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The promotional tour in Mexico has been very successful.
Many fans presented autographs from Mixup for the moment.


Surely Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, will have been very happy with this beautiful participation of their fans. But unfortunately there was also an inconvenience for Ignazio, he was not well, he had a fever, he presented himself at the event, but at a certain point he had to leave, much to the disappointment of the fans, but then they understood that it was a health factor. Poor Ignazio …… this is the moment in which it is announced that Ignazio has left.

And here, at the end of the event, the moment when Piero and Gianluca have to leave the store, the fans didn’t go away, they waited for them.

In addition, the guys participated in various interviews and a press conference.

New York 01

New York 02

New York 03

New York 04

But also the promotion in Mexico is over and, fortunately, Ignazio is better, but the boys did not return to Italy, as it was already leaked, they arrived in the US.

Here they are….

New York 05

New York 06

Ignazio is amused, because he says that, unbeknownst to him, they have opened his own pizzeria! 😁😁😁

In this video, in front of RCMH, Ignazio says: “See you in a few months”, and Piero replies: “Look at the pictures I took!”


New York 07

New York 08

The delicious and irreplaceable Barbara, always with them.

New York 09

In short, IL VOLO is right there, in the US, how wonderful!

Of the reason for their coming to the US, very little is known, they seem to have come to promote the new CD and the special that will be broadcast in a few days.

I really hope they do some nice TV shows.

………. and maybe be careful, you could meet them on the street … wouldn’t it be great !! ❤❤❤



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

RMCH Review From Our Friend Patrizia

Translation:  Rest of the Patriots, not nationalist! The Patriot loves his country, imperfect and with its flaws, while the independent nationalist poses above all things their nation despising the rest. Be proud of Italy, respecting but all other countries and their citizens.

Triumphant debut world tour at Radio City Music Hall in New York

Trionfale debutto del tour mondiale al Radio City Music Hall di New York

Thunderous applause, standing ovations and repeated firing of flowers have marked the concert of Italian trio of pop-opera, The Flight, at Radio City Music Hall in New York, last Saturday, March 4, the first leg of a tour that will take them to perform in 15 American states before landing in Italy and Europe.

Impeccable in their dark blue tuxedo “Made in Italy”, and for the first time accompanied by a symphony orchestra, the trio of young, composed of tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto and baritone Gianluca Ginoble, they warmed with their powerful voices and passionate performances the hearts and souls of fans of all ages, including many young people, flocked to the debut of their formidable tour.

Radio City Music Hall, which Americans call “Showplace of the Nation”, is not just a New York theater, but it is “the theater,” the temple of music and entertainment par excellence. Since the ’30s has entertained generations with concerts, radio and television programs and shows of all kinds; on its stage you have played the likes of Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd and Liza Minnelli.

The members of Il Volo are among the youngest artists ever to have achieved global success as to be able to perform there for three times selling out. Their first concert was held in 2013, the second a year later. The three boys still in their twenties, with their amazing voice and acting ability, had literally enchanted the audience of more than 6000 spectators and impressed music critics, helping to further spread their fame throughout the continent.

And the magic was repeated this time.
On a cold night in New York, with their “Tribute to the Three Tenors” and the tickets were already sold out in November, and a sophisticated repetorio including opera arias and songs in Italian, English and Spanish, The Flight has inflamed the audience of RCMH who bestowed their enthusiastic standing ovation after each run. To attend the concert many Americans have faced grueling car trips to other cities and even from one state to another. The pages of the social groups have been invaded by photos of fans who found themselves in the bars and restaurants of New York for a quick snack before the concert, friendships made, and flourished online thanks to a shared passion for the flight, people willing to pay $ 400 per ticket to capture a brief encounter post-concert with the young members of the trio.

Many of them, after you even embark been to several concerts in the USA, in May on a transatlantic flight to attend more concerts in Italy and Europe. On the website of the American fan club “The Flight Flight Crew you can find the lists of fans who will be specifically to Italy to attend their concert in Rome, Verona and Taormina. But this astonishing dedication and passion for The Flight is not only a prerogative of the American fans, some are prepared from European cities excluded from the tour and even from Canada and Japan, as had happened on the occasion of their concert in Taormina Pompeii, where many of the spectators had come specially from abroad.

Some will continue then to London, where, next, May 23 the trio will perform on another “stage for the world’s biggest”: the Royal Albert Hall. Since its inauguration in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall has been carefully built an impeccable reputation. Here they performed the greatest international artists, conductors such as Leonard Bernstein and Herbert von Karajan, orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, and even pop groups performances were hosted such Beatles, Rolling Stones and more recently Coldplay and Stereophonics. Only 7 Italian artists have performed since 1871 to date. In addition to Ludovico Einaudi, the great pianist and composer, Pavarotti and Zucchero (which six concerts holds the record of attendance of an Italian singer), four other great artists of Italian music are performed, Umberto Tozzi in 1988 (also registering an album the same name), Claudio Baglioni in 2010, Laura Pausini in 2012 and Luciano Ligabue in 2012 and 2013.

May 23, 2017, The Flight will not only become the eighth Italian artist to have the rare privilege of performing at the Royal Albert Hall but, with their age between 22 and 23, will be the youngest ever to have trod the prestigious stage. Before them only the Beatles and Bob Dylan, who was 23 when she gave her first concert, have managed to reach a global success that other artists usually obtained after 15-20 years of career.

The Flight is the only Italian company able to collect the sold-out concerts all over the world, reaching a diverse audience whose age ranges from 5 to 80 years and beyond. For this reason, they represent a unique phenomenon and atypical in the international music scene.
The Flight has more than 4,000 fan clubs scattered in different countries, from Singapore to Serbia, from Brazil to New Zealand, from Australia to Norway; their CDs out simultaneously in more than 57 countries and quickly climb the top of the charts of best sellers.

Ambassadors of their respective regions in the world, not just exporting the Italian music and “bel canto” abroad and among the younger generation, but embody the best of Italy, one that manages to establish itself thanks to the talent, dedication and all ‘ commitment. Represent an added value for our country and deserve the attention and acclaim not only the media but most of our institutions, if only for the extraordinary role they play in promoting the Italian language and culture (not counting the fans who claim to study or want to study Italian to understand and sing their songs) and even in increasing tourism, given the number of people who come to our country just to attend their concerts or to visit their native countries three young.

Language, conveyed through music, has a seductive power without equal and can help to increase the attractiveness and prestige of a nation in the world. The Americans and British have long understood. And ” soft power ‘call (soft power), that is, the ability to attract, receive acclaim, improve reputation and desirability no need to be a great economic or military power.

Radio City Music Hall – New York! March 4, 2017



Pictures courtesy of the guys’ Instagrams, Leonora, Vincent, and Barbara.  Thank you!

Also, thanks to “Nankat” – we have the link to the concert on YouTube:

videos by Nankat: 

I also saw some wonderful clips of the concert on Instagram and Barb Vitali said “Goooo Boys! On stage now!”  Guess they’ll always be her “boys” as well! 

We just got a few emails on last night’s show, so I will include them here….thanks for staying up so late to send them!!

From Barbara…Of course it was wonderful. I’m spoiled however having been in Firenze for Notte Magica last summer. But I was thrilled they did sing Grande Amore! The orchestra was great, the first violin wonderful but no programs were provided so other than the conductor no one was mentioned. They were funny and ever adorable.  Voices get stronger and stronger. A beautiful evening but there was nothing like that Notte Magica last July in Firenze.  (Barb – awesome you were there as well!)

Great Performance!  A full house of ILvolovers  rocked Radio City music  halls Saturday night. The boys were at the top of their game, standing ovations were everywhere and the cheers of love and approval were loud and strong, with “I Love You” going to IL Volo and back to the adoring crowd. A real Love fest. There is no Super Bowl, World Series  that I enjoyed  more  this outstanding concert. Three cheers and many Bravos to IL Volo and the symphony musicians that did such a wonderful job.  Vincent from Brooklyn, NY

A big thanks to those that have sent in pictures, quotes, and reviews!  Please remember to add your city/state/country, to your name.  Keep them coming.  We try to get our reviews posted within a day or two of the concert, so you have about 24 hours to send in your emails.  Again, the email is:  FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com.


Ten days and counting til they are here in Detroit!







Congratulations Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero! YOU DID IT!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca we salute you!

You never let us down!  You carried on in sickness and in health.

Here’s to Il Volo’s awesome 2013 Tour,

We are Love and  Mas Que Amor!

DSCN0892 RSCN1014TMH gg cuteSmile bis all 3 20130928_215106  20130912_204957 porto bradesco 994053_685494518157548_273602009_n dejen puerto rex

By MFA 9/14
By MFA 9/14

tumblr_RCMH Christine_Pittsburgh_2013.2

By MFA Tower Theater September 12, 20313
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 20313
By MFA  September 12, 2013
September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater  September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 2013


By MFA Tower Theater September 12, 2013
By MFA Tower Theater
September 12, 2013
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013        Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela  October 17, 2013      Costa Rica
By Il Volo Venezuela October 17, 2013
Costa Rica
Angles on stage
Angels on stage
By MFA 9/14
By MFA 9/14

santiago tumblr_mvejet7kvW1s08vxqo1_500 tumblr_mvehb2bDuv1s08vxqo1_500 994053_685494518157548_273602009_n panama By MFA

By Gianluca Ginoble    October 13, 2013
By Gianluca Ginoble
October 13, 2013

Yep, Beautiful (did use that one?)

We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida We Are Love ~ 2013 Florida Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.61 Alina_Miami_2013.60 Alina_Miami_2013.63 Alina_Miami_2013.44 Alina_Miami_2013.15 Alina_Miami_2013.9

mex3 20130928_212350 Alina_Miami_2013.90 Alina_Miami_2013.41 Alina_Miami_2013.55 Alina_Miami_2013.56 Alina_Miami_2013.54 Alina_Miami_2013.34 Alina_Miami_2013.31 Alina_Miami_2013.25 Alina_Miami_2013.24 Alina_Miami_2013.21 Alina_Miami_2013.20 Alina_Miami_2013.17 Alina_Miami_2013.14 Alina_Miami_2013.15 Alina_Miami_2013.8 Alana_Miami_2013.52 Alina_Miami_2013.4

Piero Barone
Piero Barone
Credits: Radio City Music Hall
Credits: Radio City Music Hall
Credits: Ercole Ginoble
Credits: Ercole Ginoble
The Dream Came True!
The Dream Came True!
Gianluca, "MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!"
Gianluca, “MIAMI!!! Are you ready for tonight????!!!”

DSCN0892 Concerts2013 525 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 453 (2) Concerts2013 450 (2) Concerts2013 438 (2) Concerts2013 524 (2) 20130827_222720-1-1 pavilion Gerri_Concord_2013.2 Gerri_Concord_2013.3 DSCN0921fans amway Concerts2013 503 (2) Concerts2013 505 (2) Concerts2013 409 (2) Concerts2013 453 (2) 20130827_222720-1-1 Elaine_SanFran_Ilvolo RSCN1000 DSCN0934 DSCN0899

     By Piero Barone Guatemala October 23
By Piero Barone
Guatemala October 23
   By MFA Boston September 14, 2013
By MFA Boston
September 14, 2013



Yep, Beautiful (did use that one?)

Monterrey Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.65 Alina_Miami_2013.43 Alina_Miami_2013.48 Alina_Miami_2013.25 Alina_Miami_2013.9 Alina_Miami_2013.82 Alina_Miami_2013.76 Alina_Miami_2013.7 DSCN0921 20130928_212350 20130928_205638 20130928_210118 20130928_210125 Alina_Miami_2013.83 Alina_Miami_2013.77 Alina_Miami_2013.75 Alina_Miami_2013.74 Alina_Miami_2013.73 Alina_Miami_2013.72 Alina_Miami_2013.61 Alina_Miami_2013.50 Alina_Miami_2013.28 Alina_Miami_2013.9 Alina_Miami_2013.2 Alina_Miami_2013.3 Michelle_AtlanticCity6_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity5_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity_2013 Michelle_AtlanticCity3_2013

Credits: Piero Barone Twitter
Credits: Piero Barone Twitter
Credits:  Il Volo
Credits: Il Volo
Gianluca, "With some beautiful fans after the concert in Tampa!"
Gianluca, “With some beautiful fans after the concert in Tampa!”

Concerts2013 416 (2) Concerts2013 426 (2) Concerts2013 383 (2) Concerts2013 398 (2) Concerts2013 497 (2) Concerts2013 485 (2) pnc 20130914-175754.jpg RSCN0993 RSCN1014 RSCN1016 DSCN0961

Alina_Miami_2013.65DSCN0892 E4E06522-E0A1-478A-A671-1005725FC88C A3FD33B2-AAE8-44B8-AC13-2F133CE30CAE Concerts2013 438 (2)

By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013 Valencia, Venezuela
By Il Volo Venezuela October 11, 2013
Valencia, Venezuela

The Best Day of Your Lives

Remember when you
were approached to be part of a trio?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.o' sole mio

Remember when you
recorded the “‘O Sole Mio” video?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you

sang on American Idol?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
Recorded your first PBS Special?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

tumblr_Barb strisandRemember when you
toured with Barbra Strisand?
You thought those we the best days of your                lives.

Remember when you
dreamed of performing at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that would be the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
actually performed at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

We Remember too.
We’re here remembering and celebratingtumblr_RCMH
every accomplishment along with you.

Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca,
The Flight Crew Knows
your best day is yet to come!

Our best day was finding you.


Yeah, we're this handsome!
Yeah, we’re this handsome!