Marylu’s Meet and Greet in Pula!

Marylu, a friend of Daniela’s, has given us her story of her first ever Meet and Greet!  Marylu, you are among friends here who know exactly what it’s like to angst over getting ready to meet these adorable young men face to face only to  go speechless in their presence!  Been there…done that!!  Your photo is lovely!



A few days ago, the photos of the Meet & Greet of the Pula concert were published. Of course I was very curious to see what the camera had captured of all of my previous existential torment and before archiving DEFINITELY the subject, I would like to share some considerations.


I say I expected worse. However, in the photo you clearly see my falsely serene expression, and a faded smile (and patience if at that precise moment I remember having had a moment of pure joy but I obviously guarded jealously without letting it leap out) . On the other hand I notice the Ordinary Sun Smile in Ignatius’s face and these are satisfactions.

Inspired by the painting “Girl with a pearl earring” and sorry if it is a little, I would like to give the title to the photo “The girl (old) with the earring (that’s enough). In the sense that I had only one: the other was quietly on my bedroom’s furniture. Yes, because  I had a last-minute setback, I had to prepare for the concert in just a few minutes. And in a hurry, as I was trying to do three things together, as often happens to us multitasking women, I thought it good to wear only one, without obviously realize: being confused at the end of the evening had already started home unfortunately! When I arrived at the destination someone made it known to me, but I did not give too much importance. I could at least have taken off the surviving earring before the fateful moment we know, but honestly, I had other things to think about. For example how to control anxiety growing ..


And what about the look in general ?! Always in the hurry I wore the first thing that came to my hand (it always says so ..) Now I do not say a dress for evening, of which there is no trace in my wardrobe, even to look scrupulously , but at least the minimum trade union for these cases: an elegant dress, some makeup, a visit from the hairdresser, maybe a heel shoe! Zero of all this: I also wore a pair of old dancers, even tuned to the rest of the clothing, and well that they do not see in the picture.


But how? I say  … Do I get the chance of life, even though I do not know, and I am totally inadequate? Morale says: never give anything for granted in life. Better find yourself ready always, you never know what awaits you at the end of the night: in the future at least have shoes with the heel always on foot, without losing sight of any chronic backache, and a last look also escaped the mirror before leaving home for remedies of the last moment.

Returning to the earring, now that I also think Ignazio uses only one: that I did it to unconsciously attract his attention? .. Who can say it? It could be a hypothesis with a certain foundation !!


After the release of this entertaining meeting, I and Marylu exchanged a couple of comments.


Daniela = I saw you, you were fine, and the solitary earring seemed beautiful. But instead I wonder, there is a cross of arms behind you, but of course everyone comes out their hands, your no, is over under Ignazio’s t-shirt?


Marylu =  Daniela do not put your finger in the sore !! Do not say below but at least over the t-shirt !! I swear … I have a total void. One thing really embarrassing, not to believe. I remember that as Eliana finished taking the picture, I turned to Ignazio and wondered, but before I kissed him? Because he looked at me how to say .. but does this woman not say hello to me? She makes all this confusion and then she does not even kiss me !!

In doubt I let go .. do not let me think, I feel bad again 

Translated by Daniela with Marylu’s permission.



Credit to owner of photo.




14 thoughts on “Marylu’s Meet and Greet in Pula!”

  1. Marylu, you look lovely in the photo. You are not the only one who finds themselves speechless around Ignazio. I know this first-hand!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Daniela and Marylu, Most of us have been become speechless in the their presence, or at least have said something stupid (I like your t-shirt). What the heck, I know I have, but, wait until next time. I have said that 5 times but now I really mean it.

  3. Hi Marylu. wonderful confusion. A good many of us are in the same boat. At any age we can become tounghtied. You looked great & well put together. I am am trying to wait patiently to see our precious young men in concert. Lucky you.

  4. Marylu, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us (with the help from Daniela)
    Like many others, I too have felt the same emotions that you had when meeting the guys,especially Ignazio😊

  5. I’m glad that Marila’s review liked you, I laughed a lot when I read it.
    María, who is reading you with pleasure, has asked me to post these her words.

    Dear Friends of IL VOLO Flight Crew I thank you heartily for your words of appreciation and solidarity. By reading your comments on the Meet & Greet in USA I had tried to take care of your experiences .. but then when I found before them all the good ones purposes have vanished.🙈
    I promised myself to participate again, as soon as I have the opportunity, but I’m certain that once again, when I am there, I will be stammering nonsense words in the utmost confusion of mind

  6. I really enjoyed your story of the meet and greet. I have seen 5 of their concerts, 4 in USA and one in Verona, but never splurged for the meet and greet. But from what I read of your reaction and others on the Flight Crew it must be an experience that makes nonsense of your brain. I vow the next concert I attend I will go to the meet and greet so I can see what it is like. Your story made me laugh,Marilu!

    1. Janet – yes, even if you dare to splurge just once, if you can, it must be first on the bucket list! It is an experience to behold for those precious 20 – 30 seconds! And now, like Marilu, you seem to have to keep doing it until you get right!

  7. Marylu – I loved your story. Yes, it must have been a secret motive to wear just one earring like Ignazio. I wonder if he noticed, also? He was probably too polite to say anything. I have to say reading your story and the other comments, brought tears of joy to my eyes! You seem to have left us with a cliffhanger? Did you or did you not kiss him? I guess you did not, but maybe you did in your thoughts? 🙂 Didn’t we all? 🙂

    It is so interesting to read everyone’s stories of meet and greets. They all have a similar theme…. prepared and prepared and it all went out the window when I looked into their eyes for the first time!

    Bella!! Jana

  8. I really like your amusing and even touching story. Marylu. You look very, very composed and very, very pretty! I admire your courage to meet them. About the single earring: I’m sure Vermeer would be smiling! Ignazio probably liked that; it looks jaunty — just like him! Thanks for sharing your very own experience leading up to and then meeting the fabulous Il Volo.

  9. Hi, Jana! It’s still me: My avatar just changed, but that’s ok! — being that I share a supposedly unusual ‘phenomenon’ wherein I automatically see particular colors when I see or hear names and words. Saw something about it in a science article once, and there’s a term for it. (Green is the color I’ve always seen with the name, coincidentally). Kind of weird, but kind of nice, too! 😊

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