Mexico Welcomes back Il Volo!


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The Latin American tour begins!  Ole!

Our guys were back in peak form to entertain the fans of Mexico!  I think the rest did them well.  Their first concert being in Chihuahua/Mexico City on September 7, followed by Monterrey and Guadalajara on September 9 and 10.

As Marie says, the earth always moves when they are around, but this time it was for real on September 7.  Shortly after their concert, Mexico was struck with the 8.1 earthquake.  They felt the tremors all the way into Mexico City.  Of course, all the fans were worried and concerned and Il Volo and all of their management, assured us that they were fine.  However, in the one article I read, when they got back to their hotel, they did move from the 25th floor, down to the first floor for the evening, as there was a slight amount of damage in one or two of their rooms.

From the many videos that I saw, it appears that the Mexican fans got a little more variety in their concert than we did.  They got to hear a few and favorite “old” songs like, Mas Que Amor and a few others in Spanish along with Grande Amore in Spanish.

I found some nice videos and pictures of the Mexico City concert from Glenda Kaye’s Facebook page.  Please see below:





The below pictures came from the Il Volo Facebook page – best pictures of Latin America tour so far…


And we can’t forget the smiling faces at the meet/greets!

Mexico City – Looks like it might have been a little chilly in there.  At the bottom they all had their jackets on, but then seemed to either take them off or unzip them near the end.


Monterrey – look, the guys changed positions!


Guadalajara – look, Igna is in the middle!!


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17 thoughts on “Mexico Welcomes back Il Volo!”

  1. Thanks much, Jana!!! My IPad seemed to be not quite right for a few days. I didn’t see much from Mexico!!! This is great with the photos & videos! Even M&G photos which I enjoyed also!!! Noted that the fans are mostly beautiful girls!!! Of course the Boys love the Concerts in the Latin countries!!! They look & sound wonderful!!! These precious young men are a beautiful part of my life!!! Amore!!!

  2. Jana, you are a miracle for getting all of these pictures and music to the group. I am flat out jealous of all those people getting to be at the concerts. There is nothing like seeing them in person. How can we all thank you for these fabulous pictures…… and the music just made my day. Keep it coming. I love seeing how terrific they are doing,

  3. How I see it is that the guys like going to the other countries for the younger kids because they sing along with them. We Canadians & US don,t sing along. A few of us will jump up & down but we are sedate. So people we are going to have to be more vocal & show more enthusiasm. Like screaming & singing along with them . Now I will have to learn Italian for shure to understand the Italian on the CD’s. Anything for out guys.

  4. Well, Jana, I would say that seeing the photos and videos our guys seem to grind successes. I see them very happy (excluded natural disasters), have had a festive welcome and have many young fans who adore them.
    As for the program I heard that at the second concert they dedicated Ave Maria to the victims of the earthquake and hurricane.
    They have diversified their program by doing half serious concerts and the other lighter with wonderful songs of their repertoire in Spanish, certainly I had never heard My Way in Spanish but I must say it is beautiful. My favorite is SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA.

    1. Daniela, I loved ‘My Way’ in Spanish. There is more all the time on YouTube. I loved how the audience sang with them. I found this on YouTube and the sound was very good so perhaps you will like it.

      1. Cynthia, I love your big smiles. They brighten my day. I’m cuddle up with Phoebe – knitting and just watched the boys in Barcelona singing I Can’t Live in Spanish from Elena and Anne on Facebook. What a treat that was. How I got that email, I will never know and it’s fabulous.
        Don’t know if it’s already been posted or if this will play for you and aren’t we blessed to get to share these things with each other. Big hugs!

  5. It’s wonderful how the Mexicans are so passionate about our boys–they aren’t afraid to show their enthusiasm and it is good for the guys to have that. They need to know we all feel that way even if we can’t express it as well as the Mexicans do.

    1. So sorry Loretta! No, you have not missed anything. This was the last real post… Kelly re-posted the birthday wishes for Igna, but it wasn’t “sent out.” I asked her about it too, but she just reposted it to the top page of the site. Think we should not do that again, it’s confusing. 🙂

      You may recall that we are taking the “weekends” off now, on a permanent basis. I’ll be posting Santo Domingo and Panama for tomorrow. After that is their Puerto Rico special and they are in Quito Equador tonight.

  6. Thanks for answering. No I don’t remember you girls taking the week-end off. Can I still send Ignazio a birthday greeting? or am I late with that as well. Italies letters & parcels take months to reach intended people so I have been reading. If not then I am late again.

  7. I hope I’m not late with birthday wishes for Ignazio, Isn’t his birthday on October 4th? – Allene

    1. No, Allene, you are not too late!! It was just a reminder…. if you go to the home page, Kelly reposted it on Friday, so you can add your wishes to that post. 🙂

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