Luca Maggitti is a good journalist who lives in Roseto degli Abruzzi. In these days of early August, he interviewed, for EMOZIONI MUSICA FESTIVAL, Gianluca Ginoble, Michele Torpedine and also Marino Bartoletti.

Of these three interventions, I will translate the most interesting moments.

Let’s start with GIANLUCA.

After the various initial pleasantries, where Luca Maggitti asks Gianluca the importance of his Abruzzo and thanks him for always bringing the knowledge of his land up high in the world, they remember together the first meeting with Massimo Ranieri, which took place in Roseto, again before Gianluca became part of IL VOLO.

Interviews 01

Luca asks Gianluca if Massimo Ranieri is an example for his life, as he is a singer, actor and director, and that’s what Gian answers.

GG= Surely Massimo Ranieri is a great example, he is a complete artist, but I, as you know, am a big fan of American music, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and they too were great actors.

I am closer to the type of music, but also to the type of acting, more American, but Massimo Ranieri, has always been an artist that I greatly admired.

Towards the end of the interview, Maggitti asks Gianluca the plans for the future of IL VOLO.

Gianluca replies that they are celebrating their 10-year career, with a tour that started in Japan and will end in the US, and the first date will be at Radio City Music Hall in New York, for the third time.

Interviews 02

And now let’s continue with the interesting parts of the interview with Michele Torpedine.

Maggitti asks Michele, why every year, he comes for a week in Roseto, what he likes about this place, since he could go anywhere, but he chooses to come here.

Michele answers that Roseto is his second city, perhaps more than the first, because in Bologna he lead a retired life, he live in a reserved manner. Here he has many friends, beyond the relationship with Gianluca, everyone loves him here, and for him that’s important.

Interviews 03

Maggitti shows the book RICOMINCIO DAI TRE and asks Torpedine for an explanation of his phrase “I love music, but not the world of music.”

Michele explains that there is a lot of ingratitude in the musical world and his book served to explain this fact.

Maggitti congratulates Michele, for his cover photo, of the book, confirming that it is a shot made by Gianluca.

Interviews 04

Michele admits that Gianluca is very good with the camera and confirms that the photos that Torpedine uses on his Facebook page are made by Gianluca.

Maggitti asks how important the figure of the manager is. Torpedine confirms that if there is a good relationship, the figure of the manager is of considerable importance. Below he talks about his experience with Pavarotti and the importance of having understood the success of combining classical music with pop music.

Interviews 05

But in my opinion, the interview where really important things were said, is this of the dear friend Marino Bartoletti.

At the beginning, Maggitti recalls the early days when Bertoletti came to Roseto, but then, confirming that for him this place has become a fixture, for him, he admits that the second reason for his coming is to re-embrace Gianluca Ginoble.
(His exact words.) “Everyone knows my respect for him, but I should say, my friendship, my affection for him.”

Maggitti’s question is very strong: “What has IL VOLO to do 11 consecutive world tours and still fills all the theaters and what is the appeal of you, great music expert and journalist, who talks about them as famous and well-liked in the world?”

Interviews 06

Bartoletti = I could answer you by reversing the question, that is, by asking me how there are still people (even our journalist colleagues) who still do not understand, this success of theirs and their talent. I admit, that I am attached to them by affection, friendship and admiration towards them, but they have everything that is asked of bel canto, skill, the ability to transmit the Italian genius abroad. But it’s the same Italian genius that should be better understood in Italy, and then I wonder, what else do these guys have to prove?

Interviews 07

They are boys who have reached their tenth year, and sold out everywhere, even here in Italy. I can only say that I admire them very much, that I admire their “spirit of sacrifice” which is extraordinary, because they could “sit on their laurels”, instead they continue to improve, to improve. This year they were very good, even in Sanremo, where they achieved third place, so very elegantly. I would like the Italian guys to look more like them, especially as the families of the Italian boys were more like the families of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, because I always say this publicly, that the strength of these guys is what they have behind them, family, culture, education, humility.

Interviews 08

I don’t know for you, but for me to read the beautiful and deserved words of Marino Bartoletti, towards IL VOLO, is like taking a sip of fresh and clear water, when you have a throat burned by thirst.

Thanks Marino, you are a true friend !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

18 thoughts on “INTERVIEWS BY LUCA MAGGITTI by Daniela”

  1. Very nice interviews and I always learn something new. And I agree with Mr Bartoletti that the question about Il Volo should be ” how are there people and especially journalists who do not understand and love Il Volo.” They continue to be wonderful role models and ambassadors of the beautiful music and culture of Italy. Each day when I open my emails and Facebook I hope to see the concert schedule for the US. I wonder when we will get this information.

    1. Completely agree with you, Janet, I can’t understand how there are still people who don’t understand the artistic and human value of these guys.

  2. i agree with you Janet. It seems to me whoever is suppost to be letting us know the Il Volo schedule of concerts is laxt in publishing the upcoming concets for the different venues. So I feel I am going to get in touch with MrTorpedine. It would be a good idea if a few of us spoke up.

  3. I could say that it is remarkable that IL Volo is still getting such wonderful reviews and comments. They have continued to be above reproach and anyone who cannot see that would be only jealous of their success. But, to me it is not remarkable, they are great, caring and giving young men, with terrific family values and care for each other as brothers. I know we here in the USA who still follow them (mostly because of your site) still continue to obsess over their return to us.

    1. Marlene, I am so happy that they will come to the US and Canada tour, because I know this will be a great joy for you and as a result I will be happy for you.
      Thank you very much for the compliments, I only write for this site, but it makes me happy that you appreciate it.
      Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Marlene is right, Daniela. If it weren’t for your hard work on translating these for us, we wouldn’t be able to follow the guys & not only know about them, but also to know them as we do. How can we thank you??

  5. Thank you Daniela for the translations of these interviews which were very good. I very much agree that the words of Marino Bartoletti were very important. He asks what more do Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have to prove when they embody the Italian bel canto! He is a true friend and he realizes that their strength lies in their “family, culture, education, humility”. Besides their incredible talent, I do believe this is what makes them so special and loved by so many!

    1. Tricianna, how glad I am that you are commenting … you managed to update your position. I am immensely happy.
      You know I followed your comments, even before I started writing for Flight Crew. Thanks for the complimentin and a big hug. 🙂

    2. Margaret, yes, Bartoletti, has understood the strength of these boys.
      You know he wrote the preface to the new book that will be released on IL VOLO these days. I read it and it is beautiful. You will surely like it.

  6. Daniela, again I express my gratitude to you for your translations. They mean the world to those of us who are English speakers. These interviews fill me again with emotions with which I am very familiar. I feel such a closeness to those who have a significant influence on the guys and who express their admiration, respect and love for them specifically Michele and Marino. After reading Marino’s words my first reaction was to yell, “I love youuu!” to him! 😁 We are all excited for the US Tour to start and know that the dates and venues will be released pretty much as usual.. probably about 3 months before they arrive! Hugs to you Daniela our dear Italian friend! 💋

    1. Judy, thank you, you wrote very kind words, thank you !!!
      I too, when I read Bartoletti’s answers, I rejoiced and then I thought, “I have to translate this for my American friends” were too beautiful and we all had to rejoice. Bartoletti is really a dear friend, but his compliments don’t come just for friendship, he knows he’s telling the truth. One day he admitted that before he personally met the boys, he was skeptical, but then he met them and his opinion ….. is the one we know. 🙂 🙂 Grazie mille cara Judy!!

  7. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat. The translations are great, a pleasure to read. Mr. Bartoletti’s words about our precious boys are heartwarming. I think we all feel the same. Thanks again for all you do for us.

  8. Jolanta, thank you very much. It is a pleasure for you to read, for me it is a pleasure to translate for you who you appreciate. 🙂
    Bartoletti is the best!

  9. It is testimonials, such as the above, that further validate the love and appreciation of IL Volo fans for the boys and their music and talent. It also helps to dispel and ignore, for us, any of the ridiculous and negative comments some of the journalists has used towards the guys. In a way, the negative only serves to bolster the fans defiant support of IL Volo, and hopefully that support continues to spread. I believe the support is maybe even more than we know.

    1. Yes Mark, it is true, these testimonies help a lot, and finally, this year there have been different, even from people usually (out of habit) hostile to IL VOLO. It is not easy and it has not been so in recent years. I believe that if there had not been the continuous support and affection of the fans, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would have had more difficulty in overcoming certain moments.

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