Sunday 10 November, an instore, this time Milan, with a mini-live from the Mondadori balcony, overlooking Piazza del Duomo.

The whole week there was bad weather, rain and cold, but on Sunday a sun 🌞 and a blue sky welcomed our boys!

In this video, the boys say that they have just arrived in Milan and are waiting for the fans in Piazza Duomo.

And here they are, from the balcony where they performed, happy to show their NEW CD with a sea of people behind them in one of the most beautiful Italian squares.

Miland Instore 01

Miland Instore 02

Yes, among that multitude of people, I am there too, with my husband. We are there, impossible to recognize ourselves.

What a thrill, we arrived by train in Milan and, going up the underground staircase, and going out in front of the Duomo, white and magnificent that raises its spires in a precious blue sky …… priceless.

As soon as we arrived in square, here they are, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, who face the balcony of the library, located in a beautiful old building, right next to the Duomo.

The square is full of people, not everyone is a fan. A lot of people are walking around Milan, but they stop to listen, and we are all with our noses up, listening to these beautiful voices, the arms at the top holding cell phones, intent on recording this beautiful event. Nobody moves, everyone looks up, wonderful.

The event was very beautiful, the boys sang four songs and exactly:

and the square responded with so much warmth.

An incredible emotion, seeing them and hearing them sing from that balcony, with the Duomo a stone’s throw from us.


And here is the video I recorded, I missed the beginning, but then I recorded the whole moment for you, without interruption. Good vision to you……enjoy! 😘

After “IL MONDO”, the boys say goodbye and Piero says they are here because their new album celebrating their 10-year career was released the other day and this is their way of thanking them for their support.

Gianluca thanks everyone for being here.

Ignazio says that this year they were in Sanremo and presented a song that he likes very much, “MUSICA CHE RESTA”(fans acclaim Ignazio)

Immediately thereafter follows “A CHI MI DICE”.

After the song, Gianluca says they want to remember one of the most exciting moments of their career, when they won the Sanremo festival in 2015.

Piero adds that it’s their way to greet everyone.

Gianluca adds that with this song they want to transmit all their “GRANDE AMORE”  to us.

Here are the few photos I took:

Miland Instore 03

Miland Instore 04

Miland Instore 05

Miland Instore 06

Miland Instore 07

Here I am, happy and proud, with my new CD, in my hands. ❤️

Miland Instore 08

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the CD signed. 😢

The day was beautiful, but when the sun went down, it started to get very cold. I was at the end of the long line, I was frozen, it was dark and there was still more than an hour waiting in the cold, and unfortunately also the train ride to return home. So, happy for the unexpected day (I wasn’t sure I could go to Milan), I returned home. 

 And here, below, other photos of the event in Piazza Duomo. 

Miland Instore 09

Miland Instore 10

Milan Instore 14

Miland Instore 11

Milan Instore 15

Milan Instore 16

Milan Instore 17

Very nice video from Radio Subasio.


This is also from

The speaker asks the guys what they felt.

Piero replies that it is a great emotion to see all those people there for them, for an artist it is the greatest joy, looking out at a balcony and seeing all those people. Il Volo loves these people so much, and people love them. ❤️

Ignazio says that today they understood, what the Pope feels.😁

Gianluca says that for them it is like a birthday, 10 years of career, a great goal, and there will be other years of friendship, music and loyalty.😘

The speaker asks what was the most beautiful emotion of these 10 years and Piero replies, the honor when they sang in front of Pope Francis, a memory that they will carry with them for their whole life.

Final greetings.

Miland Instore 12

There are no words to describe the excitement of that square full of people and to hear Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca raise their beautiful voices up, up, even higher.

But there are still so many events awaiting us.

Thanks guys, it’s always possible to be with you.


Miland Instore 13

The boys, seeing this photo, said: 10 years of instores, the first photo is the first year, where there would have only been a dozen people and the second photo is today.  ❤️  😄

MORE photos and videos of the event:


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “INSTORE : MILANO MINI LIVE by Daniela”

  1. Oh Daniela!! What a thrill for you being there and for our loveable guys to see such a sea of fans embracing them!! What can one say about this beautiful country and the magnificence of MIlan !! Just breathtaking!!Thank you once again for sharing another memorable event!!I I can’t wait to see them in concert here in the States❤️!!

    1. Daniela, glad you got to attend this fabulous event, but sorry you weren’t able to get your CD signed. This is another great article with wonderful photos and videos. So grateful to you for all the translations to English. Thank you so much for all that you do for us fans and promoting Il Volo.

      1. Lynn, I was sorry too, but it was really cold and the train was leaving, so I was happy with the day. I will have another opportunity to sign.

  2. Daniela Got to see your smiling face and your new CD which I felt so bad that you could not get signed especially when you do so much for Il Volo A wonderful bunch of pictures and videos I was amazed at the size of the crowd Was also pleased to see the announcement that Grand Amore and ilVolo won for Best of the Decade Still waiting not so patiently to see them in Ft Lauderdale in Feb. Keep up the good work and hope that you eventually get your CD signed Can’t express how much I love and respect these guys

    1. Thanks Beverley for the compliments, and don’t worry, in one way or another I will be able to get the CD signed.
      I had no doubt that Grande Amore had to win as the best song of the decade.

  3. Daniela and Pat, thank you again for the beautiful work you do in putting this altogether for us.
    Daniela, this was a magical event in a beautiful city with the most beautiful voices in the world, and the most beautiful young men, inside and out. How fortunate I feel to have lived long enough to know them and their music.

    1. RoseMarie, what a pity you weren’t here, you would have liked immensely.
      But you will still read about Red Ronnie and also Radio Italia ….. phenomenal.

  4. How does control the chills that come each time these young men sing to us. It feels like being a child again, on Christmas Eve. What glory it must be for them to see and feel all the love coming back to them. Adorarli

  5. Daniela and Pat, thank you for the wonderful post. What an incredible setting for them to be in! So happy you were able to be there Daniela!

  6. OH Daniela how lucky you were to be able to see and hear the boys in such a beautiful location. They always look so happy in front of their Italian fans I think they love being home in Italy. Thanks for sharing your amazing day with all of us who adore IL Volo so.

    1. Yes, Luchylady, Brescia is so close to Milan that it would have been silly not to be able to attend. These days they are having many commitments and it is difficult to participate at all.

  7. What a beautiful event, so many people and I just feel a little sorry I’m not among them. But thanks to you, your video and photos we all can feel these emotions. Thank you for sharing and for all your work Daniela and Pat, thanks to you we are closer to IL VOLO. Baci

  8. That was an amazing event. The size of the crowds was stunning. I read somewhere that Piero said: 10 years ago when we did a instore promotion we would be lucky to get 12 people and look at 10 years later!
    A testament to their music, their focus and stamina, and their beautiful personalities. So nice you could be there.

  9. The crowd is tremendous, reminds me of New Years eve at Times Square in New York. You said they would never give up the Bel Canto and you were right Daniela, you know your guys! I read every single post from top to bottom and all the comments. It’s become a way of life. Thanks

  10. Mark, your comparison is perfect.
    I remember when I insisted on convincing you that nothing would change and I’m glad you believed me.
    I’m glad you follow the posts, and I like to read your comments.
    I hope you took your tickets, because I attended a fabulous concert in Verona.

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