VERISSIMO 9 November by Daniela

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are promoting their new CD, and these days they have many appointments with radio, TV and instore. One of the most popular appointments is certainly Verissimo, where they are expected by Silvia Toffanin.

In short, I translate what was said:

After the first pleasant and playful pleasantries, Silvia says that they have just arrived from overseas. Piero confirms that they have just returned from a tour in South America, where they have had great satisfaction and great emotions and says that they celebrate 10 years with a tour of 100 concerts.

Silvia says that, to celebrate these 10 years, she has prepared a video dedicated to them, where she will tell who they are and what they are in the world.

Verissimo 01

(I literally translate Silvia’s words that accompany the images in the video.)

Dear Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, here we are.

Even if you’re young guys, you’re ready to celebrate an unprecedented career.
10 years of music and songs that warm the heart. It was 2009, when we were struck for the first time by your incredible voices.

10 years of career, of music, but above all of friendship and fidelity, in which you have become brothers, and it is precisely on this your indissoluble bond that you have built everything.

Those who have always followed you, know that this year you have marked a new goal in South America, where the Latin rhythm meets all the power of singing. Puerto Rico, San Salvador, Buenos Aires, San Paolo, Rio, you have enriched with magic their eyes, the views of those lands so far away, entering into the daily life of gestures, smiles and the eyes of those who have run to listen to you.

As in your last Latin stop in Santiago de Chile, or as when you sang for Pope Francis, in Panama.

Piero: there were 450,000 young people, there was a great silence.
Gianluca: a deafening silence

You have grown quickly, but thanks to the values that your origins have taught you, you have found the true strength, the ability to return where it all started, because for those who count, you are always and only: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.

Your life for 10 years is made of journeys that continue. Next year you will be back on tour between the United States and North America, passing once again to the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York.

But the most beautiful thing is that in all these years, each of you has remained himself.

This is the power of dreams, to get anywhere, without ever feeling truly arrived.

Let me tell you, dear Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, you are an Italian pride.

With love: Silvia.

Verissimo 02

The boys, moved, embrace Silvia (who is confirmed as a true Volover). Ignazio, jokes, pretending to cry. 😁😁😁

Gianluca states that Ignazio is the craziest of the three and Silvia responds ironically, that she didn’t understand it!

Gianluca says that without Ignazio, it would be a deadly bore, instead Piero jokingly says that are 10 years of endurance.

Silvia says they do everything together, travel together, eat together and Piero specifies ….. separate rooms. Piero confirms that they eat the same things and are intolerant to the same foods, then he says that they go to the gym and train together.

Gianluca says that they are profoundly different, but over the years the relationship has been strengthened.

Silvia asks if they fight and they say yes and Ignazio says that Piero and Gian are lower (shorter) because he hits them on the head. 😁

Piero says they argue but they don’t fight. Gian says that now they know what the things that annoy each other, and they avoid them.

Ignazio says that Gianluca is spiteful, while Piero is stubborn and wants to impose his ideas.

Then they talk about the physical aspect and say that Ignazio is happy with his newfound physical form and he says he is happy because he wants to show to those who have a physique like his, softer, which can get a slimmer shape.

Verissimo 03

Now Silvia faces the topic “girlfriends” and immediately tells Ignazio, whom she has read in some interviews, that he is looking for his girlfriend.

Ignazio replies that he is indeed for the family, and when he meets the right person he will be happy. Silvia asks him about his last girlfriend and he replies that he was very much in love, but then, as often happens, everything is over.

Silvia says it’s difficult for artists like them, always on tour to have a bond, Ignazio replies that it’s not easy, but it’s nice to leave and know that there is a person at home waiting for you. ❤️

Silvia asks if it is true that Ignazio also knows how to cook well and Piero replies that he does not like knowing what a dish is made of, but Ignazio must always explain it to him.

Then Piero says that he and Ignazio both live in Bologna and Ignazio, every now and then he sends him some ready-made food, just like a grandmother!!

Then Silvia asks if it’s true that they eat pasta before concerts and they confirm it, but three hours earlier.

Verissimo 04

Now Silvia, remembers Gianluca that last time he told him that he had a girlfriend and he confirms it and says that the girl becomes part of the family and she expects him, even if he stays out for months. Silvia asks for the name of the lucky one and Gianluca answers Francesca.❤️

Gianluca then, says that, they have learned to be selective with friendships and he says that boys of their age often confuse friendship with habit.

Silvia asks if the boys sleep close together and Piero says they have separate rooms well away from him, because Piero likes to sing when he takes a bath or a shower, so Gian and Ignazio want rooms far away from Piero.

Silvia takes a guitar and gives it to Ignazio, followed by a short performance of “Musica Che Resta”.

After playing the song, Silvia says she had goose bumps.

Verissimo 05

Silvia says she saw gestures of affection between them, so she asks if they really love each other. Gianluca confirms that they are like a big family, living their lives on two tracks, occasionally jumping on one or the other.

Speaking also of their daily life and studies. Piero confirms that he recently graduated, Gianluca admits to having only the first two years of gymnasium (classical high school).

Then Silvia shows a video where the guys play sports.

(Ignazio says to Silvia …. “You show us, what we do in our spare time.” 😁)

All three are very sporty.

Ignazio says that before the concert he goes to the gym, because he already arrives with a warm voice.

Silvia asks Piero if he has a girlfriend. He replies no and that he is well and that he sings better with fewer thoughts.

Silvia asks for a piece of “Grande Amore” to be performed.

Verissimo 06

Gianluca recalls that they have confirmed two new dates for Italy, Verona 30 August and Taormina 4 September for 2020. He says that they like to bring the beauty of Italy to their DVDs, in fact the last concert was done in the beautiful Matera . They confirm that their latest CD, IL VOLO The Best of 10 Years, was released all over the world on November 8th. Piero states that the Matera concert will be broadcast on Italian TV on Channel 5 on November 19th.

Silvia shows a video with a preview of the concert in Matera.

At this point, Silvia confirms the very important things, says that what is striking about the three of them, is that they are very different from their peers, who sometimes sing vulgarities, but they are very careful, good guys, guys of other times.

Piero says that they do not sing an ancient genre, but a classical genre, which never sets. It is the music that is part of the Italian cultural heritage, known to all, and they are only trying not to let it be forgotten and bring it to their peers.

Silvia confirms that they are really exemplary guys.

Ignatius says that they always try to give good examples.

They make the lives of three normal, regular, simple boys who convey love for what they do, and have gratitude for those who followed them from the beginning.

Verissimo 07

At this point Silvia proposes a very nice thing, the boys have to perform all the 19 songs on their CD in a minute.

Beautiful and nice demonstration that the boys perform very well, without however performing the “Nessun Dorma”.

Silvia says that they are music that remains!

There are the final greetings.

Ignazio thanks all those who in 10 years have always accompanied them, starting with Torpedine, Sony Music, thanks to Silvia who manages to transmit an artist for what it is and above all thanks to their fans who always support them and always make them feel the their affection.

Silvia thanks them, as they are and says her program is their home, to travel the world, but remember that the doors of her show are always open for them.

Kisses and final hugs.

Verissimo 08

What to say, it was a wonderful interview!

Silvia does not hide her genuine admiration for our boys and they are completely at ease and offer themselves to the people for what they are, beautiful, nice and cheerful.

Thanks for this nice interview.

Very soon,

Verissimo 09


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Even though I do not understand a word of italian I watched this interview twice and just love to watch the guys no matter what they are speaking. I thought Silvia did an excellent interview and her love for the guys certainly shines through.
    Yesterday when they had their promotion in Milan i was completely awestruck by the size of the crowd They certainly deserve a crowd of that size \ Thanks again for another wonderful translation

    1. I look forward to your wonderful posts and now eagerly await your videos and photos from Milan!!!!
      Thank you for all you do!

      1. Wow! Both of you will have a wonderful event. Super! Have a nice day!! Please celebrate Xinjie’s birthday, too .

  2. Thank you so much for your posts. We all appreciate the time it takes to send us all the news. We will wait patiently for the video. Hugs from all of us in the USA and Canada.

  3. What a fascinating and sweet story of IL Volo. They are indeed superb in so many ways. I could write a book or a short story of how much I love these three guys. First and foremost what impressed me the most is their kindness and manners. I give credit to their parents for raising them to be gentlemen. Beautiful vocalists, handsome, and heart breakers for sure. I wish them good health, happiness, and a long life. Money cannot buy those three things mentioned, but their goodness will see them live a long life. I plan to see them in Arizona on March 1, 2020 in Mesa at the Ikeda theater. I had a seat in the 5th row but decided I would trade to buy another seat for my cousin. Not bad seats but further back. I hope they do a sound check, as then I can see them personally . Thank you Daniela for your descriptive and beautiful stories about Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero. I dearly love them. Hearts a fire to see them.

    1. It is true Sassylady, it is something that struck us very much, in addition to their skill, their kindness. Silvia also in the interview, points out, really guys from other times, as few we see today.

  4. Grazie mille Daniela 😗. I have been watching the interview and hoped, no exactly I was sure you will translate it. And of course you’ve done next great translation. You’re amazing😍. The interview is so lovely. I think Silvia is wonderful jounalist and she likes the boys very much, just like they like her. It is such a joy to watch them. Thanks again very very much. Hugs 🤗

    1. Jolanta, I also had the same idea, and I also wrote it, for me Silvia is a Volover. One senses that she is genuinely fond of them.
      I could not leave you without understanding what they had said.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  5. Thank you so much for this translation Daniela . I tried really hard to understand this great interview but my Italian is still only good for about 5% of it. I absolutely adore all your posts and translations, you are truly wonderful.
    I hope we can meet up again in Verona xx

  6. Thanks Daniela, great interview , Im so happy that your translation is close to what I understood. I really try to improve my Italian 😂 everything thanks to and for il Volo. Simply love these guys 🥰

    1. What do these guys do to us, right ??
      Many have told me that they are learning Italian thanks to Il Volo, they are indeed ambassadors of Italy.
      I love them too.

  7. Thanks Daniela for a wonderful translation as always. I was hoping that you would be translating this interview, as it is very frustrating not knowing what is being said. Nice to hear the kind words that were said. I was wondering if you were amongst the large crowd in Milano!

    1. Susan , how could I not translate everything for you?
      Yes I was in the crowd and it was beautiful. I quickly finished the translation of Verissimo to be able to go freely to Milan.
      Soon there will be the post, really a beautiful day.

  8. Thank you Daniela, what would we do without you. They are our boys, our children, our young men, but as Silvia said “always and only Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.” How nice to have a respectful conversation with them. I hope to see more of them with Silvia.
    Daniela I think I saw you in the crowd (LOL). That was a wonderful turnout. That should shut down their critics.

    1. RoseMarie, what beautiful words you wrote.
      You’re right, the interview with Silvia is always very relaxing and friendly.
      How did you see me? I, who know where I was, I look, but I can’t focus. 🙂

  9. Daniela like so many others have said, I watched the whole interview even though I do not understand much of what is being said. I did get words here and there that helped me understand the general idea of the conversation. But as is also said I just love watching them be themselves and relate to each other. They are so much at ease and comfortable in their skin, and make others around them at ease too. As usual they showed what gentlemen and great people they are, a good model for all young people . After 10 years of success it must be difficult to maintain a normal life, and they seem still to be so down to earth and real. Guess that is why we love them. Thank you so much for always keeping us up to date with your translations. Your hard work is so much appreciated.

  10. Daniela…I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love the translation…I know it took time for you to do this, but I am sooooo grateful! I love following the guys, and you are my hero for providing this translation…it’s wonderful to hear their thoughts and their words. I love these guys so much…I admit Gianluca is my forever love…I am so taken with him. I wish him much love and happiness beyond what his beautiful heart can hold. I think he’s found it. He will never know of my love … it’s held in my heart for all time. Thank you so much again, Daniela…

  11. love the interveiw,, glad to hear the guys are normal off stage lol,, im 69 and in full remission with ovarian cancer,, I have been listening to them since about 2015, and lucky enough to see them when they were in Oakland in2016,, listening to them during this time has helped me a great deal,, Im going to see them in San Rafeal in March,, I would love to thank them for being here with their charm and music. just in case i will be in row 14 seat 39 with my walker and in home care worker,, Love to all of you

  12. Thanks again, so much, Daniela!! What would we do without you??
    I couldn’t watch the video as it was “unavailable”, but will take all the comments that it was fun to watch.

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