The tour de force for the promotion of the new CD continues at an incessant pace. 

Here are the images and video of the Rome instore Saturday, November 9th.

The arrival of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.


Promotion 01

Promotion 02

Promotion 03

Promotion 04

Promotion 05

Fantastic, and among all the fans, we recognize our delicious Xinjie.😘

Promotion 06

A nice event in Rome, but not everything ends here, Sunday Il Volo was expected in Milan for the Mini Live, and how can they arrive from Rome? (these guys so haughty, like some press has sometimes described them?)

But by train !!

But someone waited for them at the station to give them a small video to be broadcast live on the TV program DOMENICA VENTURA.

Here they are. And while they are being interviewed, near Piero, in the station, he passes the video of the advertising of the concert in Matera, what a beautiful coincidence. 

Nothing new is said in the interview. The man to whom Gianluca compliments, is a well-known Italian footballer Paolo Rossi.

And now radio promotions are starting.
The first is Radio 102.5.
Nothing important is said, but the boys are always kind and nice.

In this photo the boys are in the company of ZAC, one of the 102.5 radio speakers.

Promotion 07

Promotion 08

Nice mini video made with the 102.5 radio speakers.

But there is another radio waiting for the Radio Zeta interview.

Very nice interview, activate the subtitles because the translation seemed excellent to me.

Promotion 09

But now here they are at Radio Italia for another interview.

Another nice interview with Radio Italia, nothing new is said, the stages of 10 years are retraced and Manola asks what their favorite song is and they say that the most representative is “Grande Amore”.

They talk about bel canto, and that they are ambassadors of Italy in the world, then about the new CD and the next tour in Canada-US, and then of  the mini live event in Milan and the extraordinary presence of the people.

Manola asks how they manage to divide the parts of a song and they reply that there is no real division, only the verse is sung, which of the three can make it better, without any jealousy.

Piero says that they speak little of their beginnings, because as children, they were catapulted into an environment full of famous people in America and they didn’t realize this and when they tell it to others, they seem to say it to brag and the people does not believe that  are truth, but there are photos to testify.

Then, Ignazio imitates Gianluca who does something special with his ear and then says he is a nuisance.

Piero talks about the two Italian dates and the 2020 tour.

Manola asks what kind of music they listen to and they answer a little of everything, because music is always beautiful and tastes must be respected.

Final greetings.

Promotion 10

And here is another great news, on the EUROFANATICOS Facebook page, they did a long poll with a vote, to understand what was the most beautiful Eurovision song of the last 10 years and ……. Won IL VOLO, with “GRANDE AMORE”, all the finals where IL Volo was, were won hands down, and the grand final was won with 2600 votes, against 929 of the second classified.


Promotion 11

Mamma mia, these guys never stop, this is only the first part of the promotion, we will still have to follow:

~ Instore Bologna

~ Interview in Roxy bar with Red Ronnie (he said he has already taken away the juke box for Ignazio)

~ Instore Caserta

~ Concert on live TV in Matera

~ Live concert of Radio Italia (of which I will attend the recording as a public)

See you very soon.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

15 thoughts on “PROMOTION OF NEW CD by Daniela”

  1. Daniela and Pitterpat, again, thank you for your hard work. You must be exhausted just following their schedule. The Red Ronnie Show let the guys loose, they were very comfortable doing a very relaxed show. The jukebox was there with a “do not touch sign” for Ignazio,very funny. I’m looking forward to your next post.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie. It is not as exhausting as what the guys are going through will all their commitments! 😊

  2. Daniela and Pitterpato, thank you again for another great article. We would miss so much in the US without you providing the information in English. The photos and videos are always wonderful.

  3. Hi Daniela and Pat. Loved the videos and translations. Their schedule leaves me breathless and exhausted. I wonder how they do it and seem to be so fresh and alert and looking so great. Youth has it’s advantages I guess. I watched the Red Ronnie show and really enjoy the casual and low key style of this interview. I did not understand very much of what they were saying and look forward to your translation. In a 3 hour casual atmosphere they probably had some interesting things to say. Thanks to both of you for all you do for us.

    1. You’re most welcome, Janet. We do our best! I noticed the guys looked pretty sleepy-eyed toward the end of the Red Ronnie show. It was late there and as much as they have done in the past few days even young men get tired! 😴

  4. I was looking at the 10 Years CD on Amazon (US). Amazon has a version listed with a concert DVD that is an Italian import. Does anyone know if the DVD is region free and will play on US DVD players? Thanks. We got tickets to see them next year at National Harbor near Washington.

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