IL VOLO TOUR 2022: NEW YORK, BETHLEHEM, ATLANTA and more news by Daniela

On September 27, Il Volo arrived in New York, in the prestigious Radio City Music Hall theater. It is a very important and coveted stage for our young men.
Our Susan, who was present at RCMH, did a great review, and therefore, I’ll just publish only these two photos!

September 29, BETHLEHEM

Il Volo continues to reap successes. The concerts, even if not always sold out, always have a notable presence of people and they are all happy with the concerts they attend.
Bethlehem is not far behind too !! ☺

We know the songs well, but we like to see them again every time, and in particular, to hear their beautiful voices !! 😁







And here is one of the nice comments posted on Ticketmaster:


The Wind Creek Event Center – Bethlehem

The best show ever, a great musical repertoire, they even came out in the crowd. I took my mom for her birthday and she was beside herself! He had the opportunity to touch and speak with Piero and Gianluca. More than 60 years of concerts and it had never happened to her before. Thanks, Il Volo!
What can I say, the concerts continue very well, but Il Volo is taking the road to Florida. Unfortunately, the news about the hurricane is terrible.
The next concert is in ATLANTA, Georgia and the situation is calm there, so the concert will be there!
Many of you have asked for news of the guys who were on their way to Atlanta, they are all fine, as you can see from the photo posted by Gianluca’s father, Ercole, just arrived in Atlanta.

October 2: ATLANTA



Click Here to view YOUR LOVE


Click here to view LIBIAM DE LIETI CALICI


Look how sweet Gianluca is with the two beautiful little girls.
But what you don’t see, at the end of the video, is this fact and our friend Judy Thurman, who was present that evening, tells us about it, thanks Judy!
“I forgot to mention that one of the guys last night was having a special evening as his frequent glances were centered on one side of the auditorium! As time went by Gianluca walked to his right on the edge of the stage while he sang ‘Here’s to you’.  A sweet little girl and a lovely slightly older girl came immediately to him and he welcomed them as he always does! As the song ended Gianluca walked over to a beautiful young dark haired woman, hugged her and kissed her hair or cheek. It was his girlfriend, Eleonora Venturini Storaro, who had just arrived from Italy earlier in the day. The smile on his face while returning to the stage was very sweet. It was a lovely moment! 💗💗”
Unfortunately there are no videos or photos to testify, but Judy said that before the concert, the audience was asked not to photograph or film, too bad !!

And then, this beautiful thing also happened, the guys, since there are many Latin-speaking people in the audience, dedicated the beautiful song EL TRISTE performed only with piano accompaniment.
I really like this song and I think the guys really had a nice thought and I think the audience was happy.


A nice comment from Ticketmaster also from Atlanta!

Outstanding voice

Atlanta Symphony Hall – Atlanta

This is the real song. Exceptional voices and great repertoire to complement. Highly recommended. No modern computer or any other trick can simulate these great rumors! An evening of absolute pleasure!

Unfortunately these days, we have all seen the disasters that Hurricane Ian caused in Fort Myers, where the Il Volo concert was to take place on October 4th.
A real disaster for so many people who have lost their homes and even their lives! For this reason, the concert was canceled.

But our guys with a heart of gold, and all their staff, are not insensitive to what happened and therefore this wonderful initiative was born, that you are surely all familiar with:
In partnership with VNUE, Inc. we have decided to live stream our next concert at FLA Live Arena (Sunrise, FL) on October 9th, 2022, at 8:15 EST, via VNUE’s StageIt platform.
As a tribute to those who lost their lives in Ft. Myers and in the surrounding areas, and for all the families whose lives are destroyed and need help desperately, we decided to partner with the Red Cross, and with VNUE, to livestream the concert and donate the proceeds in support of the victims of Hurricane Ian.
“Our first show ever in the United States was in Florida at the beginning of our career and we have the most wonderful memories performing for our Florida audience. Seeing the videos and pictures of the devastation hurricane Ian left behind we felt strongly compelled to give back to the people of Florida and their communities. We are excited to team up with VNUE, FLA Live Arena and the Red Cross to bring our live performance, produced by Live Nation, to the world for the benefit of the victims of hurricane Ian.”
The concert will be available for streaming exclusively on You may register on StageIt in advance, and purchase “Notes” which you may use to virtually attend the show. The minimum ticket price is $30 (300 Notes), but we encourage to donate above and beyond the base price of the ticket. The five highest donations will receive special prizes from us, such as signed set lists or other special memorabilia items. To register and purchase to view the livestream, you should visit this link >>
During the livestream, you may interact with one another, and with us using the chat feature on StageIt.


Ok guys, we’re glad you’re all fine, a big sigh of relief.
Our love and our prayers go up for all the people who have suffered from the hurricane.
We are all so proud of you, your gesture does you a lot of honor and confirms the great heart of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. Thank you guys!! ❤❤❤

Before saying goodbye, I want to show you this nice video review of the Atlantic City concert. A beautiful review by Elena Worton, a really nice job that I’m sure you will like.
Thanks Pat for finding it for me and highlighting this beautiful video !!
Good viewing: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

43 thoughts on “IL VOLO TOUR 2022: NEW YORK, BETHLEHEM, ATLANTA and more news by Daniela”

  1. I was at RCMH and to my surprise Piero introduced the man in the row in front of us as the son of Placido Domingo. He looks just like his father. Piero came down from the stage to shake his hand. I believe it was his son Alvaro. He and his family stood for every standing ovation. That evening was a joy to attend. Guys were relaxed and in great voice. Thanks Pat and Daniela.

    1. What a beautiful thing you told us, RoseMarie, thank you for letting us know. I like to read these details that we wouldn’t know otherwise !!

  2. Daniela, Thank you so much for posting my photo of the crowd at Wind Creek Center in Bethlehem, Pa. I was thrilled you thought it worthy for your article. Thanks Again, Alice A. Belles

    1. Alice, it is I who thank you for taking the beautiful picture.
      Here in Italy, we are pleased to show the usual “pseudo-journalists” how many people love Il Volo!

  3. Daniela thanks for keeping us informed. It takes time and research, and you do such a great job. I did not make it to a concert this year but hope to see them on the streaming concert in Florida.

  4. Thanks so much! Tonight I will see Il Volo in Clearwater, Florida! Florida has suffered so much and we were so lucky to have been missed by Hurricane Ian when it turned east and crossed the state. I have wanted to see the “boys” since I first saw the Detroit concert on PBS! I care for my 82 year old sister with no short term memory; now in the fourth year, and my husband (also 82) has been in a nursing home for over three years as well. This is the first thing I have done for myself in all that time! I listen to Il Volo on Amazon Prime every night when I go to bed! My dream come true!

    1. Oh Jayne! I am so happy that you get to do something for yourself after all those years. There is nothing to compare to seeing the guys live in concert. Wishing you every happiness and a lot of fun! 💗

    2. Jayne, I am so happy that for once you have thought of yourself, and you have thought of a concert of Il Volo, surely they will give you a boost and give you a lot of strength. It will be a beautiful evening for you, in Clearwater, you will not be disappointed !!

  5. All my friends knew I was attending the Il Volo concert tonight in Clearwater, FL. They were envious, so I sent them all the info about the Sunday Concert to be streamed. Most of them have already signed up! It brought joy to many who are still cleaning up after Hurricane Ian. I will stream it as well, I just can’t get enough of “My Boys!” Oh, I am 76 years young!

    1. Your friends have all been good at taking advantage of the opportunity to watch Il Volo via streaming, plus there is also the charity factor.
      76 years old, which means, you are young !!

  6. Thanks Daniella and Pat! I was at RCMH on 9/27! It was my first concert in all the many years I’ve been a fan and I was and am thrilled. They are incredible In person, is it possible their voices are even better in person…richer? I’m 78 with a lot of life to go, this was a dream come true….even was able to almost touch Gian’s arm as he passed by but did get a close up! From the minute I saw the theater through the end of the concert I thought heaven had swallowed me up because that’s where I was!
    To start I met Susan on line for “soundcheck” so much fun, then Susan introduced me to a few other fans and you know I was so excited I can’t remember their names….guess I’ll have to go again (in a heart beat!). The one mistake I made was to not have signed up for “meet and greet”, won’t make the same mistake next time🤞. I love that they take time to notice what’s going on around them and the world….Gian’s “If I can dream”, his and Igna’s “Hallelujah” and the thoughts they spoke about touches my heart.
    I am beyond proud of them always (they’re like my grandsons) but now once again they’re stepping up to help those in need after a disaster. The livestream concert on Sunday will be wonderful and I was happy to be able to find where my donation was going. They are my heros and I’m sure many others. Gian, Igna and Piero are so gentle, genuine, loving and giving young men…their parents must be sooo proud…..even more than all of us are. My hope is even more will be donating to this worthy cause. I’m home in Fl. Now. My area has tree damage, some damage more severe but south and east of me there is devastion and heartbreak.
    God Bless them and their families always….my prayers are for their good health and safety always.

    1. You’re welcome, Carol, and I’m so glad you met Susan. She has become a friend of mine even though we have never met in person. She’s a great gal! 😊 I did do the meet and greet at the only concert I have been able to attend six years ago in Chicago, but I have never been to a sound check. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. I’m sure you’ll never forget it. These guys are very caring and take time for their fans. Their families sure raised them right….you can tell!

      1. Actually Pat I was able to meet Susan earlier at her book signing for “Welcome the Christ Child” and you are Correct, she is a great gal, we had a wonderful discussion. I too consider her to be a friend, she made sure to help me through my first concert! Very grateful ❤️🙏😉

      2. That’s great Carol! I also have one of her books! I have been reading the intro and the first day’s reading. I don’t know if I can wait until Advent starts. It is good!

    2. Beautiful your comment, Carol, you feel that you liked the concert, and yes, it’s true, their voices are even more beautiful live.
      Also nice to have met Susan, we are friends, but we don’t know each other personally.
      Guys are very sensitive to people’s problems and this time too they have shown it.
      I’m glad your dream came true.

      1. Thank Daniela, I’m glad you like my comment and yes I hope I’m becoming friends with all of you…..would like to get to know more about each of you! We all have a few things in common…first of which are our guys! Praying for Peace.🙏❤️😘🤗

      2. Will you be able to enjoy the livestream tomorrow night? My home is in Florida, fortunately for me not in the midst of devastation. It’s hard enough to see the piles of debris here and beautiful trees down. I’m so heartbroken to see the devastation south of me. We were fortunate to have the storm decide to go south of us so we only suffered the fringe. Feeling very blessed…..🙏 praying and doing what I’m able to be of help.🥺

      3. Carol, thank goodness your house wasn’t taken by the hurricane.
        Yes, I can watch the live stream, I have my ticket, but it will be difficult, for me it is 02:15 am.

  7. After the concert in Toronto, I only wish I had been able to go to another venue but, sadly, my passport expired with my trip to Sicily in 2012!! I just may have to renew it if they head over this way in the next couple of years. At 90 years old, I can’t be sure, but will try my absolute best to see them again!

  8. We saw Il volo February 2020 in Orlando and then Tampa..just before covid struck. We did the sound check in Orlando. We are going to Sunrise FL on excited to finally see them again. Fantastic that the show will be live streamed to help the hurricane victims.

    1. Wow, Suzanne, you will be there during the broadcast, how nice, I was Verona, when (in full pandemic) there was the live broadcast of the Morricone concert, fantastic !!

  9. Thanks Pat and Daniela for keeping us up to date on all the concerts. I am excited to go to Phoenix next week for the concert. I will be taking my husband and sister. I have registered for the live stream on Sunday and I thank the guys for their generous spirit in raising money for the Red Cross to help hurricane victims. I hope they raise buckets of money for this very important cause.

    1. You’re welcome, Janet! I can’t wait to see the concert tomorrow. It will be the only event that I will get to attend this year and it makes me happy! 😃

    2. Janet, your concert is very close now.
      The concert via streaming was a really nice initiative, we hope it will also have success with adhesions.

  10. We saw Il Volo last evening in Clearwater, FL – a fantastic, wonderful concert, as usual. Ignazio was his usual fun self on stage as well as his great singing voice. Piero always looks so please when he sings solo and the audience claps for him. His smile is beautiful. Gianluca sang “If I Can Dream” and I can hardly wait until this recording is available. He did a stunning rendition of this iconic song sung in 1968 by Elvia. And to top things off Il Volo will be doing a benefit concert for the victims of the hurricane. They just get better and better!!!

    1. Hi Nancy, I wanted si badly to go to Clearwater last……stull cleaning up from Ian monsters!! I dud attend RCMH snd will be watching Sunday night…..SO PROUD OF OUR EONDERFUL GUYS! I love to hear how others love them too! I completely agree about Gian’s rendition, I think would have loved especially ftom thst gorgeous voice……I’m also waiting for a recording of that and seversl others! 💕

    2. Nancy, I’m glad Clearwater did well too. Slowly the concerts in the U.S. they are ending and then who knows when Il Volo will return. I am delighted that many of you have been able to see them.

  11. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the video of Elana. It was fun to watch her reactions to the boys. I was at the Bethlehem concert. The boys were wonderful as usual. I met Maestro Grani in the buffet line. He was all by himself so I said hi and told him How much I liked the concert in Mohegan Sun. He asked me what I thought of the new playlist. He was very nice and very friendly. We chatted for a few minutes. He was even gracious enough to let me take a picture with him. Then I met Ignazio talking to fans in the lobby. He was also kind enough to take a picture with me. I sat next to Lisa Joy and when the boys came down into the audience Ignazio came and sat on her lap. Lucky her. So it was a very special concert for me. I will be watching tomorrow.

    1. You’re welcome, Cathy! I’m glad you liked Elana’s video. It was something new that I had not seen so I sent it to Daniela to see if she had viewed it. So she decided to put it into this post! 😄 Lucky you at the concert and getting photos with Maestro Grani and Ignazio! I also will be watching tomorrow! I can’t wait as this will be the only live event I will be able to “attend” this year because of my surgery.

    2. Cathy, I liked that video straight away, and when Pat showed it to me I thought we should attach it to some post.
      I like how Elana did the review of the concert, you can tell that she liked it a lot.
      Master Grani is really a very kind person, and Ignazio …… is Ignazio !!

  12. Thanks, Pat and Daniela. Also enjoyed watching Elena’s “memories” . What happened to Ignazio at the start of Grande Amore – did he get stuck in the curtains or something?! He always gives a chuckle – very funny guy. Too bad we couldn’t see Gianluca with his love. As others have said, I never get tired of watching/listening to them either; hope it will go on forever.

    1. Judith, I’m glad you enjoyed Elena’s video.
      Ignazio is always unpredictable, sometimes he even escapes the camera.
      In Clearwater, someone made the video of Gianluca and Eleonora, so I’ll show you soon!

  13. Daniela and Pat. You girls have done a wonderful job keeping us up with tours inNorth and East US. Many thanks. The live-streamed shoe last night was beyond words! I was lucky to watch it on a large screen. Lasting for the entire show, it was like being right there on the stage. Any way of knowing how many people watched? Or how much they raised for the Red Cross?

    1. Yes,> Boston Girl, it was great, no news for now on the number of people who watched nor on the amount obtained, but I hope we will know soon.

    2. Thank you, Boston girl! I would also like to know how many people watched and how much money was raised.

  14. First of all….thank you Daniela and Pat for so many wonderful articles about our “boys”. I read every entry but commented only once before.
    Secondly, thank you Alice A. Belles for your photo of the crowd at Wind Creek in Bethlehem. I was sitting way back in the raised handicap section with my son. I am the old lady with the white hair on the far right side of the picture.
    It was my first concert. I found these wonderfully talented young men during Covid shutdown. I play their music every day and pray for them every day. Piero is especially close to my heart. I wrote a letter to his mother in Sicily and mailed it August 1, 2021. It came back not enough address. Something told me to take it to the concert. When I picked up my tickets I was told to give it to security. He said he would give it to Piero.I hope Piero will give it to his mother. How proud she must be of her son. Piero actually came up close to the handicap section, and my son was able to get a closeup picture of him. Such a sweetheart!
    I’m hoping to do a meet and greet before the Good Lord takes me home, but if not I pray to hear Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca someday singing in Eternity…..praising the Lord with their heavenly voices. Until then, Lord, protect, guide, and keep them safe under Your care.
    IL Volo’s 80 year old “grandmother”..

    1. You’re most welcome, Ellie! I have only been to one concert, due to circumstances beyond my control. I did go to the meet and greet. When you do go to YOUR meet and greet you will never forget it! 😊 You’ll be on cloud 9!

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