A Candle of Prayer…

UPDATE (9/10):  Although the storm has been downgraded a bit in several areas, there is still the threat of high winds, flooding, rains, and tornadoes!  Please keep inside until it is safe to venture out.

If you live in Florida, please post your name and city, if you are in a shelter, or evacuated to safety, so we know you are ok!!  We don’t need any more Ilvoloangels!  Only the 3 that are on this earth…  🙂


(also, credit to the owners of the beautiful candle GIFs…)


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  1. Mary Strickler – Naples, Florida
    Waiting in Charlotte, North Carolina for Irma to pass through Naples on Sunday.

      1. Annette, I just today read this. So, you may not see my reply. Our Naples home is in Lely Resort near the intersection of 41 and Collier Blvd. We return to Florida in a few weeks and will stay until the end of May. Maybe we could meet for lunch and get acquainted. My email is califsmog@aol.com.

      2. Hi Mary: Have you returned to Naples? I just purchased a ticket to see Notte Magica at the Silverspot at the Mercato on Nov 15th! Maybe you can join me there. I have a group of 5 ladies joining me for the showing at 7:00PM. Best regards, Annette

  2. Marion Ferrari – Deerfield Beach
    Watching and waiting with friends away from the beach area. All of Deerfield, east of US 1 (Federal Highway) under mandatory evacuation.

  3. Annette Simonini– My winter home is in Naples, but fortunately I am still at my summer residence in Rhode Island. My husband and I were planning on returning there on Oct. 1st. Now we may not have one to go to! However, things can be replaced-life cannot! My prayers to all who are being impacted by this storm!✝️✝️

      1. Yes, beautiful snowy beaches! lol! The new Florida 4-letter word is going to be Irma, real soon!

  4. Key West military family member now evacuated to Melbourne, FL with My grandson and son in law. Military daughter is still on Key West as essential personnel please keep her in your prayers!

  5. Joan Brenin– Palm Beach Gardens FL– I flew to Atlanta GA to stay with my son. Bumper to bumper traffic here as thousands of people are streaming into the city from Florida and Savannah. I’m praying hard for my friends and all the Floridians that are riding out the storm in their homes and shelters. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Marie and about Leelee. (I got to actually speak with her last year, but I can’t do off-site contacts via e-mail, yet). Glad that she’s safely located.

  6. Constant prayers being said for the people in Florida & Mexico & the rest of US as well. Has anyone heard of the Il Volo men in Mexico? After hearing about of the distruction there I am so worried about our precious Il Volo. Last I heard they wanted to continue to do concerts. My son said Mexico was hit very bad.

  7. I share the feeling that our sisters in florida will seek shelter. I am old and would probably not make it out. The line of cars trying to evacuate is horrifying. Maybe I would just dig a hole and stay put. I hope we hear from our boys soon and that they areOK. Joanie G

  8. Thank you for those that have posted and are able to post. My mom is in North port which they keep mentioning on the weather channel. She’s in a mobile home park. She’s going to a friend’s house along with some others, but it’s still on the edge of North port, still on the coast, where it appears to be almost a direct hit. They keep mentioning all these cities I’ve been to. My uncle is in the hospital, her brother, and his wife is with him. Mom said she is saying goodbye to her place. It will likely be gone. It is mandatory for them to be out by noon, so she is on her way now. I’m glad I had the chance to go see her and her place before it was destroyed.

    1. Jana, Although i already wrote to you on today’s new post, I wanted to come back here and acknowledge people who wrote me back here last night before I could lose power tonight and for who knows how long. Again, I pray that your mom and her house will be safe from storm surge and winds. I’m sorry this stressful situation is happening now to you, as well. (– hugs from Laura).

      1. Laura – that is so sweet of you. If we all survive this, I can’t wait to meet you someday! 🙂 Sometimes it’s worse for those to just watch and can’t do anything about it! Try to get some rest yourself!

      2. Thank you, Jana. I hope to meet you, too, someday. It is really bad over here on The Treasure Coast, where i live in Stuart. We are all in the northeastern quadrant of the hurricane which is horrible. We are having Severe, sustained wind and Ferocious gusts. The radio stations are reporting Cat. 1 to cat. 2 wind gusts in Stuart. I figured that because I’ve been hearing it for hours.. Dreading the sight I will see when I can finally open the door tomorrow afternoon. Then there’s the clean-up. Many, many trees and bushes of all types and their debris will be all over the place on this property. Am concerned about the Huge tree directly across from my front door. It has huge branches, some of which reach over the roof and over the car and truck. Am concerned about the birds and squirrels, etc. who live in the tree. I wonder how they are, where they are, including the baby ones that I saw yesterday. The power has been going off and on. I have written to you four times today, but then the power goes out and I lose it all. I have no idea of how their doing on the western coast of Fl. where your Mom’s house is. I hope and pray that she and all with her are OK and that her home is OK; not destroyed. The wind and gusts here are unreal. The roar of it all is intense. Glad that massive, old tree has stayed up. If it fell or branches broke off, I’d have heard it and probably seen it because it would be lying across this room. I better post this to you pronto because the power may go out again at any moment again. God help us all on planet Earth. Armies of angels and nature spirits protect the most vulnerable ones and assist us with your strength and divine power. — with love from Laura.

  9. I’m keeping this post on til Irma is gone and everyone is out of harms way.

    Several have concerns for the guys. I saw on Instagram that they are safe in Monterrey. I am wondering if they are keeping the Santo Domingo concert. I do not know how hard they got hit or anything about the venue they were playing. Or if they have or don’t have power.

    Please keep posting as you can and your batteries and power allows.

  10. My prayers and thoughts are with you all in Irma’s path and for loved ones knowing their family or friend is in danger of this storm. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be. My brother is in Naples and did not evacuate. I am very scared for him and everyone!

    Healing prayer for those affected by Mexico’s earthquake and may their souls rest in peace for those whose lives were taken. Amen.

    Jana, thank you for posting this and including the beautiful candles. Very beautiful.

  11. Thank you so much for your ‘Il Volo-positive-caringness’ of supportive words and prayers for those in Houston, Texas, Florida and now Cuba and the Caribbean Islands who have and now might have, to deal with the impacts of a devastating, natural event. (‘laura’ T. — Stuart, Florida). So far, I’m still safe. Irma changed direction, thereby sparing us in southeastern Fl. from being the original, predicted target until early this morning. Thankful, but not celebrating because “she” is now targeting southwestern Fl. instead. I feel so badly for those in her path now. The experts weren’t expecting Irma to touch Cuba and then move WNW towards southwestern Fl. and northward up the western coast of Fl. Many people, therefore, did not totally prepare for a major hit and now have less time than we did to prepare. Irma could become a cat. 5 again as it goes across the very warm waters of the straits after leaving (and hammering) poor Cuba, but even if it doesn’t, it’s current strength of Cat. 3 as a result of being weakened a little after interacting with land (Cuba) still puts the Fl. Keys and now the western coast of Fl. in the acute emergency situation. All of Florida will feel impacts of varying degrees because of Irma’s remarkably large size and strength. Where I live, we are now predicted to have Cat. 1 hurricane force conditions of the sustained wind, gusts (which are higher velocity and unpredictable) and heavy rain, even though this is on the opposite coastline of Fl. ! I think all the praying and love energy you all have been ‘putting out there’ has the power to help those now in the direct path of Irma, just as It apparently helped us along the southeastern coast of Fl. and I , for one, am very grateful to you. Your lighted candle symbol, up above, is a beautiful reminder for us all to pray and have positive thoughts for all facing or experiencing the stress of a dire situation. Mother nature at her worst produces human nature at its best. I think that is an important thing we can try to remember before, during, or after each and every disaster. 💜

    1. Thanks Laura, glad you miss the worst of this storm. I love what you say….worst of mother nature, brings out best of human nature. I was thinking something similar a few days ago.

      I better turn off the weather channel, it’s turning me into a basket case!

      1. Thank you, Jana. Yes! As you, yourself, have thought, strangers can shine like the stars at night, especially during emergencies that are effecting others. Glad I have the chance today to tell you that at least I will probably be okay here in poor Florida. I called JJ’s (and my) old Navy buddy & friend in Minnesota last night to ask him to contact you here on IVFC-STL site if Irma killed me so you’d know how I fared and he promised that he would! 😂 That was before Irma changed her mind and decided to tour the western Fl. coast. He’s the guy that Jane (?) and a couple other Crew members met at an Il Volo concert, outside the theatre in Minneapolis the last time Il Volo performed there. (I had turned him on to Il Volo! 😃 He loves them, too, now!). I will probably lose power tomorrow, if not tonight, according to the news reports. I agree that the weather news reporting can be very disturbing if we listen and watch steadily. Because of where I live and the fact that I could lose power tonight or tomorrow, I keep on the ‘local’ TV reporting that’s out of West Palm Beach and the Weather Channel, MSNBC and CNN TV reporting on in the background for updates. I stop and play music at times so that I don’t eventually become deaf to the hurricane news. Jana, I had just been headed to yesterday’s post to reply to you and others when I saw today’s new post, so I’ll go back there very soon, before electricity could go out. I feel so sad for your mother and you that you both are saying good-bye to her home and also that her brother and your uncle is in the hospital at the same time! I hope and pray that she and you do Not lose Either of them, for Goodness sake!

      2. Thank you Laura!! I’m sure we would all be devastated if we lost even one fan on this site! Thanks for continuing to post. Hope you have lots of candles and water and other supplies. As they said on the news, it’s still going to be a terrible storm, even if you are not in the middle of it.

        Ok, this is a funny thought…in telling my mom to take certain things, I wonder if she took any extra toilet paper? 🙂 There will be 5 adults and 2 dogs in the house she is in. Hope the dogs are still able to go outside and do their thing… but with the weather, they might be stuck inside.

        Bad thing for dogs is that they are trained NOT to mess in the house, so I hope they “go” if they need to…. wonder if they could dig up a little grass and bring it inside the house?

        Need to find some humor in this awful situation!

      3. Humor is always a welcome thing, even in the midst of a negative situation. I was all ready days ago. Have no candles, but do have lots of batteries for lanterns, flashlights, radio and water and food one doesn’t need to heat or cook. I could walk to a large grocery store, so that’s an advantage when we all can emerge from our caves again. As for animals such as dogs, you are right that one can create a makeshift potty for them by buying some sod (grass) and laying in flat trays, or the kind that slide under a vehicle to catch oil, etc. usage, if you have room for that, of course and just place the tray(s) on some newspapers. There are things now which are made for that very purpose, that are similar to what I described and which can be purchased. Dogs trained to go outside will, eventually, just ‘go potty’ inside if they can’t be taken outside to relieve themselves which, unfortunately, is the case for quite some time during a hurricane. I feel bad for dogs in this type of situation because they usually have to become so uncomfortable that they’re self-forced to relieve themselves indoors, as dogs prefer, naturally, not to soil their dens! It can be a source of stress for their owners, as well. Everyone who loves their dogs dreads big storms like hurricanes for that reason, too. Yes, you can also dig up a bunch of grass lay it out on newspapers, if you have no way to get pieces of sod and metal trays. There are also puppy training pads in two sizes available in pet stores and there’s always newspapers to just put down in a corner. Your Mom’s got a lot of company in that house!

      4. Laura – yes, I think I had heard of those things, I wonder if the couple they are staying with thought of those? 🙂 She has a little Yorkie-Poo, looks more like a little black poodle. Poor little guy! his name is Sparky. Glad you have lots of batteries! Is the wind really bad there yet?

    2. hi Laura, i lit a candle for you that time i told you i would.
      for your safely, and total well-being.
      warm and affectionate hug…

      1. Hi Jana, It’s Sunday night , going on 11 PM. I left you a new message further down today. Actually, when you wrote to me (above this) on Saturday, at 1PM, the hurricane’s effects here had not yet arrived and that’s why I was able to comment yesterday. until I couldn’t anymore. The major TV news channels are not reporting how bad it has been on this side of the hurricane eye-wall; It’s been Extremely bad here, but only local news reports that. The Weather Channel, CNN, etc. have only been focused on the entire left side of the State and Miami –because that is where they set up their reporters — where they think the main action will be: the landfall. (Please see my comment from today, down below, for exactly how serious it’s been on the eastern side of Fl. which you weren’t hearing about on The Weather Channel, CNN, etc. for some of the reasons I explain in this comment). Thanks, Jana!

      2. Hi Cynthia, I am upset that I didn’t get to thank you for doing that for me this morning. I read it, but something must have interrupted because I Very Much wanted to immediately thank you! I heard the local TV reporters talking early this morning about how confused they are, asking what day it is, etc. That’s exactly what has happened to me. You’re inside for a couple of days; it is all shuttered-up, so you feel like it is always late at night. often with no power or, as in my case, intermittent power during this very powerful hurricane. They also mentioned having not slept, which is basically what happened to me with This particular hurricane, as for many hours today, we were getting a slew of Tornado warnings here, (as well as ferocious, sustained wind, rain and gusts), and had to go to a small room without windows, etc. So, please forgive me; I really thought I’d replied, until I just now noticed that I hadn’t. My intention was to reply when I saw what you’d done for me, so let me thank you now, Cynthia. It was so bad here that I’m Sure your lighting of a candle for my safety and total well-being absolutely must have helped! We are now getting the tropical storm -force wind and gusts and sometimes the lamp flickers and my landline phone made an alarming noise early this morning and hasn’t come back on yet, even though it went out a few hours ago. Uh-oh! A Great Big Thank You and Hug to you, too, Cynthia! (If you scroll down a little, you’ll see my latest comment to Jana from an hour or so ago).

      3. correction, Cynthia: If you scroll UP, you’ll find my comment to Jana, ok? (It’ll explain more and you’ll see how your offering a prayer must have helped because it was pretty terrible here ( and still is as I post this), but I am ok !

      4. correction #2, Cynthia! I meant, scroll up AND down for my two comments to Jana from tonight, Sept.10, Sat., as they explain more!

      5. Thanks very much again, Luv! Sorry that in my growing fatique, I had missed the ‘reply’ and put mine a little further down when I realized I’d forgotten to hit ‘reply’ to you.

  12. It is really terrible what is happening and I keep thinking about all the people on the trajectory of this disastrous hurricane and the earthquake areas.
    I strongly hope that you are all safe and that soon everything will return to normal.

    In many comments I felt your concern for IL VOLO, I can assure you that one of my friends had personal news from Mr. Ercole who has assured that they are all right. This evening they will be in concert in Monterrey

    1. Grazie, Daniela, for your thoughts for everyone involved with Florida and for the news about Il Volo over in Mexico. I wonder if they felt that major earthquake. I presume they did feel something. What a tragedy for those poor souls who were impacted by an 8.1 quake and who lost their lives to it, or were injured and / or lost their homes. ‘Mother’ Earth has certainly been letting her presence ‘be known’ — like ‘she’s’ been reminding us, warning us…? Hmmm… (thoughts…).

    2. Yes, grazie mille! Italy, too, has had its share of tragedies this year. 2017 will be a year many will want to forget. We still have over 3 months to go. 🙁

  13. My daughter and her husband who live in Tampa have joined me to wait it out in Tallahassee. They are in an A1 flood zone and are concerned that their house may be lost. I saw many first responder vehicles headed east on I-10 this morning along with fuel trucks being escorted by state troopers. It is heartening to know that they are doing all they cab to help those who will be affected by this incredible storm.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I think many thousands will lose their homes, especially anyone on the West coast.

      Stay safe.

  14. I never realized the storm is still there. I thought it was yesterday only. Still praying for all affected & hope Il Volo can get out of of Monterrey safely to a safer place in the States or come to Canada where at present we don’t have storms like you have right now or anywhere that is safe for them.

    1. Yes, Loretta, that is, I think, one of the worst things about this hurricane. It’s already been a week of torture and anxiety. It’s the horrible waiting and waiting. The constant news reports of which way the wind is turning, From Cat 5 to 4, to 3, back to 4. At least with most other storms, they come and go quickly, but these storms linger and take their time, inflicting a lot of damage along the way. You may get a lot of people back to Canada! I know my mom said there were quite a few Canadians in her park. As Laura said, it is just now really hitting Florida and will take a few days to leave it entirely. You’d think something moving at over 100 miles an hour would be gone in just several hours, but I guess it’s all the twisting of the wind and it doesn’t go in a straight line?

  15. I’m sure there are few people who are not concerned about the hurricane victims and those who still have to get through storms following up. It’s Mother Nature fighting back in the only way that we take notice off.
    I pray for all that are affected of the bulk of natural catastrophes that was/is/and will come in the coming days, weeks and months still left in 2017. It is a very severe year we all go through. For my family and several friends of ours personally, we are all glad, when this year is over.
    Still, for me it was outstanding, as I was in my first concert of il volo-absolutely unforgettable-and I was able to visit my Mom, probably for the last time as her strenghth is breaking down, now. I see it every Thursday, our skype day, that life is taking a terrible toll off her. She is my hero, as she is still praising the Lord and thanking him for every joyful second of the day and that she still is alive and kicking and hugging, kissing and smiling at all that serve her needs every day at the Home she lives in, one day at a time. That’s her hymn and her philosophy of faith. So it will be faith and God’s help that will get us through all these terrible things we have to face, and that we will do, with humanity, dignity and thankful that we have survived and can help others who are worse off. There’s always someone who can use a helping hand, so let’s do it!!!

      1. Astrid, I want to add that I agree with you that there are, sadly, probably more natural catastrophes to come. Watching Hurricane Jose, for one example, which has stalled over the Atlantic. It was projected to not take a path that would impact us in Florida, for instance, as of early this morning, but a stalled hurricane over warm water can gain strength and so now I’m wondering what Jose might do, what track he might take when he gets going again. I know it’s easier said than done, Astrid, but I think that combined minds praying with intention for the best of an outcome is powerful and can help bring about better scenarios. I think you might agree with that. Blessings to you and your mother and to all those effected by this current, stressful situation in Florida.

    1. Astrid, didn’t you say your mom was in north or south Carolina? Yes, many people are saying the same thing – Mother Nature or God, is trying to tell us something…. it’s at times like these that we all take a moment to remember what is important – health, family, friends. And keeping warm thoughts of the hugs from our guys….maybe it’s good now they won’t be touring next year. It will take a year for any theater to recover, even if they do rebuild.

  16. Hi Loretta, Yes, the hurricane is still not finished yet. It’s just about to head over Florida this weekend, then will continue northward out of Florida and continue on over a few other states, but at a less- damaging strength, although it will potentially continue to bring a lot of rainfall with it before it dies out. (Canada is fortunate regarding storms. Seems like a pretty good place to live, Loretta! Plus, Crusoe “The Celebrity Dachshund – Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” lives there!😍 (Lucky you!) 😊

  17. Thanks to all of you who are continuing to comment. Prayers and thoughts to you, Laura – I hope you are able to get some sleep. Your description of the wind and the rain was pretty scary….

    To update you on my mom, she said she is safe and the house is like a fortress! That is good. As mentioned above, there are 5 adults and 2 dogs.

    She said she cannot get on the internet, so not sure if it’s the wind already. She was going to bed about an hour ago after 9p or so. She has been texting me on “my” old flip phone, so it is a challenge! lol!

    While down there, I found this print that depicted our trip to Dunedin. I asked her if she brought it. She said no, but it was safe. I said if she didn’t bring it, how could it be safe? She just said, “trust me, it is safe.” Maybe she mailed it? lol! I told her I had lots of pictures of it….

    Take care everyone – let’s make it through the night.


  18. Hello everyone. I enjoy reading all the comments. Glad Daniela has connections with Il Volo group to let us know the Guys are okay. I live in Florida and staying home to keep watch on things. Keeping eye on weather channel as to the hurricane. I have family in Homestead and Delray Beach. So in hopes they will be safe . Son next door, he keeps watch on me. Have been told friends in Europe are concerned with our safety too. Love to all of you.

    1. Sheila – glad you will be safe and son is next door! 🙂 Yes, this is a world-wide disaster and all eyes are on Florida right now. I turned on the Italian channel several days ago and it was even on their news!

      I was looking on Facebook and the guys did perform tonight in Monterrey. I was reading another article and it said the earthquake struck during the meet and greet! However, the story did say that they moved to the 1st floor from the 25th floor at the hotel they were staying in! 🙂

      Looked on the map and it appears the wind and rain have hit central Florida now… In which part of Florida are you?

      I also saw that the “show will go on” in Santo Domingo. Lucky for those folks!

      1. Jana, are you sure there was an earthquake during meet & greet? I think the earth always moves during a meet & greet! Well…at least it always does for me.

        Oh good…looked away from the weather channel for a moment.

  19. Hi Laura, it seems you are faring & getting by. These are the worst storms I have heard of anywhere & so many seems to be happening one on top of the other.
    Laura I have never heard of the Crusoe dog in Canada here. So you know more than I do.
    Glad to see you faring reasonably well from this awful situation.
    Jana it does seem strange that the winds are so powerful but I have to agree with you that GOD is definitely fed up with the shenanigans that we do to ourselves & others. HE
    gives us so much & at times we don’t seem to appreciate how HE looks after us. I thought from the beginning of these storms to now that HE was trying to tell us to wake up. I hope others see it that way & take heed.
    Still praying for everyone & especially Il Volo & Mr. Ercole, I pray that they can get out of the path of this murderous storm. Glad Jana you heard from them & are reasonably safe. Praying also for Italy. I am sure our precious sweethearts are worried for their families.
    I’m going to continue to pray that these storms stop & send good weather your way, you all deserve to sleep peacefully with no fear. It seems this time my prayers are a little slower to be answered but they will be eventually.

    1. I’m sorry, Loretta; I had missed your comment! It’s so nice of you to pray, I agree that SomeOne sure does seem to be “fed-up” with “the shenanigans” on planet Earth! Uh-oh! 😯 “Crusoe” lives in or near Quebec, Canada. If you like dogs a lot and you like to laugh, or even just need a lift in spirits, I think you’d enjoy that little Dachshund star, Loretta — in addition to those sweet miracle-workers, Il Volo, of course! 👼😍 He even has a N.Y. Times bestselling book from last year,😂😄. He’s going to have a new book next year. If you like him, you might be able to go to a book-signing and get his pawtogrraph when he goes on his tour of Canada and U.S. again. 😂💙

  20. I think it was yesterday that Gianluca said on Twitter that they did’nt feel the earthquake.
    It must be as Marie said that it was the normal movement of the earth at each of their meet and greets😊
    Everybody stay safe, and keep your animals close by.

  21. In St Petersburg, family wanted me back up in MN, but I love being in my house & in my bed… Irma not a CAT 5 for Tampa Bay I’m staying

    1. ok, looks like you still have power…. do be careful and stay safe. Thanks for commenting. I wish this storm would just hurry itself up, as I’m sure many of you do! Wonder if the skyway bridge will go down? been over that – 4 times!

    1. Loretta – I’m in Detroit – far, far, away from the hurricane!! 🙂

      Probably close to the entire lower half of Florida is likely without power by now. They had said on the news that it could be a week or two before power is restored and even several days before anyone can even get out to assess damages and get to any power lines, depending on the flooding, etc.

    2. And, Loretta, I think we have each other’s emails, so together we would find a way to make contact.

      Love and grace to you, a true old timer here… oh! I mean ON the blog! 😊

    1. Loretta – I don’t know where the WordPress site is actually managed from, but I don’t think it is Florida – so the site should be ok – not to worry! 🙂

  22. Thank you Jana & Jeanine for answering. I am also concerned about Kelly, Isn’t she in Florida? I feel all you girls are old friends & I am worried about your welfare. My son was vacationing in Vegas & yesterday finally got home. I was having a fit until he got home. Now my heart is settling down since hearing from you.

    1. It will be great when we hear from Kelly, and I love what Divine Grace angels told me…
      Along with following leadings (such as bringing a meal to a friend after surgery), turn it over to “Highest Intention, Greatest Good”.

      I’m putting Kelly in God’s good hands, along with IL VOLO love. (I’m in Oregon.)

      Take care up there, Loretta, and send all the IL VOLO LoveLit Musical Vibrations that you wish!

  23. Just briefly to let you know where most of the crew are…. Pat and Kelly are in Missouri, Jane and Mary B. are in Minnesota, Marie is in Ohio, however, Leelee is in Florida. Marie assures us she will be safe.

    Loretta – glad your son is home safe. 🙂
    Jeanine – thanks for all your words of inspiration!

    1. Good to know where everyone is, Jana! What a great thing to share that. You put so much lovely energy into this blog. Thank you! (And it’s a pleasure to share some of my thoughts along the way.)

      Wishing all a beautiful Sunday
      ~ Jeanine

  24. Thank you Janna & Jeanine, I only new where Marie is so is good to know everyone else is safe & Marie mentioned where LeeLee was. This is my extended family so even though I don’t know many of you your still in my prayers & especially Il Volo. Can’t lose them they are our treasures. I’ll be lost without any of you.

    1. So sweet of you Loretta! Yes we are one huge extended family. But I do think Kelly has some relatives in the Florida panhandle area.

    2. We’re here and appreciating you, Loretta!
      And since you say All your prayers are answered (wow!), you might get a pretty long line of prayer requests!😊

      Keep up the good work!

      Well wishes,

  25. Daniela, I just read that there has been heavy rain, and extreme flooding in Tuscany, with five lives lost.My thoughts and prayers go out to those families,
    as well as all people in other parts of the world that are suffering from hurricanes and earthquakes right now.🇭🇺🇺🇸🇲🇽🙏

    1. Yes Jill, because of a torrential rain this family has failed to get out of their home, the river invaded the road and their home.

  26. Hi everyone I read your thoughts, and I followed the hurricane news anxiously.
    I hope all people are in a safe shelter.

    As I have read that in several comments you asked if IL VOLO had heard the earthquake in Mexico, I confirm that yes, there is a telephone interview issued by Mr. Ercole, I also found this video that I put down below, was made by a girl present at the concert, she takes a piece of the penultimate concert song and then concerts finished and she goes out into the street. Look at the video to the bottom and you’ll notice what the guys have seen or heard.

    1. Thanks for this video. Also interesting is the video that comes on right afterward. It’s all in Italian. I caught most of it. Basically that they are all ok and they thanked the fans for all concerns.

  27. Also very sad about the rains in Tuscany!

    I’ve been texting my mom. They still have power, but very windy and rainy. Their tv cable went out this morning, so just listening with radios. I was able to tell her storm was reduced to cat 2, however, storm surge is more dangerous than storm itself with predicted 5 to 10 feet where she is. Not sure how far inland that will go. Her place was about a half hour from Venice beach, about 45 minutes or so South of Sarasota.

    We have not heard from laura so she has likely lost power. Hope she is ok.

    It’s been kind of a lost weekend for me here.

  28. Your words are so true. We only need the 3 Il Volo angels that God has put on this earth. Jana hope your mom is safe where she is at. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in Florida. Keep the faith.

  29. Laura, thanks for responding. Glad you are still hanging in there.

    Jeanine, so glad to have you back again!

    Update on my mom…their power had been on and off and they had lost their tv late morning, so we’re just listening to radios.

    I was texting her info from the weather channel. About 7p or so, I told her the worst was pretty much over, but she wouldn’t believe me.

    A few hours later, shortly after 9p, she texted me saying the storm was moving east and that I was right. 🙂

    Of course it’s still not over, there is storm surge and still flooding rains to deal with.

    I’m sure all the good thoughts and prayers on this site helped everyone. It really could have been much worse.

    Thanks everyone!!

    Laura, and the others, hang in there!!

    1. Jana and Everyone, Thank you for your prayers for everyone in Florida. It definitely helps. I left 2 comments from Sunday, Sept. 10th (which seems like it’s still today for me) because I’d like people to jana so she could get the whole story on this still active hurricane which no one got if they were watching The Weather Channel, Cnn, MSNBC, etc. — the major news outlets. My blood is boiling a little over what they do whenever hurricanes strike Florida and my two comments to Jana will explain a lot more of what has been happening from Irma in Florida. Irma has virtually hammered the entire State and it’s still a hurricane going northward in Fl. I don’t have time to explain just how destructive Irma has been throughout Fl., but you will never know unless you had access to LOCAL news of for instance, the entire Southeastern coastal communities. Suffice it to say that the hurricane WAS a lot worse than the few , Major Network News Outlets planted only along The Keys, Miami, Naples, Tampa — in other words, the southwestern and western coastline of Fl. — where they were anticipating possible landfalls and storm-surge. . I had to give up watching those for updates of my area and all other areas directly north of me — which were All covered by and being impacted by this immense, powerful hurricane since Saturday. We were in the northeastern quadrant of Irma — just east of the eye-wall — dealing with the worst velocity wind gusts and a sustained, Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 Hurricane Force wind and rain which only calmed down to the current Tropical Storm Force Wind and the powerful Gusts –which are still occurring right now. I finally had to turn to ‘local’ TV news –located further south– for updates of conditions in My city. The main news — the big news outlets, as I’ve said, are Useless for any info. on any area (city, town) Not Targeted for a Landfall! When I lost power off and on today, I settled on just the radio broad-casters, finally, but all of them were covering the next county down –Palm Beach County — and were of little, real help for me! As with all hurricane storms, conditions can typically vary, area to area. I hate to be a messenger of bad news, but I think Fl. could see another large hurricane strike in the near-future — from Hurricane Jose — in the Atlantic, lingering by the Turks and so Please, everyone in Florida: Don’t remove your storm-shutters yet, etc. Have to keep an eye on that one now!

  30. Sorry for the choppy sentences, etc., in my summary of the uselessness of hurricane network news coverage for those who don’t live where a dramatic landfall is predictedooking for inf and are seeking info & updates re/ themselves or loved ones during a major hurricane in FL. Third line from the end: Should be, “The Turks and Cachos Islands.” (Re/ Hurricane Jose). Jana, I hope you’ll inquire about how Sparky also fared during Irma?!

      1. Thanks for letting us know you are ok. You are lucky you still have power.

        They were showing flooded Miami. I guess the weather people can’t be everywhere.

        Yes, sparky was fine. 🙂

      2. You’re welcome, Jana. Thanks for telling me Sparky was fine, Did you find out how they managed the little guy’s needs during the storm? As for why all those big news networks virtually ignored what was happening on the right side of that massive hurricane, I’ll make it as brief as possible for you: The Landfall = High Drama = Bigger Ratings. Same thing happened when this city had a landfall of one of three major hurricanes over it (and a tropical storm) in 2004. We all lost power for about a week, north and south of this city, as well. I learned later that they sent Geraldo Rivera here to emcee the show on one of the major TV news networks. No Landfall = no landfall = no TV reporters and so, no proper news coverage for distant friends and relatives, let alone those going through the event! Miami and the western coast got the coverage because of the visual dramatic effect that TV News loves — expected, anticipated storm surge, which they did receive and covered (and covered and covered….) in Miami, but so did everyone else in Fl. (and then some), as it was a hurricane that covered over 4,000 square miles — larger than Katrina in New Orleans and Harvey in Houston. Guess what? I’m going to stop right here (aren’t you glad?!) because, Amazingly, MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” is on TV right now and she’s interviewing a top expert meteorologist & hurricane expert and he is as upset as I am about Exactly what I’ve been Trying to say (and ended up having to defend) as it’s very important, especially for the next time. Jana, you can probably see it on MSNBC or You Tube soon, if you want to hear an expert who totally agrees with me. I hereby rest my case; yes! Finally!

      3. I keep hearing that this is a time of disclosure, and I’m so glad this expert spoke Truth.

        So grateful you’re safe, Laura, along with all our friends and neighbors around the globe.

        Prayers for peace and safety and all the support each of you need from many angles (and angels), perhaps some expected and some wonderful reassuring surprise help!

        Love from Jeanine

      4. He sure did speak the Truth, Jeanine; yay! Already, earlier tonight, people on the prime-time evening news programs (on msnbc, so far) are finally discussing the reasons for the increasied number of strong and large storms! Hopeful sign…

    1. Hi Laura, I also wrote to you again a couple of times at the previous post.

      You thanked me there the first time around. So, yes, you had thanked me already and I felt your thanks already anyway. Thus, no worries.

      And yes, I read your other posts (above and below my post above) and I am becoming more aware of your situation. I shall continue to light a candle for you. for your safety and well-being.

      Where I am, we have a lot of storms. So I have a feel for what you are talking about. I think the power interruptions are for our safety, if interrupted intentionally by the power company. So if any electrical cables fall over, there would not be electric shock, and spare people from being electrocuted. If not intentional, then yes, some cables may have been damaged. And it will take the power company its time to repair it.

      Stay with your breath and know that you are not alone, though you are physically alone there. I will continue to light a candle for you.
      Warm hug.

      1. Hey, Cynthia! No wonder you love animals. You’re q good and compassionate person. Will look for your comments on the other post soon. Sorry for the confusion. I don’t know when someone has commented to me. Normally, I remember to check, I’m so sorry that you have the impression that I’m ‘alone and scared’! Alone is not the problem and scared is not the problem. I don’t scare easily, believe me! I don’t mind being alone at all. What I unfortunately was feeling when I first commented while waiting for the hurricane to start, was anger. Angry because of not liking to lose power like all prior ones except for Matthew last year and angry as time went on about how inadequate the news coverage is of these events, unless you live where the Landfall and/ or a storm surge might occur! Angry because my long-time friend, JJ, and I were preparing and making plans to finally move out of Florida together and he up and suddenly died in May. I will be doing the major cleaning up after Irma by myself, again, and that was making me feel mad, too. (It looks like a war-zone outside; trust me). Would like you and anyone else to know that next hurricane, you don’t ever have to be annoyed with me for commenting during a hurricane again because I’m not going to. The way I express myself can cause misunderstandings, anyway! As for the electrical, Cynthia, the problem is downed power lines and transformers that blew. Yes; I lost power in all but 2 hurricanes since 2004. With Irma, because this area had 3 hurricanes and a tropical storm in 2004, they had already shored-up and/or replaced. As a result, I got ‘lucky’, as Jana called it. However, there are still 71,000 (who reported) that they are without power here for the reasons mentioned above. That’s not bad compared with the millions without power in Florida, let alone the other countries Irma hit. Hurricanes and tornadoes seem to be Nature’s way of pruning, trimming, clearing out the dead stuff and ‘vacuuming’ the Plant Kingdom. We’re just in her way! They are getting stronger, though. As you probably know, Cynthia, there are things we humans can do — and not do, anymore — to help stop storms from getting worse, but we’re running out of time now. 🌴💛

      2. oh, Laura…. ok to be angry too.
        and i appreciate that you’re truthful and straightforward. refreshing!
        warm hug

    2. Looking forward to the happy times with with you, too, Loretta! ( I won’t comment regarding hurricanes, anymore, Loretta. Maybe they’ll improve the reporting, so y’all will know what’s going on wherever the next one is impacting. 💛

  31. Hi Jana, Laura, Cynthia, Marie & everyone else on this site.
    I followed your forecast till I went to bed & started again this morning. Still praying for everyone. Hope your living quarters haven’t been too damaged & you all are safe & dry where you are. Yes Laura our news here said there is another hurricane Jose touching down somewhere in Florida. Lets pray that this one will not be severe. I’m glad you girls have electricity to be able to communicate. Keep praying & thinking positive everyone. Things will get better & clear up. Everyone on this blog are in my prayers & am looking forward to happy times along with you.

    1. Loretta, I left you a reply — above your comment. I’m (usually!) having some technical difficulties with typing & posting comments. You must have ‘a hot-line to the Divine’ by now — Am sure your prayers are working. Thank you on behalf of everyone, Loretta. Glad that your son is home with you from Las Vegas now. Crusoe the Dachshund is someone who makes a ton of people smile and laugh. It’s all positive. He’s from Canada and lives in or near Quebec. If you’d like to see him sometime, just watch some of his videos on YouTube, or you can check him out on his Blog! 😂😄If you enjoy dogs, that is.

    2. Loretta, thank you so much. Bless you.
      this year, we’ve had fewer and gentler storms this side of the world where i am. (so far).
      warm hug

      1. (🎃-hug happily received and returned, anytime💕). Are you in Hawaii? (Or is Jill there?); New Zealand? Where the heck are you? I remember that Jana (?) had asked where folks are living, but I’m not sure where you live. California? Oregon? I should search soon for that list of The Flight Crew’s whereabouts.

  32. Just able to get online. Live in Florida, just southwest of St. Augustine. Stayed home for the duration of the storm Irma. No power for nearly five days. Son had a generator so we had a little help to keep refrigerators cool . Plug in for the cooker.
    Thanks for the site..Il Volo flight crew- share the love.

    1. Sheila, so glad for checking in!! Brave of you to stay home, but of course, the did not think Irma would track that way. So glad you are ok and got your power back on. My aunt and uncle just got their power back on yesterday/Saturday. They’d been staying with my mom for the past 5 days. 🙂

      So glad you come to the site! Take care and watch out for Maria!

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