“FAN-FARE” by Giovanna

Most of the time, the Flight Crew uses this blog to bring Il Volo to their fans.  This time, I’m going to use an article to bring some of the fans to Il Volo.  It’s my hope that when one of the guys or their parents occasionally check our blog, as they sometimes do, they’ll get to know about some of you.  I had the good fortune of meeting so many great people before and after the Atlantic City Borgata Casino concert, I needed to introduce some of them here.  I will also add a few more notes from the show in this post, just for fun and spice.
I have Ignazio to thank for this article, in a way.  As you know, his birthday was on October 4.  Since the Atlantic City concert was in late September, I made the beginnings of a birthday card for him in Italian, written on the back of a Lavazza coffee poster.  When I was carrying it around in the Borgata Casino, many folks who saw it, even strangers, asked if it was something that was going to be sent up to Ignazio on stage.  When they heard it was something that would end up in his hands, many people wanted to write and sign and send blessings and birthday wishes to him.  I talked some of the others into it, but it wasn’t difficult.  So, I got to meet dozens of new people while they wrote their greetings to Igna.

The first few people I interviewed were my Aunt Florence, from Holmdel, NJ, and her friends who had come down together from central Jersey to Atlantic City for the weekend and the concert.  This photo is my aunt and her crew of friends.  It was easy to learn their names.  My aunt is on the front right, the person on the front left is Marianne Sciuto, and everyone else is named Marilyn.  Well, all except my buddy in the back, Biagio Vincenzo Schettini.

Aunt Florence told me she loved visiting Firenze (Florence), Italy because the Florentines treated her special, since she shares a name with their home.  Aunt Florence is typical of many long-time Il Volo fans:  it’s hard to remember exactly when she first heard them, exactly what songs they performed, or how old they were.  But like most folks, she does remember where she first heard them.  Any guesses?  It was on a PBS special.
In my travels throughout the casino, I found there are a few things most people agree on.
1.  The overwhelming majority of people first heard of Il Volo, just like my aunt did, from a PBS special. My aunt’s friend Marilyn Barrett from Aberdeen, NJ is one of the many who encountered them this way.  She recalls watching a PBS concert not too many years ago when the guys were in their early 20’s (not those very first PBS concerts when they were little boys beating each other up backstage).   Her favorites are Mamma and Nessun Dorma.  She wants to hear them do a rendition of Time to Say Goodbye from Andrew Lloyd Weber.
2.  More than one lady told me they want Gianluca to meet their granddaughter, so he can become their grandson. Marianne Cirasuolo Sciuto from Holmdel, NJ was one of those.  Marianne is another who first heard Il Volo on a PBS special.  It’s funny how many people, including Marianne, even if they can’t pinpoint what year they first heard Il Volo, can remember that Piero was still wearing red eyeglasses, Igna was chubby, and Gianluca, well, was Gianluca.
Marianne’s favorites are Be My Love, the Great Caruso, Il Mondo and Il Volo’s version of O Sole Mio that blends in It’s Now or Never. 
While Il Volo sang that at the Borgata show, Ignazio got down from the stage, danced with someone in the front left of the stage, grabbed her and wouldn’t let her out of his arms, and insisted she had to kiss him while he sang the verse “Kiss me my darling…”   So typical.
3.  To most people, Piero’s voice is nothing short of astonishing. Marilyn Mazzochi Fortunato from Holmdel, NJ was one of those who told me how impressed she was with his voice’s power.  She first saw Il Volo on one of their PBS special fundraisers about seven years ago.  Like me, one of her favorite songs is Nessun Dorma.  She would like to hear them someday do Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World or maybe Vicin’ ‘O Mare, from Patrizio Buanne.  Like many of us, she can cite the many times she heard Ignazio tease Gianluca about being short.  When I met her in Atlantic City, that was her first live Il Volo concert.  Igna did not tease Gianluca at that show.  Gianlu teased Igna about his pancia, for most of the show.

Photo by Giovanna

4.  For so many, Ignazio is the son or grandson they want to feed. As I mentioned in my last article, some of them actually do feed him right on stage.

5.  Most preferred Gianluca’s look before he shaved off his Italian scruff. But they’ll take him any way they can get him.  Here are both looks so you can choose.  As I mentioned last time, whatever was troubling Gianluca during the Atlantic City soundcheck, by the time he reached the stage at showtime, he got over it.  Check the photo on the right.


Right photo by Giovanna

6.  Many fans decided it’s attractive when the guys wear dress suits and designer shoes senza calze (with no socks), Italian style. I make no argument.

7.  Several said they would travel to Italy to hear Piero’s first opera performance, if and when he finally does that. I’m hoping it will be Cavalleria Rusticana, which he’s been studying.

By the way, while Piero was visiting with us during the Atlantic City soundcheck, he spent most of the time accovacciato (in a deep squat) just like this so he could get down close to us to talk.  I told you previously how much I enjoy his mellow speaking voice when he’s up this close.  I was ordered not to use my soundcheck photo, which looks much like this one, so I borrowed this one from the web.
8.  “When they open their mouth, you don’t expect what actually comes out.” This is how Andrea Casaburri Babajko from Old Bridge, NJ expressed it.  She and her husband Edward last saw the guys at the Wind Creek concert in Bethel, PA on Gianluca’s birthday in February 2020.  She always enjoyed how Ignazio and Piero used to do their comedy act on stage while Gianluca watched from the side.  Gian is her favorite; for her as for many, he defines cute.  She told me a bit of her past that many Italian Americans can identify with.  Her parents were first generation Americans.  When she was young, her parents and grandparents wouldn’t teach her to speak Italian.  They apparently wanted to have a language they could use when they wanted to say things that they didn’t want the children to hear.  Today, when she would love to understand what the Il Volo guys are saying, she can’t.  Well, that’s what we Flight Crew people are here for.
Speaking of a comedy act, Igna and Piero did add in the “See you later alligator” bit which was achingly funny when Ignazio tried to say, “After a while crocodile” as he left the stage for a break.  He just couldn’t pronounce the “crocodile” thing with his accent.

Photos by Giovana


1. It’s not just women who follow the guys; guys follow the guys.
My auditorium seat neighbors, Sandra and Bob from Delaware, told me that they have followed Il Volo since their first New York concert 16 years ago.  Bob is as much a long-time fan as his wife.   They told me that the first show they saw was in a theater in New York that started with the letter “A”.  Do any of you readers know what theater that might have been?
My friend Biagio Vincenzo became acquainted with Il Volo on a PBS special or two, just like many others.  He did not have to be asked twice to come hear them live when the opportunity came.
2. Along for the Ride.
One of the most exciting things for me was my Aunt Florence’s friend Marilyn Ratel from Aberdeen, NJ.  She told me she was a fan of Dean Martin.  She’s in good company because Gianluca is also a Dean Martin fan.  Why was I excited for her?  Before this trip, she never heard of Il Volo, never heard a single performance or recording, knew nothing about them, and came to Atlantic City because the other ladies talked her into it.  She walked into the concert “blind” as it were, having no idea what she was going to hear and be part of.  She described herself as “along for the ride.”  What a ride she got!
Gianluca, plus hat, receiving a Dean Martin award from the Abruzzo community.
3. Some American fans had to leave the US to even hear of Il Volo.
I met Rita Fries, from Philadelphia, while we were in line to get our postponed tickets printed.  She and her husband never heard of Il Volo until they vacationed outside the US five years ago in . . . Aruba of all places.  Someone in Aruba was the first to tell them about Il Volo, whom they checked out on YouTube.   Rita has since joined every on-line Il Volo group she could find including Facebook groups, fan clubs, and Flight Crew.  The first time she and her husband heard Il Volo live was in this very same Borgata Atlantic City auditorium on Gianluca’s birthday weekend in February of 2020.  She said Piero stole her heart, right down to the look and the glasses.   She told me that following them on PBS specials is not enough for her; as long as she lives, she will go to every concert she can get to.  This Atlantic City concert was her first soundcheck and first VIP ticket.  She picked a good one to attend her first soundcheck, since Piero took so much time with us.
Catherine Land from Philadelphia, who has been to the Borgata before on Valentine’s Day in 2018, gets the prize for how an American fan first heard of Il Volo.  Her family is from Campobello di Licata, Sicily. That’s not far from Piero’s home in Naro, and is north of the summer house I had rented in Sicily in 2020 before Covid shut down my trip.  Here’s her story.  It happened when she was in Italy 11 or so years ago visiting family in Sicily.  She was watching television and, not planning exactly what she wanted to watch, came across a talent show on live TV.  Guess which one?  Yes, Ti Lascio Una Canzone.  She saw a certain three little boys at the same time the rest of Italy first saw them.  She can actually say she’s been with them from Day 1.
During the Borgata concert, after they finished singing I Wonder Would She Even Know Me Now from Cinema Paradiso, Piero asked the audience if they knew how Il Volo met.  As a joke he offered free tickets to the next show to whomever knew the answer.  There were so many people yelling Ti Lascio Una Canzone, they would have to give away most of the seats in the auditorium.  I think they should have given a prize to Catherine.
4. Some European fans had to move to the US to hear of Il Volo.
Maria Atanasova, from Fairlawn, NJ, was born in Bulgaria.  She did not become acquainted with Il Volo until she came to the US, when someone showed her a YouTube video.  She was aware they have played in Bulgaria, but that’s not where she saw her first concert.  Atlantic City, the day I met her, was her first concert.   Her favorite is Ignazio, and not just for constantly being a rompiscatole, as he calls himself.  (I’m not going to translate that).  She prefers his stretched lyric tenor voice.  Her favorites are Il Mondo and Grande Amore.
5. Some fans have met every one of the guys’ parents.
I met Joanne D’Angelo from Philadelphia, PA when she heard me speaking Italian in the upstairs hallway.  She has studied Italian for over 20 years.  She was actually at the very first Il Volo US concert at the Borgata Atlantic City and remembers the exact date, September 24, 2011.  Yes, Ignazio was chubby, Piero had the funny red glasses.  But none of that mattered.  Since the 2011 show she has been to 18 concerts, many of them in Italy.  These include one in Naples, and the 2014 Pescara concert where she met Gianluca’s father, Ercole, in Montepagano afterwards.  She has met every one of the Il Volo parents before or since.
6. Il Volo does reach young Americans.
I actually met some of them.  My friend Biagio took me to visit his sister, Elvira, the weekend of the concert, and I got another surprise.  When his nephew and his nephew’s fiancée, Christian and Kimberly, both 28-year-old young professionals, heard us talking about the show, they immediately joined us from the other room, explaining that they were big fans as well.  Before the visit was over, these two were asking how to find tickets for the New York City show the following weekend.  I don’t know if they ever got them.  I do know it’s not always the case that the young lady discovers Il Volo first and coaxes their spouse or partner to listen.  In this case it was the guy who got his girlfriend to listen in.  How’s that for a change?  These folks were kind enough to write what they wanted the rest of us to know.  Here they are in their own words to prove I’m telling the truth:

Photo by Giovanna

Christian Schettini, from Staten Island NY: “I first listened to Il Volo when they were still teenagers about 8 or 9 years ago.  I was searching YouTube for O Sole Mio and came across a music video featuring teenage boys.  I was incredibly impressed and have been a fan since!”
Kimberly Bellido, from New York, NY: “My first time listening to Il Volo was on a road trip to Toronto.  It was on the road trip playlist that my boyfriend made.  I absolutely loved their song Il Mondo.”
So, you see, it wasn’t ladies first this time.

Thank you to everyone who spent some time with me and my note papers, cell phone and camera.  The next time I’m at a show I will try to get to know more of you.
How about some of you readers telling us how you first heard of Il Volo, especially if it was some unusual way, or tell us what song you’d like to hear Il Volo perform someday.  Hopefully, one of the guys, one of their parents, or Barbara Vitale, or Michele Torpedine will notice and maybe make it happen.

Credit to owners of all copied photos.

52 thoughts on ““FAN-FARE” by Giovanna”

  1. My niece introduced me to Il Volo by taking me to their 2/2020 concert in Chicago!!
    I am forever grateful and a forever fan❤️🤗🙏

    1. You’re lucky you got to see them in 2020 before Covid cut things off. My March 2020 concert was cancelled. I’m happy for you.

  2. Thank you. I first saw them on American idol. I happened to record the final show and they were one of the guest performers. I rewound my recording of them singing so many times. To this day that performance shows up on Facebook. I have never tired of watching Ignazio hi-five with Steven Tyler.

    1. I also saw them first on American Idol. Actually my late mother spotted them and called me in to listen with her and my son.

  3. Moi je les ai vus la 1ere fois sur une vidéo que m’a envoyée une amie. Ils étaient en Allemagne et chantaient” il mondo”. c’était je crois en 2011. Jai été très impressionnée. Puis cela s’est arrêté là. Quelques années plus tard j’ai revu la même vidéo et là j’ai cherché à connaître leur histoire et à trouver sur you tube le plus de vidéos possibles. Ensuite j’ai cherché sur Facebook. Depuis j’ai acheté les CD que j’ai pu trouver à Paris et je ne me lasse pas de les écouter et de continuer à visionner les nouvelles vidéos( et aussi les anciennes!)Jusqu’à pésent je ne les ai jamais vus mais s’il n’y a pas de problème je vais en décembre assister à mon 1er concert à Turin. J’ai hâte!

  4. First heard them on the sky arts channel and have been a fan ever since. I wish they would come to Ireland 🇮🇪

  5. Cara Giovanna, sono stata in shock oggi quando ho visto la mia foto nel tuo articolo. Che bellissima sorpresa!! Grazie mille per includere la mia storia. E` stato un piacere di conoscerti. Spero di vederti di nuovo ad un concerto futuro. Grazie per tutto quello che fai. Amore ed un grande abbraccio! Joanne D’Angelo

    1. È stato meraviglioso conoscerti. Te l’avevo detto che avrei pubblicato la tua storia! Spero di rivederti anch’io.

  6. I would love to hear what their version of “Love is a Many Splendid Thing” would sound like! After all, they ARE all about Love!

  7. You have written such a beautiful story!!! Love !! 💜 Over 3 years ago a childhood school musical friend of mine sent me the guys at a young age first time performing Il Mundo . The first time I watched it I was astonished I kept hitting replay at least 10 to 15 times at that moment. As in a very bad stage at my life at that moment God brought them to me to cross my path for a reason… They won my heart 💜!! From my heart to my soul they healed me their music their voices their personalities their story I learned everything I could about them I still learn more and more about them all the time!!! They truly help me find my love for myself and my music in my soul I had lost. I started playing violin at the age of six first grade I played for 10 years I stopped and high school I had become very busy and cheerleading and sports not an excuse to stop playing my violin at all I didn’t think of it then 🎻. I’ve always been involved in music I have my own business being an event coordinator DJ for 20 years music’s always been in my heart and soul. I found my love for it all over again when Il Volo came into my life. My love for Opera and the violin has filled my heart and soul once again.. Thankyou Il Volo 🎼🎵🎻💜💯🙏 .. I love all of the guys but of course Piero is my sparkle in my eye 😂🤗🥰. Something about him his voice I close my eyes and listen to every note I go into a totally another world a very extremely happy place astonished with love in my heart 💜💜 I finally got to go to two concerts Boston Massachusetts and Clearwater Florida!!! Clearwater Florida was my golden seat I was row 4center… I was truly blessed with that seat when I bought that ticket I knew I was I bought the total package VIP… I didn’t know how I was going to react to the meet and greet I thought I was going to be speechless ( never happens 😂) I was filled with so many emotions and then it came my turn to step forward greeting Piero first… I thought I was just going to pass out into his arms 🤣🤣😍 words flowed out of my mouth so easy and calmly . Ignazio behind me with a hug I couldn’t believe my heart wasn’t racing at that moment I was truly just in love with the moment!!! Piero noticed my tattoo on my leg which is my music like I started nothing overwhelming with ‘Grande Amore ‘ .. I couldn’t believe that he noticed it and read it to me I explained it represented my Italian heritage but also their number one song!!! I asked him kindly if I could have all three of their autographs in my Italian journal that was sent to me from Italy for my story of my journey to meeting Il Volo 🎊📢!! They were also kind and they signed my first page now my next move is to have those signatures transferred tattooed onto my leg to complete it!!! Il Volo I can’t wait till it’s done so I can send you a picture that hopefully will get to you to see how beautiful it is!!!! What a beautiful real fairytale come true !!!! It hasn’t even been a week and I’m still living on cloud nine I probably always will because of that meet and greet guys I love you Piero I love you more 💜🥰😂💋🇮🇹🎼🎵🎻💯 and yes my goal is to pick up that violin like I told you!! 😎✌️🤗💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. I too brought a friend to the Connecticut concert, we are from NJ. During the week before the Bethlehem concert I decided to go alone. The day of the concert my friend decided to join me because she loved them so much. I left early that day and Doreen drove the hour and a half after work to see them again. We used to go to country music concerts together, no more.
    I learned about the on Facebook. A friend forwarded a clip of them singing Il Mondo in Germany saying they were the children of PavorrTi, Carreras s and Domingo…. I had to investigate. That was March of 2021. I listen to them daily and attribute my lower blood pressure to them. I believe that I have seen all of their YouTube clips.

    Thank you for the story, will have to go to the Borgota next time.

    1. First saw them on sky arts in their Notte Magica concert one Christmas (think 2019). Been obsessed ever since an listen or watch on YouTube every day. They bring me so much joy.

  9. I found the boys on Facebook through a random video. It was during the pandemic and I watched their videos (all I could find!) 10 hours a day. My daughter took me to their concert in oxon hill, md. The end of September. My daughter fell in love with them too. I really hope they’ll be back next year. I’m 82 and only God knows what comes tomorrow!! Please give them my love if that’s possible. Linda clark

    1. Hello, Linda. I’m 90 yrs. old and an avid follower of Il Volo. My step-daughter says I’m just like a teenager with their picture and memorabilia on my office wall! Can’t get enough of them. They are certainly putting psychologists and psychiatrists out of business with their calming effect. Dol

  10. En ce qui concerne les chansons, je pensais à “Et si tu n’existais pas” chanté par Joe dassin en français à l’origine une histoire d’amour qui pourrait bien s’adapter à leur groupe qui ne serait pas là si l’un des trois n’existait pas.(à chanter par les trois). Pour Ignazio lui qui aime reprendre des chansons de femmes, je pense à “L’hymne à l’amour “interprétée par Edith Piaf. L’ayant apprécié dans ses solos je sais qu’il saurait faire ressortir les sentiments et se l’approprier

  11. Thank you Giovanna for such an interesting posting on how one became a fan of Il Volo. For me, it was their very first PBS special from Detroit! I was hooked. My first concert was their first at Radio City! Since then I have attended 7 concerts around the USA – Cleveland, Ft Myers, Miami, Tampa , and two in Chicago❤️ I have gone to only one Meet&Greet and cherish my picture with the guys. I wish though that I had the opportunity to meet other dye hard fans!! Last night I watched their concert live streaming from sunrise ,Fl. Spectacular ❤️👍❤️

  12. Wow Giovanna, Thanks for taking us on your road
    AND to Pat, You are the person I thought of when
    I heard the live-streaming announced. THEN, I
    saw your name in the pre-show chat. I am so happy
    for you and everyone that was unable to be a part
    of this great tour.

    1. How sweet of you, Martha, to think of me! 😊 I was almost in tears when I heard the news of the live stream concert! I actually got to see the guys live this year!! It was wonderful! Did you know the full concert has appeared on YouTube? Search for Il Volo: Concierto de Sunrise, Florida (9/10/2022)

      1. I thought of you, too and was delighted to see your post in the pre-show chat. Glad you got to see them live. All things are possible!

  13. Wow!! – the stunning stories everyone has shared of the first time they heard or saw IL Volo – my story pales into insignificance because although I live in Queensland Australia New Zealand is the place where I was born & had never heard of the boys until just recently – I was on “Facebook” & some kind person had uploaded the boys singing Innio Morcone’s beautiful composition “Here’s to You” I was totally blown away!! – I couldn’t stop listening to the boys after that – we are all singers in my family through Church choirs ect. my mother sang on radio at the age of six – the song was called “Dark Brown is the River” – we are very musically orientated – so love everything music – I would love to hear the boys singing Mozart’s “Laudate Dominum” a classical piece but so beautiful – I would like to thank Pat for allowing me the opportunity to say something here & Giovanna for writing a great editorial – thank you for your beautiful hearts – much love from me.

  14. Love your blog. THANKYOU. I am travelling from New Zealand to the Sydney concert on the 24th October. So….. excited. I have followed these lads since the very first when Gianluca won the competition when I think he was 15 and the other two maybe 16 !! But my favourite is the gorgeous pianist. I know his name includes Piero but I’m unsure of what it really is. I love watching him with his musical skills of playing and conducting as well as always having a smile at the boys antics.

      1. Pat’s right. I miss-typed his name. Fine pianist, fine guy. He’s the one the guys bounce their ideas off in soundcheck; and he makes the last minute adjustments with them. You can tell he loves them and they respect him.

    1. The pianist’s name is Gianpiero and he’s a great guy. Enjoy the Sydney show. The guys said they are excited to go there.

  15. Merci pour ce bel article ,la premiere fois que je les ai vus c’etait en 2011 a la télévision Française et depuis je les suis dans les videos CD etc …malheureusement ils ne viennent pas chez nous ,ils etaient programmés a Paris mais la covid a tout boulversé et depuis pas de dates c’est dommage car il y a beaucoup de fans aussi en France ! Ils sont exceptionnels ma préference va vers la voix claire et haute d’Ignazio mais les trois ont des voix magnifiques

    1. Je suis sûr qu’ils reviendront en France. Ils savent qu’ils ont des fans comme vous là-bas

  16. Thanks a lot for an untraditional story . It’s been fun reading other fans’ connections to the guys and how they got to know them. I live in Denmark, a country – as it has appeared – that does not belong to the IL VOLO world , as they have never been performing here nor been played in our radios, as I understand. But here is my story: One day back in early 2020, when checking FB, I did suddenly hear the most beautiful voices in a video popping up in my feed. I gave it a closer look – and, what was this? 3 young teenagers singing their hearts out in professional adult voices? The caption said it was the sons of the famous Tree Tenors… I knew that it could not be true, so it had to be some kind of joke. Some technical trick. Maybe they were miming to some adult singers? What-ever my attention was caught and I returned to the video over and over. Actually, they were really cute . So I ended up asking my FB-friends if they had any idea of whom they were. None of my Danish friends had the faintest idea – but having studied in the US one of my friends from over there returned surprisingly asking if I really meant, I didn’t know them? They were, of course, the Italian IL VOLO with whom she was totally in love. Now my curiosity had truly arisen and I started searching for detailed info. The video appeared to be one from an open air concert in Germany – singing “Il Mondo” – and they were about 16 years of age. I searched further, and alas within 24 hours, the guys had grown some 10+ years – and were now all with beards . Actually, for a while I thought, that Ignazio had been exchanged with a new guy, as I really didn’t recognize him now tall and slender. But the voices – they were even more beautiful now. I fell instantly in love and ever since that day I have listened on a daily basis to their songs – it is my one and only playlist in my car.
    I had the great opportunity to experience them live this summer as I succeeded in getting good seats for their very first concert in Verona and hence my husband and I planned our summer holiday around same touring Italy afterwards. And I was blown away – the guys sounded even better than on CD/video and their emotions went across and beyond the edge of the stage. I could feel them. The concert was all and more than I had hoped for. On top, I was one of the lucky ones getting a handshake from Ignazio as he entered the area down the aisle. I did likewise have the opportunity to meet Daniela and her husband – that added to the evening and it is so great now having another fan to exchange thoughts and experiences with. Someone who understands .
    It is extremely difficult to explain to others what it is about these guys that tricks you. I am an “old” lady 70+, so my time as a fan of someone ought to have been over long ago. But not when it comes to IL VOLO. I feel like a teenager again and the very first thing I do each morning is checking my FB and Instagram to see possible new footage. They are more than just their fantastic voices. They do also have fantastic personalities. And I am in awe as to how much they share with us fans. Maybe that is one of the reasons for their success. They let us into their private lives hence making us feel as we were dear friends and not “just” fans. And they have such a charisma each and every one of them. I love them all 3 – they are a “package deal” – but like most of you I do, of course, likewise have a favorite among my favorites, namely Gianluca. Again, it is difficult to explain exactly why… obviously he is very handsome and his velvet baritone voice catches me. But there is more to it… I sense a person with a certain depth and curiosity on life. He seems to search for answers and I believe he is only starting to find his own identity. And when he gives us that little, shy and boyish smile, you know – I do simply melt .
    My greatest fear these days is that they may soon grow apart… They have different goals and dreams that they may wish to pursue individually. I wish them all the best in the world – but I so much hope that they will stick together somehow forever. I love all the songs with beautiful harmonies they sing – but I might actually like them to do some A Cappella singing in the future too. They really don’t need an orchestra. And for Gianluca I would like him to challenge himself technically a bit more and would love to hear him sing “The Music of the night” from the musical “Phantom of the Opera”. But most of all, I would love them all to come to Copenhagen and perform a concert pretty soon.
    Greetings – Kirsten, Denmark

    1. Hi Kirsten , I fully understand your feelings. I have been fan if ILVOLO and especially Gianluca for 13 years. I am 78 (for a little while longer!) and I too feel like a teenager again when I hear them and then saw my first show at Radio City in NYC in September and I was a puddle of pure excitement and anticipation…..they never disappoint! I will not miss another opportunity to go to a meet and greet! They heal my broken heart for losing my husband 5 yrs ago and make me feel young and alive again. Hoping you’ll get to see them in Denmark soon…..my next will be Italy!!, Carol Orlando❤️

      1. Thank you so much for your sweet response – so nice to have a soulmate understanding the feelings I have and letting me know that I am not the only one feeling – and acting – like a teenager again in spite of grey hair and.many b-days behind us. So glad that you had a fantastic evening at the Radio City Hall in New York and not the least, that listening to the guys give you peace at heart and help you heal after the loss of your husband. What ever it is these guys can and do to us – it is magic that helps us through the days.
        Do I sense that you are from Michigan? In that case, from where? I spent a year as exchange student in the US in 1966-67 and stayed respectively in Battle Creek and Drayton Plains (near Detroit). I’ve got friends there for life and have been back countless times to visit with my host family of which I do, untortunately, only have my “sister” left. I was back the last time 5 years ago for the 50th Class reunion – awesome!
        I doubt very much that the guys will have a concert here in Denmark pretty soon, albeit I am currently doing my own marketing of the group having sent out some 300 press releases to all of our radio- & TV-stations, concert halls, event-managers and you name it – in the hope just to have the name IL VOLO being recognizable to them, as this was not the case back in May during the European Song Contests where the Danish reporters had so absolutely no clue as to who they were… I’ll not give up. But, luckily, I have the means to travel to get to see them, so my next concert will be the one in Rome on December 23rd, albeit it may reesult in me not being able to be duly back home for the big Christmas dinner the following day. PS You will loooove to see them in concert in Italy – it was fantastic to add the ancient Roman Arena in Verona to the event this summer – and I would love to go to Taormina too.
        Take care and all the best – Kirsten, Denmark.

    2. Hi Kirsten, thank for your lovely reply. No I’m not from Michigan…..originally from New York State. My husband and I moved to Sarasota, Fl in 2001, then to Ct. with my daughters when my husband turned a bad corner in 2015. I go back there summers and holidays but I’m Now back in Sarasota most of the year.
      I’d love to meet you at a concert in Verona or Taormina next year I think we’d have a good time together….like minds! I agree it’s nice to know our obsession is shared with so many others! Gianluca’s baritone voice and manner is what attracts me too. I’ve always loved baritones the most and his voice is like velvet. I loved when Susan wrote that Sinatra was considered The Voice but Gian’s The Velvet Voice!! So true. I think it’s wonderful that you’re trying spread the word about our boys!
      You are so blessed to still have your husband with you, cherish the moments and keep making new memories.
      Blessings, Carol

      1. Hi Carol, I am also in Sarasota. If the guys are going to be in Verona and Taormina next year then I hope to be there. I was there this year for those concerts and the venues are beautiful! Sally McConnell is CHASING IL VOLO!

      2. Dear Carol. Thank yoy so very much for your lovely message. I am so happy having found soul-mates here on Flight Crew that understaqnd what it is we feel about these guys.
        Oh, so you are in Florida, sorry for having misinterpretated that. But how wonderful – I would love to swop with you as indeed I miss warm and sunny weather living in cold Scandinavia. I have not been to Sarasota – or western Florida – but I have been so fortunate to have visited the Eastern Coast a couple of times: Vero Beach; Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Keys plus Orlando and the Everglades. Beautiful places – I was especially fond of Fort Lauderdale with its abundance of waterways and beautiful houses… I can imagine that Sarasota must be a bit alike?
        In similarity with you my favorite Il Volo is Gianluca. His voice did capture me imnediately – especially the velvety when he is singing in his comfortable zone – then I melt <3 But have also grown fond of his personality which seems to have many layers but first and foremost a huge depth and sensibility. I love that he reads Goethe and seems to have a wish to learn and undertand the world around him. Searching for a meaning with life – and trying to understand himself. And he seems to love beauty in all aspects.. He loves the nature and beautiful surroundings of his house, he loves to take his girlffriend/friends to beautiful venues for meals or weekends – and he photographs it all to share with us -). He is a bit of a mystery and very complex. I am looking forward to see where it all takes him..
        I would love to meet up with you too at one of the Italian concerts in the future should you make it over to Italy..Just let me know as soon as you hold tickets. I do hope to make it to either Verona or Taormina in 2023, so who knows, maybe we will succeed :-).. If you would like it, you are welcome to be one of my Facebook friends – the account is: https://www.facebook.com/kirsten.langer
        I am so sorry for your loss of your husband – and, yes,, I do appreciate each day I do still have mine next to me. The last 6 monthds have, however, not been easy for us either as in fact my husband was diagnosed with cancer few days before we left for Verona this summer – and only yesterday he terminated this chemo therapy. His operation seems to have been sucesfull and – officially – he is now declared all well, but thee fear will always be with himn/us, so we are not taking anything for granted any longer.
        Warmest regards from Kirsten in Denmark

  17. Thanks again Joanna and Pat for a fun article! So pleased Pat got her wish to enjoy them too!

    I heard “Volare” at an Italian restaurant in Miami in 1915 and had to track down the artists; I’ve been hooked ever since! I always thought that song was boring until I heard them! Same thing with “Love Story” when Piero’s version blew me away. Their “Smile” always lifts me up — I could go on and on.

    The link to the full Sunrise concert on YouTube has been taken down due to copyright. I was fortunate enough to get to watch it a second time before that happened. So sad!!! There were cameramen following them around during the concert; maybe they plan to sell it as a dvd! Hopefully that happens.

    The songs I would like to hear them sing one day are “The Shadow of Your Smile” and “Time to Say Goodbye”.

    1. You’re most welcome, Sally! Jo Ann does all the hard work……..I just pretty it up! 😊 I was so excited to see the guys live! It is just what I needed! 😍

    2. Yikes! Not 1915 but 2015!

      Another thought: They take ordinary music and make it extraordinary, everything they perform.

      1. I was wondering about that date, Sally!!! You would have been even older than I am (90 yrs. and still in love with Il Volo). Dol

  18. I have just attended my #7th concert! After discovering them I became addicted and started following their career and their concerts. Together, my wonderful husband and I pursue the love of their music and performances. In Clearwater and in Miami we ran into people that we had met in Taormina. It is so fun making new friends!

    Thank you for keeping us informed.
    The Flight Crew
    I am Sally McConnell and I am CHASING IL VOLO,

  19. Thanks to all the flight crew for all they do to keep us informed about our 3 favorite singers and people. My husband and I first saw them on their first PBS concert In Detroit and we both we enthralled with these three kids with their voices, composers and sweet personalities. We had some difficult years after that with health issues and surgeries but never missed another PBS special with IL VOLO…..in fact we DVRed each show and watched them over and over! Since My dear husband’s death 5 years ago I’ve truly become obsessed with them, they’ve brought me comfort on my sad days and lifted my spirits, brought me much needed joy.
    Gianluca has always been my favorite. Dean Martin was a big favorite of mine forever and often feel like Gian has brought Dino back to us with an even better voice! I used to listen mostly to all the old standards from the 40s through mid 70s and these 3 young men are all surpassing those beautiful voices and giving us more pleasure in part because of WHO each of them are beyond their talent. I hope they will always keep their innocence and beautiful pure hearts. They are the whole package, talent is part of who they are, their personalities are who they’ll always be, while their talent will just keep getting better. I would love to hear them “In the still of the Night” and “Love is a Many Splendid Thing”
    A forever fan, Carol 🥰❤️😘🎼🎤🙏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

    1. I agree. I think “In the Still of the Night” would be fantastic for Ignazio or all three of them.

  20. It was love at first sight when the kid with the spiked hair jumped off the stage to dance with a girl in the front row. Of course that was PBS special 2011. It has been a wonderful music appreciation class all these years. “All I Ask of You” from Phantom.

  21. Has anyone else noticed that Gianluca is looking a little thin in his face, or is it just me? I could understand, with all the travelling, that their health might take a beating, but I worry about that dear boy! Dol

    1. Yes, I did already notice this this past summer. The cheekbones are standing out a bit… But actually I don’t think he has lost weight but I do rather believe it is due to him having shaved off his beard and hence having them more visible. He has always been very slim and I believe his gens are keeping him that way. He seems to enjoy good dining very well without that being noticeable at all, and he is a fitness freak, so whatever he gains is converted into muscles, so I don’t think we need to worry about him. But yes, his face has indeed become more sharp.
      Greetings from Kirsten, Denmark

  22. Thanks, Kirsten. I never even thought about the fact that his beard would make the difference! Just wish he would get rid of that one unmanageable lock hanging down. It’s beginning to look a bit contrived, rather than an accident.

  23. My name is Sandra Libretto I was your seat mate at the Atlantic City show. It was such a pleasure to meet you and to be part of your article. Thank you for letting me bring Ignosio his birthday sign even though he thought it was bad luck I was so excited to do it. I was also so excited that you mentioned my husband and I in your article. Can’t wait to see the boys again. They were incredible and seeing that co cert was one of the highlights of my life!

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