All Are Safe…

Just some updates here…

It was a harrowing weekend for many.  Several of you were faithfully posting and responding over the last few days, sending thoughts and prayers to all in Florida.

Well folks, many prayers were answered, and perhaps a few were not, but as far as we know here, no fans, friends, or family members were lost to Irma.  Laura was keeping us all up to date on the weather where she was.

There was an instagram photo from Il Volo Miami, of the Miami hospital with torrential wind and rain.  I’m guessing they must have been a medical person and had to stay at the hospital.

An update on me….many blessings are certainly upon me and my family. (Chris said perhaps – maybe Ignazio’s blessing is still with me?) 🙂  Both my mother’s and aunt/uncle’s places were spared.  My aunt/uncle lost power, but that was all.  Mom came home today to find her place was securely intact with both power and water!  Others, did not fare so well.  All she lost was the tree in front.  She said she saw many that lost roofs or their lanais.  A friend, just a block or so over from her, lost their roof and their place is now condemned.  They had just purchased it a few years ago.

Although many are still without power, things seem to be getting back to normal pretty quickly there in many places, as if nothing had happened.  Definitely a lot of pictures of downed trees and beached boats, but miraculously, few reports of deaths.  Mom said Publix was already open, however, they had little left.

I’m not sure how many of you saw the post from AAIV, but they will be “slowing down” the news on their site due to personal commitments and other time constraints.  Our crew here can certainly understand, as we struggle as well at times.  That being said, we are going to keep to the “weekends free” unless something important pops up.  This will give our writers a little more time for other things.  We will certainly miss AAIV, as they always had very good news and information about the guys.  They said they will continue the site and keep it live, but on a limited basis.

Also, a reminder to send your wishes for Igna’s birthday.  It is coming up quickly.

The survey site is also still open.

Just a little something to make you smile?  How precious is that look on Piero’s face?









Pat and Jane are on a little hiatus right now and they put a few articles in storage and there are a few others in there.  I will continue the concert review for Mexico tomorrow and next up is Santo Domingo on September 13.  Let’s hope the guys don’t meet with any more natural disasters!

Thank you again for all of your well wishes, prayers, thoughts and inspirations, to keep us all going this last weekend.  To especially Loretta, Laura, and Jeanine…

Will keep this one little candle going for one more day.  Like the flickering flame, that bobs and bends, it swings and sways, but never goes out, like the love and spirit on this site!  One really big extended family!



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  1. Thank you so much for the update and we are so blessed that so many were spared terrible damage. I am so grateful for this Il Volo group that we stumbled upon. You are all such loving people and we pray for all of those that went through the Texas flooding and the terrible Florida winds and rain. I haven’t heard much about the new hurricane forming and cannot watch any more. I pray and Jay fills me in on news that is not repetitive. The picture of the boys was a real pick me up and we all needed the laugh. Thanks to all you for contributing and I can hardly wait for the reports from the Mexico tour. Keep well all of you and if anyone knows how the Sanibelle and Captiva Island areas survived, please let me know. I would appreciate it. Love and prayers to all.

  2. Thank you so much for all the information. Glad everyone is well. Always sending my thoughts and prayers even if I do not comment here. Have a terrific Tuesday. Best to all.

  3. Thanks Jana for the update I am extremely happy to see that damage is downgraded & people & damage is on a positive end. I am so happy to see Gianluca is upbeat. Still sending prayers for a bit that everyone has the energy to get the cleanup done & back to happy times.

  4. After a weekend of tensions, finally good news Jana, and posting that photo did pull a little lips up.
    I’m happy that everything seems to have passed and that all go back to normal.
    I’m also very glad that your mom is okay and her house has been spared by the events, for many it will not have been so and they will have to roll up their sleeves, it will be hard to rebuild the lost goods, but the most precious asset is life, la vita.

    1. Ahhhh… La Vita!
      One of my favs for walk-dancing by the river! Stirs my heart!
      Thank you, Daniela!

      Laura, you shared so much! Thank you!

      Thanks for your dedication, Jana. Great idea to take weekends off!

      Love and gratitude to all for the updates and the good news!

      Love and peace,

      1. Some would probably say I shared Too much! 😡 Sorry, but thanks, Jeanine and Jana.. Big clean-up ongoing for many (& ‘moi’. Irma tore two of my gates off and broke some trees, Yards are a debris field. This is now the 16th Sept., and first chance to see all the new posts here, etc. Still feeling another one is coming before long. Won’t comment on it though, as people, understandably, don’t want to hear about that as much as about Il Volo here, of course!). Love and peace to you as well, Jeanine.

  5. Some damage at my condo in Key West but by the grace of God no fatalities. No power for maybe a month, no sewer or water. The Navy has arrived and may be evacuating those who stayed against mandatory evacuation order. I’m safe in NY

    1. Wow, Barbara! Grateful that you’re safe in NY, and so sorry to hear of the damage and the long time potentially w/o power, sewer, water. I can’t imagine!

      I hope you can stay where life will flow more easily until services are restored at your condo.

      Hopeful prayers,

    2. Hello, Barbara, Very glad you weren’t in Key West. Good news tonight re/ The Keys — the upper Keys. They are hard at work restoring power there and cleaning up there. Haven’t heard yet about the lower Keys. Am very grateful for the power that somehow stayed on in my place, minus a few, brief ‘blips’ and eventual loss of landline phone, until the winds finally started calming down on Monday afternoon, the third day. Sad that thousands of residents and businesses in this county lost power. Did also hear on news today that most on The Treasure Coast (where I am) who still have no power will have it restored on or by Sept. 22nd. (We’re in Nature’s way; not the other way around!). 😔

    3. Barbara, I am so glad to hear you emerged from the storms in one piece. This has been one crazy month. for all of us one way or other.
      Big hugs

  6. La Vita is an excellent chance for all of us to celebrate what is good in our lives, I may have to think about it at times but yes, I have plenty good in my life, but by all thats holy that scale at the doctors office better be in my favor for once or it is going to be one broken and UNHAPPY scale!…. I shall listen to IL VOLO just to keep my happiness going strong in the meanwhile.

  7. Just love jana’s (and Cynthia’s) lit candle(s). I believe the prayers and focus of many, here and elsewhere, has been helping many.

    1. I also love the candle and just heard from another friend who is safe and did not have a lot of damage. It is so gratifying to hear so many are safe and also that so many on this site have been spared major damage. Thank you for sharing and we all love to hear how all your family members are doing. I pray that the area will be spared from the future storms I see on the weather channel. Be well everyone and thank you for taking the time to let us know you are safe. I wish I knew how to do a group hug! Victoria

      1. I agree, Victoria! We can imagine a big group hug! I think Fl. is also going to be struck again, unless we can send loving energy out and hopefully alter Hurricane Maria’s path into heading out to sea, away from any land. Concerned especially for Puerto Rico regarding the current forecast for Tuesday AM, Sept. 19th. Thanks, Victoria.

  8. Love that last picture of Gianluca and Piero. I ‘ll have to see if I can locate that video I remember seeing last year during their North America tour. I thought it happened in Washington D.C., but I guess it was in Detroit, by what it says on the screen behind them. I wonder, does anyone knows where that video can be found now? Piero does look cute in his complete surprise. So funny! 🙂

  9. Laura – that was my personal picture from my first PBS meet/greet back in July 2015. Yes, in Detroit! 🙂 The guys were a lot more “playful” back then and Gianluca had caught a slight cold from being too cold on the plane. However, that did not stop him from his antics.

    1. Your very first meet/greet ! Great pic. Jana! Thank you for replying! Couple more questions I’ve been wanting to ask: Have you ever seen that little video someone shot of Gianluca doing that — running up behind Piero and whacking his butt pretty hard??! It was so funny! I thought it was after the D.C. concert, but now I think it was there in that room in Detroit? I seem to remember the video as shot from a further distance in the room. Jana, I wonder if I’m mistaken, but from what I’ve observed, haven’t the guys gotten less playful since Notte Magica preparations and concert? Didn’t Piero also stop wearing his red glasses coinciding with that time, too, and grew a beard — which makes him look a little older? (seems like permanently. I miss those red glasses and his ‘other face’ !). I was noticing that and wondering if there was a shift, as though they want to tone down the playfulness, possibly desiring to be taken more seriously as ‘serious’ singers by their critics?? Hoping they’ll return to their former, more casual way during (and after) their ‘Grande Amore’- type of music concerts! (I see my blue avatar is showing up again. 🙂 I also see that another hurricane could be coming to Fl. Oh, Dread).

      1. Don’t know about seeing the video, but I was there – lol! Yes, this was right before he did it. Yes, I guess I did see it because someone said that Gian warned the crowd by doing the “eye” thing, like watch “me” and then he smacked him. Yes, I think they have toned it down a lot. Might have had something to do with Sony, too? Let’s face it, they are old enough to not be fooling around like that anymore. They seem to be a lot looser for Latin America and they still have a good time at the meet/greets. Yes, Maria is heading that way… yes, his choice to stop wearing the red glasses though, I think? Let’s hope Igna doesn’t run into that Maria! 🙂 Not fond of the beard…he will shave it off soon, once he realizes the gray hair is coming in. lol! I personally like the clean-shaven look…. although a little scruffiness is ok. ok, good night for me, have to work tomorrow! 🙂

      2. Laura, you commented about something everyone is thinking about. Why have the boys become subdued after the Magica album. Even in Minneapolis, they stood like soldiers behind their mics. Now we see them in South America and it was what both my husband and I missed at their concerts here and in Rome. That loose style and friendliness is what made them a success. I hope they bring it back and it looks like South America got so much of their real personalities and everyone went wild for it. Does anyone know why there was a change? My husband was so disappointed not to see their personalities in Rome – their home country – and we sincerely hope they return to what made then sensations in the first place. Thank you for being kind enough Laura, to mention what has been the elephant in the room that no one wants to notice. We are grateful.

      3. Hope this posts below, not above here. Jana, Please rest assured that I never would expect prompt replies from anyone. Disregard the time on my comments; I do get rest . My life got turned upside down in May and now dealing again with a possible hit from another strong, possible tropical cyclone where I live, which I was already sensing was on its way. Much on my mind and ongoing work, too. Will be absent from here pretty soon and temporarily again. About Piero’s red glasses: I figured it was his own decision to not wear them on account of the more formal Notte Magica project. Just was hoping he’d wear ’em now & then in future; it’s nostalgia. 🙂

      4. Thank You, Victoria and Dr. Jay! I’m quite relieved to know that other people are/have been thinking similar thoughts! You are so very kind to support me in expressing the feeling and observation that something changed about Il Volo since Notte Magica and something, long noticed, about their seeming preference for the company of their fans in Latin American countries. I have analyzed it to an understanding of it, but it still ‘stings’ a little bit ! For the time-being, I guess we can just chalk it up to Il Volo’s youth and trust that as they grow in age, experience, knowledge and (presumed) wisdom, they will come to consistently, equally, demonstrably appreciate, cherish, enjoy their admirers and ‘devotees’ from all places. That would be splendid. Jana mentioned in her reply to me here that perhaps Sony might be making them behave so formally (for the rest of us). If that’s the case, my fingers are crossed, too, that Il Volo will assert their own, correct ‘instincts’ and return to their natural personalities on stage, as you so well expressed it. It was and is, indeed, a most important key to their success in North America and all over the world.

      5. Laura, when we were driven back to our hotel from the concert in Rome by the woman who planned the Italian tours…. it was 40 minutes of nonstop questions from her about what we thought of the concert format. Maybe the boys will see what made them famous in the first place and take over their own direction in life. They are smart. They have to see the reactions and how the crowds love it when they interact. Very few stars can interact without being mauled. They can. Jay and I both missed the fun side of them in their concerts. Jay talks about it a lot and will run in the room to watch when Jana finds a video of them playing with the audience. We can continue to hope they will control their own destiny. I hope they think of their safety with the weather. I don’t know where they are… will have to check. Stay safe everyone. We’re getting headaches from the fires out west and drifting our way. Blessings! Victoria

      6. I think the formal format and tribute to the 3 Tenors is primary reason for formality in Notte Magica, including tour.

        Here in Oregon, it’s RAINING.
        I know! If you’re in the South, that is not good news, but for us, it means clean air, and I really really hope elimination of the remaining fires. Big prayers!

        Love from Jeanine

      7. Jeanine and Penina, I too will go with your assement… However hauling my wheelchair and Phoebe to Rome for the concert was a big disappointment for Jay when the boys were so reserved. We loved just being there and meeting them. I do think that $250 for a picture is a bit much. I passed it off as they were tired…. however the only one who spoke to us was Ignazio (and only to tell us Piero was allergic to dogs. I explained Phoebe is hypoallergenic and Piero could relax). We have met more than once with Julio Iglesias and he was much more interactive with people. We had backstage passes and perhaps it was different than meet and greets. In fact my first meeting with Julio, he walked through all the people waiting and took both my hands in his and said at one time he too could not walk and invited me back to see him when I was walking again…. (a short version of a wonderful story that I treasure.) I also hope the rains kill the fires. The smoke is affecting so many people. Love to all of you. Victoria

      8. My own opinion on this is that this concert started out as a tribute to the three tenors, and with Placido Domingo as part of the program, it was a more formal occasion and concert than usual. And then when it went on the road they tried to keep that ambience–the formal stage curtains, the pre-eminence of the orchestra, the music stands, etc. (And I think Piero gave up the red glasses a while ago–not just for this concert). Now that it has been a while since that first Notte Magica concert, and since they have changed the program for the concert to include more Spanish songs from earlier CDs, they are also relaxing a bit more. I don’t think their looseness on stage is just because they are in Latin America. I think if the concerts in the US or Italy had included earlier songs they would have been less formal in those places also. Just my thoughts–take ’em or leave ’em!

      9. Hi Janine–I’m usually here even if I don’t say anything!
        (Although I was in hospital for 3 weeks in August and missed the blog during that time!)

      10. Thanks Janine–glad it’s raining by you! Here in Toronto we are having Indian summer–and it is more of a summer than our summer was! It’s actually hot!

      11. Penina, prayers and blessings for a full recovery. Get well fast. It is difficult not to get the emails that the girls work so hard at….. just so we can enjoy all the cities the boys visit. Some days I’m out for the count and coming back to catch up is a huge joy as it must have been for you. I still marvel at finding all of you darling people. Being in bed all day gives me more time to keep up with the voices from heaven. Looking at those dreamboat gorgeous faces isn’t difficult either. Group hug and prayers for better weather. Victoria

      12. Thanks to all for the good wishes. I have started cooking out of sheer boredom–all I did for three weeks was read–I am a big bookworm, but there is a limit! After a while you have to do something productive or you will go out of your mind. I get tired and have to take breaks but I get whatever it is done eventually. Tomorrow’s goal:
        an apple pie! I made the pie crust dough last week, got my husband to buy the apples. Tomorrow is the designated day to put it all together!

  10. Penina – oh boy, apple pie!!! One of my favorites!! Yes, you can only read so much…but glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  11. I’m sorry to hear about all the fires. There is so much going on, it’s hard to keep up with all the things going on all over!

    1. There are bad wildfires in western Canada as well as in the US. People have had to evacuate and some have lost their homes. Rain cannot come soon enough in these places!

      1. Hi Penina, I hope that you are feeling and doing much, much better as of this date. I don’t have a way, still, to know when folks have replied and I feel badly about that, but I try to check back. I agree with you and others that the understandable formality of the “Notte Magica” concert has much to do with ‘it’. Jana had also mentioned that in Latin America, the guys could sing some Spanish songs which helped the atmosphere be more relaxed and fun, too. I’d be very surprised if Piero ever wears his familiar and fun red glasses again. They’d seem incongruous now — with his beard — which i feel gives him an older, more ‘serious’ appearance. He looks almost unfamiliar to me now! Hope he’ll (they’ll) still be able to be silly and have fun again on future tours of all countries.

      2. Hoping and praying that wildfires will cease and a miracle of normal rainfall amounts again everywhere. I also hope that Il Volo will return to their “Grande Amore” style of music for a long time to come. (I think that’s what they called the music they did before the Tribute album (?).

  12. Laura, you mentioned not knowing when people reply back to you. There is a tiny little check box under the comment box. That says to notify you of new comments. If you check that box BEFORE you hit the post button, all comments will be sent to your email from that post, no matter when comments are made. 🙂

    I get all comments, as well, since I posted it. When Jane or pat post with their name, they get the comments also. 🙂

  13. I think we need to do some serious communicating with our beloved IL VOLO. . I keep seeing the same comments Re: reaction to Gianluca’s remark about what the American audience likes versus other , maybe younger audiences. Then there are the remarks about how they are acting in concert now. So serious in their last tour here with all the operatic music….then we see how they can get back to the fun young men they are while they are in the Latin world. I can only say and I think I am not alone that they need to hear that we love ALL their music but especially the music that makes THEIR hearts sing. I think that while they loved Nottte Magcia and put a lot of work into it, that they need to take hold of their own style. They conquered us with O Sole Mio to Grande Amore not Notte Magica. OKay so I babbled enough. Heck, I don’t even know if I wrote all that is in my heart but I am a pirate and i just have to be BOLD.
    One more thing…a tiny little boast but since I love all you ILVOLOvers I want to tell you what I wish I could yell to the heavens…. I just finally got to a big marker in my life… I have lost 100 pounds and there is still more to come but hey,,,,I did it!

    1. I LOVE how you said that, Pirate!…
      “we love ALL their music but especially the music that makes THEIR hearts sing”

      And I am so happy for you! 100 lbs is beyond inspiring! I’ll bet your knees are doing a happy-dance in their dreams if not in reality.

      Take care, my friend!
      And love to all, as we take deep breaths through such times!

    2. Yo ho ho! You’ll be the svelte-ist, swashbuckling pirate on the 7 seas! Way to go Pirate! You put the rest of us to shame. And here I was feeling pretty good about 20 pounds I managed to get rid of…definitely not in the same class!

      1. Oh my dear Penina, my weight loss journey has taken me several YEARS because I can be a stubborn & foolish pirate who likes to party and do things in her own pirate way.. So you be proud of your 20 lb loss! My thighs most certainly jiggle when I dance to that jaunty tune sung by our lads… VOLARE!!!

      2. Pirate, I know all about the several years bit. It took me 4 years once upon a time to lose 70 pounds. So I don’t care how many years it took! Hooray and Yahoo for your achievement!

      3. Penina – 20 is awesome too!! The first 20 are the hardest, if you have more to go….good luck to you!! 🙂

    3. Pirate that is so awesome! We all know how hard it is to lose weight. I lost 60 pounds and gained 30 back! 🙁 Not sure if it’s harder to lose it, or harder to keep it off!

      Was thinking, we could do a workout video to the guys’ songs? 🙂 A nice warm-up with Grande Amore, slide into Per Te Ci Saro, and go f ull steam with Volare! and back down again with a few other favorites inbetween!

      1. LOVE your work out video idea, Jana!
        How about a future blog post suggesting and soliciting IL VOLO songs for various types of workout exercises? It would be great to be able to tweet the blog to the larger IL VOLO community.

        What fun!
        Thanks for the smile!

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