LATAM TOUR 2023: MEXICO by Daniela

Piero had said it in an interview with Red Ronnie, he would have liked to visit the area of  the Mexican pyramids:  and in fact Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, as soon as they arrived in Mexico, before the concerts, had visited the site of the pyramids of TEOTIHUACAN and made some beautiful photos. They were also reached in Mexico by Torpedine!!
Beautiful video from Gianluca!
And of course there’s Barbara too!
Then Il Volo participated in the live radio and television program ME LO DIJO ADELA, hosted by Adela Micha, Mexico’s most renowned journalist.
A chat between friends, this interview seemed to me, total relaxation. The usual questions about the first meeting of Il Volo, about how they chose the music of the last CD, about the similarity and diversity between Italian and Latin music, the bel canto, a memory of Carlos Marin of Il Divo, the duet with Montaner, the dates about the concerts they will do in Mexico, but all this between one chat and another, talking about their clothes, shoes, food, how beautiful Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are in the photo, and of course the amazement generated when Il Volo sings a cappella. In short, a chat between friends!!
And then they participated in a television program ENTREVISTA UNO TV MEXICO.

Here too the questions are almost always the same, however, while they are talking about the food, there is a rather humorous moment that makes Ignazio exalt, the conductor says that there is always a dilemma with them whether to put the pineapple or not on pizza …….. (you must know that for us Italians it is inadmissible to put pineapple on pizza) and Ignazio categorically says NO and Gianluca also confirms and justifies Ignazio and Piero who points out how the conversation got heated talking about pineapple pizza.
Really fun!!!😁😁😁
And here we are at the moment of the concert, the  Auditorium National  is sold out!

The beginning of the concert, ECSTASY OF GOLD + NESSUN DORMA + IL MONDO . Hear the explosions of people’s screams!!



HALLELUJAH. How exciting for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to see all these lights in front of them!! ❤

Che Meraviglia!!!

What do we want to say about the beautiful tribute to Mexican culture made by Il Volo who sang the song for the first time accompanied by 11 Mariachis? Simply wonderful!!
Here is the comment written by Auditorium National:
The music of Il Volo has been accompanying us for 14 years. Today Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio give this special gift to Mexico in front of a full Auditorium.

There is so much love in the air and the Mexican fans have also decided to give Il Volo this nice gift:
‘O sole mio is one of the most famous Italian songs that exist. And for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio it marked the beginning of their greatest adventure, Il Volo. This song is very special for the boys and for the fans, because from back then we only saw them grow up and fly away. That’s why the Mexican fans decided to give them a very special gift; to light up the National Auditorium with the colors of the Italian flag while the boys performed this song. We hope they keep this moment in their hearts. hearts as we are. We love you very much.’
And it seems that Il Volo saw and were happy, Gianluca said: ‘Look, the colors of the Italian flag and of Mexico.’ (bandiera italiana e Messicana)

A huge success, 10,000 voices, one soul!!

The happiness of Gianluca Piero and Ignazio at the end of the concert!! ❤❤❤
Just one day before the concert in Monterrey and this day was by no means restful, there were several interviews with Il Volo.
This conference held at the Monterrey Arena where they will perform is very beautiful, our boys say many beautiful things, turn on the subtitles.
Ignazio’s opening words: ‘The most beautiful thing is when a fan arrives and tells you that your music saved her life, this is something that fills your heart…..’

The words of Gianluca in the final part are also very beautiful:
‘When a person achieves fame, he has a responsibility, because you are famous and you can also be an example for people. It can also be a dangerous thing, because some famous people can negatively influence people. That’s why it’s a big responsibility and our aim is to transmit our music, but also to be good people, to be a good example, to be very responsible, we have fun, we enjoy life, but without exaggerating, always with great seriousness and responsibility, we want to be an example for young people and for all people. It is not true that age means maturity, it is the experiences you live in your life, and the people you meet. And we are very proud of what we have achieved in our lives, always with humility and thanks to our fans.’ 
Also nice is this interview with Jessie Cervantes. (turn on subtitles)
At first Piero says they only slept two hours to be there to do that interview, poor people!!
Maestro Giampiero Grani is also present at the interview.
Furthermore, Ignazio explains the difficulty of singing a song by the ‘mariachis’, because everyone seeing the ‘mariachis’ thinks of fun, of a party, while the ‘mariachis’ sing sad love, therefore one must put one’s heart, and Gianluca explains that one must study the words and the culture of what you are going to sing, because it is not only important to sing, but to interpret.
The acapella song they perform at the end is beautiful!!

And this interview with POSTAmx .
Il Volo, happy to meet the Mexican public again.
In an exclusive interview with POSTAmx the guys from Il Volo revealed how they feel about returning to Mexico after almost four years of absence.


On the road to Monterrey.



HISTORIA DE UN AMOR (Piero with one lucky fan. ❤)


(Note the hugs of Ignazio and the happiness of Gianluca who runs from one side of the stage to the other, the final photo with the audience)
Beautiful words of a fan, in this video.
Being a fan is complicated and even a little risky,
Because the life of a fan is always based on dreaming, dreaming of concerts, dreaming of meetings, dreaming of hugs, which we may never have.
No wonder they call us ‘crazy’. We are aware that sometimes euphoria overcomes us, and it is something that many will fail to understand, that what you laugh, cry and scream about, is what you have dreamed of since you were a child.
It is inexplicable to have so much affection and admiration. How do I explain that a person so far away feels so close?
And that’s when everything makes sense, when you remember who was with you, even in solitude, their songs weren’t lacking, and obviously, growing up together everything becomes more complicated, because the reality of a fan is based on waiting, waiting for ephemeral moments that he will keep inside his heart.



        Click Here to view the video! 😀

BESAME MUCHO Ignazio ………fantastico!! 



At the beginning of the video, Piero explains that during the soundcheck Il Volo rehearses in front of the fans of the fanclub, and a fan gave him a very special letter. Then she asks the fan, who is in the front lines to approach and Piero hands her something, it also seems to me that she says “It’s a very special thing, it’s not the phone number from Italy, and she says it was a very special letter” ……that maybe it touched him! 😘
Then Piero presents a very special song, a union between the three Italians and the Mexican tradition. Lights out, the Mariachis enter.
There are no words to describe the great success of this beautiful tour, which sees packed arenas, extraordinarily screaming audiences full of love, and what about the captivating happiness of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero? A contagious happiness that produces other happiness.
These young men are loved more and more, not only because they are excellent singers, but also for what they say, for what they want to be. Thank you!! More and more proud to be a volovers!!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Daniela and Pat thank you. This journey to South America and Mexico has been so special. All the beautiful songs they are bringing to another young generation. They have been so welcomed and given so much with their voices.As I have mentioned, I have been a fan of Luis Miguel for many years and love the fact that Il Volo is singing these romance songs to this generation.

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! Looks like they are having so much fun! I would rather be with those fans screaming my head off and singing along! 🤣

    2. Kay, it’s really an intense and happy tour.
      In the interview in Arena Monterrey, a journalist tells the boys that LA INCONDITIONAL is by Luis Miguel who is very popular there, but admits that their version is very beautiful, I would say it’s a nice compliment.
      Gianluca makes the point that Il Volo carries the romantic songs forward.

  2. One of the best nights of my life was at a concert by IL Volo guys. By sheer chance I happened upon a computer site that showed them in concert singing and fell in love with them then and there. I made a point to look for their CD’s and I have them all up to date. I also went to see them in concert in Arizona and made reservations in 2020… a wonderful performance and I got to meet and talk to each one. Got a hug and kiss on the cheek from Piero. Wow, you can imagine how an 83 year old woman feels seeing and hearing the best trio vocalists in the world in person. Heartwarming and beautiful memories to remember. Thank you IL Volo guys! <3

    1. Mary, at the bottom of the YouTube screen most of the time, there is a “gear” button on the right. Click on it, then click on “Subtitles” then click on Auto Translate and choose English. I just tried this on my phone too as well as my desktop computer and both work. Hope this helps! 😊

    1. Kathy, you’re absolutely right, and it’s visible to everyone, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are super happy, and it’s all deserved!

  3. Daniela and Pat, you deserve a gold medal for this post! I don’t know how you manage to get this much content in such a short time, you truly amaze me. I listened to Mariachi music as a child and still get goosebumps when I hear it, especially if our guys are singing. Like Ignazio said in an interview, it must come from the heart. I wish I could have been in Monterey, the place and city of Nuevo León where my father was born. The boys looked so happy there, and my goodness a sold out concert in Mexico City of 10,000 people. WOW!

    1. You are most welcome, Rose Marie! It’s my pleasure to help Daniela. As I have said before she does all the hard work and searching for photos and videos. I just make it all look pretty!! 😊

    2. But really RoseMarie, I didn’t know your father was from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, where the boys were. I love when they sing in Spanish and the Mariachi tribute is really special. Yes, the boys are happy, all this love will give them a crazy boost to face less pleasant times.
      Thanks for the gold medal!!

  4. The people of Mexico are so expressive, so happy, and that joy just ignited that joy in the guys. I almost prefer listening to their songs in Spanish than Italian. La Incondicional is my favorite. They should be nominated for a Latin Grammy. Their voices, their charisma far surpasses the stuff today, in many cases, except for Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Adele.

  5. Thanks, Patti and Daniela, for giving us the opportunity to be in Mexico along with our young men. So much love was expressed by their fans, Gian, Igna and Piero’s hearts must be bursting.

    So many interviews and it seemed they enjoyed each one of them. Just wish I could have understood what was said.

    It must be gratifying for the three of them to have seen sold out houses wherever they went. The light show with all the cameras during the Hallelujah song must have been awe inspiring. I got filled up just watching the video!

    What Gianluca said about being a role model for young fans is so true and they are the best role models anyone could ask for. As a grandmother and great grandmother, I feel personally proud of them, as if they were my own. Hugs, Dol

    1. Dolores, it must have been so gratifying for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero to see those thousands of lights around them, to hear those cries of affection, their hearts won’t have burst but they will have filled up to the max. I’m so happy with all of this and Gianluca’s words are so true and beautiful, what great young men they are.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful post. Quite the collection of videos, makes me feel like I’m at
    their concerts. I really appreciate all the work both of you do to keep us fans up to date on the guys’ concerts – and of course, the translations of interviews. Thanks, again.

    1. Maija it was a pleasure to be able to make this long collage that I could offer you, and seeing all this love is also good for my heart.

  7. I am not surprised that Piero wanted to visit Mexico’s Pyramids – a very Historic Civilization – the site existed here pre-Columbian times – while Europe was still in the dark ages such sacred grounds – Piero is obviously a very intelligent young man who obviously enjoys the World in which he travels – Gianluca is a wise old man in a young man’s body – what a beautiful soul he has – Ignazio has an intensely stunning heart – so kind & thoughtful – I love the way Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca are with babies – young children & older folk – they are so kind loving & respectful – one can not help but love them & this is what endears them to their many fans across the Planet – the sad part is – we will never have the opportunity to meet them in person – I feel sad about that – love you Daniela & Pat for informing us of the latest happenings – have a great week – much love.

    1. Jude, Thank you for your show of love and for your compliments which Pat and I really appreciate.
      It’s true, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are much more than three good artists, we really like their behavior with small children and with more mature people and we like their affection for the family, and the fact that they want to be a good example, they are really golden youth. Who says you’ll never meet them in person? Never say never!

      1. Pat!! – you girls’ – for the pure love of these boys – share your stunning photos – videos & reports with us who would otherwise know very little of what they are doing – it is a lot of hard work & we love you for your total unselfishness –

    2. Europe was still in the dark ages?! You know that is a false statement. The same Europe that had made huge advancements in chemistry, biology, geology, physics, astronomy, politics, maths, drama, theatre, engineering, etc., while the South Americans haven’t even figured out the wheel or how to make a fire by the time the conquistadors arrived in the 1400s.

      Sapete cosa voglio vedere? Un’intervista esclusiva in cui rispondono alle nostre domande. Noi, i fanatici impazziti. Continuo ad aspettare ma non succede mai. Facciamola accadere. Questo paragrafo è per Daniela.

      1. Thordis, I too would like a good interview with questions asked directly by the fans, who knows, I’d like to relive the moment of the “blue room of infinity” where the guys answered everyone, it was very beautiful, unexpected and exhilarating.

        As for Jude, I think she was referring to the dark period of the Middle Ages, certainly not a brilliant period in Europe.

      2. As usual, Thordis. Vitriolic comments. Just wish some of the love and goodness of Il Volo and the other ilvolovers would transfer.

  8. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the beautiful videos of thier concert ,they have had a brilliant time in Mexico the fans have had a great time ,i am glad Piero got to see the Pyramids he has wanted to see and had time to relax .Piero is a real gentleman to answer that ladies letter i bet she will frame it ,family values are in thier DNA they show respect to every one they meet ,regards to you both

  9. Yes Pamela, I confirm what you write, they are young people with great values ​​and I too am happy that they were able to see the site of the pyramids, they like to immerse themselves in the cultures of the places they visit.

  10. Thanks for the great photos especially the ones in front of the pyramid. Ignazio in a cowboy hat who knew that would look so cool,??

    1. Ruth, Ignazio has a passion for riding, therefore he is already a type who uses this type of hat, I well remember a video of his, (7 years ago) which I am attaching here. Anyway yes, I have to say that it gives him that hat!

  11. Another wonderful post, Daniela (with thanks to Pat as well)! Plus I also love to read the other Volovers’ comments and your always gracious responses. This has been an incredible tour, and it’s a gorgeous album–and they should get the Latin grammy for it. Plus it’s heartwarming to read Gianluca’s comments and to see in the videos how he’s responding to all the love from the fans. And Ignazio being Ignazio–you never know what he’s going to do! And Piero’s very lucky gal! I also loved the “Being A Fan” video–such true words, at least for me.

    1. You’re welcome, Judi! There are a lot of good things shown in all of these post about the guys! They never cease to amaze me! 😊

    2. Judi, I also really liked that “being a fan” video, I find the words exactly express the mood of all of us.
      Thank you for your compliments.
      Fingers crossed for a Grammy, that would be awesome.

  12. A special note for Patti regarding You Tube and subtitles: Even at one month away from my 91st birthday, because your instructions were so clear, I was able to access the English subtitles and enjoy the interviews which were available to You Tube. Thanks a million, Patti! Hugs, Dol

    1. YAY, Dolores! I am SO happy that you got the English subtitles to work! And you are most welcome! 😃

  13. You gals are such a beautiful gift to all of us fans! These were great interviews (especially the ones with subtitles!) and videos of the concerts, it’s almost as good as being there!
    My husband and I went to Mexico on our honeymoon….59 years ago…and were so astonished at the emensity of the Pyramids… such an amazing feat!! I’m glad they got to see them!
    It’s wonderful to see the smiles and great happiness on our guys faces and the warm reception they receive at every concert, it’s like their second home!
    I’m not sure I love the Spanish lyrics more than the Italian ones but as much. Their new album is so lovely, I listen to it over and over….it’s also in my IlVolo playlist.
    I’ve been impressed with Gian, Piero and Ignazio’s humility,honesty, love of family and Italy from the beginning they could express their feeling and emotions with incredible maturity….. I think Gian must be correct, maturity comes from experience as well as age.
    THEY ARE AMAZING and I will be a forever fan, taking their music to heaven with me (returning them home!).
    Again thank you so much!
    With so much affections for you both,

    1. Carol, you said so many beautiful things, yes Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have a great love for their families and it is very admirable, they are mature and honest people.
      I’m happy with their success and also that they were able to visit the pyramid site which is really huge and beautiful and surely they will have been as impressed as you were on your honeymoon just a few years ago.

  14. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for everything you do for us fans, you’re are awesome. Thanks to you we can be closer to Il Volo. The tour is amazing, but how could it be otherwise, Il Volo is amazing and the audience in South America is so enthusiastic. Several years ago during World Youth Days in Cracow I had a pleasure to host in my house young people from Mexico and they were really great, spontanious, full of energy, enjoying life. I have beautiful memories of the days we have spent together. I’m very happy for the great success of IL VOLO and also very proud to be ilvolover and a member of the flightcrew. Grazie mille per tutto

    1. You know Jolanta, Il Volo had to come and sing in Krakow, it was announced, then at the last moment everything was changed.
      I’m glad you remember good days in the company of young Mexicans.

  15. I have been keeping up with the guys Latin American tour thru Instagram but this fills in many blanks. So Thanks, Ladies, much appreciated as always.
    I must also say the new album of Three Voices and One Sole is fantastic. The guys have shown that they can sing mariachi music, but really was there any doubt? This past week end I spent 5 hours in my truck on a road trip getting to know this new music. A couple of takeaways.
    Gianluca can really sing high notes, last lines in “La Incondicional” without it sounding like a falsetto, even tho it might be …I’m not trained.
    Ignazio and Piero can really rrrrolll those rrrrr’s. in “Ella”.

    “Come Via Voce” and “Tan Enamorados” are something very special, really the whole album is something special.

    Does anyone beside me ever wonder their next project and how they will wow us?

    1. I’d love to know where everyone has got their copies of the new album. I’ve had friends (Snowbirds) who are in Florida now checking out the most likely places where they could find it for me, but to no avail!! Boo Hoo! Darn it that it’s not available in Canada. We are really staunch fans of Il Volo, too.

      1. Tres Voces Un Alma is apparently only released on streaming services, but I was able to buy and download MP3 on Apple ITunes. Thankfully. I spend a lot of time out of range of cell service. Hopefully this tip will work for you. It is too good to be without.

    2. Color du jour, I’m happy to have filled in the empty spaces of instagram!
      I also really like Como vai voce, and La Incondicional, I hope they sing them here in Italy too.

  16. Mille grazie Daniela and Pat for yet a comprehensive article on our guy’s fantastic journey in Latin America. You amaze me – constantly finding the best footage and clips available to visualize what a unique and successful tour they encounter. I love studying each and every posted item plus enjoy reading your great comments that are just spot-on and so well spoken. Thank you, thank you, thank you 
    Quite some great interviews – and OMG how can the guys even concentrate on reasonable answers and even singing a cappella after just two hours of sleep? Kudos guys! I really love especially that interview (the one with tequila 😉 ) – the a cappella singing is sooooo beautiful! No need for a 24 piece orchestra in the future – just have Gianpiero accompanying them on the piano! 

    And now I understand what “mariachi” stands for. I had no clue the first times I heard it mentioned, but now it makes fully sense to me. In fact I do now realize, that I did actually experience it myself way, way back in 1982 when I was on a prof. fam tour to Mexico and was taken to “Zona Rosa” in Mexico City (unfortunately, I believe the place was demolished by the following Earth Quake), where we could stroll the park filled with local “Mariachis” finding together singing and playing traditional songs in the evenings. I loved that music and the ambiance it brought about. So now listening to their songs “Ella/Sinos Dejon” do no longer confuse me (I must admit I found them odd and out of line when first listening to the new EP – resembling them with the kind of music that was played back in the 70th in holiday island Mallorca, Spain, at the socalled “pig parties”). Sorry guys, that was all wrong – and what they did actually bring me were fond and wonderful memories from my first visit to Mexico and the meeting with the local street musicians. So now it makes sense to me that these songs have been included in their repertoire – and not the least in their Mexican concerts – as for the audience these places it must have been something like listening to “O Solo Mio” if you were Italian. Their own traditional music culture sung by Il Volo! It does, however, likewise make sense now too, that the rather unpopular decision by SONY to publish the new EP in South America and the US only was taken – as in all honesty this kind of music would not be sufficiently appreciated by i.e. the general European audiences – no matter how well sung or performed. But as a core fan I love everything Il Volo incl. these Latin American songs – I would be happy to listen to them even sing the daily newspaper, as I am in awe with their voices no matter what they do…. <3
    Thanks again for this great article and for all the time you two ladies have put into same in order to please us with the latest info on the guys. So much appreciated.

    Love and greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark – Kirsten

    1. Thanks Kirsten for the compliments and everything you wrote is spot on.
      You told me you weren’t up to date with all the posts from the South American tour, but now you’ve got an idea, and you’ve noticed how much love and what happened around the three of them, incredible!!
      See you soon!!

  17. Thank you Pat and Daniela for all the great photos, videos and interviews of Il Volo from their concert tour in Mexico. They looked so happy as did their thousands of fans! How can you not love them? They are so talented and have truly always been wise beyond their years. One can’t give enough credit to their parents for having raised these wonderful young men. They are the best role models for all of us in how they handle their great success with grace, intelligence and humility.
    Many years ago, I visited Mexico with friends and we saw the amazing pyramids and enjoyed the Mariachi.

    1. Margareth, you have been to Mexico, so you will have fully understood the Mariachi vibe and beautiful Spanish songs.
      Yes, I also believe that Gianluca’s parents, Ignazio and Piero have done a great job!

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