Do You Know?

Ciao all!!  I am so sorry you are not seeing the Mexico posts today!  However, Gin and I literally had to go tonight to check on a sick friend and I did not get home until 11p.  Oh, early for me, you say?  True, but I had a few other pressing emails I also had to return.  So, enjoy this lovely little poem from Marie!  🙂

Buonanotte tutte!!   jmv  (y estoy muy, muy cansado!)


Do you know?

Gianluca, do you know that when I’m sitting in absolute silence I hear your voice?

Piero, do you know that even in the middle of a conversation you are suddenly singing opera in my head and it interrupts my train of thought?

Ignazio, do you know that I can feel your song finding its way gently, yet swiftly from my ears to my heart?

Do you know that I can almost taste the words “Il Volo” ?

Oh, my three angels of soul, do you know that these things happen not only to me?


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  1. Oh Marie, that was really hit the right note! ( see what I did there?) I truly couldn’t agree with you more, except I think that sneaky devil in line two invades my thoughts at the more AND my dreams! Aiiieeee!

  2. Brava Marie, all you said is valid for all of us, but you’ve forgotten the nights, because these three puppies are insinuating even in our dreams.
    Two days ago I just dreamed Ignazio, a very short dream, we were walking on a road in reverse positions and when I realized that it was him that I would cross I did not know what to do, I thought (in the dream), greeting him politely and enough , instead he came to me saying “But hello how are you?” as if we had known each other for years, I was in the seventh heaven.
    All this, I woke up with this beautiful feeling.
    These guys enchant us!

    1. Daniela, how come you get to dream of Ignazio, and I don’t? The
      only dream I have had of the three puppies( I love that) is one I had of Gianluca. I dreamed I was in Italy with a friend, and we were walking along a street in Montepagano and came upon Gianluca playing soccer in the street with some boys.
      I said hi, and he said hello and that was the end of the dream.⚽️

    2. Thank you, Daniela. They do not appear to me in my dreams.  Never have.  God knows they are invited!  I’m afraid if they did I wouldn’t want to wake up.   Probably not a good thing!
        Jana is the one who often steals them in the night

    3. Jill and Marie, I do not know how I could dream Ignatius, but it happened. It was in the morning and I could hear the outside noise and I thought “not now, I do not wanna wake up”
      All day long I had a delightful feeling

      1. Jill, Daniela and all you beautiful dreamers…

        I know I Did go to the 2013 IL VOLO concert at Radio City Music Hall in my dreams, and I had the sore smiling cheeks to show for it, but I don’t REMEMBER my dreams! Ackh! That dream by far would be the one I would like to have remembered in detail!

        Maybe I can start remembering my IL VOLO dreams, if none others!

        That’s a mission worth pursuing! 😊

        Thanks for sharing your sweet dreamy experiences!

        Loving possibilities,

  3. Oh, Marie!! So beautifully stated! As you know, I become mute and brain dead in their presence, and even sometimes just from looking at photos or videos! I have never dreamed of them, either! However, in my car, alone, I do burst into song!! Thanks for your poem , I may memorize it! Love from Texas….dot! <3 <3 <3

      1. Thank you for your concern my dear Marie !! I am one of the lucky ones !! My home is not damaged and the power has been restored. However I really feel for those people who are struggling too get their life back together !! Mother Nature has been going ballistic !!! She needs to be on tranquilizers pronto !!

  4. Marie, you express exactly what happens to me! So strange to be having a conversation with someone, all the while Il Volo music is singing in my head. Their music is completely imbedded into my life. It makes me happy .

  5. Ah Marie you did It again! A very dear and gentle poem. You put into words exactly the effect that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio has on all of us. Thank you and please keep on treating us with your talent.

  6. Somehow we are all on the same flow. That’s il volo-if you love them, then totally! The voices, the personalities, the words, flow through us like liquid gold. Heavenly!

  7. Thank you Marie your words are beautiful and so fitting. Your words ring true as I go through my day and see their beautiful smiles in my mind, hear their powerful voices in my heart and often wonder what they are doing at a particular time of day. I always go to sleep at night hoping to dream of them, especially Ignazio. Thank you for putting your lovely words to this poem and saying how we all truly feel about our angels.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I’m waiting and hoping for that dream…for a really, really long dream. With my luck I’ll probably dream about Justin Bieber. No offence Bieber fans.

  8. Like I said on Twitter, Marie…

    Our friend @mariecrider of @IlVoloFlightCrw touches our hearts again!
    IL VOLO LOVE!💕😊🌷

    Love & gratitude to you, Marie!

      1. Always a pleasure to share your Love, Creativity, & sometimes Sassiness with the world of Twitter, Marie! 😊 Amazing how much I Like that Word!

        Love to you, friend! 💕

  9. I am having a very ugly sort of friday and I had to take a break and just sit there and stare into space like some whacked out Wyll E. Coyote. At that point the radio station in my head insists on playing IL VOLO but all I am getting are just mid song snippets of all of them.

    And its okay because even snippets of songs are better than the craziness of my work and the rest of the world. Do any of you remember the Calgon ad and the person would always say ” Take me away Calgon!” as they sank into the bubbles?

    Well right now I can see Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio smiling as they sing their snippets and I can only say ” Take me away IL VOLO!”

    1. Are you old enough to remember the Ajax, the foaming cleanser ads? They also took you down the drain! Frankly if Il Volo were at the bottom of the drain, I’d jump right in!

    2. Hoping today is better for you, Pirate!
      “Sweep me away, IL VOLO!” (little modification there!) would be a Great bumper sticker! 😊

      Soaring with our LoveLit ragazzi!

  10. Marie, Love feeds and inspires creativity, happiness, health; that is for sure. Am touched by your sweet, heartfelt poem. (I also was laughing from many of your replies and from others’, all the way down to this comment area. Fascinated by the dreams with Il Volo in them. Here’s one of a couple I’ve had: In a big, old kitchen in a large, old. unfamiliar house where Il Volo, plus some other people and I are all standing around catching quick breakfasts after we had all slept in a big bedroom with individual beds. Your (plural) Ignazio happened to be sleeping in the bed next to mine. (He did look very cute with tousled hair). Last thing of the dream is in that kitchen next morning and everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. Piero deliberately leaves his jacket, slung over the back of a chair, as we’re all going to return to that house later in the day.

    1. ‘P.S.’ I agree, Marie: Il Volo are each soulful people and so is most of their music, actually. (That was/ is the big ‘ pull ‘ for me, anyway). 💞

    2. Holy moly, Laura! What an awesome dream!
      Ignazio, hair tousled …
      I think some here might not be able to take it! 😊

      Thank goodness there are dreams to enjoy between hurricanes and their clean-up!
      Thanks for your warm replies, Laura! (Grouping my response here.)
      ~ Jeanine

      1. Hi Jeanine! I guess it was a good dream, now that you mention it! Yes, Ignazio… (sigh)… You are so right about dreams being an enjoyable (sometimes) escape from my currently harsh and rather sad waking life. I really enjoyed this entire comment section inspired, yet again, by the inimitable Marie and her precious poem. So love reading other people’s dreams. It causes my mind to think about things of a mystical and metaphysical nature, The entire, collective human family certainly has more in common than not. It’s fascinating. 🌹🌵🌷🌳

      2. Marie and all our Flight Crew are So Good at making us smile and keeping us informed!

        This morning I recorded into my phone what makes my Heart Sing!
        Of course, first on the list is IL VOLO!
        18 minutes of recording, and I was just getting started! I’ve been in a good mood all day, more energy than the past few years, and happy-dancing everywhere I go.

        The biggest reason is that I keep listening to
        And coincidentally, the recording is 3:33 (and 3 is my number for God) 😊

        If you need a lift, you’ll love this!

        Grande Amore,

      1. 😂Hahahahha!!!😂😂😂😅😅😄😂!!! # 1041994 Keep Dreamin’ Lane SomeGalaxy, SomewhereInTheUniverse 0211 – 0624

  11. Aww, Marie, It’s waiting at the end of a rainbow… and we’re all going to find it someday, one for each of us and much, much nicer than the one in my earthly dream! I forgot to mention one more detail of that dream. Ignazio was sleeping in a bed that was all white with a feminine-like, organdy ruffle – skirting around the lower part of the bed, but he seemed not to care a fig about it. The very white pillow under his black hair was visually striking. 😍

      1. 😂😂😄 I know! it truly just isn’t fair ! I love them all, but I think Mr. B.😎 would most likely be sympatico with me! 😂 (Who can ever really explain the ages-old mystery as to exactly why we gravitate to a particular person?!) I hope and wish for you to have a dream, too, so I’ll try requesting that for you! As Holly declared to Paul outside the Five & Ten cent store in the movie, Breakfast At Tffany’s, I now declare: “It’s Your Turn!!” 😃💞

      2. 😂Please forgive me, Marie ! I didn’t intend to add more here, but in my most recent dream concerning Il Volo, I saw I.B. with his current lady-friend sitting on a blanket in a relaxing, picnic-like scene in a peaceful, field-like setting, yet by a sea in Italy. There was no one else around except for two, very young, little boys with light-colored hair, toddling around near them. That surprised me, for I instantly knew they were their children! Then, I saw A. , who was sitting on the other side of the blanket in a white, summer dress, suddenly get up on her hands and knees, turn towards I.B., stretch out her neck, playfully pursing her lips and waiting — in expectation of a kiss from him. At that point, I decided to end the dream, for I didn’t want to know if he complied, as I was already feeling a mixture of fondness for them, an empathetic happiness for them, but also a pang of envy, which I didn’t like feeling in myself. (Don’t tell Mara !!). 😱😂

      3. Won’t tell Mara. She would have turned A to stone. I personally would have made my self wake up when you did. Odd to feel that way, but there you go.

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