This is how Andrea Casaburri Babajko from Old Bridge, NJ expressed it.  She and her husband Edward last saw the guys at the Wind Creek concert in Bethel, PA on Gianluca’s birthday in February 2020.  She always enjoyed how Ignazio and Piero used to do their comedy act on stage while Gianluca watched from the side.  Gian is her favorite; for her as for many, he defines cute.  She told me a bit of her past that many Italian Americans can identify with.  Her parents were first generation Americans.  When she was young, her parents and grandparents wouldn’t teach her to speak Italian.  They apparently wanted to have a language they could use when they wanted to say things that they didn’t want the children to hear.  Today, when she would love to understand what the Il Volo guys are saying, she can’t.  Well, that’s what we Flight Crew people are here for.
Speaking of a comedy act, Igna and Piero did add in the “See you later alligator” bit which was achingly funny when Ignazio tried to say, “After a while crocodile” as he left the stage for a break.  He just couldn’t pronounce the “crocodile” thing with his accent.

Photos by Giovana


1. It’s not just women who follow the guys; guys follow the guys.
My auditorium seat neighbors, Sandra and Bob from Delaware, told me that they have followed Il Volo since their first New York concert 16 years ago.  Bob is as much a long-time fan as his wife.   They told me that the first show they saw was in a theater in New York that started with the letter “A”.  Do any of you readers know what theater that might have been?
My friend Biagio Vincenzo became acquainted with Il Volo on a PBS special or two, just like many others.  He did not have to be asked twice to come hear them live when the opportunity came.
2. Along for the Ride.
One of the most exciting things for me was my Aunt Florence’s friend Marilyn Ratel from Aberdeen, NJ.  She told me she was a fan of Dean Martin.  She’s in good company because Gianluca is also a Dean Martin fan.  Why was I excited for her?  Before this trip, she never heard of Il Volo, never heard a single performance or recording, knew nothing about them, and came to Atlantic City because the other ladies talked her into it.  She walked into the concert “blind” as it were, having no idea what she was going to hear and be part of.  She described herself as “along for the ride.”  What a ride she got!
Gianluca, plus hat, receiving a Dean Martin award from the Abruzzo community.
3. Some American fans had to leave the US to even hear of Il Volo.
I met Rita Fries, from Philadelphia, while we were in line to get our postponed tickets printed.  She and her husband never heard of Il Volo until they vacationed outside the US five years ago in . . . Aruba of all places.  Someone in Aruba was the first to tell them about Il Volo, whom they checked out on YouTube.   Rita has since joined every on-line Il Volo group she could find including Facebook groups, fan clubs, and Flight Crew.  The first time she and her husband heard Il Volo live was in this very same Borgata Atlantic City auditorium on Gianluca’s birthday weekend in February of 2020.  She said Piero stole her heart, right down to the look and the glasses.   She told me that following them on PBS specials is not enough for her; as long as she lives, she will go to every concert she can get to.  This Atlantic City concert was her first soundcheck and first VIP ticket.  She picked a good one to attend her first soundcheck, since Piero took so much time with us.
Catherine Land from Philadelphia, who has been to the Borgata before on Valentine’s Day in 2018, gets the prize for how an American fan first heard of Il Volo.  Her family is from Campobello di Licata, Sicily. That’s not far from Piero’s home in Naro, and is north of the summer house I had rented in Sicily in 2020 before Covid shut down my trip.  Here’s her story.  It happened when she was in Italy 11 or so years ago visiting family in Sicily.  She was watching television and, not planning exactly what she wanted to watch, came across a talent show on live TV.  Guess which one?  Yes, Ti Lascio Una Canzone.  She saw a certain three little boys at the same time the rest of Italy first saw them.  She can actually say she’s been with them from Day 1.
During the Borgata concert, after they finished singing I Wonder Would She Even Know Me Now from Cinema Paradiso, Piero asked the audience if they knew how Il Volo met.  As a joke he offered free tickets to the next show to whomever knew the answer.  There were so many people yelling Ti Lascio Una Canzone, they would have to give away most of the seats in the auditorium.  I think they should have given a prize to Catherine.
4. Some European fans had to move to the US to hear of Il Volo.
Maria Atanasova, from Fairlawn, NJ, was born in Bulgaria.  She did not become acquainted with Il Volo until she came to the US, when someone showed her a YouTube video.  She was aware they have played in Bulgaria, but that’s not where she saw her first concert.  Atlantic City, the day I met her, was her first concert.   Her favorite is Ignazio, and not just for constantly being a rompiscatole, as he calls himself.  (I’m not going to translate that).  She prefers his stretched lyric tenor voice.  Her favorites are Il Mondo and Grande Amore.
5. Some fans have met every one of the guys’ parents.
I met Joanne D’Angelo from Philadelphia, PA when she heard me speaking Italian in the upstairs hallway.  She has studied Italian for over 20 years.  She was actually at the very first Il Volo US concert at the Borgata Atlantic City and remembers the exact date, September 24, 2011.  Yes, Ignazio was chubby, Piero had the funny red glasses.  But none of that mattered.  Since the 2011 show she has been to 18 concerts, many of them in Italy.  These include one in Naples, and the 2014 Pescara concert where she met Gianluca’s father, Ercole, in Montepagano afterwards.  She has met every one of the Il Volo parents before or since.
6. Il Volo does reach young Americans.
I actually met some of them.  My friend Biagio took me to visit his sister, Elvira, the weekend of the concert, and I got another surprise.  When his nephew and his nephew’s fiancée, Christian and Kimberly, both 28-year-old young professionals, heard us talking about the show, they immediately joined us from the other room, explaining that they were big fans as well.  Before the visit was over, these two were asking how to find tickets for the New York City show the following weekend.  I don’t know if they ever got them.  I do know it’s not always the case that the young lady discovers Il Volo first and coaxes their spouse or partner to listen.  In this case it was the guy who got his girlfriend to listen in.  How’s that for a change?  These folks were kind enough to write what they wanted the rest of us to know.  Here they are in their own words to prove I’m telling the truth:

Photo by Giovanna

Christian Schettini, from Staten Island NY: “I first listened to Il Volo when they were still teenagers about 8 or 9 years ago.  I was searching YouTube for O Sole Mio and came across a music video featuring teenage boys.  I was incredibly impressed and have been a fan since!”
Kimberly Bellido, from New York, NY: “My first time listening to Il Volo was on a road trip to Toronto.  It was on the road trip playlist that my boyfriend made.  I absolutely loved their song Il Mondo.”
So, you see, it wasn’t ladies first this time.

Thank you to everyone who spent some time with me and my note papers, cell phone and camera.  The next time I’m at a show I will try to get to know more of you.
How about some of you readers telling us how you first heard of Il Volo, especially if it was some unusual way, or tell us what song you’d like to hear Il Volo perform someday.  Hopefully, one of the guys, one of their parents, or Barbara Vitale, or Michele Torpedine will notice and maybe make it happen.

Credit to owners of all copied photos.


On Sunday 22 March, IL Volo was a guest on a television program conducted by Mara Venier, DOMENICA IN.

Of course, during the C19 period, the guests were not in the recording studio, but connected via Skype, each from their own home where they are confined.

At the beginning of the connection, the wonderful images of the success of the beautiful American tour are sent on TV. Sensational images, which made goosebumps.

Mara welcomes Piero from Naro, Gianluca from Montepagano and Ignazio from Bologna. Mara thanks the boys for being connected and says that they have recently returned.

Piero confirms that they had been in America since January, have been on tour for two months and have had to cancel the last three concerts to return to Italy. He says that from there they did not realize the situation that was in Italy.

Mara asks how they learned about the serious Italian situation.

Ignazio replies that being in daily connection with their parents who were here, they knew what was going on, and made the decision to return, when it was announced that flights to and from Italy would be canceled.

They thought about the many people who are on tour with them and who have families, children at home. And they (Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca) even since their returned, have not yet seen their families, because they are in quarantine.

Mara asks who of them is with the family.  

Gianluca replies (the connection with Gian is not beautiful, his voice is breaking up) that he is in quarantine with his mother, who has been with him on tour. Now he and mom are in Gian’s house, he explains that the parents’ house is bordering on his.

Gianluca explains that the virus has totally changed people’s lifestyle, the right restrictions have been put by the government, to avoid contagion, therefore Gian turns to young boys, who must understand how important it is to stay at home, because nobody is immune to this virus, in addition to the respect for the enormous work that doctors, nurses and all the rescue personnel are doing, risking their lives every day.

Mara thanks Gianluca and hopes that, although there have been audio problems, everything has been understood.

Then she says that Il Volo is very popular all over the world, therefore she considers their appeal to young people important, also because, they too are young boys.

Piero says it is the duty of those who are part of the show, and therefore has more audiences, to make their support felt in these causes. He says that when arrived in Naro, he spoke to the mayor and felt her serious concern.
Unfortunately there are people who have not understood the seriousness of the moment and try to avoid the rules.

These people, not very intelligent, have no respect for the gift of life and not even for the people who risk their own every day, to save the lives of our loved ones, especially the elderly.

Mara says it is so and thanks all three again for being in touch with her and says that they are the right people to give these messages.

Ignazio adds that, despite the inconvenience we all suffer from the virus, he realizes how much, everything that was taken for granted yesterday is actually very important, like a hug or a kiss. Today you think of it as a precious thing, a gift that life has given us.

On all the negative sides, there is always the positive to be found.

Mara says that she is experiencing this period like a nightmare. She says that until a month ago, the topic was to talk about the songs of Sanremo, and now we are experiencing all of this and when everything has passed, we will all be better people.

Then she sends the video of Piero and Jovanotti: NESSUN DORMA.

Piero says Lorenzo is number 1. To Jovanotti, Piero said that hospitals in Sicily are not well equipped, and would not be able to endure an epidemic, therefore with fellow Sicilian artists, they launched a fundraiser, with which they will buy equipment for hospitals. (remember that Gianluca and Ignazio are also supporting fundraising for hospitals in their area.)

Domenica 01

Mara thanks again Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio and recommends staying at home and wearing a medical mask.

Ignazio adds, that one must stay at home, but one must not stay still.

Mara asks Ignazio how he spends his day and Ignazio says that they are all sportsmen,  he trains, plays, sings, plays with the Playstation, then he has fun with his dog. 

Gian adds that he is learning to play the piano, and then he is pampered by his mother, who is his treasure.

Mara asks Piero if he is alone or if he has his girlfriend and Piero with his hands makes the sign “zero”, and says that he has no girlfriend, he is in isolation alone, fortunately with the microwave, because he cannot cook.

Ignazio has tried several times to teach him without success, while Ignazio cooks well.

Mara asks Ignazio what he cooks, and he says that he likes to experiment with vegetables lately, since he is now vegan.

Gianluca says that he is not vegan and that he likes arrosticini very much. (Arrosticini are typically made from sheep meat, or lamb, cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer. It is cooked on a brazier with a typically elongated shape.)

Ignazio resumes the speech he had started saying that everyone must stay at home, but they must not stay still, because there are so many fundraisers to help, and therefore from home, you have to give your help and support these good things. Helping doctors and civil protection, giving what everyone can, with a small gesture anyone can be helped.

Mara thanks again Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio for this connection and sends a kiss to them. 😘😘😘

Domenica 02

Grazie per le vostre parole: Piero, Gianluca e Ignazio.

Non avevamo dubbio del vostro buon cuore. ❤️


Thanks for your words: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

We had no doubt of your good heart. ❤️


Domenica 03

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The tour de force for the promotion of the new CD continues at an incessant pace. 

Here are the images and video of the Rome instore Saturday, November 9th.

The arrival of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.


Promotion 01

Promotion 02

Promotion 03

Promotion 04

Promotion 05

Fantastic, and among all the fans, we recognize our delicious Xinjie.😘

Promotion 06

A nice event in Rome, but not everything ends here, Sunday Il Volo was expected in Milan for the Mini Live, and how can they arrive from Rome? (these guys so haughty, like some press has sometimes described them?)

But by train !!

But someone waited for them at the station to give them a small video to be broadcast live on the TV program DOMENICA VENTURA.

Here they are. And while they are being interviewed, near Piero, in the station, he passes the video of the advertising of the concert in Matera, what a beautiful coincidence. 

Nothing new is said in the interview. The man to whom Gianluca compliments, is a well-known Italian footballer Paolo Rossi.

And now radio promotions are starting.
The first is Radio 102.5.
Nothing important is said, but the boys are always kind and nice.

In this photo the boys are in the company of ZAC, one of the 102.5 radio speakers.

Promotion 07

Promotion 08

Nice mini video made with the 102.5 radio speakers.

But there is another radio waiting for the Radio Zeta interview.

Very nice interview, activate the subtitles because the translation seemed excellent to me.

Promotion 09

But now here they are at Radio Italia for another interview.

Another nice interview with Radio Italia, nothing new is said, the stages of 10 years are retraced and Manola asks what their favorite song is and they say that the most representative is “Grande Amore”.

They talk about bel canto, and that they are ambassadors of Italy in the world, then about the new CD and the next tour in Canada-US, and then of  the mini live event in Milan and the extraordinary presence of the people.

Manola asks how they manage to divide the parts of a song and they reply that there is no real division, only the verse is sung, which of the three can make it better, without any jealousy.

Piero says that they speak little of their beginnings, because as children, they were catapulted into an environment full of famous people in America and they didn’t realize this and when they tell it to others, they seem to say it to brag and the people does not believe that  are truth, but there are photos to testify.

Then, Ignazio imitates Gianluca who does something special with his ear and then says he is a nuisance.

Piero talks about the two Italian dates and the 2020 tour.

Manola asks what kind of music they listen to and they answer a little of everything, because music is always beautiful and tastes must be respected.

Final greetings.

Promotion 10

And here is another great news, on the EUROFANATICOS Facebook page, they did a long poll with a vote, to understand what was the most beautiful Eurovision song of the last 10 years and ……. Won IL VOLO, with “GRANDE AMORE”, all the finals where IL Volo was, were won hands down, and the grand final was won with 2600 votes, against 929 of the second classified.


Promotion 11

Mamma mia, these guys never stop, this is only the first part of the promotion, we will still have to follow:

~ Instore Bologna

~ Interview in Roxy bar with Red Ronnie (he said he has already taken away the juke box for Ignazio)

~ Instore Caserta

~ Concert on live TV in Matera

~ Live concert of Radio Italia (of which I will attend the recording as a public)

See you very soon.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Luca Maggitti is a good journalist who lives in Roseto degli Abruzzi. In these days of early August, he interviewed, for EMOZIONI MUSICA FESTIVAL, Gianluca Ginoble, Michele Torpedine and also Marino Bartoletti.

Of these three interventions, I will translate the most interesting moments.

Let’s start with GIANLUCA.

After the various initial pleasantries, where Luca Maggitti asks Gianluca the importance of his Abruzzo and thanks him for always bringing the knowledge of his land up high in the world, they remember together the first meeting with Massimo Ranieri, which took place in Roseto, again before Gianluca became part of IL VOLO.

Interviews 01

Luca asks Gianluca if Massimo Ranieri is an example for his life, as he is a singer, actor and director, and that’s what Gian answers.

GG= Surely Massimo Ranieri is a great example, he is a complete artist, but I, as you know, am a big fan of American music, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and they too were great actors.

I am closer to the type of music, but also to the type of acting, more American, but Massimo Ranieri, has always been an artist that I greatly admired.

Towards the end of the interview, Maggitti asks Gianluca the plans for the future of IL VOLO.

Gianluca replies that they are celebrating their 10-year career, with a tour that started in Japan and will end in the US, and the first date will be at Radio City Music Hall in New York, for the third time.

Interviews 02

And now let’s continue with the interesting parts of the interview with Michele Torpedine.

Maggitti asks Michele, why every year, he comes for a week in Roseto, what he likes about this place, since he could go anywhere, but he chooses to come here.

Michele answers that Roseto is his second city, perhaps more than the first, because in Bologna he lead a retired life, he live in a reserved manner. Here he has many friends, beyond the relationship with Gianluca, everyone loves him here, and for him that’s important.

Interviews 03

Maggitti shows the book RICOMINCIO DAI TRE and asks Torpedine for an explanation of his phrase “I love music, but not the world of music.”

Michele explains that there is a lot of ingratitude in the musical world and his book served to explain this fact.

Maggitti congratulates Michele, for his cover photo, of the book, confirming that it is a shot made by Gianluca.

Interviews 04

Michele admits that Gianluca is very good with the camera and confirms that the photos that Torpedine uses on his Facebook page are made by Gianluca.

Maggitti asks how important the figure of the manager is. Torpedine confirms that if there is a good relationship, the figure of the manager is of considerable importance. Below he talks about his experience with Pavarotti and the importance of having understood the success of combining classical music with pop music.

Interviews 05

But in my opinion, the interview where really important things were said, is this of the dear friend Marino Bartoletti.

At the beginning, Maggitti recalls the early days when Bertoletti came to Roseto, but then, confirming that for him this place has become a fixture, for him, he admits that the second reason for his coming is to re-embrace Gianluca Ginoble.
(His exact words.) “Everyone knows my respect for him, but I should say, my friendship, my affection for him.”

Maggitti’s question is very strong: “What has IL VOLO to do 11 consecutive world tours and still fills all the theaters and what is the appeal of you, great music expert and journalist, who talks about them as famous and well-liked in the world?”

Interviews 06

Bartoletti = I could answer you by reversing the question, that is, by asking me how there are still people (even our journalist colleagues) who still do not understand, this success of theirs and their talent. I admit, that I am attached to them by affection, friendship and admiration towards them, but they have everything that is asked of bel canto, skill, the ability to transmit the Italian genius abroad. But it’s the same Italian genius that should be better understood in Italy, and then I wonder, what else do these guys have to prove?

Interviews 07

They are boys who have reached their tenth year, and sold out everywhere, even here in Italy. I can only say that I admire them very much, that I admire their “spirit of sacrifice” which is extraordinary, because they could “sit on their laurels”, instead they continue to improve, to improve. This year they were very good, even in Sanremo, where they achieved third place, so very elegantly. I would like the Italian guys to look more like them, especially as the families of the Italian boys were more like the families of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, because I always say this publicly, that the strength of these guys is what they have behind them, family, culture, education, humility.

Interviews 08

I don’t know for you, but for me to read the beautiful and deserved words of Marino Bartoletti, towards IL VOLO, is like taking a sip of fresh and clear water, when you have a throat burned by thirst.

Thanks Marino, you are a true friend !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The first articles and videos about the first concert in Matera have come out, some really nice.

They say 01

Beautiful is this TRMh24 video that summarizes the evening, enjoy the images and activate the subtitles.

This is from Murgia Live 24, Radio Altamura 1.
In this video, people entering to watch the concert are interviewed, they are very nice short interviews, in their answers we find all our thoughts.

I translate for you.

Where are you coming from?
From Matera.
From Matera, why IL VOLO, what is written on the sign?
It says: Unique emotion, one thought.
Ten years of career, Il VOLO.
How wonderful, why do you love them?
Because they are very good and sincere guys, they are not presumptuous, and of course they sing very well, they have a real natural talent.
They are great, I love them.

Where are you from?
From Perugia
Why Il Volo?
Because we always follow them, since they started, this is the sixteenth concert, and we have another five scheduled for this summer.
Yes, in Taormina and everywhere.
We also went to Naro in Sicily.
How wonderful, thanks.

Where are you from?
 From Matera.
What’s your name?
Antonella and Rita
Why Il Volo?
They are great,  they are a show.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore
What will you do when they sing this song?
We will go directly under the stage, or we will even go over the stage.

They say 02

Where do you come from?
From Matera. 
Why Il Volo, ma’am?
Because they have a music genre that makes me shudder.
Your favorite song?
Grande Amore, by far. 

Where are you from?
I from Policoro (near Matera), but my friend is from Poland.
Even from Poland?
From Warsaw
Why Il Volo?
Because they are extraordinary and deserve the success they have had.
Thank you

It’s a video, we’re on Radio Altamura 1, where do you come from?
From Matera
What’s your name?
Why Il Volo?
Because I like them.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore

I’ll come to you, where do you come from?
From Matera, always from Matera.
Is she a lady from Matera too?
Yes, I am from Matera.
Look, lady, why Il Volo?
Because they are very good.
What do you like?
I like all of them, all their songs and how they are.
And Grande Amore?
Grande Amore is beautiful.

Where do you come from?
From Gallipoli.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are fantastic, what other explanation.
Thank you

They say 03

Where do you come from?
My city is Matera 2019, capital of Europe culture.
Why Il Volo lady?
Because their music transmits emotions to the heart.
Thank you

So where do you come from?
But really Naples center?
Why Il Volo? and why Matera?
Because they are special and I love them.

Where are you coming from?
From Lecce so far away.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are three simple and genuine and very good guys.
Thank you

Where are you coming from? 
Why Il Volo?
Because they are special, they are three good guys and I like their songs.

They say 04

Where does she come from?
From Matera
Why IL Volo? Why tonight here?
Because it’s nice, see Il Volo.
They’re good?
Well done. 

Where do you come from?
From Matera.
From Matera too, why Il Volo?
Because we like them.
From one to ten?
10 and praise with the academic kiss?
Exactly, it’s normal.

Where are you coming from?
I’m from Vietri sul mare, from Salerno, from Campania.
They’re telling me you’re a soprano.
Yes, I’m a soprano.
Why Il Volo?
Because we love the same musical genre, I’m soprano, and then I know them.
What do you expect this evening?
To get excited, they are very good and therefore, to share this evening with them.

Where is he from?
From Palagiano.
Why Il Volo?
My sister is crazy about Il Volo, so I had to go with her, of course. But I like them too.

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We are in Cava del Sole Matera, why Il Volo?
Because it was a wish of both my mother and my in-laws and mine too.
Where is he from?
From Gioia del Colle, Taranto.

Madam, where did you come from?
From Potenza.
From Potenza, why Il Volo?
Because I have been following them since they started their career, I have followed their entire path, I love them, I love them, as if they were my grandchildren.

Why Il Volo, why are you here?
No, no.
Why are they good? They are unique?
Yes, I think they are very humble people, and they give me a lot of emotions.
Where are you from?
From Calabria.
From Calabria, and how old are you?
Why Il Volo?
Because they are unique and inimitable.

Hi everyone, I’m from Matera.
Where are you from?
From Matera.
After I chased them in all the cities, finally they are here in my Matera.

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They say 07

Ten years in Volo: “It’s the era of lyric pop.”

by Andrea Spinelli

They say 08

QUOTIDIANO.NET Article – Click Here

They say 09

Matera, 17 June 2019 – These are feelings carved in stone in a city of sorrowful beauty, to be observed “through a veil of poetry and melancholy” as Pascoli said, those left in Matera by Il Volo to kick off the celebrations of their tenth anniversary.

A celebration in which Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble paid homage with two concerts in extraordinary spaces of the European Capital of Culture such as San Pietro Caveoso and, just yesterday, the Cava del Sole, ranging from the hits of its repertoire such as “Grande amore”, “Musica che resta” or “A chi mi dice”, Italian version by Tiziano Ferro of “Breathe Easy” by Blue, and classics poised between lyric and pop like “Nessun dorma”, “Arrivederci Roma” and “Caruso”.

“It was two quite different performances,” explains Piero Barone. “The first, in fact, was filmed by the cameras of Duccio Forzano for a television special that PBS will air in America in November, which will also feature a CD / DVD celebrating this anniversary of ours, while the second is the concert that we are going to bring on tour more oriented on the last album Musica.

The live record repertoire will also take them on tour, debuting on February 5th at Radio City Music Hall in New York and then returning to Europe and Italy between spring and summer.

They say 10

With PBS you have often worked.
Barone: “This is our sixth special with them. The first one was realized in Detroit, the second and third in Miami, the fourth in Pompeii, the fifth in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and the sixth in Matera because we try to bring Americans not only singing and Italian tradition , but also the beauties of our country.”

The celebrations for the tenth anniversary began, therefore, in Matera.
Barone: “Yes, even the mayor told us in front of the play of light for the special TV that Matera has never been made so beautiful.”

Boschetto: “The Americans said we were amazed and convinced in Piazza Santa Croce that we could not have done better, this time we were able to surprise them even more”.

You arrived among the “Sassi” before Daniel Craig with the filming of Bond 25.
Barone: “But we already have our James Bond. And it is Ignazio.”On September 24th, return to the Verona Arena.

Ginoble: “News from yesterday, the date is sold-out. Last time we entered the Arena for a special TV, this time for the end of the tour party.”

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What are the surprises of these 2019 concerts?
Barone: “The largest is probably the violin presence of Alessandro Quarta. Because the public deserves to listen to music that remains performed on the tour as we did in Sanremo in the evening reserved for collaborations.”

Last month you were in Japan. A concert was shown in cinemas. What welcome did you find?
Boschetto: “We brought the show of Magic Night because it rests on our most classic repertoire. And the record came in second place in the standings behind Bohemian Rhapsody of the great Queen.”

Ginoble: “It all started in the nineties, when lyric pop was exported all over the world by Pavarotti and Bocelli. Singing this music in Japan in 2019, doing it in a cradle of beauty like Matera or like the Arena makes us proud to export it all over the world.”

If a “tenor” voice like that of Alberto Urso triumphs today at “Amici”, is it not a little your merit too?
Barone: “We may have cleared this genre of music, helping to free it from the prejudices it brought with it. Perhaps there are people attracted to this genre, but fearful of having to overcome the reserves that are there especially in Italy, because if it is very popular abroad, there must be a reason.”

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Well, we are very happy with these nice articles.
I think that in front of the obviousness of such a beautiful concert, it was the least they could write.
We hope that things continue like this.
They deserve the best.


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