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Mexico Welcomes back Il Volo!


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The Latin American tour begins!  Ole!

Our guys were back in peak form to entertain the fans of Mexico!  I think the rest did them well.  Their first concert being in Chihuahua/Mexico City on September 7, followed by Monterrey and Guadalajara on September 9 and 10.

As Marie says, the earth always moves when they are around, but this time it was for real on September 7.  Shortly after their concert, Mexico was struck with the 8.1 earthquake.  They felt the tremors all the way into Mexico City.  Of course, all the fans were worried and concerned and Il Volo and all of their management, assured us that they were fine.  However, in the one article I read, when they got back to their hotel, they did move from the 25th floor, down to the first floor for the evening, as there was a slight amount of damage in one or two of their rooms.

From the many videos that I saw, it appears that the Mexican fans got a little more variety in their concert than we did.  They got to hear a few and favorite “old” songs like, Mas Que Amor and a few others in Spanish along with Grande Amore in Spanish.

I found some nice videos and pictures of the Mexico City concert from Glenda Kaye’s Facebook page.  Please see below:





The below pictures came from the Il Volo Facebook page – best pictures of Latin America tour so far…


And we can’t forget the smiling faces at the meet/greets!

Mexico City – Looks like it might have been a little chilly in there.  At the bottom they all had their jackets on, but then seemed to either take them off or unzip them near the end.



Monterrey – look, the guys changed positions!  https://www.omgvip.com/il-volo-september-9-2017/


Guadalajara – look, Igna is in the middle!!  https://www.omgvip.com/il-volo-september-10-2017/


il volo fb page

Congratulations Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero! YOU DID IT!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca we salute you!

You never let us down!  You carried on in sickness and in health.

Here’s to Il Volo’s awesome 2013 Tour,

We are Love and  Mas Que Amor!

DSCN0892 RSCN1014TMH gg cuteSmile bis all 3 20130928_215106  20130912_204957 porto bradesco 994053_685494518157548_273602009_n dejen puerto rex

By MFA 9/14
By MFA 9/14

tumblr_RCMH Christine_Pittsburgh_2013.2

By MFA Tower Theater September 12, 20313
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 20313
By MFA  September 12, 2013
September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater  September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 2013


By MFA Tower Theater September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 2013
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013        Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela  October 17, 2013      Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica
Angles on stage
Angels on stage
By MFA 9/14
By MFA 9/14

santiago tumblr_mvejet7kvW1s08vxqo1_500 tumblr_mvehb2bDuv1s08vxqo1_500 994053_685494518157548_273602009_n panama By MFA

By Gianluca Ginoble    October 13, 2013
By Gianluca Ginoble
October 13, 2013

Yep, Beautiful (did use that one?)

We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.61 Alina_Miami_2013.60 Alina_Miami_2013.63 Alina_Miami_2013.44 Alina_Miami_2013.15 Alina_Miami_2013.9

mex3 20130928_212350 Alina_Miami_2013.90 Alina_Miami_2013.41 Alina_Miami_2013.55 Alina_Miami_2013.56 Alina_Miami_2013.54 Alina_Miami_2013.34 Alina_Miami_2013.31 Alina_Miami_2013.25 Alina_Miami_2013.24 Alina_Miami_2013.21 Alina_Miami_2013.20 Alina_Miami_2013.17 Alina_Miami_2013.14 Alina_Miami_2013.15 Alina_Miami_2013.8 Alana_Miami_2013.52 Alina_Miami_2013.4

Piero Barone
Piero Barone
Credits: Radio City Music Hall
Credits: Radio City Music Hall
Credits: Ercole Ginoble
Credits: Ercole Ginoble
The Dream Came True!
The Dream Came True!
Gianluca, "MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!"
Gianluca, “MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!”

DSCN0892 Concerts2013 525 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 453 (2) Concerts2013 450 (2) Concerts2013 438 (2) Concerts2013 524 (2) 20130827_222720-1-1 pavilion Gerri_Concord_2013.2 Gerri_Concord_2013.3 DSCN0921fans amway Concerts2013 503 (2) Concerts2013 505 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 453 (2) 20130827_222720-1-1 Elaine_SanFran_Ilvolo RSCN1000 DSCN0934 DSCN0899

     By Piero Barone Guatemala October 23
By Piero Barone
Guatemala October 23
   By MFA Boston September 14, 2013
By MFA Boston
September 14, 2013



Yep, Beautiful (did use that one?)

Monterrey Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.65 Alina_Miami_2013.43 Alina_Miami_2013.48 Alina_Miami_2013.25 Alina_Miami_2013.9 Alina_Miami_2013.82 Alina_Miami_2013.76 Alina_Miami_2013.7 DSCN0921 20130928_212350 20130928_205638 20130928_210118 20130928_210125 Alina_Miami_2013.83 Alina_Miami_2013.77 Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.74 Alina_Miami_2013.73 Alina_Miami_2013.72 Alina_Miami_2013.61 Alina_Miami_2013.50 Alina_Miami_2013.28 Alina_Miami_2013.9 Alina_Miami_2013.2 Alina_Miami_2013.3 Michelle_AtlanticCity6_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity5_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity3_2013

Credits: Piero Barone Twitter
Credits: Piero Barone Twitter
Credits:  Il Volo
Credits: Il Volo
Gianluca, "With some beautiful fans after the concert in Tampa!"
Gianluca, “With some beautiful fans after the concert in Tampa!”

Concerts2013 416 (2) Concerts2013 426 (2) Concerts2013 383 (2) Concerts2013 398 (2) Concerts2013 497 (2) Concerts2013 485 (2) pnc 20130914-175754.jpg RSCN0993 RSCN1014 RSCN1016 DSCN0961

Alina_Miami_2013.65DSCN0892 E4E06522-E0A1-478A-A671-1005725FC88C A3FD33B2-AAE8-44B8-AC13-2F133CE30CAE Concerts2013 438 (2)

By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013 Valencia, Venezuela
By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013
Valencia, Venezuela

Gianluca, “Great concert #Guadalajara !!! Estuvieron increíbles!”

Gianluca, "Soundcheck time"
Gianluca, “Soundcheck time”

“Gianluca Il Volo @GianGinoble  Great concert #Guadalajara !!! Estuvieron increíbles!”

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   Thank you so much #guadalajara for this beautiful night! http://instagram.com/p/fE2O1RkzB_/

“ignazio boschetto @IBoschetto    Unbelievable tonight in Guadalajara…!!  Thanks everyone..!! #ilvolovers”

“Gianluca Il Volo @GianGinoble    Buonanotte”

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   Goodnight #GUADALAJARA! Are you ready #Puebla for the concert tomorrow night?!?!?!? #MasQueAmorTour”

Before the first concert of the Mas Que Amor Tour 2013 :

“Il Volo @ilvolo    Por fin llegamos! #MasQueAmorTour esta por empezar!!!!

“Il Volo @ilvolo    At last here we are!!! #MásQueAmorTour is starting!!!!”

“Gianluca Il Volo @GianGinoble    Soundcheck time https://twitter.com/GianGinoble/status/386212961133400064/photo/1

“Gianluca Il Volo @GianGinoble   Ready for our first concert in #guadalajara of the #MasQueAmorTour”

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   Ready for the show!!!  First concert of #MasQueAmorTour. #EXCITED”




Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is a big day! October 4, 2013 is Ignazio’s 19th birthday and is also the first concert of the “Mas Que Amor” Tour. We’ll cover the concert today, so we can save tomorrow to celebrate Ignazio’s birthday.

Tomorrow’s concert in in Guadalajara, Mexico at the “Auditorio Telmax”

On September 1, 2007 the auditorium was officially opened with a grand opening event hosted by Plácido Domingo.

During its construction, the University of Guadalajara was supported by the federal government of Mexico, the government of Jalisco, the Municipality of Zapopan, the Chamber of Deputies of Congress and the state Congress.

The auditorium is constructed to suit events both small and large as it is equipped with mechanically movable platforms and the sound stage can be adjusted in size by moving its movable walls. There are also 27 suites built in and an underground parking lot with direct access to the venue is available.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca yesterday, “My Instagram is working again! Yay!! kisses.” He sends another knock out picture of himself!!
Piero,” #ferriswheel of Guadalajara.” He tweets later, “I really needed 3 days off, #relaxing #Guadalajara.”
Ignazio tweeted yesterday “Hello everybody!! I feel almost Mexican!”

Check Mundial for some good videos and photos.
Team Il Volo has the promo for the CD signing and performance at The Mall of America on November 29th. Great for you Crew members that live near there!!

As we all know tomorrow is Ignazio’s birthday.
We’ve seen him grow from a cute, dimple faced boy to a handsome young man. He blows us away with his extrodinary voice, his sense of humor and his sweet heart. We at the Flight Crew want him to have the best day ever!!!




Hi Everyone,

Here we are, sad, in mourning and weeping. We have written poems,commented on their tour, cried over Ignazio’s video and wished we had gone to MORE concerts. It just seems like yesterday Il Volo started their “We Are Love Tour”. Now Pouf they’re gone!They have gone to Guadalajara to begin their “Mas Que Amor” tour!
While they were here we felt like they belonged to us, now separation anxiety has set in. Don’t worry, we’ll be ok, we’ll follow them during this tour and love them just as much! Perk up Flight Crew, we’ll get through this!!

This is just a short history of Guadalajara, Il Volo will be performing there at the ‘Auditorio Telemax’ on Friday, October 4th.

Guadalajara (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwaðalaˈxaɾa]) is the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, and the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara. The city is located in the central region of Jalisco in the western-pacific area of Mexico. With a population of 1,564,514 it is Mexico’s second most populous municipality.

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
No new tweets yet today, Gianluca’s last tweet was last night and one of his romantic ones; “I’ve got a crush on you.”
Ignazio’s tweet last night was “This is amazing, I’m just speechless” It is accompanied by the video “Naughty Ignazio” Take a look at it on his twitter page!

On Team Il Volo, catch the video of Il volo singing on ‘Perez Hilton TV.’


If you have not already signed Ignazio’s Birthday card, please do so. His Birthday is October 4th!

Edit: here is the link: http://www.groupcard.com/c/ZLwylUnLmC7/cp kya


WE ARE EXCITED FOR THE RECOGNITION OF THE BLOG AND HOPE IL VOLO AND THEIR MANAGEMENT CAN SEE THE LOVE WE HAVE ALL PUT INTO IT.We hope as usual “The Boys” will get some rest before their concert on Friday, October 4th!