Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Show – Special Exclusive by our own Daniela!


Our very own Daniela surprised us all by sending us an email of her attendance at the taping and rehearsals for the Pavarotti Event on September 6th!  Below, is her experience, as well as some editing and formatting by me.  But still mostly in her own words…

From Daniela…

This is the promo of the broadcast:

Here is the video of their song, as well as the beginning of the evening.



“Ciao a tutte,

Ten years ago, a great tenor died, Luciano Pavarotti.  In his memory, a great event was scheduled at the Verona Arena broadcast live on Rai1, September 6, 2017.

Yesterday, September 5, from the official fanclub arrived an e-mail that if you wanted to attend the free rehearsals you just had to show up at 7pm. in front of the Arena gate and we can bring other people, the card was not required. I just wanted to tell you that I have just returned from Verona Arena where I and my husband have attended the event in memory of Pavarotti that will be done tomorrow. Lucky for us, we just lived less than an hour away from Verona.

All this was done because for IL VOLO, besides the rehearsals, there was also the recording of their participation, in short for them tomorrow will be a “fake direct” because will be transmitted how much was recorded tonight.

The big evening came.

The beginning of the evening it is announced that Il Volo will perform Granada together with the soprano Angela Gheorghiu. They were very good and there was a lot of support for them, but let me say I would have preferred they sing a song all to themselves.

At first, we were about 500 people but the rehearsal was long and in the evening, it was cold. At the end, we were about 150 people all arranged focused because during the television shooting you could see the audience. I was in a good position in the central corridor.

They were allowed to sing as if it seemed they were actually present in the Arena.

Their show was recorded on Tuesday night, the boys had to leave for Mexico, shortly afterward, as we saw from the pictures of Gian and Piero on the plane.

My husband and I had the pleasure of being there when the boys were recording their song at the Arena, it was a great experience and absolutely free. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are wonderful as usual.

I enjoyed the show. I did some photos and a couple of videos. They asked us not to divulge photos and videos until tomorrow evening.

We have seen the tapes of the tenors: Carreras, Grigolo, Meli (I’m not sure he is), and of course IL VOLO.

The guys were very stylish, there was also the presenter Conti and the orchestra, all were elegant.

Carlo Conti asked Angela and Il Volo their thoughts on Pavarotti after they finished their song….lucky for us, Daniela translated the guys’ answers for us!

Piero: We did not know Luciano but for us he is the image of music, music in the world.  I remember when the master disappeared in 2007, on the news in China raised the black flags and there I realized that we had lost someone important.

Ignazio:  Surely for us it was a great inspiration, especially for the project we have faced to date. For me personally, I imitated Luciano when I was a little kid in my bedroom, then my mom came and said to me “but it was you Ignazio?” For me I grew up a lot with Luciano and we really bring him into our heart, and who does not?

Gianluca: The most charismatic man in the world, probably of the century, has succeeded in his mission of bringing lyrical music to everyone, to the people but especially to the young and this is the most important thing.

I finish with a phrase, today an important Italian newspaper has devoted a long page to Pavarotti’s memory and after describing not only the great artist but the simple man who had also succeeded in his spontaneity, this newspaper finished the article writing: “IL VOLO, like it or not like, are his virtual sons.”  (I love this quote!…jmv)

Pictures below from Daniela:

dan 1


dan 2

dan 3

dan 4

dan 5

These pictures below from RAI, but sent by Daniela…

I think Igna and Luciano have the same cheeks!  🙂


Til next time….a presto!









42 thoughts on “Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Show – Special Exclusive by our own Daniela!”

  1. Thank you Daniela for the photos and videos, it must have been so exciting. I agree with you that I would prefer Il Volo to sing by themselves.
    You are so lucky that you live so close to Verona to be able to do this.

  2. Grazie mille Daniela, I also wish they would have sung alone. You were so fortunate to be there for this very important occasion. I saw the Three Tenors in Cleveland in 2000 at the Cleveland Stafium and have never forgotten the thrill of it. Ciao

    1. RoseMarie, what a beautiful experience. I remember that the evening of Caracalla’s Concert (was the first concert of the three tenors) we were all in front of the TV, very good and you know what I loved beyond their skill? Their sympathy and spontaneity, which also have Piero Ignazio and Gianluca.

  3. Whew!
    Awesome videos and photos! I especially appreciate the translations, Daniela! What an amazing and fortunate experience for you and your husband!

    Yah… we’re spoiled! (That’s a good thing!) How can anyone add to our 3 ragazzi? Any soprano is naturally at a disadvantage with us wanting to hear our rich tenors and our beautiful baritone.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jana and Daniela!

    Ciao a tutti!

    1. Jeanine, what a pleasure to hear you.
      The soprano was very good, but as the boys sang one song I would have preferred to listen to them only.

  4. Everyone, I am so worried about the guys. There was a huge earthquake in Mexico at 9pm Hawaii time.It was a 8.1 on the Richter scale hitting the southern coast, but was felt as far as Mexico City. I believe the guys were on the east coast today, but are probably traveling to Monterrey for their next concert.I pray they will be safe.

  5. Thank you Daniela for sharing your experience and translating for us the comments the boys made. I too could have done without the woman singing with the boys. (Personal opinion). It had to be a wonderful night and we are so grateful for the pictures and the video you included. I too hope the boys are safe. Monterrey is closer to Texas and hopefully they will be safe there Friday night. No one is watching and there are predictions of earthquakes along the coast of California to Canada. They are overdo along with fears of a volcano eruption in Yellowstone park. Today, we send prayers for everyone in the area south of Mexico City. Love to all of you!

    1. Hi Victoria, it was a great evening, besides IL VOLO, Verona was beautiful, a dreamy ambiance.
      We pray for all the people involved in the passage of these events.

  6. ciao, Daniela, this is lovely. Grazie
    and i, too, would prefer the guys sing all by themselves. no additions.

    and wow! you got to see the guys for real, for free (at the rehearsal and taping for their performance), while those that get to the actual concert, get to see the video of them! how wonderful for YOU!


    1. Cynthia, the letter of the official fanclub was really an unexpected thing, we did not have time to think, we went and it was nice.

  7. Thank you so much Daniela for the translation. Wonderful that you were at the concert.
    I also agree that I prefer our precious young men to sing by themselves but this woman was the first woman singer with a good opera voice that matches Il volo’s voices.
    Also this is the first time I have heard the 3 tenors sing together. So listening to Il Volo’s voices they are every bit as good as the 3 tenors if not better. I would have loved to have heard them sing together. We are so lucky to have been following Il Volo over these 8 years & seeing their progression. Champing at the bit to see a concert.
    Also praying for out precious sweethearts that God keep them safe in their travels.

      1. Jill I firmly believe that if it was still between us, this duet might have been true.

  8. Thank you Daniel a. You are the end you of many of us. Would love to see that rehearsal. Il,Volo and Doming… WOW. And I agree with you that much prefer IL Volo by themselves, they don’t need anyone else. And Jana, i also love the quote about virtual sons. Wish I had thought of it.

    1. Sorry, auto correct is not always so good. I meant to say that Daniela is the envy of many of us.

    2. Thank you Barbara, while I was at the Arena, I thought that many of you would have been willing.
      I liked that quote too much to me.

  9. Thanks, Daniela and Jana! I love to just hear The Guys speak, but REALLY like it when I know what they are saying! I loved Pavarotti. ..he is the first opera star I remember! The guys were wonderful at the tribute! Grazie from Texas! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks to you Dorothy, it was a pleasure to translate for you.
      I think we all love Pavarotti.
      Ciao dall’Italia.

  10. Thank tou daniels. as always a pleasure to see your translations. We here in California are worried about the earthquake in Mexico. we live on a huge fault , the San Andreas, and it relates to the one in Mexico. Also the hurricane Irma is heading for Florida and crossing the islands. I think our boys are scheduled for a concert in one of them. I am holding my breath that they will be OK. Joanie G

    1. Joan, I hope you are all right, you are in a high risk area.
      For the news I know, IL VOLO, for now, wants to continue the tour stages

  11. Thanks Daniela & Jana for this wonderful post!!! Agree, we all prefer our precious Boys singing by themselves !!! So glad to have the translation of their comments!!! I pray they will stay safe through out this & every Tour!!! Getting to go to the rehearsal was fantastic!!! Beautiful memories forever, Daniela! I loved Pavarotti too! Ciao, IlVolovers!!!

    1. Ciao Anne, the evening was beautiful and I have to say that our boys, who are not tenors of study, have really made a great figure. We know how good they are. Pavarotti would have appreciated them.

  12. Hi everyone! I am currently in Northern Italy, near Turin, for the wedding of my friends Monica and Andrew. The wedding is taking place tomorrow in Monica’s home town even though she and Andrew live in England.

    I saw the guys performance while I was at home in England. While I agree with everyone else that it is better when they perform as il Volo, and not with some other singer, Angela Gheorghiu is a huge star in the Opera World. Singing with her adds enormously to il Volo’s prestige and contradicts those critics who are too snobbish to accept that our guys are world class in whatever style of singing they choose!

    1. Hi Bernard, you know how the guys are criticized, here in Italy and today I have responded to a poisonous comment on them. The comment said that they could not sing in honor of Pavarotti because they were not real tenors.
      To this very snobbish lady, I replied that during the recording the world-famous soprano Angela Gheorghiu treated them with such affection as a mother, and she was not at all bothered to sing with guys what she did not think about her height.

      1. Ciao Daniela! Ho dimenticati di ringraziarti per il video e le tue notizie.

        Ci saranno, sempre, quelli idioti che non sanno nulla della musica. Quando Nicoletta Mantovani, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Angela Gheorghiu e tutti i grandi del mondo della lirica accettano i nostri ragazzi come uguali, sappiamo che sono sempre all’altezza per cantare questa musica.

        Buona notte dell’Avigliana sul Lago!


        Hi Daniela! I forgot to thank you for the video and your news.

        There will always be those idiots who know nothing about music. When Nicoletta Mantovani, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Angela Gheorghiu and all the greats of the world of opera accept our guys as equals, we know that they are always at the high level needed to sing this kind of music.

        Good night from Avigliana on the Lake!


      2. Ciao Bernard grazie a te, hai ragione tanti cantanti famosi apprezzano i nostri ragazzi.
        Buon Matrimonio.

        Hi Bernard thanks to you, you are right so many famous singers appreciate our guys.
        Good marriage.

  13. Daniela thanks again for sharing your experiences and translating for us.
    I learned tree languages in my life but at my age now I feel Italian will not be my conquest. I learn better when I am forced to speak but as I said before a trip to Italy is not on my to do list. Jana as usual you do a great job.

    1. Hi Gina, we all learn better when we are forced to talk and the only time I did it was when I was here Marie and Jane.
      It’s a pleasure to translate for you.

  14. Thank you Daniela for sharing your lovely evening seeing Il Volo rehearsing and performing in Verona in this wonderful tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. Being a fan of this great tenor and hearing his beautiful Nessun Dorma, I always hoped Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would someday sing it. I enjoyed Il Volo’s duet with Angela Gheorghiu and love the quote “Il Volo, like it or not like, are his virtual sons”.

  15. Hi Margaret, thanks to you for reading and commenting on my evening. Have you seen the video of the virtual duet between Pavarotti and IL VOLO I posted on? It would have been a nice duet!

  16. Thank you Daniela for giving us the opportunity to share your great adventure in Verona!!. Hearing Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio singing in turn with Angela Gheorghiu, I was very impressed with each one of them. To me they were on an equal level with her.
    I had no idea what our guys were saying to Carlo Ponti ~~~ and then Daniela came to the rescue!!!!!! Molte grazie Daniela ~~~~ big hugs to you.

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