On August 16th, Piero received an award from his beloved NARO.

Let’s go in order:

Naro 01

This message was published by Piero, I translate the words:

On August 16th evening I will have the pleasure of dedicating time to my splendid NARO: being recognized and honored, from one’s native country, is an honor that is not at all obvious.

Here are the roots, here my story is born: the houses, the alleys, the faces, with which I grew up and of which I could tell a thousand stories.

At the moment, I will tell you only one, the affection I have for my country.

Naro 02
All Naro waits on the beautiful staircase.

Here is the moment of Piero’s arrival.

And here is the awarding of the prize, by the mayor, very proud of our Piero.

Mayor = Meanwhile I wanted to put the institutional band, even if it is wrong (Piero rushes to fix the band), to give the official status of the institution, the solemnity of this moment, to pay our affection, our gratitude, to a great, to an international star, which is Piero. (applause)

Considering that at this moment, I do not feel I am just the mayor of Naro and its 7500 inhabitants, but I feel like the mayor of all the Naresi (inhabitants of Naro) scattered all over the world.

So I make myself an interpreter, of all the Naresi, scattered around the world, to say THANK YOU to Piero, for the emotions he always gives us. I also greet all the friends of Canicattì who are here for Piero.

Naro 03

I will not dwell much, but I must tell you that I am particularly excited. You saw the first part of the video (before calling Piero, they projected a video dedicated to Piero ), well, that little boy was Piero …. (to Piero) I don’t know where your grandfather is … . (Piero indicates with his hand, on the stairway). Pietro, a big hug to Pietro, to whom a family friendship, of many years, binds me.

That mayor of 10 years ago, when Piero started it all, was me.

To give you the prize, I would like to call Magda. (Magda is a small child, new promising star of Naro, Piero goes to meet Magda and kisses her.)

With the hope that in 10 years we will be here again to celebrate even Magda.

Naro 04

Best wishes Piero. (kisses and hugs to Piero and delivery of the prize)

I was at Piero’s house, I saw, how many plaques, how many photos with “the powerful of the world” ….. Piero, but this is the gift of NARO !!! (applause)

One last thing and I finish, a memory, when they, in the theater of Taormina, dedicated the song to their mother, and he bowed and Eleonora, beat the song’s rhythm on his leg ….. Eleonora and Gaetano, thank you for what you you have done, for believing us, for the sacrifices you have made to make him a great man.(applause, a second awarding ceremony continues, during which Vincenzo Porrello gives Piero a special gift.) 

Naro 07

And here is the video broadcast by local television. At the beginning Piero sings a beautiful song “NARO FULGENTISSIMA” (I think his grandfather composed it, during the video, while Piero sings, you can see his father Gaetano and his mother Eleonora, sitting on the staircase, near a white lantern.)

Mayor = For us it is a source of great pride, to celebrate 10 years of IL VOLO activity, but in particular, allow me, of our fellow citizen Piero BaroneA boy who is an international star, but who has remained a humble boy, has remained a boy devoted to his city.

I am the mayor of all the Naresi scattered in the world and for us, having Piero Barone this evening, who is the ambassador of the beauties of this city, but above all of the heart and love, of this city, can only make me absolutely happy.

Naro 06

Piero = My first thought, but I also think of all of you here, goes to the Bracco family, for the pain that struck them. (a young citizen of Naro, on vacation on the lake near Rome, drowned … applause).

The love I have for this country, and for our city, will never end.

Host = What do you feel for this city?

Piero= Naro, it’s me, it’s my blood. I grew up here, my whole story is here.

If it’s about my past, it’s all my grandfather’s fault, he gave me my passion for music.

When I was 8, it was he, my grandfather Pietro, who had me engraved,  “UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE”

In one of those beautiful summer evenings over 10 years ago, my grandfather made my father hear that song, and from that moment, my father, stubborn as he is, every time someone came into the garage (he repaired cars), put me up on the bonnet of cars and made me sing either “GRANADA” or “UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE”. I couldn’t take any more, every customer heard “GRANADA” or “UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE” (Piero’s parents laugh).

Naro 07

In the same evening, there was the election of Miss Naro, and here is Piero photographed with all the participants.

Naro 08

Some shots of the evening, thanks to Il Volo Sicilia fanpage.


What a beautiful emotion Piero, to hear you sing that beautiful song dedicated to Naro.

And your words, for your city, fill every citizen with pride. 

Bravo Piero !!



Piero Barone with Nonno Piero Ognibene Singing “Naro Fulgentissima”


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

24 thoughts on “NARO, AN AWARD FOR PIERO by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for a lovely article. It was touching and the sincerity of Piero is always evident. I loved the song and it’s impressive how all the boys can sing a cappella without effort. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. We wish we could be there.

      1. this video is wonderful, Piero is not only singing but conducting the choir as well 😉 he’s been perfectionist since childhood

  2. Thank you so much Daniela for this beautiful article. I had so much trouble reading it, as I had tears in my eyes the entire time. What a lovely young man and so deserving of all the good things life has and will bring him. This was absolutely beautiful to read. xxoo

  3. Daniela is Italy praising Ignazio & Ganluca as well in their cities? I hope so I have been trying to find out what their cities are doing as well. I am also trying to find out if they are coming to Canada

    1. Loretta, every city is grateful to our boys. We know that Montepagano often celebrates Gianluca. For Piero and GIanluca it is easier, because they were born in small towns, where everyone knows each other. Ignazio was born in a city and the relationships are different.
      There are still no news for the US and Canada tours.

  4. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the beautiful photos and translations. A special thank you to Gaetano, Eleanora and his grandparents for understanding his great talent and giving him the encouragement to fulfill his dream. I believe this is the most important award Piero has ever received, from his dear Naro. Did you see all of the young women surrounding him, wouldn’t it be great if he found a wife someday from his hometown?

  5. Thank you RoseMarie, and certainly thanks to Piero’s grandparents and parents for having grown this boy with such responsibility. I have the impression that he will not choose a girl from Naro, but certainly one who respects his small town. I must say that when he invited Valentina to Naro, I thought it was her, the right one. I was wrong.

  6. Thank you Daniela for the videos and translations. It’s always nice to see their hometowns recognize Il Volo and Piero certainly deserves this award from his beloved Naro. It’s lovely to see the smiling faces of his parents and the recognition to them and his grandparents. They have instilled so many wonderful qualities in Piero and he is an extraordinary young man! To hear him speak of his roots, the houses,the alleys and faces he grew up with and all the stories is very beautiful! And then to hear him sing the song dedicated to Naro was lovely! It was also so thoughtful of him to mention the family that lost their child. I did smile at him helping the Mayor with her “institutional band”! I always notice Piero adjusting clothing on Ignazio or sometimes on the children they bring up on stage even if it is just tying a ribbon or adjusting their dress.

    1. Margaret, I must tell you that seeing the parents, so full of joy in admiring their dear Piero, sitting upstairs, among so many people, certainly not in front, makes me so tender and I understand the family setting that was given to Piero, really good.
      With good roots, a good tree is born!

  7. what can i say?!?!?!?!?!!!!??!?!!…..
    sooooo adorable!!!!!
    Little Piero on top of car hood, belting out GRANADA or UN AMORE COSI GRANDE to his Dad’s customers! ADORABLE !!!!!

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