Hurricane, Hurricane, Go Away! (and don’t come back any other day!)

Ciao a Tutti!

The city of Houston and the rest of Texas USA, is still reeling from the after-effects of Harvey, and yet Irma is heading toward the US now, already devastating much of the Caribbean.  The guys have safely landed in Mexico, with Gian posting “clouds.”  Katia is now heading toward the southern east coast of Mexico and a week from now, they are heading to Santo Domingo!  We pray that all in the paths of these hurricanes (I know there must be many parents and grandparents in the southern states, as well as fans) are kept safe, go to shelters, and heed the warnings.  After Harvey, I don’t think anyone is taking chances now.  I spoke with my mom, who is on the central Gulf Coast of Florida and I asked her if she was packing.  She said yes!   I was a bit surprised, but she said she was ready to move to a safer place; they were all waiting to see where the wind blew.

I created a little picture below, depicting the guys singing their hearts out and blowing away the hurricanes from all of their tour area, so no concerts are cancelled.  There would not be many things more devastating than to survive the hurricane, but have the concert cancelled! (I’m sure the Boston fans are still very saddened…) (forgive me if I am a little off on the actual locations in Mexico, but I think I’m pretty close!)

Sing strong and loud and fiercer than these storms!  We know you can!  Blow them back to sea where they belong!  Amen.


(thank you and credit to owners of photos and AccuWeather for map pictures!)

Thank you all for your continued support of this site!  Let’s look forward to an amazing Latin American tour!

The Crew!


p.s.  look for some more changes and surprises to be coming through….we will be changing with the winds of time….




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  1. Love to all affected recently … by the storms, by the fires in Oregon, Washington, and California. Thanks for the vision of our awesome guys blowing the storms back out to sea!

    Going to try to make time to check in here more often. I MISS you! and Sharing the LOVE!

    Love from Jeanine in Oregon

    1. Ciao, Jeanine! Very nice to ‘see’ you again.😊 I, too, couldn’t visit here as often as I desire until just recently and it’s still not as frequently as last Summer, Autumn and Winter. As with you, it’s been a time thing, but missing The Crew, keeping up with ‘The Love’ of Il Volo. Yes, so sad about the fires and floods and hurricane harm. Getting ready here; this time for Hurricane Irma. Wish everyone would envision Jana’s smart idea of Il Volo blowing that cyclone out over the Atlantic, making it just a ‘Fish Storm’. It’s sadly too late for many who are already being effected by ‘her’, but there’s still a little time left re/ Florida. So far, much of this county haven’t received a mandatory evacuation notice, but an advisory to batten down the hatches and stay ready. Once again, will be alone, but have a radio for a point of contact with people broadcasting info. and music locally. It also helps to mask, somewhat, the constant roar of wind and the gusts; things banging and crashing somewhere outside, at times and the maddening, unrelenting whistling noise of wind in crevices, pipes, etc. outside. Have come to the conclusion that Florida was not meant for human (and domesticated animals) habitation. Would rather endure colder temps. and snow a few months of the year than suddenly have to go through the stress of hurricanes and tropical storms and sweating 9 months of the year from just reaching down to simply pick something up outdoors. Sorry to say I’d have to give Fla. a thumbs down for residence, but a big thumbs up for visiting. 🌞🐠🐊🐚🐴🌴💛

      1. Wow, Laura, that sounds really scary!
        I use music to help my cat be calm when the landscapers are here with their blowers. It really helps.

        And IL VOLO music is good any time for any reason! 😊

        Wishing you and all our neighbors around the globe safety and peace,

      2. Thank you, Jeanine, for your perfect wishes of safety and peace for every one on Earth. I wish the same for you, too. (You’re so right about Il Volo music!).

    2. Jeannine, I was wondering the other day where you were. It’s so nice to hear from you again.You have to check in with us more often, you always have such uplifting messages to give us. Hope everything is going well in Oregon. Ciao Jill

    3. Jeanine – so glad you stopped back again, we missed you too! 🙂 I guess what will be, will be. We can only hope and pray so much.

      1. Understood, Jana.
        I’m turning it over to Highest Intention, Greatest Good.

        And let’s remember…
        Who sings, prays twice!
        Thanks for that, Ignazio! 😊

        Right now fresh clean air is flowing in thru my finally open windows.
        Feels sooooo good!

        Have a great weekend, everyone!
        Love and peace from Jeanine in Oregon

  2. Hi Jana! Thank you for your post and your creative illustration of your great idea to protect Il Volo and the people of Mexico in Katia’s path. Glad they’re not in Irma’s way; a “nuclear” hurricane, as the Mayor of Miami is calling it. So nice that you and Jeanine (and everyone of The Crew) prays for and sends love energy to those effected by these forces of nature.. Just not the best time of year to be there, poor guys. I think Il Volo might have to cancel some places again. (Being that I unfortunately live in Southeastern Fla., and trying to look on a bright side, if Irma takes me out, I’d be free to visit Il Volo, finally see Italy and be like a fly on Piero’s wall.) 😂. ‘Kidding’ aside: As you already know, parts of the Caribbean are now destroyed; most of Barbuda is tragically wrecked. Yes, Jana, wishing the thing would now make a right turn out to sea, far enough from land, but I’m also certain that was a wish of the current, human victims of Irma. Can’t help but think about all the non-human life, also. 💕

    1. …and victims of Harvey, etc., disasters. Prayers and positive wishes for everyone always; no matter what: That’s what’s so special about Il Volo and their loving fans.

    2. Laura, I am also praying that Irma takes a right turn away from Florida. My mother-in-law is moving back to Missouri from Ormond Beach – on the east coast just north of Daytona. Her flight back “home” to us is scheduled for Sept. 15. She just missed getting out of Florida before this storm hits by one week! She and her friend will have to ride it out a little farther inland in a resort where they booked a room. I can’t even imagine the relentless howling winds from these storms. The closest thing I can imagine is when we have blizzard conditions here in Missouri. Hope you also will be safe!

      1. I like the idea of imagining the storm sounds easing up, and the winds and rains completely losing their steam, concluding with a light fall sprinkle, a rainbow, and sunshine.
        No storm left. Only peace, possibilities, relief, and safety.

        And where we’ve got fires and smoke, may the rains come (without thunder or lightning), cool, calm, clean, and bless us with safety, relief, and gratitude.

        Gregg Braden refers to it as the “lost mode of prayer”.

        Oh, and let’s throw in some inspiring Ave Marias from Our Guys! My fav is definitely Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae!

        Love & blessings from Jeanine

      2. Thank you, Pat ! Your prayers — at the time of the southeastern Fl. coast being the target of Irma for days — apparently did help us out. Now we’ve got to focus prayers on the Keys, still, and the western coast of Fl. I wonder tonight, two days since you posted here, if your mother-in-law and friend were able to fly out of Fl. without having to wait until Sept. 15th. I think she’s doing the right thing returning to Missouri. There’s concern about sea-levels rising, yearly, and Fl. is one of the many very low-lyng places on Earth which could become uninhabitable before century’s end. I’m sorry for that grim statement, but I fear it’s highly likely at this point, as we’re running out of time time to try to prevent the causes. By the way, my large yard is completely full of ancient sea shells. The ocean reached inland a long time ago and it just might return, although for some different reasons, which can still be prevented, but we have to hurry it up. I can see the correlation you made between blizzards and hurricanes, Pat. They’re quite a bit different though, but I do understand the analogy, having experienced a couple of blizzards in my life. (I’d take the blizzards over hurricanes and tropical storms though, any time!).

      3. Laura, my mother-in-law was able to get out of Florida today instead of the 15th. 🙂 I picked her up from the airport this morning! Looks like the storm is taking aim more toward the western side of Florida now but she is safe here with me thank God! I’m still praying for everyone that will be affected by this storm. Be safe!

    3. hi Laura, i was just about to ask you if you were in the path of the storm/tornado…. i don’t have details…. i shall light a candle and offer a prayer for your safety and well-being…. warm hug. (don’t be a fly on Piero’s wall just yet.)

      1. Hi, Miss Cynthia, Thank you! Your kind prayer offering, combined with so many gifts of prayer at the time, seems to have had an effect that was positive for this side of Fl. We were in the path of a cat. 5 for a few days, until Irma suddenly changed course, which was not a prediction by those who study and report on hurricanes. They were also a bit surprised by Irma’s making a landfall over Cuba. That situation led to Irma heading towards the southwestern coast of Fl., gaining strength again over the ‘hot’ water between Fl. and Cuba, causing a worse situation for everyone on that side of the state. (Less time than we had to prepare, plus the west coast of Fl. is lower-lying than the eastern coastline. With the power of Irma combined with the very low-lying land — which also extends very far in-land (which is not the case on the eastern coastline of Fl., there is the problem of major storm-surge flooding over a large area, if Irma stays a cat. 4 force. As for hanging out at Piero’s house, I’m in no hurry, believe me, but I should add that I’d be very respectful of him and his right to privacy! I’d only check in on him at the proper time and just to see how he’s doing, once in a great while. 😂 Now If he’s a Medium, perchance, that would be great, for we could communicate if he feels like it, of course. He might also, though, tell me to get the heck out of his house and never return! 😂😓😂

      2. hi Laura…. i am happy to hear from you (warms my heart)… and relieved, you are safe…. thank you for the details….
        and yes, no hurry to be a fly on Piero’s wall…but should you ever be Piero’s environs, in whichever way, gosh! enjoy him to your heart’s height and breath and depth!
        much love.

      3. and when you are in Piero’s enviorns, throw caution to the wind!
        (that’s what the mexicans, and other latinas do! forget propriety!)

    4. Grateful we Can send Love & Prayers, Laura! You stay safe!

      & let’s just go to those Other Concerts “in our dreams”, like I did to Radio City Music Hall in 2013. I woke up with cheeks sore from grinning! (No need to wait ’till we’re on the other side!)

      Love & Grace,

      1. Thank you, Jeanine. Was just looking at the ‘plusses’ of suddenly crossing “The Rainbow Bridge” ( being a Canine at heart) and the prospect of spending a little, quality time with IL Volo, since I haven’t made it to a concert, let alone a Meet-N-Greet on this side of “The Veil”. 😂😂 That’s so neat that you woke up with a sore face from smiling during a dream Il Volo (?) concert! Heck, that would make me as happy as a tick on a fat dog, too! 😀 💝

      2. 😘Cynthia, Finally seeing your comments from Sept. 7th! Love your thoughts re/ on ‘this side’ or the other, to throw caution out the window & just enjoy P. hahaha!

    5. Ah, Laura, I wondered where you were from? I thought maybe somewhere “west” since you seemed to answer things pretty late at night/early in the morning! But guess you are just a night owl like me. Just not enough hours in the days… Looks like you will get in a few days. Please stay safe and let us know you are ok! 🙂

      1. How sweet your message is here, Jana. I don’t know your line of work, but I feel that you’d make a fine Nurse or Caregiver, seriously. So glad am not the only one who ends up burning the midnight oil. Can do mornings, but given my druthers, I’ll take the moonlighttime over the mornin’sunshine. (The ‘malady’ goes way back. Vividly remember my joy when informed that I was accepted for enrollment in the AFTERnoon session of kindergarten; eccentric little kid, hahah!). (By the way, you’re in a way correct about “somewhere west,” as I did live on the western coast of U.S. for 25 years. I think you’re actually a bit psychic, but you just don’t realize it yet). 😊

  3. Constantly praying for all the countries that are being destroyed by these tornados & that Il Volo is not travelling during these dangerous times. Keep praying everyone. It seems to me that this years has been very bad for tornadoes & fierce weather patterns everywhere. Constantly praying.

      1. Constantly praying for others and bad situations is a great gift of help for the world, God bless you in return for your selfless effort, Loretta.

    1. I know the world has had some crazy weather and we cannot always choose where we live, but I am so glad I live in Michigan. We have had a beautiful year, for the most part, weather-wise….no, we don’t have sunny, sandy beaches, or the 70s in the winter months, but the worst natural disasters we have to worry about are tornadoes and I guess a few wildfires way up north. So, hey, come to Michigan! 🙂

      1. Hey Jana, Don’t disparage the wonderful beaches of Michigan, which I remember fondly from my youth (I grew up in Chicago and we often went to Michigan–and Indiana for that matter.) The Indiana sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan hold a special place in my memories! Great Lake beaches are terrific–and now that I live in Ontario I can recommend the wonderful beaches of Lake Huron. Truly fabulous fine sand beaches with sandbars reaching out into the lake. Paradise for parents and kids–and no sharks, hurricanes, etc to spoil the fun.

      2. Have always been wanting to ‘get out of Dodge’, maybe I should consider adding Michigan to my list of possibilities. With rising sea levels, coastal areas that are close to sea-level might not be a good choice now. . Unfortunately. those are where I’d prefer to live, have always lived. (Occasionally, Jana, there’s a very nice ad on TV that promotes the attractions and attractiveness of places in Michigan.

  4. I love the graphic you made of the guys blowing all the storms away! Good job, Jana! My heart goes out to everyone affected by Irma and Harvey. I’m hoping and praying that Katia does not impact Mexico so severely….would hate to see our guys have to cancel any more concerts!

  5. The guys are in a dangerous area . I hope they hunker down and do not try to fly anywhere. These winds can switch directions very fast. Prayers and hugs guys, Joanie G

    1. I think the guys are actually fairly safe from Katia, as it’s more on the east and they are more in west/central. But it’s true, it’s still windy and you never know!

  6. Thanks everyone for liking my little graphic….. I noticed it got picked up on the “what to follow” on Twitter today! Lol! Would be cool if our guys saw it? If they follow Twitter, I wonder if they get those same emails we do?? I was thinking about that post on my way home from work yesterday and it “hit” me it was the right thing to post. Wish Irma was moving faster so it would go by quicker and get it over with. This whole impending doom for a week now for Florida is agonizing and I’m sure worse for those living there. I saw a news clip about price gouging and I guess there is a complaint hotline for it (never knew that!) but someone saw a pack of 24 bottles of water for $72.00! Is that crazy, or what? It’s such a shame people can be so selfish to want make a buck at someone’s desperation and misery.

      1. Forgot to mention that it’s a real compliment that your graphic got promoted on Twitter. I Hope the guys saw it, Jana! I heard something about price gouging re/ water and fuel on the news a few times since the call to “get ready now!” went out in Fl. last week. Those who did that are devoid of a conscience, lack empathy; you’re right about that, Jana. The news has been giving a phone number to call requesting folks to report price gouging.

      2. My Laura! 🙂 looks like you still have power, that’s awesome for the moment! Funny you mention nursing or caregiver. I did, at one time, want to be a nurse, but I was never good at math, along with a few other reasons. 🙂

        Yes I am definitely the night owl and loved when I was working the afternoon shift on the census.

        And yes, I am a tad bit psychic on some things. 🙂

        Take care!!

      3. Yes that was pretty cool. I think Marie said once that is random, but still neat. 🙂 especially if the guys saw it.

    1. Since the topic of worry is understandably arising…

      I’ve heard that worry is sending fearful energy, so I have a thought…

      Since, as Ignazio reminds us
      “He who sings
      Prays twice”

      maybe whenever we start to worry, we can listen to IL VOLO and let their loving double-prayers carry hope, love, and safety to them and all who is on our minds.

      I like that! It’s like a “time for IL VOLO” alarm clock!😊

      Celebrating the possibility of “The Best Day of My Life”

      1. Hi again, Jeanine! Did you work hard training yourself to be so consistently positive, or were you born that way? I’d really like to know. I understand that feeding a fear can actually bring it about. You’d know about that: dwelling on the negative can create more negative; that the best thing is to focus thoughts on the good one desires to happen, not focus thoughts on fears of what we don’t want to happen. . It takes a lot of self-discipline and practice to catch ourselves when worrying a lot and to change the thoughts to positive, affirmative ones in order that the good we desire can manifest in our lives, thoughts being actual energy. You ought to design your “Time For Il Volo” alarm clock, Jeanine. Would like a ‘re-minder’ like that. 😊

  7. I like that idea, Laura, of designing a “Time for IL VOLO” alarm clock. Watch for a Flight Crew blog!

    As for me, Laura, I was definitely not born that way! Actually, I was quite depressed for at least a dozen years. Since then, I’ve been working on the “Expect a Miracle” philosophy for decades, doing TAT since 2003, and in 2011 I discovered flying with our LoveLit IL VOLO. If that’s not transformative, what is?😊

    One day at time, our spirits can lift ever higher. Alongside every valley, there’s a hill.

    Love and grace to you, Laura and all,

    1. Six days later now, dear Jeanine! I will watch for that Flight Crew blog! Would like to know about your “Expect a Miracle” philosophy. There was a time I kept those words in sight and by golly, it really ‘worked’! Gradually drifted away for a couple of reasons. Glad for the reminder now two years later. Would like to give you a hug for that and for replying to me with information that I was curious about. 💝 I wonder what TAT is. You clearly are doing something right, Jeanine. Thanks very much for your reply to my question. I like this: ” One day at a time…. Alongside every valley there’s a hill.” Thank you, Jeanine. Love and grace to you, also! ( Those who love Il Volo sure do seem to ‘feel better ‘ when listening to them sing, their especially beautiful sound and melodies, etc….). 😇

      1. Hi, Laura!
        Glad you experienced some uplift and curiosity with my reply.
        You can communicate with me privately by clicking jrd1776 above, and then going to my contact page. I’ll stay focused on blog topics here, so happy to reply in more detail via email if you should like that.
        I’m grateful for all help I’ve received on my path.
        Loving gratitude,

  8. 😘 Jana; had power through most of Irma for which I’m very thankful. This is the 16th of Sept. now and just getting to read all the comments I missed on this post during the storm. How about that — you had considered a career as a Nurse! Can sympathize about the math barrier! Wasn’t your destiny, that’s all! You’re one of those bright rays of light that shines upon others here and helps to bring the light of Il Volo to us all as well. That’s wonderful.

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