Santo Domingo & Panama September 2017!

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The guys made it safely out of Mexico, swiftly navigating both hurricanes and earthquakes to arrive in Santo Domingo on Sep 13 and Panama on Sep 15.  They met with the usual amount of screaming and adoring fans at both airports and put on awesome shows as usual.  They were also on a special show in Santo Domingo.

Credit to all owners of pictures and videos!  Some are straight from Piero and Ercole.

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Below, they are meeting with the Italian ambassador to Panama.  The looks they capture on their faces!


ercole panama


And we can’t forget the meet/greets!

And that about wraps it up for Santo Domingo and Panama.  I wish I could have found a few more pictures and videos.


Up next is their special evening in Puerto Rico and on to Quito!

Adios!  🙂


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  1. Jana you amaze me. Your diligence is the highlight of my day. What would we do without this site to let us enjoy the boys concerts all over the world. It is very exciting to see them loosen up and have fun with the audiences. It is delightful to watch and that interaction with the audiences has had so much to do with their success. It is so unessesry to understand the languages they are speaking. The joy in the audiences speaks for itself. Thanks to all of you for your comments and shared joy in the success of our boys. Please keep up the good work. And anyone with information about our friends in hurricane areas is very appreciated. It helps us to count our blessings for us who live north and pray for those who need it. Hugs and Kisses for al, of you.

    1. Victoria – thank you so much! Glad you are feeling better. Yes, looks like the folks up the eastern shores, might get wind of a few of the hurricanes…. lol – yes, pun intended.. 🙂

      I’m sure there are lots of stories out there from the storm we just don’t hear about.

      Unfortunately, you sometimes take a risk of the weather, when enjoying the beauty and warmth.

      Take care in MN!

  2. Thanks for the Up date, Jana. Hope they don’t need to cancel poor Puerto Rico. but they might miss the bad weather there. It’s like the guys have got the ‘Midas Touch’ ! Hey! That’s also the title of a fine little ’80’s dance tune by Midnight Star ! 🙂 Wishing the guys could at least appear as happy as they are there in some of those pictures! — when touring North America and Europe! But, being still young, maybe they prefer ‘The Beatles’-type of fan treatment, you know? I mean, instead of mostly sitting there in rapt attentiveness, we should just start adding at least a little pandemonium in the audience?! You know, be noisy and very demonstrative! For who really cares about the singing and music when ‘THEY’ are in the same room?! Heck, we can always listen to them singing later on, at home, on our continuously growing collections of their Cds and DVDs and let our hair down at their concerts! Whatcha think? Should we all start doing that, or what? (….. She wrote, with her tongue in her cheek, of course). 😂😅😇

    1. (I meant when we sit there in rapt attention, pretty much saving our deep appreciation for when it’s time to applaud! Jana, I forgot to look up Il Volo’s tour schedule, so maybe they’ll be out of harm’s way, but I’d think the people in Maria’s path would be nervous now and caught up in the business of preparing for the threat of a major hurricane, unless prayers are answered, causing the mighty storm to shift course and permanently stay sufficiently away from land.

      1. Laura, they have been and gone out of Puerto Rico, but they sure keep us on our toes! As far as the “wild” audience… I think they might be overwhelmed at the screaming girls, but when we were at the Vegas concert, Gianluca came right out and said, he did not like the screaming in the audience. He said, “do we scream at you?” I’m sure they like all the attention, but appreciate it more when done properly. I’m sure they also understand that not everyone can and is able to stand up all the time. I tried to make sure I stood for all the songs, but frankly I felt like a jack in the box. Yes, we like them to have some fun on stage, but not act like they were teenagers again, hitting each other, etc. They aren’t the 3 stooges…

      2. hi Jana, Thanks for that info. re/ Vegas. Gee! They’re confusing me! They seem to not even be tolerating, but really enjoying the screaming girls in the countries I was referring to, so why the admonishment / ‘scolding’ in Vegas ?? I really always thought that any professional singer, especially one trying to impart an appreciation of such beautiful songs and music would vastly prefer a calm, attentive audience to a distracted (and distracting), raucous one. I guess one has to first gage the mood of the guys at their U.S. concerts, for instance? Hmmmm…

  3. Yes Laura I agree with you that we should be more responsive to their singing & more appreciative to Ignazio’s
    comedic remarks. I was mentioning that a few days ago on this site to show them how appreciative we are for their music as well as how happy we are to see them on stage. That would give them more incentive to have more concerts in the USA & hopefully come to Canada. Now THAT is wishful thinking.

    1. Hi, Loretta! You know, they don’t spend much time in your beautiful country of Canada, do they?! Hmm…, May they have time, next time, to sing in more places for you, too! 😘🌷

  4. I had IPad problems yesterday & didn’ t get this till early evening on FB! I was relieved to see & was overjoyed to see all photos & videos!! I have been the first person to stand up for standing ovations a few times!!! At the Greek in June in 2014!!! That audience was not as appreciative as they should have been!! Did warm up some later in the Concert!!! I have trouble getting up & down now but still pop up for every song!!! I Love our precious trio & pray for a safe journey each time they travel!!! Thank you so much, Jana!!

  5. I have also chastized the audience in Toronto for not giving our precious young men a standing ovation when they have listened to a perfect performance. I even had to holler at a few people around me to stand up. I also have trouble standing Anne so we are both in the same boat. It galls me to see an unappreciated audience. So I don’t know if our guys heard me hollering at these people so if they did I hope they got a kick out of my performance.

    1. Maybe you should make signs that say “standing ovation from me” or something, and you can just hold it up. 🙂 I read in a book that I have that deaf people put their hands up near their ears and like shake or wave them back and forth, indicating applause, if responding to another deaf person, like in a theater.

      1. I really like that idea Jana! Hope I remember the next time they venture up here in what I like to call the great frozen north. I also get up for everything and my knees don’t appreciate it very much! But a big sign that says Standing O!!
        Great idea!

      2. Yes, you can wave it back and forth, I think they’d get a kick out it! 🙂
        Oh, and be sure to put flight crew on it! lol!! and your name!

  6. It’s great to see how much love around these guys. I saw a photo of their Panama concert and there was on the stage the Archbishop of Panama and so I found that the concert had been made in favor of the World Youth Day that will be held in Panama in 2019. These guys continue to astonish all of us

    1. I wonder if they will be there for World Youth Day? Are they still considered youth? 🙂 Where was it the last few years?

  7. Hi Laura yesterday I saw on the computer that Jose was turning out to sea so thought all was well but I guess not. Hopefully it is not severe. Starting prayers again & that Il Volo is safe.

    1. Yes, the guys are safe from the weather at the moment, they will be in South America for most of the remainder of this tour now. At least no threat of hurricanes there, that I know of, but can’t rule out an earthquake.

    2. Thank you, Loretta. I saw yesterday and today that Jose is just hanging out in the sea, off Northeast of U.S., and that Maria and he could end up just going around in lazy circles with each other up there for awhile, eventually. I hate to sound like a pill, but I have a Feeling that Florida may get another one in the not too-distant future. I just don’t want to think about it, yet, though. 🙁

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