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Final US dates for Notte Magica movie!!

Ok, this is a drop everything, grab your girlfriends, husband, etc. and run to the theatre if it is near you!  There are 4 final US dates for the showing of Notte MagicaTHREE of them are all on the same date – Wednesday, November 15 – yes, merely 2 days away!

Thanks to a heads-up reminder from Marion!!  Our dear “behind-the-scener” on this site – she is always looking out for us!  🙂

There is one date in Wilcox, Arizona on December 8, TWO in Florida (Naples & Coconut Creek (Boca), and one in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, all on November 15.  See map below!

Those of us north of the Mason-Dixon line, could surely use a little warmth right now.  It barely got to 30 degrees here in Detroit on Friday!  Brrr…!  Although a slight warm-up is headed our way.  So, get online and find some cheap airfares.  I hear it’s still in the 90s down there in Florida. 

One last time – for the guys…. 🙂 


notte magica movie us

A Candle of Prayer…

UPDATE (9/10):  Although the storm has been downgraded a bit in several areas, there is still the threat of high winds, flooding, rains, and tornadoes!  Please keep inside until it is safe to venture out.

If you live in Florida, please post your name and city, if you are in a shelter, or evacuated to safety, so we know you are ok!!  We don’t need any more Ilvoloangels!  Only the 3 that are on this earth…  🙂


(also, credit to the owners of the beautiful candle GIFs…)